Mini Sales Haul

As you get older you get less for Christmas in terms of gifts and start to get more from the sales. So as you’ve seen my presents on the 27th which you can check out on my blog, I just love seeing what people get for Christmas. I’m writing this straight after that one as I am currently visiting my boyfriend in Cornwall, so I may have actually picked up a few more bits so a bonus post may be thrown in in the New Year.

New Look

First up is new look, not a shop I tend to go to or buy from as I tend to walk in and straight out. Amazingly I found a few bits in the sales I rather liked and all were a really good price. I live in leggings and when I saw the Black Disco Leggings (£13) on sale I had to have them due to such a good price. Carrying on with leggings I picked up something a bit fancier with these Black Check Jacquard High Wasted Leggings (£10). Although I always feel like the pattern is wintery, I still have a good month to wear them and they may go longer. Also these paired with black looks classy and chic but still effortlessly.

Finally from New Look I picked up the Cameo Rose Black Check Contrast Playsuit (£10), which is a bargain really. A simple complete outfit in one that I already know I will be wearing at New Year’s. It’s so cute and could work for so many situations.


Although I didn’t hit the sales racks in Primark I still picked up some amazing buys, plus with everything being so affordable its like a sale 24/7. First up are some super cute and needed Love to Lounge ‘All You Need Is Coffee’ Cuffed PJ Leggings (£5), I tend to wear oversized or lounge t-shirts to bed but with us being in the midst of the colder month some pj leggings were on my list to get. I just love the cute design as well as the attention to detail with the small coffee ‘branding’ label.

As I’m away over New Year and my old makeup bags are dying I also picked up a new one, Patterned Envelope Makeup Bag (£3). It’s a good size which could hold makeup for a week or a weekend it’s not too big or too small. I think the pattern is slightly on the summery side but it could work for all year round and I cannot wait to use it.


So just a small haul from me today, I’ve ordered a few more bits online and you never know I may end up picking up more. Anyway hope you all enjoy the sales etc. and let me know what you picked up in the comments I love to know what bargains are floating about.

sign off

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