Review: PS Dark Circle Reducing Sunflower Eyepatches

Primark PS 4 Dark Circle Reducer

I’m starting to think I have a slight obsession with trying out loads of the Primark PS range, so far I have had a pretty good experience with most Primark beauty products and this latest one the PS Dark Circle Reducing Sunflower Eyepatches. I’ve used eyepatches in the past, and love them as they are so refreshing and feel so nice on tired eyes.

I have to admit that I do not have the biggest dark circles, I go get the occasionally as well as bags under my eyes but they are nothing a bit on concealer can’t deal with. I just thought I would share how these compare to similar products on the market.

The eyepatches come in a pack of 4, initially I was apprehensive that with the foil packet that they would be all in one packet but fortunately it contains two foil packets meaning you can get two uses. The whole pack costs £1.00, so at only £0.50 per use. All you need to do when you want to use them is to peel them off the piece of plastic and place them under your eyes. The general instruction to leave for up to 20 minutes, I tend to wait 10 to 15 minutes as this is sort of my limit. I do not find it comfortable pass this point simply because of how heavy it feels and you are aware they are there.

These eye patches are so cooling and refreshing, making you feel more refreshed and gives you a small piece of feeling pampered without the price tag. Considering the price tag, and I am never fully convinced by these products I doubt this is going to be your answer to dark circles there are probably better actions. Still when you feel tired, drained and just want a little TLC I’d really recommend them as they make you feel less tired and just like you’ve done something for yourself.

So all in all I don’t think they will fix your dark circles, but they are nice to use and these are so inexpensive if you want to give eyepatches a go and look ridiculous.



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