Cosmetic Clearourt 2017


You know sometimes you start something, finish it and you end up with a bag of junk sat somewhere, the effort to write up a blog post seemed beyond me. Realistically this is just a short post after clearing out my makeup, one night I sat down pulled out all of my nail polishes and makeup and just got rid of anything that’s done, I don’t like or that I’ve finished.


I found this has not only cleared up space in my draw but everything I have I now want to have and use. There is somethings I want to push myself to use more, if I don’t use them in the next six months I will review them and then hopefully toss them out or give them to a better home. So I urge you to take a look at what you have and just make space, get rid of those stuff you know you’ll never use that you are keeping ‘just in case and get rid of those dried out unusable products make sure everything you have you use and really want.



2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Clearourt 2017

    • gwenllianbranwen says:

      Changing to a new vanity is a great way time to do it. I’ve made notes in my planner so I do it every three months or so. I think the best way to do it is sometimes just unclutter one product like mascara and just go bit by bit xx

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