Whats in My Bag?: Festival Edition / Festival Essentials

festival essentials

So this weekend I went to Slam Dunk South Festival to have an amazing day seeing bands and celebrate the end of the year/graduating. So I thought I would do a little bit of what is in my festival bag and festival essentials, although this is slightly different as it is a one day festival the essentials are different. I’m also writing this after because I usually carry crap I don’t need so I’ll show you exactly what I took taking into account what I used and what I didn’t.

First and foremost lets consider the essentials that are needed. The most important thing is Sunblock, I picked up Lacura Suncare Extra Sensitive Sun Spray SPF 50+ form aldi which is a 50+ sunblock, I know ideally you should reapply throughout the day but I knew I would not end up doing so and I don’t have the space in my tiny bag. The 50+ should last more of the day, remember be safe and choose a high factor sunblock. Also check it has UVA, UVB and that it is water resistant if you want more information about checking the best sunblock check out some advice here. However it was clouded over and drizzled a lot of the day, regardless any exposed areas such as my arms and neck just in case.

Another essential is light layers to help you stayed covered and protected and the sun, but keep you cool or a bonus layer if its chilly. My personal favorites for this is either a checked shirt or a kimono dependent on what outfit I’m wearing to which works best. It is basically something that keeps you covered, I opted for a checked shirt as it added warmth and with a festival like slam dunk near enough everyone is wearing a checked shirt. Dress accordingly.

Also make sure you are wearing sensible shoes, I opt for things like converse but there were girls the festival wearing flip flops and heels. You need something that will be comfy all day and in crowded areas that you wont loose or roll your foot and injure or even sprain something. Stick with pumps, trainers basically something that is sturdy and comfortable really just think about it. Fashion is not what a festival is all about, yes look nice but think about practicality.

The bag I used you can see in my ‘What’s in My Bag: Compact Edition‘ and it fitted in everything with a little bit of room left over.

whats in my bag

So now onto what I took with me in my little bag, I always like to keep it practical and compact in an attempt not to over pack. The most important items are your tickets and a site map/schedule, you won’t get in without your ticket for a start and the schedule/map is important so you know where to go at what time. As its held at my university I know all of the short cuts and its fairly simple to get around after spending three years there.

Don’t forget to take purse essentials but not your whole purse just in case you loose it. Take enough cash, food stalls, merch and bars mainly only accept cash and the cash machines either have huge queues or run out of money half way through the day so take enough so you aren’t disappointed. Decide how much money to take based on food, drink and travel for taxis ect and maybe take more in case. If you run out of money don’t forget you can get free tap water behind any bar so you can stay hydrated. The purse essentials to me are debit card, ID and cash.

My next few items concern hygiene in several different ways. First up is the fair obvious anti-bacterial hand gel, I am currently using the Fun Edition Cussons Carex Complete in Strawberry Laces, this one smells completely amazing. It’s great for a large number reasons either to freshen up, clean your hands before or after you eat or for after you’ve been to the loo (especially port-a-loos). Along the same lines I have the Halo Hand Wipes, I found these were best for after eating the greasy festival food but we also used them for when my boyfriend cut his leg to clean himself up. I suppose you can take either or but they don’t take up that much room and its good to make sure you keep clean. The final thing in this area is Superdrug Soft Tissues a highly practical thing not only for hayfever suffering, cleaning up spills they are useful for when the loo has run out of paper it is always useful to have tissues.

Other major essentials include keys, camera and phone. A camera is not necessarily essential but the picture quality is better but it can depend on your phone a bit. Then it is just a few random other bits and pieces such as chewing gum for fresh breath, pain killers in case you have a headache ect and plasters (I have cute hello kitty ones) which I mainly use in case your shows rub ect. Oh and the other probably non essential but I always carry around is a clear lip balm in which mine is Rimmel Keep Calm and Shop Lip Balm which it’s bright colours make it easier to find.

The only thing that I had in my bag that I didn’t use was my Yves Rocher Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Face Mist, this was mainly due to the weather been fairy meh this wasn’t needed but if it was hot or really sweaty in a room it would of been ideal to cool us down. However only using one item is pretty dam good in my opinion.

So what are your festival essentials, let me know in the comments below.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 22: Reasons it Sucks That Warped Tour UK is Cancelled

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

So last night it was confirmed that Warped Tour would not be returning to the UK, the festival returned to the UK in 2012 after a 13 year break and only lasting two years before being cancelled again. Its such a shame and now in annoyed rant I will list all the reasons why it sucks that it isn’t coming back again this year.

  1. It is the only music festival for this genre around this time of year offering an all indoor unique experience, where you can escape the cold and enjoy all of your favourite bands all under one roof.
  2. It is different to most other UK festivals with such a wide range of bands all under one roof and keeping to Warped Tour tradition you don’t know the running order until you turn up on the day which some what adds to the excitement or causes an argument.
  3. You get to discover some amazing bands. In 2012 we went to go watch Man Overboard as there was a gap between bands we wanted to see, right then I fell in love and have brought all the albums and seen them several times since.
  4. Freebies. The merch village is epic with merch from practically every band playing and loads of cool clothing bands, many stalls have some sort of freebies to give away.
  5. Getting to see friends. I have friends all over the country and we all have different commitments but festivals allow us all to get together catch up and enjoy the music that we love.
  6. The meaning. The first warped tour back in 2012 I was desperate to go but me and my best friend couldn’t get the money together before it sold out. When I went to university that September I met my boyfriend, we both have the same music taste and he knew how much I wanted to go. Amazingly through his contacts he managed to get some spare media tickets and surprised me with them. Less than a month together and he brought me tickets, I’m a lucky girl we went last year together to its something great we can share together.

So yeah rant over just a few reasons why I love Warped tour UK and why I wish it was going ahead this year.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 10: Festival Essentials

So with a bunch of my friends heading off to Download festival and festival season well and truly starting I thought I’d do a mini post on festival essentials.

These are all the things I think people over look or don’t consider, along side this I will also post a festival essentials check list which is here, so why not check that out too.


First and foremost Wellys, even the littlest amount of rain can make the ground turn to sludge due to so many people trampling on it. Luckily there are so many on the market now to suit everyone’s taste I brought these from matalan last year for £14.00 so relatively in expensive considering you can no get stylish wellys and keep your feet dry at the same time. Failing that just take an old pair of shores you don’t care about, these ones I got for P.E way back in year 7 and it’ll save my lovely converse from getting ruined.


A jacket is a must have, denim and faux leather jackets are every where these days and you can pick up one easily and within your price bracket, a jacket is ideal for later in the day as when it gets dark it get chilly quickly and although it might be warm in the crowd it’ll be freezing when you are walking back to your tent. Also they’ll be good if the weekend turns out to be a complete wash out. In addition to a jacket a fold up rain mac or poncho, isn’t a bad bet light weight and will keep you dry.


Another sunny festival essential Sun glasses, here I have on the left my beautiful fat face shades and some free impericon ones I got given at warped tour. However, if I was attending a festival I would definitely take the free pair, do not take your beautiful favourite pair of sunglasses as you might break or loose them. Take a pair you’ve got given or go to a supermarket or primark and pick up a cheap pair that still looks good but doesn’t matter so much.


Do not forget your sun cream and possibly pack after sun as well, look for spf 20 or above as you’ll be out in the sun all day even if the sun doesn’t feel strong or warm you are out in it all day so put some on anyway (unless its raining of course).  The after sun is always good just in case you have caught the sun too just to bring down the redness and soreness.

Just in case you meet someone in a band and just can’t resist getting something signed don’t forget a market pen or sharpie, and a camera which is great for saving your phone battery when taking pictures and they’ll be better quality.


Plasters are a must have for any accidents or shoes rubbing, you can get a good value packs of all different sizes but if you want something cute why not trying something like the very hungry caterpillar or all sorts of other funky designs. Also don’t forget medication, I’m allergic to near enough everything so I always have to take these sorts of things but won’t be a bad idea for people to pick up as even if you have mild hay fever been outside all day will bring it on. Always bring the medication you take regularly and anything else you think you might need over the weekend such as ibuprofen and paracetamol.


Don’t forget any hair bits the biggest festival essential is Dry Shampoo, when you can’t wash your hair all weekend dry shampoo is a must to freshen it up also is great for adding volume for big hair. A small hairbrush no space for the real thing and a mini one will do the trick just a well, okay maybe not just as well but enough to do the trick. A mini hairspray for styling and they work so well even in the small size and is perfect for travelling or festivals. I’d also take but this is definitely optional is a leave in conditioner to keep my hair in good condition and keep the ends in check.

Finally some beauty bits. . .


So for a start off Make Up, don’t bring a huge bag just the basics/essentials, so foundation, powder, one mascara, eye liner, eye shadow/face pallet, I’d especially recommend bringing a pallet with a mirror in here I have chosen my sleek 3 in 1 face pallet any will do so you can double up in purpose. If your taking make up don’t forget the make up wipes, I’d just these cute eye make up wipes from halo due to their small size, I also have the tesco face wipes which I use for make up wipes but can be doubled up as wet wipes so you can freshen up through out.

Another must have deodorant and body spray to keep smelling clean and fresh no matter how dirty you feel. And last but not least hand sanitiser, you have no idea where any ones been and those gross festival toilets so this is a must.

So there you go some festival essentials, why not check out my festival check list post or my post on travel sized items / miniatures. Hope you enjoyed this and it helped you guys out.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 10: Festival Essentials Check List

So I’ve already done a blog on it but I thought I’d do a festival check list to go along side, these aren’t compulsory and is really a guide of what you should or shouldn’t take. For a more detailed look on a few items as I said check out my other day 10 blog.



  • Tent;
  • Sleeping bag & Sleeping mat:
  • Cooking stove/ bbq
  • Noodles, cereal bars, chocolate, crisps basically food that will last not matter the weather and dried rice/noodle/pasta packs are great to cook up on the stove just add a bit of water and a cheap hot meal is there waiting;
  • Camping chair;
  • Torch;
  • Underwear;
  • Clothes (just don’t bing stuff it really matters if it gets muddy or ruined);
  • Wellys or old shoes;
  • Lighter;
  • jacket/thick jumper
  • fully charged phone;
  • spare phone battery or portable phone charger;
  • cool box for food;
  • padlock to lock up your tent and belongings;
  • cups, bottles and plates, cutlery;
  • wet wipes;
  • deodorant and body spray;
  • plastic bags to put rubbish; dirty or wet clothes;
  • dry shampoo; leave in conditioner; hair brush;
  • make up basics;
  • camera;
  • marker pen;
  • sunglasses;
  • fold up mac or poncho;
  • slection of make up;
  • hand sanitiser;
  • make up fixing spray.

There are probably plenty more but this is a good starting point. Hope you all enjoy your summer festival experiences.



Gwenllian Branwen