July Favourites

How has July gone so quickly? It feels like Christmas should be just around the corner. July has been full of new products and loads of reviews, so be sure to check out all the different things I have been checking out here. Anyway onto what I have really been loving.

Olay Radiance Illuminator

I won’t dwell on the first one as you can read the full review here but I am madly in love with the Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator. A perfect everyday moisturiser leaving glowing skin on its own and it sits easily under makeup.

For some bizarre reason I stopped using the Collection Lasting Finish Concealer in Fair, opting for the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. This month I started using this again and I cannot think why I used anything else, thick, creamy and pigmented you only need the one concealer.

Everyone has probably picked up one of the relaunched or new Benefit Brow products in a magazine this month well I picked up the Benefit Gimme Brow in 5 Deep with Glamour. I initially thought it would be too dark but I have naturally dark brows so it ended up being a perfect match. I love the effortlessness of the Gimme Brow and the tiny brush makes it far superior to similar products making it easy to apply and work your brows to how you want it.

We all hate chapped lips any time of the year and this next one is my current on the go favourites the Boots Essentials Spearmint Lipsalve. It’s so fresh, smelling like spearmint polos it’s like a quick pick me up but it leaves a hydrating and comfy layer on the lips that I cannot get enough of.

I have finally got the hang of this growing my nails out now, not great but I’m getting there and now with longer nails I need to manage and shape them and that’s where the QVS Sapphire Nail File. I randomly picked it up due to its low price and it turns out is amazing, quick and effective. So to pair with my nice longer nails I am using the Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer in 303 Beige Chrome, a classic simple shade which can be worn at all occasions and time of year. I just haven’t stopped wearing it.

Olay Beauty Fluid

My final favourite is the Olay Beauty Fluid, I love my body butters but something all you want is something light and hydrating that soaks in very quickly. Light in sent, super creamy it works into the skin easily and dries within minutes so you don’t need to worry about waiting around just rub it in and go.

Let me know what you loved in July in the comments, and my next post will be up on Tuesday.

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Product Reviews of 2016 (so far)

After a review heavy month, and being just over half way through 2016 I thought it would be nice today to look back on all of the products I have reviewed. So I’ve broken them down into categories and feel free to check them all out, in case you’ve missed something you are interested in.


Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator  ● Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask ● Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face WashNo 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water Boots Botantics 3-in-1 Cleansing Water Boots Simply Sensitive Micellar WaterP.S Love Facial Cleansing Pad 

So those are all of my full reviews so far for 2016 and I have a couple more reviews coming in the next week or so. If you want to see more you can see mini review and raved about items in my Empties posts or my Monthly Favourites, don’t hesitate to take a look.

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Benefit Brow Bar Review

Good eyebrows are everything right now, and after feeling bummed by my eyebrows for a while I felt as though it was time to get myself down to a Benefit Brow Bar. I went to a Benefit Brow Bar back in February and I loved the results but this time I thought I would be best to show the results in case you are interested. I visited the Benefit Brow Bar in Boots at the Milton Keynes shopping centre, on a Saturday morning you don’t necessarily need to a book an appointment but its recommend and you can find the information for booking appointments in Benefit Shops or Brow Bars here.
A wax costs £14.50 and a wax and tint will set you back £19.50, so comparable with other brow bars and if you go to Boots like me you can collect your Boots points which is always a plus. Before I had a wax and tint, but due to time constraints this time I went for simply a wax, much quicker and I’ve liked to results both time although I recommend the tint as it will make your eyebrows effortless for weeks. Just make sure you read the information and paperwork before you get started there’s a few key things and rules you need to pay attention to before you start your wax.

Benefit Brow Bar - Close Up Before and After - Natural Brows
I have fairly thick eyebrows and I tend to prefer a more natural toned down look, so although they will go for a nice defined arch I went for a more natural look. I love the final look of my eyebrows it is not necessarily dramatic but its natural and suits my face shape. Although my less intense or strong eyebrow is not for everyone I thought it would be positive to see an alternative option to the strong eyebrows for those who want a simpler eyebrow look (see above).
So is it painful? I don’t tend to think so it is more uncomfortable but the wax is comfortably warm and the girls doing it are well trained, reassuring and make sure you have no issues. After doing the first brow they check the shape and look to make sure you are happy and then get started on matching them up. After waxing a final tidy up is done with tweezers before soothing with an Aloe Vera solution which is cooling and pleasant. And the final bonus thing is they can cover that unsightly redness from waxing with Benefits Boing, which is a service you don’t get elsewhere.
Have you got caught up in the Benefit Eyebrow storm, have you tried any of their brow products or poped by their brow bar? Let me know in the comments.

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Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator


Olay Complete Radiance IlluminatorIn case you missed it the other day I received a lovely bunch of goodies from Olay, and you can see the full hoard of goodies here (LINK). So today I will be reviewing the Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator, which promises to . . .”An instant radiant glow, come rain or shine. Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator Moisturising Lotion for normal to dry skin combines the long lasting moisturisation you love plus Mandarin extract and natural light reflecting particles for an instant radiant glow”

First and foremost I love that this product has a pump, which makes controlling the amount of product you want easier. In addition it also makes it more hygienic because you aren’t sticking your fingers in the product day after day. I like the sturdy feel and look of the bottle but as a pump product I’d like to see how much I have left, you can unscrew the top so you aren’t just going to run out one day unexpectedly but it does make this aspect of knowing when to repurchase if you are running low more difficult.

Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator Cream

I have to say I was surprised how easily it applied and soaked into the skin, leaving my skin feeling so hydrated and moisturised. In addition the radiance area of it really makes your skin looks like a better version of you, it adds a healthy glow to your skin which just stays all day. The radiance even shows through a little bit through makeup, and on that thought makeup applies so nicely and easily over the top of it. Which is great for day to day use and I think it will become a nice staple in my makeup routine, just a strong base especially as it has spf 15 and UV protection.

I cannot believe I lived without this product before, it’s just perfect for summer with radiant dewy skin. The light summer sort of scent, and the quick absorption for those days when you want to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I just love it, and I highly recommend if you want to try a new moisturiser or base for summer that you check this one out.

The Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator is part of the complete collection which all have UV protection, spf 15 and vitamins to benefit the skin. It is available for stores such as Superdrug, Boots etc. and retails for £9.99.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Olay Complete range, and if you have any great skin illuminators in the comments.

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Review: Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash

trea tree and witch hazel face wash

I don’t know if it is odd to review a facial wash or not, but there is no reason not too and it is also a sort of treatment. Tea tree and Witch Hazel are meant to treat and prevent breakouts, so I thought I would report how I’ve found using this twice a day for just over a month.

The Boots Website describes it as the following:

This refreshing foaming face wash contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and skin calming Witch Hazel to help keep your skin clear and healthy by: deep cleansing your skin of dirt, oil and make-up without over-drying; fighting spot-causing bacteria and helping to unblock pores; toning your skin and leaving it feeling extra clean.”

It is by no means a difficult product to use, the more difficult part is remembering to use twice a day but it is definitely worth it if you put the effort in. It’s light and foamy although I do feel as though you need the two pumps it has a lovely lather and works nicely into the skin. I finish off rinsing it off with warm water before dabbing with a clean fluffy towel. Afterwards my skin is left feeling clean, cleansed and fresh and just ready to carry on with the rest of my skincare routine which varies depending on the time of day. I did not expect for it to make much of a difference but it really did, the general condition of my skin improved feeling generally cleaner and looking visibly clearer. In addition my “time of the month” breakout was near enough non-existence with the odd minor spot but much smaller than usual.

So would I recommend the foaming facial wash? Yes I feel like out of all of the face washes I’ve tried this has made the biggest different to my skin, so if you have acne prone or hormonal breakouts I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up. The Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash is available from Boots and Boots.com for £3.59, check it out in my original haul here.

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Olay Goodie Bag

Olay Goodie BagThe other day I received an email from the lovely people at Beauty Recommend that I won an Olay prize and to pick my package. The others were for for aging skin, i went for the more general package. This post is by no way sponsored any one can sign up to beauty recommended and its bigger P&G site where you can receive samples, post reviews and print vouchers on all sorts from cleaning products to cosmetics.
So here is a run down of what I received in my packaged of goodies, the first four being from the Okay Complete range which have SPF 15, containing SolaSheer UV protection, vitamin B3, E and B5 as well as 24 hour moisture.

Olay Goodie Bag - Beauty Fluid and Complete
From this collection i received the Olay Complete Original BB Cream in Medium, Olay Complete Day Cream for Dry/Normal Skin, Olay Complete Day Cream for Sensitive Skin and the Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator. I’m really looking forward to trying the illuminator especially for glowing summer skin and the day creams will definitely seen some use. The bb cream I will probably pass on as its unfortunately too dark.

Olay Complete Day Cream
Finally I got the Olay Beauty Fluid Day for Face and Body, which will be great for summer as a light all purpose moisturiser.
I’m looking forward to try them out, let me know in the comments if you would like to see any of the above reviewed. And if you want to sign up to beauty recommended just check out the website here, and the additional benefits of P&Gs Super Savvy Me Website.

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Review: Primarks P.S. Love 9 Shade Eye Palette Review

PS Love 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

I am a huge believer in been able to find good beauty products at a low price, we are living in an age where beauty products to some extent are becoming more accessible and more affordable. Today I am looking at another affordable eyeshadow option, so let’s see how it compares.

P.S Love 9 Shade Eye Palette Eye Shadow

Last February I did an extensive post on a range of P.S. Love products which you can read here, and I am finally picking up another product to test out. I was trying to resist buying more eyeshadows but when I spotted this beautiful warm neutral palette for only £2.50 I couldn’t resist. I love all 9 shades in this palette and I feel in general it works in 3 strips of ‘looks’, but you can easily mix and match across the whole palette. The packaging is sturdy so it will be great for travel, I just feel as though it is a shame that there isn’t a mirror but sometimes it is useful to see the shades in the palette.

ps. love 9 shade eye palette swatches

So how does it swatch? Initially I was unsure when I got the palette home and played with it the first time some shadows appeared chalky and had a lot of fall out. When swatching a good level of colour goes on your fingertips but when transferred onto the skin the pigmentation is not quite as high as I would like it to be. Pigmentation is better when applying to the lid with brushes.

From the colours you were never going to be able to create a dramatic look but you can create a variety of natural and versatile looks. I found these shadows applied best when using  a fluffy brush opposed to a flat brush, but they apply well and will a little bit of work blend really nicely. The shadows last well over the day, and I have no noticed any creasing but I usually apply eyeshadow primer or an eyeshadow base regardless as part of my routine. After the initial push the first day or so to make sure I’d tried it for review I found myself reaching for it most work mornings, it is so easy to put together an appropriate work look or something natural for every day.

P.S Love 9 Shadow Eye Palette Eye Shadow

The P.S. Love 9 Shade Eye Palette is available in Primark stores for £2.50 and is available in the warm neutrals as seen in this post as well as a smoky palette. Subject to availability, but you can check out the full P.S Love product range on the Primark website.

Overall I really like the P.S Love 9 Shade Eye Palette and I would be tempted to try the more smokey toned one. It offers great value for money and is great for any one from those starting out to makeup junkies, I do recommend checking it out next time your in Primark. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Primark P.S. Love Range and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Review: Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micealler Water

I love trying a lot of budget friendly micellar waters, due to the ease of taking makeup fully off and effortlessly. I think I’m on some sort of Boots kick with micellar water as they offer a good range for all skin types and budgets. Earlier this year I reviewed the No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water and Boots Botanic 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water but now is the time for the Boots Simply Sensitive Micellar Water.

Boots Simple Sensitive Micealler Water

According to the Boots Website the sensitive micellar water is:

“Boots Simply Sensitive skincare range has been specially formulated to be kind to your skin. A simple collection of products which are fragrance and colour free. Containing soothing aloe vera, your skin is left feeling soft, smooth and cared for.

FREE FROM: fragrance, colour and ingredients known to be sensitive to your skin.”

 It definitely fragrance free, it is so deceptive it smells and feels like water therefore is probably perfect for sensitive skin. I used it in the normal way using cotton wool pads and wiping, and to remove my eye makeup I hold a fresh cotton wool pad with solution on it of my eyes for 10-20 seconds before wiping. So how did this one compare?

In the removal of eyeshadow and general face makeup, all of this makeup is easily removed completely and it left my skin feeling clean and fresh. Unlike other micellar waters it leave my face feeling freshly wash, I feel as though it has less alcohol as its more like you’ve wet your face with water opposed to stripped it and in need of moisturising. I really enjoyed this part and it really does compare with other brands and ranges of micellar water.

The only issue is that it isn’t so good for mascara or heavy eye makeup, although it can easily take off eyeshadow when it comes to eyeliner and mascara it takes a lot of soaking and rubbing which isn’t something I’m keen on. I love using this for my face or light makeup but day to day I do layer my mascara up and it doesn’t always budge, so I’ve taken to using a my eye makeup remover pads for the time being.

The Boots Simple Sesitive Micellar Water retails for £3.99, available from Boots Stores and Boots.com 

So overall I would recommend it to those with sensitive skin, as it’s so gentle but effective but it will definitely need combining with an effective/gentle eye makeup remover. Saying that if you just use a small swipe of mascara due to sensitive eyes this will probably be enough for you. It’s not my favourite micellar water I think the No 7 Beautiful Skin version will always be my favourite but this was a welcome change.

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