Easter Break – Part Two

On Friday I posted about the first 3 days from my Easter break, Thursday through Saturday, while today is the second half filled with loads of holiday goodness.


sunday 27th march

Due to a lot been closed on Easter Sunday, we headed to Chedder Gorge a historial and geological marvel. Gough Cave, which is the main cave was spectacular which is where Chedder Man was found as well as beautiful formations which you can admire in my pictures above. I simply cannot put them into words and I think you should just go. The other cave was slightly more gimmicky but still interesting, the tour bus was well worth a wide to appreciate the gorge itself. Also if you go there is an old fashioned sweet shop where they make sweets on the premises, including a demo on how they are made.

bath dinner

In the evening we went back into Bath to visit Martini Restaurant, a delicious Italian restaurant with a very authentic Italian menu. I had a delicious seafood pasta while my other half had a pizza, it was simple but flavourful and if you want a delicious meal out in Bath it’s a great spot to try.


monday 28th march

With the weather been forecast on Monday we decided to go to Bristol Zoo, and although I could go on about all of the animal that we saw I feel as though the pictures are all that are needed for this.

After spending almost the entire day at the zoo we returned to the hotel to pack, before eating our hotel that night. Which had amazing food and dare I say the best meal of the holiday, although it is hard to say considering it was a holiday filled with good food and good fun.

tuesday 29th march

Tuesday was once again dedicated to travel, although with the final few hours to kill in Bristol we went back up to Clifton to walk across and visit it without the wind and rain. A perfect end to a great trip taking in the views and the city we had visited.

So that was a very rushed and quick outline of what I got up to over Easter, I cannot wait for the next trip. Let me know what your got up to and I will be back on Friday with a Kiko haul.

Sign Off


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