Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup August 2016

As I am currently away for a relaxing week away in Cornwall, and it only seems fitting to share what products I have taken away with me. I feel as though travel makeup posts tells you an individuals tried and tested products, as you never waste precious space on products you are just trying out.

Travel Makeup ft L'oreal Paris, bareminerals, collection

Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer (Decanted) ♥ L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory ♥ Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair ♥ nudebynature Perfecting Concealer in Ivory ♥ Bare Minerals Mineral Veil

travel makeup ft sleek and illamasqua

Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Duo 2 ♥ Sleek Face Form Palette

Travel makeup ft no 7, l'oreal & ps love

Urban Decay Primer Potion ♥ PS Love 9 Shade Eyeshadow Pallet ♥ No 7 Mini Eyeshadow Pallet ♥  L’Oréal Paris So Couture Volume Million Lashes ♥ Benefit Gimme Brow in 5

travel makeup ft ysl, rimmel and ps love

Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob ♥ P.S Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Whisper ♥ YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Lush Coconut

So that’s what I am taking with me a mixture of my favourites and perfect travel friendly makeup, I have every base covered. What are your go to makeup products for when your away let me know in the comments?

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Review: Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo

Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Duo 2It might have only been a hot minute since my last review, but I have caught the new product bug and I’m currently loving mixing up my routine and trying new products. If you saw see my haul the other day (check it out here), you will have seen I picked up the Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Duo 2 and I’ve been putting it to the test over the past week or so in order to gage how it shapes up.

I always like Illamasqua simple black packaging, and the small embossed logo is a nice though just nice simple and elegant. However, I do find the packaging to feel a bit like a cheap plastic, which I hate to say it’s great for the price point I brought it at but if I paid the £26.00 do I dare to say I might have been disappointed. It is probably nice and sturdy for travel though, and the big mirror also suits this purpose, so definitely one to pack in the makeup bag.

Duo 2 contains two very different blushes both in terms of shades and finishes, which I think makes it a great palette to add to a makeup collection and as mentioned above makes it a great choice for travel. So how do the two shades shape up.

The top shade, and first shade is Katie a beautiful pale matte pink shade. It is pigmented enough to show colour on your face but not enough to be obvious, blending out well to add a natural dimension to the face working for you not against you. It has a lovely finely milled formula which sits well on the skin and I can imagine this been a great everyday colour especially if you have fair skin.

Unfortunately, Ambition, the second shade is not quite so positive. Weirdly Ambition is very chalky, just touching your brush to it creates loads of fall out so you have to tap it off properly before application. I have to say I think the colour is beautiful and the glitter isn’t as in your face as I thought it might be acting as much more of a shimmer than in your face. His is definitely one for a fuller makeup look or a night out, but it is beautiful. With high pigmentation, and the fall our you do need to be careful not to put too much on as well as blending like crazy if you do. A perfect part of the set but not something I would pick up on its own.

Out of the two I personally prefer Katie, but Ambition is a nice colour to have in my collection and I think I will use them both. Personally I think this is perfect for travel as a sturdy compact with two very different colours which means it can work for every occasion. I will definitely pack this in my travel makeup bag, later on this month.

Let me know your favourite blushes in the comments.

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Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer Review

Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer.

You know those days when you are perusing the aisles of Superdrug looking for nothing in particular when all of a sudden a purple primer jumps out at you, well that’s what happened to me and I couldn’t resist. So pas the novelty of a such a strong purple primer how does the Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer actually shape up.

I personally think that the purple colour makes for such a unique selling point, whether it actually does anything or not it’s different to anything else I have seen on the market. Often lilac is used to cancel out yellow tones, but this is definitely not lilac so I am unsure how or if this is colour correcting this is but I think this takes some further research.

Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer Swatches

Despite looking like a cream product, mainly due to the colour probably, the product feels and acts like a silicon based primer. As you work it into the skin in upward motions you can feel your skin getting smoother and your skin tends to look that bit smoother, essentially a better version of your skin at present. It’s amazing that no colour residue is left, not even at hint and it is something you kind of have to see to believe. I cannot say I have noticed a brightening effect due to the purple in the primer, which is a shame but as far a primer goes it feels great on the skin.

Makeup sits well on top of the primer, looking smooth and airbrushed and I love the final appearance it gives. The only thing I’m unsure about is how long it extends the like of my makeup as it lasts a work day, but I failed to do any heavy duty testing but in reality we all just need our makeup to last the day.

Overall I enjoy the novelty of this primer the fact its purple and finished like any other is amusing and it stands out when in my makeup collection which helps me ensure that I use it. Yet I feel like the gimmick with the colour is most of what this primer is about, sure it feels nice and works well but I think you can get better primers out there especially if you want a brightening effect. Let me know your favourite primers in the comments.

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Empties #15

Empties #15  ft body shop, boots essentials, soap and glory

Two days after I photographed, edited and schedules Empties #14, I had three empties sat their again. How on earth did I manage this? I feel as though I need to plan my posts better.

 Empties #15 ft l'oreal paris and barry m

Barry M Cor Balmy in Adam and Eve: I love a good lip balm and this was one of them, its lovely sweet scent that takes me back to childhood and no tint means it’s a perfect to keep in my handbag and use throughout the day. Would I repurchase: probably.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory: I feel as though I’ve mentioned this a few times but this has to be my favourite foundation, I use it near enough daily. Buildable coverage, diverse range of colours and comfortable to wear. Would I repurchase: yes.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Kiss Me Quick: This nail polish has appeared in the odd favourite, a beautiful pastel pink which can be worn throughout the year. Another bonus for me is that it really does dry quickly, as I am so impatient. Would I repurchase: try and stop me.

Empties #15 ft boots essentials, soap and glory & nivea

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer: I feel like this appears in every other empties post, I love this and use it daily, I cannot get enough of it. Would I repurchase: yes

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Peel and Face Mask: I did a full review of this way back when which you can see here. I’ve loved using this mask and my skin feels so good after using it, I just need to make sure I remember to use it more often. Would I repurchase: probably.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wash: I love cucumber scents and I love this the scent of this face wash, super fresh. Although I cannot say this face wash does much in terms of leaving clean or cleansing but paired with the P.S Love Facial Cleansing Pad (LINK) it works wonders. Would I repurchase: undetermined, there’s better out there.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Cream Cleanser and Facial Toner: These have been in empties and skincare routines a few times, a really affordable way to add steps to your skincare routine and start to improve your skin condition. Would I like to repurchase: as always.

Empties #15 bath and body - body shop & treacle moon

Treacle Moon Marshmallow Hearts Bath and Shower Gel: THIS SMELLS AMAZING, super sweet and not too food scented. I loved using this on weekends away as well as at home, it isn’t great for the bath but perfect as a shower gel. Would I repurchase: yes.

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel: I usually love the body shop shower gel but this one was slightly lack lustre. The scent just wasn’t there, and I feel as though that is most of the point. Would I repurchase: no.

The Body Shop Love Ect. Body Lotion: I’ve had this forever and finally got round to using the last little bit, the body shop have since discontinued this scent but it’s a lovely lotion. Would I repurchase: I wish I could.

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter: A small body butter which is left over from one of my Christmas presents, I love this scent sweet, fruity and summery. I love it and it’s not as thick as as some of the other body butters so works easily into the skin. Would I repurchase: yes.

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter: Every few empties I have a body shop body butter, this time it’s the turn of passion fruit again. A perfect summer scent and essential for tackling dry skin, what would I do without it. Would I repurchase: yes.


So that is another empties over and done with, let me know if you are still interested in seeing them or not. I like seeing empties and mini reviews but often it’s a pain keeping used up products so let me know what you think.

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Review: The Creme Shop Drink Up, Skin! Face Mask

The Creme Shop Drink Up Skin! Penguin Sheet MAsk

In case you missed my Instagram the past day or so, I became obsessed with this mask from the first time I tried it. It’s such a fun mask and it really works, sorry to spoil the review in the first sentences, so you don’t need to ready further if you don’t want to but if you want a proper breakdown of it by all means carry on.

So what are my proper thoughts on The Crème Shop Drink Up, Skin! Hyaluronic Acid Animated Face Mask past simply loving it? Well let’s start with the type of mask, I have recently discovered a love for sheet masks now you can get a bad one every so often but when you find a good one they are one of the best forms out there. With the right formula this no mess, simple application and always hydrating masks are a great option for those that want a face mask without the mess. These masks have to be one of the wettest ones I have tried with a lovely gel like solution, and the mask is a well-made material so it doesn’t go out of shape and holds a lot of mask. I also like the size of this one, slightly smaller than others I’ve tried with a rounder shape I found it sits on the face perfectly no awkward sports or places where there is an excess of material. Also the eye, nose and mouth placements seem perfect for me.

My skin felt great after using it and stayed feeling hydrated for a few days after, I just cannot believe how nice this mask was to use. I don’t think I can talk about this mask without talking about the fun design, this is Koran Beauty at is best, products that work amazing that also have a fun cute twist to them. They all had different designs such as geisha, giraffe etc. but this penguin suited what I wanted the most. I put it on and absolutely loved it, I ended up taking so many selfies although I have to say my boyfriend was not impressed I thought it was amazing. The design but adds something else but doesn’t make it any less of a good product.


I picked up The Crème Shop Drink Up, Skin! Sheet Mask in TK Maxx, at £4.99 for 3 masks a great price in my opinion as sheet masks tend to be on the pricer side. Unfortunately, I could not find any of these on UK websites, but I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for this or any other Crème Shop Products.

Have you tried any of the Koren Beauty Products which are slowly making their way onto the UK market? Let me know what you’ve tried and what I should try next? Meanwhile I am going to enjoy being a penguin.

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Peterborough Haul

Peterborough Haul

Another day another haul, the other weekend I met up with a friend in Peterborough for a good ol girly catch up filled with shopping what more could you want. I have to say we didn’t go as mad as we have done previously so here is a very restrained haul full of goodies.

TK Maxx Haul - The Creme Shop & Illamasqua

First stop is TK Maxx somewhere that sometimes has everything sometimes has nothing but this time I feel as though I picked up some great bargains. I am so pleased with this first thing which is the Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo (£26 £5.99), review and swatches will be up shortly but I think it is insanely pretty. Has anyone else seen those funky designed Koren Face Masks? Well you can pick them up in TK Maxx I got The Crème Shop Drink Up Skin Face Masks (£4.99) which have a cute penguin design.

Superdrug Haul - Collection, Barry M & L'oreal Paris

Superdrug had another 3 for 2 offer on makeup so obviously this means 3 items had to be brought, two essential repurchases has I have to keep my face looking pretty. So of course the L’oreal True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory (£9.99) and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair (free in offer), much needed essentials. My final purchase was the super interesting Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer (£5.99), the purple colour is super interesting and I cannot wait to try it.

H&M Heavy Leggings

Only one thing from H&M, another set of Heavy Leggings (£7.99) I love these leggings, and they are one of the few pairs which don’t show your pants.

Finally a restrained Primark trip, just one item of clothing though this super cute Collared Jumper (£5) which was in the sale and perfect for work. Also in the sale were these cute glittery flip flops (£0.90), I tend to get a new pair every year and this nudey pink colour should go with everything. Finally ending in the beauty section with the best cotton pads ever, PS Love This Round Cosmetic Pads (£0.50) if you haven’t tried them you should, some endlessly useful P.S Love Your Skin Gentle Cleansing Wipes (£1.00). Finally I repurchased the PS Plain False Nails (£1.00), I used a set mid-July and was absolutely obsessed, so I had to buy another set.

So that’s all I’ve picked up for now but I am tempted to pick up more at the end of summer sales, soon so expect more hauls coming shortly.

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Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Balm

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Balm

With all the summer fun or sun, sea and waves we tend to forget to take the time to look after our hair, and as summer arrived I decide to try out a new hair mask in order to keep my hair silky smooth.

The Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Balm promises to:

“Tame dry, frizzy hair with our intensely soothing balm, blended with rich coconut oil and cocoa butter. Our rich nourishing formula, with its velvety balm texture leaves frizzy hair feeling nourished, looking super smooth and frizz free even in damp weather.”


It is really quite simple as all you need to do is put it on your hair for between 1 to 5 minutes, apparently depending on how much moisture your hair needs. Personally I like to leave a mask on at least 5 minutes and use them once a fortnight to once a month. So how well does it work?

Personally I find it just okay, my hair initially didn’t feel dramatically different and it took a lot of rinsing to ensure that all of the product is removed and nothing is left. My hair felt smoother by looked hardly any different and I was highly disappointed by this fact, I by no means expect miricles but I do respect my hair to come out looking better than before using.

I feel like with this product I am simply setting my expectations of treating by dehydrated hair and putting back in moisture, my hair is not badly damaged and just lacks moisture. This may simply not be the product for me either due to hair type or this is not the masking conditioning balm I want it to be. The directions say 1 to 5 minutes and this makes me think that although marketed as a mask this may simply be a great option in order to replace your current conditioner if you have dry and damaged hair.

So unfortunately I would recommend you save your pennies and try an alternative hair mask/balm, I have loved the tresemme ones in the past and I may return to this once this product has been used up. What hair masks do you recommend let me know in the comments below.

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Feel Unique Pick N Mix

Feel Unique Pick n Mix Samples

One day when lusting over various items on the Feel Unique website I can across Pick ‘N’ Mix Pick ‘N’ Mix and was instantly intrigued. I’ve always loved the idea of subscription boxes but I rather pick what I get and I don’t want to be committed to a subscription or remember to cancel so this Fee Unique thing seemed ideal.

So how does it work? At a maximum of once a month you can pick up to 5 samples to try over a huge range of products and sample types, then simply pay the £3.95 shipping and handling fee, and these goodies will come to you. Even better you will get the £3.95 back as a voucher towards future purchases and as someone who uses feel unique regularly I didn’t really have a lot to loose so spent hours looking though the makeup, skincare, fragrance etc. samples to pick a range of stuff I wanted to try.

As Feel Unique sell all these items, all the information is there including reviews and the samples are great at giving volumes and packet type. I chose to avoid sachets as I want to give a product a semi decent try. So what did I pick and what did I think.

Bioderma Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution (10ml, worth £0.50): So excited for this first pick, I’ve never tried bioderma before and I am curious to find out what all of the hype is about. Only downside of this sample is that’s its single use.

Trilogy Everything Balm (Sample 18ml, worth £4.07): Who doesn’t want to find a holy grail item that does everything, from body moisturiser to lip balm this promises to be an all-purpose balm for everything and I cannot wait to see if that fact holds up.

Prada Candy Kiss Eau De Parfum Spray (1.5ml, worth £2.25): I love Prada Candy and I am curious to try the Prada Candy Kiss version, I cannot wait to try it and pop it in my handbag as a cute little sample. It’s always nice to have a little perfume sample.

Nude by Nature Perfecting Concealer (2ml, £6.60 per ml): We all love a good concealer and I will take any opportunity to try one. I’ve given this a swatch on the back of my hand its so rich and creamy and I think it’s a good match.

Caricara Diamond of Beauty Eye Day & Night Programme (2 x 2ml, worth £34.66): My last choice was based on nothing but the desire to try something high-end that I would never even give a second chance. Let’s see what this can do for me and my tired eyes.

I’m really looking forward to trying these and I think it is a great service if you like the idea of trying samples but don’t want a monthly subscription you can pick 5 things you are curious or really want to try and then it comes straight to you. I cannot believe its only £3.95 and the voucher is already loaded onto my account ready for my next order.

What do you think? Tempted to try this service from feel unique, let me know in the comments.

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