New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year! Hope you all have enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to a new year. In November I said I wanted to revamp my blog in the new year and here it is as I have had the time over the holidays to set everything up, make the necessary changes and sort everything out so it’s up today. It’s nothing dramatic as my skills are not exactly amazing in the first place but everything has now changed over, although it has been changing over the past week or so as I have no idea if you can schedule these changes.

So I’ve changed a few bits and not others, taking in mind feedback and advice I have received and tried to take them into account when making the change. I just wanted to revamp it all, try to make things look better and just slightly more professional and proper. So hopefully you like it but if there are any more things that you wish for me to do just let me know and I am happy to do it.

After the excitement of blogmas and blogging every other day which was bloody manic and took a lot of planning and scheduling in order to complete posts in time. Commuting and working a full time job as well as fitting in seeing friend, family and my boyfriend over the holiday period was just insane and I credit people that regularly manage all of these and post more regularly than I do. I will now return to blogging twice a week and back to uploading blog posts every Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm GMT time. Twice a week is enough for me I feel its regular posts and provides enough content for my blog yet it isn’t overwhelming and I feel as though I have enough to say and post for twice a week. It’s a case of finding a balance that works for you.

So my next post will Tuesday 5th January with my favourite products of 2015, and on Friday 8th I will upload the January sales haul with stuff I’ve picked up on the sales from Boxing Day and over the start of January. So a bit of old and new which feels right for the start of the New Year really. Anyway enough rambling, the blog and twitter have been updated and everything is consistent including my Instagram and I think I’ve hit a good mix. Right shut up, Gwen, enjoy your new year.

Sign Off

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