About Me


Hi I’m Gwen of ‘Gwenllian Branwen’ a 21 year old Economics Graduate and working professional, and this is my blog. My own little corner of the internet where I can share my love of makeup, beauty, and everything in life. I want to make the most of life and look good while doing so, here lies everything and I hope you enjoy it.

Since January 2015 new content is posted here every Tuesday and Friday at 5pm GMT, with reviews, hauls, monthly favourites and empties to name a few, so why not explore. Or follow me on social media. Follow me on twitter to find out what I’m upto and my latest posts. Or follow me on instagram to see my latest adventures as well as regular instagram content. Join me nice and early (7am GMT) on a Monday Morning with an motivational quote to start your week right, cringe or celebrate with me on Thursday (8:30pm GMT) with #tbt, and revist or discover previous content on Sunday (10am GMT) with Sunday Reading.

I love create new content and explore new things so if you wish to get in contact check out my Contact Me or PR pages in order to find out more, whether you are a fellow blogger or a brand don’t hesitate to get in touch via those methods or through my social media which are linked above.

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