Falling In Love With Makeup Again

It seems like every year I get myself into a funk with makeup, especially in the summer I just never can be bothered and I felt my slump lasting longer. Something recently pushed me to try again and I fell in love with makeup again.
If you’ve followed my blog for a while you make have read some of my lipstick diaries post, where I’d made an active push to move out of my comfort zone and try something I had always wanted to. 2016 was the year I tried and became comfortable with lipstick (check out by lipstick diaries part one, two and three), Autumn 2017 was when I pushed the bat out and tried something completely different. On a whim while shopping one day I picked up the Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream in Blackberry, I wanted to try something completely different but without thinking about it properly, and for a few weeks at home the lip colour sat there. I suppose at some point I had wondered why I had purchased such a bold colour, especially as someone who still doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick I just thought I’d made a stupid mistake. It was to out there, too extreme for my comfort zone.


Then one Sunday night I decided to play with makeup as see if I could make this lip colour work, or at least feel comfortable in such a bold choice. For the first time in a long time, I opened my makeup draw and thought and played and tried something new, something different. I think it is the point of putting on makeup for nothing more than to have a go, and doing something different I wasn’t putting on my makeup for work or to go out for plans it was just an experiment and I ended up absolutely loving everything the whole look, purple lips included. From there the rest was history, I even took the step and wore the purple to work which was a huge confidence boost with every one loving it. So day by day I am doing something different, something bold and really embracing the lipstick trend this autumn into winter.
It may have just been a small on a whim purchase but I am glad I took the risk and tried something new, to all the more makeup looks, building my confidence and being more daring.


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