Review: Fleur De Force Luna Rose Eyeshadow Quad


Youtuber products, they seem to be everywhere these days but are they any good? When I saw the Fleur De Force Luna Rose Eyeshadow Quad in the sale on Feel Unique it peaked my curiosity and I couldn’t resist trying it out. Fleur de Force’s youtuber at the time of writing has 1.4 million subscribers, not including her second channel with the majority of followers been female.


I was initially surprised when the line was launched as the packaging seemed to not fit Fluer’s chic tastes and generally opinions on makeup packaging. However, the packaging is sturdy, well sized although with the clear lid, and gilded lettering I have to say it feels more like £5.00 than £7.00 not a huge difference but I feel as though more could be done to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I expected more I think but it’s not bad, I just feel like other brands at the price point offer more.

I love the colour choices in this palette beautiful warm neutrals, pretty shimmers and a good range to create a full look which can be as simple or as full on as you wish. The pale pink matte colour is great to blend out the crease, or as a brow bone highlight. The shimmer shades are to die for they are absolutely beautiful, especially the rose gold shade as I have nothing like it. The darkest shade is perfect to line, smoke and define. All in all, it have a good mix of colours for a quad and it can be fairly diverse in its uses.


So how do the shades shape up! First and foremost, the pale matte pink shade, as mentioned earlier perfect for highlighting and blending out and it’s a creamy shade which blends and swatches nicely just adding a subtle touch of colour on the lid or a gentle highlight. The Rose Gold shade has to be my favourite, it feels super creamy and its well pigmented, it does crease up on the lid over the day with or without primer which is a shame as I really wanted it to work well. The second lighter shimmery shade is much more disappointing, when you swatch it it looks beautiful but when it comes to application it blends out to nothing so in order to get the look you want you’d have to pack it on which will create a lot of fall out. The worse shade in the palette is the final dark shade, it feels rough to swatch and the pigment is absent coming off lack lustre and pale. It really is a mixed bag and I expected a lot more from the palette, especially as a lot of affordable brands are cheaper and much better quality.

So what do I think overall? I’m so glad I picked this up on sale for only £2.00, I may love the colours but it’s of poor quality and I really expected more from Fleur de Force branded product. There are many brands with products at this price point which offer beautiful high quality products, so save your money and look elsewhere.

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