Live: Day in the Life

Start as we mean to go on? Nah I had such aspirations, but it is now 1 am on Tuesday morning and I’ve written nothing as I’ve got so distracted by watching old full set shows of my favourite bands on YouTube, that we seem to be in this position.

So I came up with a fun idea to make up for the lack of proper post. Tomorrow (Wednesday 12th), I will be posting a live Day in the Life on my instagram all day, join me as I go to work, get ready and hit the gym for my weekly pilates session. Just be sure to check out my instagram account throughout the day from 7am, find my account here.


Hope to see you there!





Day in the Life: Tour of Britain 2016

Reliving My Youth

In my teenage years I used to love travelling and seeing bands with my best friend, I still do but with full time work, living away due to university it happened less and less frequently for a bit. Although my teenage years aren’t far behind me and these passions and loves I still peruse one night in January I got to truly relive my childhood. Throughout my teenage years and even now Aiden have always been one of my favourite bands, the first band I saw without parental supervision and they did their last ever UK tour. The band hasn’t done anything for many years and it fell apart, the front man brought it back for one last tour and all I knew was that I has to go.

Will Francis - Aiden - Birmingham

So on one cold January night me and my best friend climbed in her car to a small venue in Birmingham to see Aiden for one final time, 2656 days after it all began. The even better fact was that loads of people we met and made friends with along the way were all going, one big happy reunion and you could see how each of us made our own paths in life. Kind of a family reunion but with less drama.

The supports were a mix from okay to fun, enough to keep you entertained. The excitement of seeing our favourite tech guy was insane, you couldn’t even predict it there was just that mental moment of it setting in that this was it, and the moment was finally here to see them one last time.

Will Francis - London

The air was electric when they descend the stage, it may only have being Will that was the only original member but he truly embodies Aiden. As a front man he draws you in, he means every word he says and is truly passionate about his craft. At the end of the first song and the music and cheers died down, he looks at the crowd making a comment about how the scene is all grown up, and it’s true it’s been 5 years since Aiden last toured the UK and we’ve all grown up. The clothes and the hair is less ‘out there’ than it once was but we are the same kids that were there 10 years before in love with being part of this family. I could go on and on about the night, but it was just a perfect end to the era in some ways we were all saying good bye to our teens.


At the end of the night we felt amazing and sad at the same time, it was a perfect set full of favourites but when it was all over it was semi hard to accept that after all these years it was all over. Through all these years I regularly picked up my Aiden albums again and again, from first hearing them my first year in secondary school. Through GCSE’s. A-levels and University. Through friendships, relationships and the travels, through it all Aiden were a sound track and now its officially over but they’ll always be a part of me.

In the word of Aiden:

I know that memories never die

Sign Off

Day in the Life: Girly Catch Up

So I thought I’d do a fun little day in the life, follow me around type deal with a little trip for the day into Peterborough to meet up with some university friends that I haven’t seen in ages. Why Peterborough? With me been back at home in Northamptonshire, one of the girls living in Norwich and one living not too far from Peterborough it seemed like a good middle ground, you can get a direct train from Norwich and I can drive there in under an hour and it’s not too bad to park with loads and loads to do.


The day started early, with an hour long drive to Peterborough with my friends train getting into town at around 10. Luckily getting in slightly earlier I managed to grab a cheeky Starbucks, with my ol faithful vanilla latte nothing eases a morning in town like a Starbucks latte. Then headed to the train station to meet my girlies to kick off a day of shopping and catch up. It was just so good to finally be reunited after so many months of not seeing the people you got used to seeing daily. We hit the shops for the morning, chatting, looking at cute items in Tiger and covering our arms in so many swatches I am so glad I had makeup wipes in my bag. I also helped my friends with suggestions and working out the best products to use, we share all of our product recommendations and ideas.


For lunch we popped to the Handmade Burger Company, where I have the Italian Chicken Burger which was amazing. We split two lots of chips between us, and the portions and burgers were huge and it was more than enough food for the three of us especially for lunch. I highly recommend it, there are loads of options in terms of what is it as well as gluten free bread, burgers and pulled pork. The gluten free pulled pork, I am mentioning as my friend is celiac and got highly excited about the gluten free pulled pork. Gluten free food takes slightly longer to cook as it is all cooked fresh upon ordering, not that this is a bad thing and they explained it would only take up to 10 minutes longer. Also small benefit you go up to the counter to order, so can all order and pay separately so is idea for a group of friends, yet unlike the likes of Nandos your food all arrive simultaneously.


After lunch we did a spot more shopping before popping to Starbucks, grabbed frapps and sitting in the beautiful sunshine by the cathedral. Just chatting catching up and talking about our futures, some teaching, doing masters, travel and work, we are all on such different paths on life but hopefully stay in contact and stay friends further down the road as university days are behind us. When it came to saying goodbye it felt so odd to say goodbye to everyone and knowing you won’t see each other for another month or so.

I had a very good day and once I got in I did nothing for the rest of the evening, preferring to vegetate than do anything more.

Day 35: A Day in The Life

So today I thought I’d do a little day in the life of working in events as box staff, I work for and agency and worked the Saturday of the British Grand Prix.

03:15 Alarm goes off after barely feeling that I’ve been to sleep.

03:18 I actually manage to drag myself out of be to go to the bath room.

03:25 Start the long tedious task of putting of event suitable make up. Layers of foundation, powder subtle eyes and practically drowning myself in MUA fixing mist.

03:45 Make myself a cup of coffee and eat a cereal bar for breakfast it is way to early for this.

04:00 My dad gives me a lift to the office.

05:00 After standing around for 45 mintues in the rain, we all finally get assigned our mini buses and make the relatively short journey from Northampton to Silverstone Race track.

06:05 So after god knows how long I get assigned a roll and make my way over to my box for today and meet the lovely girl I was to work with for the rest of the day, then we got in our room and begged for someone to tell is what to do as neither of us had done it before.

06:43 Everything had been set up for breakfast and our guests were not due until at least 08:00, so we sit and look at the stands opposite and wonder why on earth people are getting here this early when nothing starts until 10:00, crazy people.


08:06 We start to prep for breakfast at 09:00 by heating up the serving dishes and making coffee for the guest arrive.

08:55 Breakfast arrives and we start serving the disappointingly small breakfast to the guests, as well as making endless cups of  coffee. Then began the endless operation of cleaning up and washing dishes.

10:30 I finally get my first break where we get breakfast left overs so I make myself a sausage sandwich and enjoy my first opportunity to sit down for 15 mintues before returning to  the box and allowing Isabella to have a break.

11:05 All the washing up and clear up is done and we prepare for lunch, and then stand around for ages because every one is watching the race. So we have a nice chat and served the odd drink.

12:15 Lunch finally arrives if only a few minutes late *cough cough* and we’re surrounded by everyone all wanting to eat before the big race. Everything is gone in 10 minutes and the clean up starts. A mass of just washing up and it is so hard to keep on top of without the space to put everything.

13:55 Second break of the day, helping myself to nummy lunch stuff. By this point we are all exhausted and the break room is very quiet as all we really want to do is go home.

15:00 Afternoon tea arrives and only a few people want bits, so we start counting and organising bits for the next day. Collecting 30 of every thing, spare tea towels and clothes. Checking the fridge for milk and other supplies.

16:00 Most of the guests have gone so we start sanitising surfaces and changing the set up ready for breakfast the following day, so the next morning the servers would literally just have to boil the kettle and put water in the coffee machine ect.

16:48 All of our guests have left so we begin the final clean up of switching table clothes and sweeping the floor; the suite owner thank us for the day and just as he is leaving gives us each a £20 tip. I’ve never be so grateful in my entire life.

17:10 We have officially finished for today and go down to sign out. It took forever to sign out and I made my way back to the marque.

18:45 I finally make it home and am absolutely exhausted, so I order a take away and chill for the rest of the evening.

So there’s a run down of a day in the life of an events worker, I relaxed for most of the evening and got an early night. Who could blame me?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 30: Weekend in Worcester

So I’ve spent the weekend at my sisters so here’s a lil summary of what I’ve done and seen 🙂 just on the train home now.


Driving through Malvern Link.


The beautiful from/down Malvern high street, it is such a beautiful small town so well worth a small visit if you are in the area.



Some more views from our Sunday afternoon leisurely walk.


Getting ready for going shopping Monday morning proved my inability to live out of a suitcase.


The new look changing rooms, I just loved the concept and it is so well executed.


Best pasties ever!


Mini haul coming soon . . .


Starting the home journey, “bye bye Worcester.


Perfect with my pecan plat for breakfast. Starbucks Seattle and Pike Place blends are far superior to there normal blend.


Taking up an entire table.

I have no idea how well this will format as I am blogging from my phone on the train home, but if it works it might make it easier to blog my travels when I am away. I plan do to like this weekend and schedule loads of posts so there is something everyday at 5pm (GMT) I have lists of ideas so I’ll have to see how may I can feasibly write and schedule in the next few weeks.

Lots of Love,
Gwenllian Branwen