Feel Unique Pick N Mix

Feel Unique Pick n Mix Samples

One day when lusting over various items on the Feel Unique website I can across Pick ‘N’ Mix Pick ‘N’ Mix and was instantly intrigued. I’ve always loved the idea of subscription boxes but I rather pick what I get and I don’t want to be committed to a subscription or remember to cancel so this Fee Unique thing seemed ideal.

So how does it work? At a maximum of once a month you can pick up to 5 samples to try over a huge range of products and sample types, then simply pay the £3.95 shipping and handling fee, and these goodies will come to you. Even better you will get the £3.95 back as a voucher towards future purchases and as someone who uses feel unique regularly I didn’t really have a lot to loose so spent hours looking though the makeup, skincare, fragrance etc. samples to pick a range of stuff I wanted to try.

As Feel Unique sell all these items, all the information is there including reviews and the samples are great at giving volumes and packet type. I chose to avoid sachets as I want to give a product a semi decent try. So what did I pick and what did I think.

Bioderma Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution (10ml, worth £0.50): So excited for this first pick, I’ve never tried bioderma before and I am curious to find out what all of the hype is about. Only downside of this sample is that’s its single use.

Trilogy Everything Balm (Sample 18ml, worth £4.07): Who doesn’t want to find a holy grail item that does everything, from body moisturiser to lip balm this promises to be an all-purpose balm for everything and I cannot wait to see if that fact holds up.

Prada Candy Kiss Eau De Parfum Spray (1.5ml, worth £2.25): I love Prada Candy and I am curious to try the Prada Candy Kiss version, I cannot wait to try it and pop it in my handbag as a cute little sample. It’s always nice to have a little perfume sample.

Nude by Nature Perfecting Concealer (2ml, £6.60 per ml): We all love a good concealer and I will take any opportunity to try one. I’ve given this a swatch on the back of my hand its so rich and creamy and I think it’s a good match.

Caricara Diamond of Beauty Eye Day & Night Programme (2 x 2ml, worth £34.66): My last choice was based on nothing but the desire to try something high-end that I would never even give a second chance. Let’s see what this can do for me and my tired eyes.

I’m really looking forward to trying these and I think it is a great service if you like the idea of trying samples but don’t want a monthly subscription you can pick 5 things you are curious or really want to try and then it comes straight to you. I cannot believe its only £3.95 and the voucher is already loaded onto my account ready for my next order.

What do you think? Tempted to try this service from feel unique, let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Feel Unique Pick N Mix

  1. a girl recommends says:

    I buy nearly all my products from feelunique, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before! I’m definitely going to give it ago! Thanks for the great post!

    • gwenllianbranwen says:

      No worries, I randomly stumbled across it and wondered why I had never seen it. You really should try it, as you get it back in a feel unique voucher you have nothing to lose =) xx

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