Personal Planner First Impressions

Personal Planner 'You Are Capable of Amazing Things' Cover

I have kept considering getting the personal planner the past year or so and back in January I finally decided to order one, my current diary goes write up to Febuary 2017 but I am going to keep that solely as a blogging planner and this one as my personal planner. So to try it out the first time I decided to go March 2016 to March 2017, that’s one of the best things about personal planner you can pick any 12month period you want.

There are a hue range of front covers available, block colours, patterns and even your personal pictures if you desire, I went for the ‘designs’ which have new ones for 2016. It really is a case of creating your own planner and making something you’ll use and like. The cover you pick semi influences the colour scheme inside, like top bars etc. But this can easily be adjusted if you prefer something else, I adore these cute little touches.

They are a number of different layout available and I chose for the slightly more unconventional vertical columns this is because I am a list maker so this layout works best for me. You can also have custom things in the columns which include workout, work and weather. I added in the weather as I linked that small touch but didn’t want anything bulky and thought it might be nice to test the additional options. You can also customise the bottom of the weekly spread there’s a huge range of choice and in the end I went for the weekly dinner list (only downside is its Monday to Friday) but I am a meal planning person so it’s perfect. I then went for a check list, there was a to do list but I preferred the checklist lay out, then I can put down weekly tasks that I need to do and tick them off once they are done. For the last area I went for lines and I’ll just use it as and when although I am tempted to put lyrics there or quotes just to fill the space.

There is also 3 sections in the back which you can chose from a list of options. To start with I went for a 2016 and 2017 overview where I can note important events over the year and dates for the following year, there was also an option for 2017-2017 which seemed a little redundant for me. My second option was colouring pages (random I know) this bit gave some more choices around activities etc. from the world map to Sudoku, or the same old lined paper, I never use lined paper in diaries and I thought the colouring pages were a super fun idea, as I keep thinking about buying an adult colouring book. My final part I chose a month by month view which also includes ruled paper. I love the idea of having a month spread at the start of the month so you can see big events, or for bloggers etc. you can plan your months posts, either way super useful and it is a new option for this year.

Personal Planner Packaging

I ordered my planner on January 6th wanting one to start in March but allowing for plenty of time for delivery, as they tend to estimate two weeks. On the 14th January I received an email saying my planner had been dispatched and it should be expected in the next 2-6 days, which is a huge window but it fits in with the expected delivery for the planner. When it arrived I was super happy with my choices and customisability of this planner yet still not being too expensive compared to others being £22.90 total including delivery. You can also choose to add bonus items although it comes with a plastic wallet and ruler etc. although you can add more if you want to such as pens and extra wallets in a range of colours. I also love the quality of the planner, it looks beautiful the paper is of a high quality and its thick comprehensive planner so if you love organisation, list making and note jotting its ideal. I’m super happy with the lay out and cannot wait to use it.

A few things I’m not so keen on but I can definitely learn to live with them, they are definitely sitting on the nit picking side. The main issue I have is that the back cover is hard card, with lines printed on it. This is not practical to write on, and in my opinion looks untidy, I would prefer to have a plain white blank page to end the diary. I also feel as though there is not a logical place to put in the plastic wallet and mine has gone in the front, due to the lines on the back page it looks weird there and every section has starts with two pages facing each other so although it is tidier I can’t work out where to put it. These are my two biggest gripes at the moment and in reality they aren’t a big deal, simply personal preference.

So that’s my first impression, I am super excited to try it out properly and see if it is practical when I want to use it day to day. Let me know in the comments if you would like a follow up review. Also are you a stationary/organisation junkie?

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OOTD- Movie Friend Date

On a Sunday I usually do a little Sunday reading post on my instagram, flashing back to one of my old posts but today I thought I would do a quick bonus post in the form of an OOTD. Earlier today, me and my best friend went out for a spot of lunch and to go and watch the Deadpool movie, she’s a marvel fan and between her and my boyfriend i have seen all of the films. Plus i brought my boyfriend custom Deadpool shoes last valentines i was going to see the film at some point.

So I wanted to keep it semi-casual and still nice, starting off with the comfy basics of Primark Black Skinny Jeans and a Navy Primark Vest Top. Then to smarten it up I laired up with the jersey blazer which I no longer remember where it is from as I’ve had it well over 5 years. Once again Primark for the simple black pumps and finishing off with my handy New Look Pin Stud Duffle Bag, all in all to create a simple smart casual day friend date outfit.

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Boots Essentials Haul

boots essentials

So I popped into Boots the other day and stocked up on all the boots essentials stuff with it all being in 3 for 2, it is so easy to go for 6 items plus it is all really affordable. Anyway this is what I picked up from Boots Essentials Range.

I haven’t tried either of these wipes yet but I picked up two different ones just to try, they are great for while you’re doing makeup or if I’m super lazy to take off makeup initially. I love the cucumber range so the Boots Essentials Refreshing Cucumber Cleansing Facial Wipes, so these will be great, the other ones I hope will be less drying than normal face wipes which is the Boots Essentials Moisturising Cleansing Facial Wipes. I’ll take one pack away with me for Easter as I know I might be lazier while away.

boots essentials cucumber facial wash

I am no means loyal with face wash and simply pick up what is easiest and seeing their was the offer I picked up the Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wash, I’m obsessed with the cucumber scent so fresh and perfect to awaken the skin. As I now have the p.s love cleansing pad  I feel less of a need for exfoliating washes and that really cleanses the skin on its own.

The final 3 items are all about makeup removal, one of which I picked up for the break I’m going on soon although I’m not sure what skincare I am taking yet. Regardless of if I take them on the trip or not I think Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Pads will be useful one way or another, hopefully they work and I will report back how I find them. Finally there were two repurchases which I have absolutely loved using as they are so refreshing and great at removing makeup, I really recommend checking them out the Boots Essentials Cucumber Creamy Cleanser and the Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner. I have used these every morning and evening and my skin has really noticed the difference although it may simply be because I’ve found a routine which works for me.

Have you tried the Boots Essentials products? What are you favourite budget friendly skincare items, let me know in the comments.

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L’oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara Review


l'oreal paris volume million lashes

Who doesn’t love trying out a new mascara? I cannot resist my favourite two to date have been the Maxfactor False Lash effect and the Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascaras but I always want to try the next thing. I already have lashes which are a longish and are fairly thick, with a natural curl so most mascaras even crap ones tend to work well as I have good lashes to start with. However I like to look for a mascara which just adds volume, definition and leaves a flutterier look. Enter the L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes.

Millionize your lashes with L’Oréal Paris’ new mascara: Volume Million Lashes. The Millionizer Brush has a multitude of bristles which separate lashes for a fanned-out effect. The Excess Wiper removes excess mascara: no overload, no clumps.

L'oreal paris million lashes wand

The wand for this mascara pretty much a typical plastic wand, which are definitely my preferred wand type as I just find they grab my lashes better and provide and effect I love. So I am so pleased this has a plastic wand, one of the main things I actually look for in a mascara. I also like the fact one end is thinner allowing you to get into the corners and work on coating all of your lashes for maximum impact. This is a definite high impact mascara which adds volume and helps emphasise your lashes. I cannot really comment on curl as I have naturally curled lashes and it just helped bring more attention to it and make my eyes look more awake. The difference it makes is insane though, one light coat still leaves me with amazing lashes although I’m not out of the habit of building up mascara which can create a beautiful, more dramatic look.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

I have to admit form the very first use I have loved this mascara, I have been so impressed and fallen in love with it. So I would definitely recommend it despite being on the pricier side of drugstore mascaras (possibly) it’s so worth it, I think it’s going to be hard to find a mascara which competes.

Have you tried the L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes and if so what do you think of it? Also let me know what your favourite mascaras are so I know what to try next?

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Productive Blogging

I am entering my second complete year of blogging and past the 18 month mark, which seems like such a huge achievement to me and I have been through some huge transitions since blogging moving from being a university student for the first 12 months of my blog and for the past 5 months I have been working full time. We all have such a variety of different commitments in our life from work, study, relationships and family which all need to be balanced with the blogs that we love creating and having our own little corner of the internet and the community it involves. So I thought I would share some of the ways I manage to be productive with blogging.

getting organised

Getting organised is key, planning it all out having a notebook or diary to help organise your thoughts. I’ve outlined how I am organising my blog this year from my diary to my blogging notebook with monthly overviews, checklists and space for notes for blogs. This may be a bit over the top for some people but make sure you have a way to keep on top of all of your ideas and what is coming up on your blog, no double posting and a definitive plan can really boost your productivity. See how 2016s blog organisation here.

Don't over commit

The first summer of my blog some one hundred plus days, I blogged daily and when I went back to university for third year I just couldn’t commit to blogging that much. Some people can blog every day or five days a week but not everyone can and that’s okay, if you over commit you can just end up feeling mad at yourself when you don’t meet these. Pick a schedule that works for you, I post twice a week at 17:00 on those days which works for me and I’ve managed to only not meet it once. Yet a schedule can be important when growing a blog and working with brands, as you have consistency and reliability and people can expect regular content that they want to see from your blog. Pick a schedule and amount of content that works for you but pick what is manageable for you.

make notes

Have a note taking method, whether it be your phone, a small notebook, or notepad just have something where you can jot down your ideas. Just don’t kick yourself because that amazing idea you had has now disappeared into thin air, so do what works for you to keep a note of your ideas.

effective time use

Use what time you have, sometimes sitting down and writing for hours at a time writing blog posts back to back is counterproductive. Often I do a little bit on my lunch break at work either writing a bit, or making notes on future posts etc. its making the time you have work for you as we all have other commitments in life. If you’ve noted down plans and ideas, you can use them as a start point when it comes to creating all of your posts.

dont force it

If the content isn’t flowing when you sit down to write, then don’t write it’s a waste of time and you may end up rewriting it all again later on. Write what you want to write at that time rather than what you have scheduled or planned you may end up with a completely unique and insightful post because of it, or just look at the posts ideas you have noted and you never know what you might find some hidden gem that you had completely forgotten about.


We all know about scheduling our blog posts by now, no longer just uploading when the post is finished, this allows us to create consistency and the checking of the writing. Yet sometimes we don’t always think about scheduling other things which can really benefit us such as social media, instead of just using the twitter function on WordPress try using social media suites such as Hootsuite. Here you can schedule multiple Twitter and Instagram posts to promote your latest posts, find out beauty bits and show of your blog and photography skills, and you don’t need to remember to do actively post these yourself. Using blog photos and hashtags you can make the most of social media with minimal effort creating interest which runs alongside blog content.

bulk processes

Although bulk writing posts can make them stale don’t be afraid to take bulk actions on other items, I may spend some time each evening to work on blog stuff but winter nights with nothing but dreary lighting and awkward shadows so photos aren’t possible blog posts by blog posts. Therefore with some posts especially those in which you can prepare photos in a bulk like routines and reviews etc. favourites are slightly different as there is less preparation really. Yet some weekend mornings I can bulk take photos, edit phots and I have even bulk schedule posts and social media, these are all things where you can become productive by bulk doing these tasks when you don’t necessarily have something new to write.

Hopefully these steps are useful to you in order to become more productive with your blogging. How do you try to ensure productivity with blogging? Leave your hints and tips below.

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Reliving My Youth

In my teenage years I used to love travelling and seeing bands with my best friend, I still do but with full time work, living away due to university it happened less and less frequently for a bit. Although my teenage years aren’t far behind me and these passions and loves I still peruse one night in January I got to truly relive my childhood. Throughout my teenage years and even now Aiden have always been one of my favourite bands, the first band I saw without parental supervision and they did their last ever UK tour. The band hasn’t done anything for many years and it fell apart, the front man brought it back for one last tour and all I knew was that I has to go.

Will Francis - Aiden - Birmingham

So on one cold January night me and my best friend climbed in her car to a small venue in Birmingham to see Aiden for one final time, 2656 days after it all began. The even better fact was that loads of people we met and made friends with along the way were all going, one big happy reunion and you could see how each of us made our own paths in life. Kind of a family reunion but with less drama.

The supports were a mix from okay to fun, enough to keep you entertained. The excitement of seeing our favourite tech guy was insane, you couldn’t even predict it there was just that mental moment of it setting in that this was it, and the moment was finally here to see them one last time.

Will Francis - London

The air was electric when they descend the stage, it may only have being Will that was the only original member but he truly embodies Aiden. As a front man he draws you in, he means every word he says and is truly passionate about his craft. At the end of the first song and the music and cheers died down, he looks at the crowd making a comment about how the scene is all grown up, and it’s true it’s been 5 years since Aiden last toured the UK and we’ve all grown up. The clothes and the hair is less ‘out there’ than it once was but we are the same kids that were there 10 years before in love with being part of this family. I could go on and on about the night, but it was just a perfect end to the era in some ways we were all saying good bye to our teens.


At the end of the night we felt amazing and sad at the same time, it was a perfect set full of favourites but when it was all over it was semi hard to accept that after all these years it was all over. Through all these years I regularly picked up my Aiden albums again and again, from first hearing them my first year in secondary school. Through GCSE’s. A-levels and University. Through friendships, relationships and the travels, through it all Aiden were a sound track and now its officially over but they’ll always be a part of me.

In the word of Aiden:

I know that memories never die

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Lets Talk About Feet


pamper-your-feet-this-summer-1Feet, something that just sit there and often thought of as gross but we ought to give them a little bit of TLC all the time and not just in the summer when we get them out. So I thought it was time to do a little post on giving your feet a little TLC and love that they need.


Before you to anything to treat your feet you need to get rid of the dry and dead skin, here you have a number of options but often fine and course works best here. There’s the trust old fashioned way, soaking the feet and using a pumice stone it really does work despite the little bit of elbow greasy that’s needed. I feel as though the foot exfoliators are best, as they are properly coarse, sand-like, this just helps clean it up easier. Generally body exfoliator can worse but you’ll want something more like Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush rather than the Body Shop Body Scrubs.


We moisturise our face and our bodies but often forget out feet, creating unsightly cracked heels and dry feet. We are all aware of the inconvenience on waiting for moisturiser to soak in so there are a number of options as well as a variety of great products. There are a number of options here, one is a very simple option try using the foot packs which come in a number of varieties and you can buy them at pound shops, home bargains and body care. The foot packs I have mentioned before and use them regularly, they are essentially sock shaped moisturising bags. Just leave them on for twenty minutes at least, but with these you can easily get on with your day. There are also plenty of special foot moisturisers, but you can easily recreate the foot packs in a more effective way with other products. Body Butters, Vaseline, Bepanthen and Sudocream are create deep moisturisers and great for repairing feet, either use them and keep your feet out the way or lather up your feet before bed put on a fresh pair of socks and let the work happen with you sleep, just thoroughly wash your socks thoroughly more than that.

home pedicure

 Although this builds up from the ‘exfoliate’ and ‘moisturise’ sections, why not commit to an at home pedicure every so often and give your feet the proper care and attention. An at home pedicure is only something I have started trying recently and it is a bit trial and error to find something that works for you time wise and product wise as we all react differently to different products, so maybe once I’ve worked it out properly I’ll create a DIY pedicure post but for now I’ve found a good guide by Cosmopolitan which isn’t a bad place to start if you want to try yourself.


Although it may not seem relevant at this time of year if sunscreen is always important, especially if your feet are out. With heels and pumps, the tops of your feet are often out so you should always use some to protect your feet from UV rays which are present all year. Also most importantly for summer, do not forget your feet, burnt feet hurts and you can get super unflattering tan lines with shoes. This is something that most people ought to do but we don’t seem to especially in the colder months when we really don’t think about using sun protection as much as we should.

insoles & sensible shoes

One big part of looking after your feet is thinking about footwear, invest in comfortable, supporting footwear. Just because they are ‘cute’ doesn’t mean they are good for your feet, so fancy, high and painful footwear leave for ‘sitting’ events. Also we all love cheap footwear but they aren’t always best for your feet investing in insoles can turn cheap shoes into something that adds a lot of support that is lacked in the budget shoes. This isn’t a must do but think about investing, a good quality pair of boots from M&S or Clarks or something, will not only last years but will do wonders for your feet.


So hopefully these hits and tips were useful, as we often forget about our feet which do so much for us. If you have any good foot care products or any hints and tips to help you look after your feet leave them in the comments below.

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100 Questions No One Ever Asks TAG

This was going around back in October last year but often I copy these and then do them when I have a mental block for blog posts, with so many ideas for everything else I want to do coming up I ended up with a gap schedule here for no reason. I went back into my ideas folder and found this, so I thought I would pull it out and for today.

  1. DO YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR CLOSET DOORS OPEN OR CLOSED? Closed, they absolutely have to be closed simply because I am a nut job.
  2. DO YOU TAKE THE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONER BOTTLES FROM HOTELS? I don’t stay in hotels often, my dad does with work and they are often luxury brands and samples which are fun to try. I use them when I go swimming occasionally or if I’m going away for a long weekend just in case.
  3. DO YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR SHEETS TUCKED IN OR OUT? I don’t sleep with sheets on the bed, just a duvet and a fitted sheet on the mattress I need to be free when I sleep.
  5. DO YOU LIKE TO USE POST-IT NOTES? At work, with planning or reminders, I use post-its all the time absolutely mad for them.
  6. DO YOU CUT OUT COUPONS BUT THEN NEVER USE THEM? Coupons aren’t big in the UK but I do keep vouchers in my purse in case I want to use them, usually boots vouchers anyway. I don’t always use, but I try to keep tabs of the ones I plan to use.
  7. WOULD YOU RATHER BE ATTACKED BY A BIG BEAR OR A SWARM OF BEES? This is hard as I’m allergic to bees so neither would end well.
  8. DO YOU HAVE FRECKLES? No not really.
  9. DO YOU ALWAYS SMILE FOR PICTURES? No as it depends on the picture.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PET PEEVE? Cracking knuckles.
  11. DO YOU EVER COUNT YOUR STEPS WHEN YOU WALK? No, I did when I was a kid.
  14. DO YOU EVER DANCE EVEN IF THERES NO MUSIC PLAYING? When I’m cooking or blow drying my hair yes.
  15. DO YOU CHEW YOUR PENS AND PENCILS? Sometimes especially when I’m frustrated with what I’m done.
  17. WHAT SIZE IS YOUR BED? Single, I still live with my parents and the room is tiny.
  18. WHAT IS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? Crash Land by Twin Atlantic, a song which I always come back to time and time again. So good.
  19. IS IT OK FOR GUYS TO WEAR PINK? Yes, if it suits them there’s no reason they shouldn’t.
  20. DO YOU STILL WATCH CARTOONS? I still love the Simpsons.
  21. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE MOVIE? Oh god I don’t know, unpopular opinion but star wars I cannot stand.
  22. WHERE WOULD YOU BURY HIDDEN TREASURE IF YOU HAD SOME? I struggle to find stuff I’ve put in my wardrobe, so in there I so would.
  23. WHAT DO YOU DRINK WITH DINNER? Water, as I don’t want to interfere with the taste of my food.
  24. WHAT DO YOU DIP A CHICKEN NUGGET IN? Ketchup usually, I am not keen on chicken nuggets though.
  26. WHAT MOVIES COULD YOU WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND STILL LOVE? Sleepless in Seattle and Knights Tale. Heath Ledger as a night, swoon.
  28. WERE YOU EVER A BOY/GIRL SCOUT? We have scouts in the UK but not girl/boy scouts. I was a ‘Rainbow’ and a ‘Brownie’ though.
  29. WOULD YOU EVER STRIP OR POSE NUDE IN A MAGAZINE? I always love the tasteful nude shoots, I kinda like the idea of doing it.
  31. CAN YOU CHANGE THE OIL ON A CAR? Not a bloody clue, I know how to check the oil level but I’d just pay to get it changed.
  32. EVER GOTTEN A SPEEDING TICKET? Nope, never even been speeding. I have a telematics or ‘black box’ in my car so I can speed especially due to the additional costs to my insurance that might get added on. Just over a year of a license and less than a year of driving it wasn’t worth it/
  33. EVER RAN OUT OF GAS? Nope.
  34. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE KIND OF SANDWICH? Tuna and sweetcorn.
  35. BEST THING TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST? Fruit and yoghurt.
  36. WHAT IS YOUR USUAL BEDTIME? Whenever I fall asleep usually between 11pm and midnight.
  37. ARE YOU LAZY? No.
  40. HOW MANY LANGUAGES CAN YOU SPEAK? English and very basic French and Welsh.
  42. WHICH ARE BETTER: LEGOS OR LINCOLN LOGS? What are Lincoln logs? I absolutely love Lego still even at 21, I have a Lego hobbit hole.
  43. ARE YOU STUBBORN? I can be.
  44. WHO IS BETTER: LENO OR LETTERMAN? Never watched either.
  46. ARE YOU AFRAID OF HEIGHTS? Yes, especially ‘natural’ heights like cliffs.
  47. DO YOU SING IN THE CAR? Always.
  49. DO YOU DANCE IN THE CAR? Kinda, when I sing I sometimes kinda dance.
  50. EVER USED A GUN? No.
  51. LAST TIME YOU GOT A PORTRAIT TAKEN BY A PHOTOGRAPHER? September, they have the professional photographers at graduation.
  52. DO YOU THINK MUSICALS ARE CHEESY? Yes, but it isn’t a bad thing.
  53. IS CHRISTMAS STRESSFUL? Sometimes but we always have a very chilled xmas.
  54. EVER EAT A PIEROGI? A what?
  56. OCCUPATIONS YOU WANTED TO BE WHEN YOU WERE A KID? I never knew or had a clue what I wanted to be.
  58. EVER HAVE A DEJA-VU FEELING? Not really.
  59. DO YOU TAKE A VITAMIN DAILY? I take cod liver oil daily.
  60. DO YOU WEAR SLIPPERS? In the winter yes, I like the bootie slippers to keep my feet nice and toasty.
  61. DO YOU WEAR A BATH ROBE? Yes on work mornings I like to shower when I wake up but like to finish my makeup before I get dressed so I don’t spill anything. So I wear a dressing gown to make coffee and get ready.
  62. WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO BED? Usually nothing *wink* although I wear pj’s if it’s cold.
  63. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CONCERT? Green Day with New Found Glory as support, NIA Birmingham 2005.
  64. WALMART, TARGET, OR KMART? We have none of these in the UK, but I’ll pick Walmart as they own Asda so it’s kinda the same.
  65. NIKE OR ADIDAS? Urm not a sports person, but Nike do some cute but highly overpriced stuff.
  66. CHEETOS OR FRITOS? We don’t have either in the UK.
  69. EVER TAKE DANCE LESSONS? Dance was part of my school timetable years 7-9.
  72. EVER WON A SPELLING BEE? We don’t have them in the UK, and my spelling is awful.
  73. HAVE YOU EVER CRIED BECAUSE YOU WERE SO HAPPY? Yes, although most the time its relief especially when I got into my first choice university.
  74. OWN ANY RECORD ALBUMS? I own a Man Overboard vinyl.
  75. OWN A RECORD PLAYER? My parents do.
  76. DO YOU REGULARLY BURN INCENSE? No I find it too much.
  78. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN CONCERT? I’ve seen a lot of bands that I have wanted to see live so there’s no one I want to see that I haven’t already.
  79. WHAT WAS THE LAST CONCERT YOU SAW? I have seen a lot of local shows recently, I think the last actual concert I saw was Man Overboard.
  80. HOT TEA OR COLD TEA? Hot tea most the time, but I love an iced tea.
  81. TEA OR COFFEE? Coffee.
  83. CAN YOU SWIM WELL? Fairly well.
  85. ARE YOU PATIENT? Usually although it can depends on what I am being patient for but in general yes I can.
  87. EVER WON A CONTEST? I’ve won several but they’ve always been fairly small items.
  94. WHO WAS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH? I used to have the hots for guys in the years above who I never really knew.
  96. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Nope.
  97. DO YOU WANT KIDS? Yes.
  99. DO YOU MISS ANYONE RIGHT NOW? Yes, my boyfriend we are long distance at the moment.

Phew what a lot of questions, but they are a bit different so hopefully you can learn something more about me from this TAG. Also I tag anyone who wants to do this then go ahead.