Lipstick Diaries: I Can Do This

“You can do anything if you put your mind to it.” Maybe not a quote you’d associate with simply wearing lipstick but it’s something to meet. This wasn’t a journey of simply lets wearing lipstick, it was about moving out of my comfort zone and gaining confidence. Sure lipstick was a small thing but realistically it was more about how I view things in my head opposed to the actual act of the journey.


Over the past few months I built myself up slowly, to a point when I start to feel much better about products I wouldn’t dream of in the past. There are still those odd moments of paranoia or uncertainty when wearing a bold lip but this will go in time. I went from rarely wearing lip colour to wearing a nude tone daily to building up to adding up the bolder colours into my makeup rotation. It’s all a case of persistence, sticking with what you set your mind to and you can do anything.

When I look back I think why was I scared to wear these colours before, what was I afraid of? So if I can do this what else have I not done that I can do? This was definitely more of a mental challenge than anything else that I have ever done before and simply by wearing a bold lip, I can think of all the other things I might be able to do. Sure its not this straight forward with other areas but I think for now I am onto the next thing.

So will you push yourself out of your comfort zone? What do you want to try that you have never had the confidence to do so? Let me know in the comments below, and if you haven’t read them you can check out my previous Lipstick Diaries here and here. I just also want to thank you all for the input and support in the journey, these posts have had more reception than I ever expected and I appreciate it all. Hopefully this mini series helped some if you guys too.



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