Social Media Update

As it was my birthday yesterday, and some bonus posts may be coming up later this week I thought I would take the time today to talk about what is going on with my social media and how to find out what is going on. If you didn’t know I use Twitter and Instagram and here’s what you get from them.

gwenllianblog twitter

Follow me on twitter to find out about new posts as soon as they go live, always up to date with the latest information. You can also see what I am doing day to day, chat with me and just all the other general twitter stuff. Finally you can start your Sunday morning with a snippet from my blog archive, handpicked by me.

gwenllianbranwen instagram

As well as they day to day pictures and find out what I’m doing my Instagram will also have a regular schedule of content in case you are curious.

Start your Monday mornings bright and early with me as I do #motivationalmonday. 7am (GMT) or near enough every Monday, I share a motivational or positive thought giving you something to think about as well as a little boost to your Monday morning. Or you can celebrate or cringe with me on Thursdays as I take part in #tbt every Thursday evening (8:30pm), something a little bit fun and it is a little insight into my life.

Finally on Sunday I will share an old post from my blog archive, where maybe you can discover something new or slightly different. I try to mix it up or pick related posts to current blog content or time of year.

So don’t forget to follow me and I will follow everyone back, make sure you don’t miss out when I am not on here.

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