Reliving My Youth

In my teenage years I used to love travelling and seeing bands with my best friend, I still do but with full time work, living away due to university it happened less and less frequently for a bit. Although my teenage years aren’t far behind me and these passions and loves I still peruse one night in January I got to truly relive my childhood. Throughout my teenage years and even now Aiden have always been one of my favourite bands, the first band I saw without parental supervision and they did their last ever UK tour. The band hasn’t done anything for many years and it fell apart, the front man brought it back for one last tour and all I knew was that I has to go.

Will Francis - Aiden - Birmingham

So on one cold January night me and my best friend climbed in her car to a small venue in Birmingham to see Aiden for one final time, 2656 days after it all began. The even better fact was that loads of people we met and made friends with along the way were all going, one big happy reunion and you could see how each of us made our own paths in life. Kind of a family reunion but with less drama.

The supports were a mix from okay to fun, enough to keep you entertained. The excitement of seeing our favourite tech guy was insane, you couldn’t even predict it there was just that mental moment of it setting in that this was it, and the moment was finally here to see them one last time.

Will Francis - London

The air was electric when they descend the stage, it may only have being Will that was the only original member but he truly embodies Aiden. As a front man he draws you in, he means every word he says and is truly passionate about his craft. At the end of the first song and the music and cheers died down, he looks at the crowd making a comment about how the scene is all grown up, and it’s true it’s been 5 years since Aiden last toured the UK and we’ve all grown up. The clothes and the hair is less ‘out there’ than it once was but we are the same kids that were there 10 years before in love with being part of this family. I could go on and on about the night, but it was just a perfect end to the era in some ways we were all saying good bye to our teens.


At the end of the night we felt amazing and sad at the same time, it was a perfect set full of favourites but when it was all over it was semi hard to accept that after all these years it was all over. Through all these years I regularly picked up my Aiden albums again and again, from first hearing them my first year in secondary school. Through GCSE’s. A-levels and University. Through friendships, relationships and the travels, through it all Aiden were a sound track and now its officially over but they’ll always be a part of me.

In the word of Aiden:

I know that memories never die

Sign Off

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