Lipstick Diaries: Pushing the Boundaries

lipstick-diariesAt the start of September I set myself a challenge to push myself to wear lipstick and embrace something I’ve always wanted to enjoy but have often lacked the confidence to wear it. So I thought it was time to update on how I have been getting on, how have I been pushing my personal boundaries. You can check out the first part of my lipstick diaries here.

I started somewhat simple and not too adventurous, just committing to wearing a lipstick or lip colour everyday is a huge ask. So I started off with a nice nude lipstick essentially a your lips but better shade, this helped me get used to the idea without having to do anything or constantly check to see if it’s still there. Throughout October I started to step up a little with slightly more obvious colours, still in the nude spectrum. It’s all about building up the confidence to rock whatever you want. I’m gaining make-up freedom unlocking new looks and styles to try and I’m loving it. I’m going to just go for it and start going bold, just one day wake-up and decide today’s the day.

I know these are all small things by it’s a great way to boost my confidence. Also rather stupidly it’s a great life lesson, of just go in for it and learning to boost yourself. So what is your make-up insecurity? And would you face it head on let me know in the comments.

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