Review: Primark PS Pro Miracle Primer Prep and Perfect


I am a self-confessed primer junkie, even when I find one that I love I always seem to always want to try the next time. The only exception is the Nivea Daily Express Hydration Primer which I repurchase on a regular basis as its an affordable moisturising primer. So as usual I was in Primark and check out the newish PS Pro makeup range, and when I saw a primer I found it hard to resist.

I’ve tried several items from Primarks Beauty Range in the past, which I have linked past posts at the end in case your interesting in knowing what else they offer and how it shapes up. Overall I have tended to have a number of successes, only one complete miss and a few that are just okay. So I had no hesitations in picking this up, they offer a number of primers in the new PS Pro range and I picked up the PS Pro Miracle Primer Prep and Perfect.


The packaging is really stepped up on the pro range compared to the “standard” beauty items, the little cardboard boxes everything comes in and the attention to detail makes it feel more luxurious even though it’s all very affordable. The only thing that is slightly odd is the pristine white box with silver foiling to then have a black tube inside, I feel as though a black foiled box would of look a little more cohesive but it still looks attractive. Tube design

Initially I was apprehensive when I squeezed it out for the first time and it’s a nude colour, unsure if it would just look orange but as it worked into the skin it seemed to disappear not leaving any trace on the skin. It works into the skin easily making it feel smoother, half way between a silicon primer and a cream primer it leaves the skin feeling smoother although it doesn’t look a huge amount smoother or poreless.

Makeup sits well on top of it, laying smooth and flat making your face look smooth and perfect. I haven’t done a thorough longevity test unfortunately but the makeup lasts from getting ready for work in the morning, to after dinner in the evening looking almost as perfect as when you put it on so around 11/12 hours which I feel is more than enough time. I don’t know how it would shape up in a serious test but I’m genuinely impressed with how well it stands up.

Would I buy it again? Maybe but it’s not a stand out primer for me, sure it stands up well but so do a number of Primers out there on the high street these days. I recommend you check out Primark’s beauty range when you are in store as there are some real gems. If you are curious where to start you can see some more of my Primark PS Reviews on my blog whether you want a general overview of a range of products here (LINK), see an amazing matte lip colour here  or one of my favourite affordable eye shadow pallets here.

Gwen xx

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