Review: H&M Beauty Raspberry Leaf Face Mask


I’m not one who spends a lot on face masks when there are so many budget options to try, with mixed reviews I have not yet tried the H&M beauty line. However when my friend recommended the face masks I thought why not, with a face mask I feel as though I had nothing to lose.

The face masks all come in these little pods and are priced at £1.99 each, which realistically not too bad. There was a few options for each skin type and I am dry combination so I picked up two, the Raspberry Leaf Peel off Face Mask as well as the Coconut Water Moisturising Mask for Dry Skin (review coming shortly). The H&M website  describes the mask as “A rich raspberry mask that gently peels away dead skin cells to leave your skin fragrant and soft to the touch”, I love a good peel off mask, it always make me feel like my skin is clean and fresh.

So how did it shape up? The pod is a nice touch, easy to open and nowhere nearly as messy as a pouch offering easy access to the mask. The mask is thickish but you can work it easily on the skin just be sure to wash your hands afterwards to remove any residue. I’d say the pot contains two applications, unfortunately even when trying to keep it air tight this the peel off masks goes into a dried jelly near enough overnight. Share with a friend or apply thickly otherwise the pot will go to waste. Although I love the idea of two uses out of the pot it did not prove to be practical in this case, which is a shame and is a mark against repurchasing this.

With a light sweet fruity fragrance, it’s a refreshing scent, so not unpleasant to use. Depending how thick you apply the mask it takes around five to ten minutes and it peels off easily, no mess and your face feels clean and clear afterwards. I am unsure as to if it anything my skin felt cleaner and clearer but it didn’t appear to pull much out.

Its nice to use with a vibrant colour, delicious scent and it kind of works but so do the many sachets you can buy from various brands at around 89p and with these you’re not wasting half of it. Overall if you want to try it go ahead but its nothing special and you won’t miss out by looking elsewhere.

Gwen xx

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