Olay Goodie Bag

Olay Goodie BagThe other day I received an email from the lovely people at Beauty Recommend that I won an Olay prize and to pick my package. The others were for for aging skin, i went for the more general package. This post is by no way sponsored any one can sign up to beauty recommended and its bigger P&G site where you can receive samples, post reviews and print vouchers on all sorts from cleaning products to cosmetics.
So here is a run down of what I received in my packaged of goodies, the first four being from the Okay Complete range which have SPF 15, containing SolaSheer UV protection, vitamin B3, E and B5 as well as 24 hour moisture.

Olay Goodie Bag - Beauty Fluid and Complete
From this collection i received the Olay Complete Original BB Cream in Medium, Olay Complete Day Cream for Dry/Normal Skin, Olay Complete Day Cream for Sensitive Skin and the Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator. I’m really looking forward to trying the illuminator especially for glowing summer skin and the day creams will definitely seen some use. The bb cream I will probably pass on as its unfortunately too dark.

Olay Complete Day Cream
Finally I got the Olay Beauty Fluid Day for Face and Body, which will be great for summer as a light all purpose moisturiser.
I’m looking forward to try them out, let me know in the comments if you would like to see any of the above reviewed. And if you want to sign up to beauty recommended just check out the website here, and the additional benefits of P&Gs Super Savvy Me Website.

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