Review: The Creme Shop Drink Up, Skin! Face Mask

The Creme Shop Drink Up Skin! Penguin Sheet MAsk

In case you missed my Instagram the past day or so, I became obsessed with this mask from the first time I tried it. It’s such a fun mask and it really works, sorry to spoil the review in the first sentences, so you don’t need to ready further if you don’t want to but if you want a proper breakdown of it by all means carry on.

So what are my proper thoughts on The Crème Shop Drink Up, Skin! Hyaluronic Acid Animated Face Mask past simply loving it? Well let’s start with the type of mask, I have recently discovered a love for sheet masks now you can get a bad one every so often but when you find a good one they are one of the best forms out there. With the right formula this no mess, simple application and always hydrating masks are a great option for those that want a face mask without the mess. These masks have to be one of the wettest ones I have tried with a lovely gel like solution, and the mask is a well-made material so it doesn’t go out of shape and holds a lot of mask. I also like the size of this one, slightly smaller than others I’ve tried with a rounder shape I found it sits on the face perfectly no awkward sports or places where there is an excess of material. Also the eye, nose and mouth placements seem perfect for me.

My skin felt great after using it and stayed feeling hydrated for a few days after, I just cannot believe how nice this mask was to use. I don’t think I can talk about this mask without talking about the fun design, this is Koran Beauty at is best, products that work amazing that also have a fun cute twist to them. They all had different designs such as geisha, giraffe etc. but this penguin suited what I wanted the most. I put it on and absolutely loved it, I ended up taking so many selfies although I have to say my boyfriend was not impressed I thought it was amazing. The design but adds something else but doesn’t make it any less of a good product.


I picked up The Crème Shop Drink Up, Skin! Sheet Mask in TK Maxx, at £4.99 for 3 masks a great price in my opinion as sheet masks tend to be on the pricer side. Unfortunately, I could not find any of these on UK websites, but I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for this or any other Crème Shop Products.

Have you tried any of the Koren Beauty Products which are slowly making their way onto the UK market? Let me know what you’ve tried and what I should try next? Meanwhile I am going to enjoy being a penguin.

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