Primark Haul

primark haul

So this year in the sales I had a fairly unsuccessful trip considering I went on 3 different days to the sales in various places but luckily my home town has a new and improved Primark so I picked up the odd bits a pieces when I was in.

Black and Navy Stretch Vest Tops: I essentially needed some more basic tops and with the quality of the primark ones matching much more expensive ones there’s no point spending more. These are £2.50 each.

Brown Beanie Hat: A must for winter as I oddly don’t actually own a hat and I thought that this would go with everything it doesn’t do the floppy bit that I wanted it too so I’m going to wash it before wearing it to see if that improves anything. The hat costs £2.00 from primark.

White and Blue Star Slipper Socks: I brought my boyfriend the batman version of these and the immediately regretted not getting myself a pair they are so comfy. Also they are so inexpensive and probably machine washable although they might not be as fluffy after. The slippers cost £2.50.

Batman Thongs: This is a pack of 3 with various batman designs on them and i just had to have them plus the feel like a good material and good considering the price. I haven’t had cartoon underwear in ages it might be nice to wear something joky. Available for £3.00

Nail Varnish: This was a complete impulse purchase but it looked nice and cost £0.80 so I cannot complain its just not a wintery colour.

Red and Blue Checked pj set: I needed some more pjs and these are simply great they are cute and kinda wintery but nothing in particular and could be worn all year round. Brought for £3.00.

Apart from Primark I brought a new coat from next and ordered a bra online as there was literally f*** all suppose it has saved me some money for the time being. What did you you guys get in the sales?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 18: Primark Haul


So the other day I went into primark just to buy some essentials I am proud of how restrained I was so I thought I’d just let you know what I brought.


So first up tailored trousers, they aren’t  entirely flattering and are a little on the baggy side but this summer I am signed up to an events agency so if I get work I have to wear these trousers and a black shirt. As I was unlikely to wear the trousers ever again after this summer primarks seemed like the best option however, these have a cute slim belt that I think I am highly likely to wear with all sorts especially with a skater dress or something. £12.00


This I brought as I thought an oversized white vest would be great to just lounge about in over summer so I brought one a few sizes too big. It wasn’t until I got home I realised how see through it is so I will probably tie dye it and turn it into something to wear with a bikini or something like that. Approximately £3.


So I needed some new PJs and these Marvel legging PJs were so cute, they have a cute marvel logos all over the legs and on the left leg is a graphic of a classic image of characters such as Iron Man and Thor. They are so comfy and I think with the cuffs they’ll be great in the Autumn/Winter months, at some point I am going to go back and buy the shorts set. PJ leggings are £8.00.

I didn’t especially like the top that was meant to go with it so I purchased a simple plain black one, it is really thick material and such good quality for the price. It will make such a cute set and it is so dam comfy. Stretch Tshirt cost £2.00.


I have brought so many of these they last me 4/5months and I wear them practically 24/7 as they are so comfy and practical, I used to buy more expensive ones but they’d fall apart just as quick so I always buy primark ones you can never go wrong. £3.00.


Finally I brought these, once again for work as we have to neatly tie our hair back. I also thing they’d be great for doing simple discreet summer hairstyles and at £1.00 for 300 elastic bands you cannot go wrong.

What have you recently brought in primark? Do you go there to keep up with the trends cheaply or to buy essentials?


Gwenllian Branwen