2017 Beauty Resolutions

New year, New ME! I am not that person, I stopped making resolutions when I realised that I would never stick to them but this year I’ve come up with a few beauty specific ones that I feel like I want to stick to. Also by writing them here and hopefully by tracking my progress through posts I might be able to stick to them that little bit better. So here are my beauty resolutions for 2017.

I shall use up what I have . . . We all know it’s hard to resist picking up the latest hyped product, or resisting a beautiful eyeshadow you’ve swatched while at the makeup counter but do we really need all of these things. I am always gulty of having several mascaras on the go at once, a few to many primers or foundations. For some products you need range, but others you don’t so this year I am going to buy less but use more. Hopefully you’ll be seeing less hauls of more of the same, I will be resisting impulse purposes and using my makeup. In 2017 I will ditch the empties for progress on using up makeup and skincare, I will use up and save money.

I shall always remove my makeup completely . . . This is something I have been trying to do for ages but some days I just cannot be arsed in all honesty. So, I’m going to make it my aim in 2017 to everyday to at least commit to some sort of skincare routine where I am definitely removing all makeup in its entirety. This year I will stop being lazy and look after my skin.

I shall push the boundaries . . . If you read my lipstick diaries series (part one, part two, part three) last year, you will of seen me go on a mini journey of exploration and self-confidence and I pushed myself to try something new. I’m so glad I tried it and I think this year I will try to expand my boundaries in terms of makeup, try new techniques, colours and just generally play you never know what you might discover and grow. I just need to work out where to start . . .

Three simple resolutions for 2017, that hopefully I can commit to. I will be sure to keep you all posted as we all know that’s sometimes the best way to keep on track




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