Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator


Olay Complete Radiance IlluminatorIn case you missed it the other day I received a lovely bunch of goodies from Olay, and you can see the full hoard of goodies here (LINK). So today I will be reviewing the Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator, which promises to . . .”An instant radiant glow, come rain or shine. Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator Moisturising Lotion for normal to dry skin combines the long lasting moisturisation you love plus Mandarin extract and natural light reflecting particles for an instant radiant glow”

First and foremost I love that this product has a pump, which makes controlling the amount of product you want easier. In addition it also makes it more hygienic because you aren’t sticking your fingers in the product day after day. I like the sturdy feel and look of the bottle but as a pump product I’d like to see how much I have left, you can unscrew the top so you aren’t just going to run out one day unexpectedly but it does make this aspect of knowing when to repurchase if you are running low more difficult.

Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator Cream

I have to say I was surprised how easily it applied and soaked into the skin, leaving my skin feeling so hydrated and moisturised. In addition the radiance area of it really makes your skin looks like a better version of you, it adds a healthy glow to your skin which just stays all day. The radiance even shows through a little bit through makeup, and on that thought makeup applies so nicely and easily over the top of it. Which is great for day to day use and I think it will become a nice staple in my makeup routine, just a strong base especially as it has spf 15 and UV protection.

I cannot believe I lived without this product before, it’s just perfect for summer with radiant dewy skin. The light summer sort of scent, and the quick absorption for those days when you want to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I just love it, and I highly recommend if you want to try a new moisturiser or base for summer that you check this one out.

The Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator is part of the complete collection which all have UV protection, spf 15 and vitamins to benefit the skin. It is available for stores such as Superdrug, Boots etc. and retails for £9.99.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Olay Complete range, and if you have any great skin illuminators in the comments.

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