July Mind Re-Set

2017 is disappearing before our eyes and my mind needed a little reset. In recent months, my blog has slipped with not keeping up to my schedule, which I hope to amend this month. My lapse on the blog isn’t from lack of content or ideas, its trying to balance work and life, while still feeling motivated to write my blog. A blog I love creating content for, but as something with minimal returns than good feelings and a lovely community it sometimes feels difficult after a stressful and busy day at work to come home and spend the hours it takes to compile the blog posts.

This past weekend I took the few days out I probably needed, escaping on a last minute weekend trip to the picturesque Cotswolds. Taking the time to turn off from social media and the internet and enjoy the countryside. More than anything dramatic, I just needed a few days to switch off and just relax.

For just over 48 hours I detached from social media, and simply enjoyed walking, eating good food and spending quality time with those close to me. So with this little mind re-set I’m not fixed, there is not miracle but I some clarity on what I want to do and better planning my times.

So here’s to a better July, well fingers crossed anyway.


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