DIY Pamper Jar Inspiration

So today I thought I would do a quick post about a small gift I did for I did for one of my best friends from university. I’ve seen these jars all over the place and thought I would do it myself, this isn’t a DIY per say but this is what I filled it with and how I wrapped it all up.

DIY Pamper Jar - Kilner Jar

I was so long to find this pink Kilner jar on offer, and I built it all up around this jar. It’s a really great size and I knew she’d find a use for it in the future whether within her passion for baking or for general storage.

The next thing was to fill it up, wrapping each thing in cute stared tissue paper so everything that is in there will be a surprise. I started off with two Soap and Glory travel sized items, a body scrub and the old favorite righteous butter. A perfect pairing for travel or just to try. I then went for a load of little treats from a Foot Pack, Aussie hair mask and a selection of face masks. Finally to finish off the jar, I packed in 3 nail polishes two beautiful shades of purple and a glitter top coat. All small items that I knew she’d love and appreciate and I think that’s the joy of the pamper or treat jars that you can do whatever you want with them.

I found the cute star tissue paper in the card factory and this pink and white bag in the pound shop. I just feel like they really finish the whole gift off, it looked so cute and she loved the gift.

So have you ever made up one of these jars, what would you put in it and would you make this for a friend?

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DIY Pamper Box

So its my best friends birthday today and I thought I’d show you all the cute little DIY pamper box I made for her. These as DIY Pamper Jars as gifts have been floating all over youtube and the blogosphere. So I thought I’d show you my own take on the box.

You Will Need:


A box; tissue paper; ribbon and embellishments;

and all the pamper bits you want to use.

Step One:Place a Layer of tissue paper in the bottom of the box and loosely up the side how neat you wish to do this depends on what effect you want.


Step Two: Wrap up all of your goodies, add extra embellishments or make them all different colours I just chose to keep the whole thing simple with just purple tissue paper.


Step Three: Arrange your box, depending how much you’ve got and the size of the box can really cause a difference in the time this can take. Mine only all just fitted in so it took some doing, if you have extra space just pad it out with additional tissue paper.


Step Four: Close your box, and begin to decorate. I used a 2m length of ribbon and wrapped it round before sticking on a pretty decorative box. And there you go simple but a great personal gift.


Hope you liked the simple but adorable DIY  gift idea if I do any more I’m sure to let you know. However I thought I’d go into a bit more of what I got and how you can get ideas as to what to put into your box. If you’re not interested please press like if you liked the DIY and I’ll be back in a few days.

The Box and Decorations:


I brought all of these bits from Card Factory so they are all fairly inexpensive, usually they have loads of pretty boxes but at this time of year its hard to find a huge variety so I went for silver glittery box while the purple ribbons and tissue paper is because those are my best friends favourite colour. You can stay simple like this or go for all sorts of fancy embellishments just to doll it up and make it something special.

Gift Ideas One: Gift Sets 


These bits I picked up in boots half price gift bits in the sale, things like these mean you can get great gifts for a fraction of the price so your money can go further. The Champneys Moisturiser was only £2.00 and the Candle set was £6.00 basically great value for money and were great additions to my pamper set. Sometimes you can split up gift sets for multiple gifts or you can simply take them out and repackage them so they look so much nicer. These two I kept in their respective packaging as it was cute and worked for what I wanted.

Gift Ideas Two: Travel Sized Items


Travel items are great for these sorts of things, any minis or sample sizes as you can pick a variety especially if you aren’t sure what they like or want to give them a taste of something you’ve loved but don’t now if they will. Therefore they are such a good idea and you can find them everywhere for a variety of prices and are well worth looking into especially as you can get more and it looks like more despite been less.

Gift Idea Three: Make Up/Nail Varnishes


A bit of beauty is a great thing to slip into any pamper kit and if you aren’t sure exactly what they like nail varnish are a good way to go as you can just pick some pretty colours. I find people are more likely to experiment with pretty colours on their nails than they are to go out of their comfort zone with make up. So stick to fairly safe but pretty neutral tones, or go for pretty nails stuff.

Gift Idea Four: Sachets Yes or No?


Do you include sachets in these types of things and I think it depends what it is? Hair masks, face masks, and foot packs sure one off items that are a bit special and I think you can. I also think it makes a difference as to what the size of the potted/bottled version against the sachet as if they potted version is too big then there is no point buying the full one. Basically weigh it up in your own head as to whether you think it is worth it.

Hope these gave you a few ideas and if you try this out let me know I’d love to see what your DIY Pamper Boxes look like.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 116: DIY Candles

Feeling a bit inspired by Jim Chapman’s Candle making video and thought I’d give it a go, for better instructions follow his video.

I had some little candles that although I love the smell I much prefer the more practical shape and use of candles in jars as you light and go, so I thought I’d slip the wick out melt them down and make ones I wanted, I also melted down the end bit of a few matching little glass candles.








However if you are curious here are the basic steps?

1) Boil water in a pan fill the pan to half way with water, cut up candles or wax and place into a glass bowl or jug place in the water it should start to melt down. A glass jug is better for this as its easier to pour out at the end.

2) Once your wax has melted pour a small amount in your pot just a light covering once this starts to cool place in the wick and allow to set.

3) Add wax a bit at a time allowing each layer to set.

Thats all there is too it really, if you have any questions just ask or check out Jim Chapman’s Video which is linked above.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 44: How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

It is highly important to clean your brushes between uses, I usually wipe of my brushes with a make up wipe after each use and then do a proper clean like this once or twice a month.I know you are meant to do it more like once a week and I’m getting better at it.

For a start I don’t  any expensive make up brush cleaner, I use Johnsons Baby Shampoo, it doesn’t have to be Johnsons just something that is relatively inexpensive and available everywhere for around the £3.00 mark for 500ml, or closer to £1.00 if you buy non branded.


1) Run the brush under that tap been careful, in order to keep the glue holding it all together doesn’t get wet and soften up. Make sure the water is luke-warm to warm and get off the worst of the the product.


2) Put a small amount of the baby shampoo on your palm on on the bristles and work them into the brush to loosen up as much product as you possible can. Continue to work it into the brush and wash under the tap, working it through until complete clean and the water run clear.


3) Once cleaned place on a towel and gently pat dry. Try and get most of the wet, but then just leave on the side to dry in its own time.


4) Reshape brushes and then place on a towel and leave to air dry, repeat steps for all brushes.



And that’s it basically, so simple and easy there is no excuse for not regularly cleaning your brushes. How do you clean your brushes? What cleaning products do you like to use.

Lots of Love
Gwenllian Branwen



Day 13: How To ‘Glitter Nails’

So today I had a little clear out of my make up box, and found some small little glitter pots for like glittery eye make up knowing that I was never going to use it for that I thought I’d have a shot at doing my nails all pretty and glittery.


Step One: Paint your nail with one coat of a nail varnish of your choice, I used George by Asdas Gel Pro polish in shade 5 pink. Available at most Asda stores or online here for £3.00.

Step Two: Immediately place in the glitter and hold for a few seconds try to make sure all of the nail is covered in glitter put some on your finger and tap on if necessary.

Step Three: Brush off excess glitter of your finger and leave for a bit for the nail varnish to dry and the glue to set.

Step Four: Repeat for each nail individually.

Step Five: Coat with a clear polish, as it can easily pick up glitter either use one you are near the end of of a cheap one that it doesn’t matter too much if the glitter gets into your top coat. I used Miss Sporty’s Nail expert base and top coat, available at Superdrug and Boots for £2.29.

And there you go beautiful glittery nails. . .

22There you go they aren’t prefect as it is only my first attempt but I love them so much I just thought I just have to share it with you lot.

Just a note the glitter I used was fine eye make up glitter but you can use any glitter that you want.


Gwenllian Branwen