Graduation Day

I've Graduated

So if you’ve seen my life update, you will have seen I graduated on the 10th September, with a Upper Second Class Honours in Economics from the University of Hertfordshire. It’s a nice little ceremony in St Albans Cathedral, which is a beautiful venue, and I feel like it was such a great event, I thought I’d do a little bit of a post about my outfit, makeup and just some nice snaps from the day.

Graduation Outfit

I didn’t set out to buy a brand new dress for graduation and if I brought something new I wanted to be able to reware it, I own enough clothes as it is, buying more only seems excessive at this point. Yet a few weeks before my graduation I found this super cute tea dress on sale in Apricot for £15.00, irresistibly cute I had to have it. With the graduation sash being white and silver most outfit choices were going to go but I feel as though the mint green pops on this outfit really set it off. I wanted to keep my shoes simple too and nothing too high, so I went for a pair of comfy favourites. I have no idea what brand these are and I’ve had them a few years but they never do me wrong, as a pair of nudes with a cute bow are suitable for all occasions and go with all outfits really, you just can wear black tights with them. I feel like the whole outfit fit the sense of the occasion without being too dressy or anything too much.

With my hair I kept it super simple, I had being tempted to curl it but I didn’t want the curls to drop and I needed a style in which the cap would fit. To me straightened hair seemed the most appropriate it looks nice and I didn’t have to worry about it, just a touch of hair spray in the hope of not getting hat hair and some grips to keep everything in place.

The makeup was all about being long lasting and looking nice in photographs, after all I’ll have these for the rest of my life so looking nice is important and I’ll be full faced in make up for 8 to 10 hours and it needed to remain flawless the entire time. I do have makeup envy of my friend Enxhi who went for it a bit more but then she was topping up her face every hour which seemed to take its toll.

Graduation Makeuo

I went for pretty much double priming my face starting with a very simple base of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer, which really hydrates and preps the team. Pairing this with my bareMinerals Prime Time Original Foundation Primer, which is my favourite primer and simply put this in the areas where my makeup tends to fade first. For my makeup I decided to opt for my lighter foundation and I know this isn’t that light but my other one is proper full coverage and I was in the mood for a lighter look that the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory provides. Then obviously to make myself flawless I concealer is needed using the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory under my eyes and where I want it to be brightened. With the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Concealer in Porcelain, covering my blemishes etc. leading to a really flawless face. I didn’t feel like having much colour on my cheeks or extreme bronze etc. so I used my Maybelline New York Color Show Blush Em! which due to its lacking in pigment it just adds a beautiful subtle flush of colour.

Now onto the eyes which because none of the palettes do shadow names its hard to say how I created the look, but I went for a nice transitional brown eyeshadow look as I didn’t want something ott. Obviously I used my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion, as a based to help it stay where I would be without it, I have no idea. Then I used a combination of the No 7 Mini Eyeshadow Palette and a shade from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette to create the complete look. To make it a touch more glam I used the champagne glittery loose pigment that is the bareMinerals Eyeshadow in Flawless Diamond which just made it glitter and really set off the look. Finishing it off with lashings of the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara. As I kept putting off buying a setting spray for so long I never did it I used the good old hairspray trick of setting your makeup, which actually works better than setting spray. Although it’s not ideal and you are definitely best leaving it for one offs opposed to everyday. Then to finish it off and to set everything I used the bareMinerals Original Foundation in N10 Fairly Light. Nothing to over the top but mood appropriate.

Graduation Day
The final touch was a pretty manicure which is curtsy of Primark, I wasn’t going to spend loads on getting my nails done, and I didn’t want to keep them on for ages because they aren’t practical for work. These super cute flower detail nails are from Primark and they are simply adorable. They lasted the entire time and I even got a few complements about them.

So that’s what I wore for my graduation, nothing too fancy but something a bit nice. It was a great day and I’m so proud of everyone for getting to this point, it is a little bit odd not to be returning to education this year but I’m working and I’m excited for all the things I can do in life. To those of you who are contining or starting further education, make the most of it enjoy the experience while you can but make sure you work it can influence the rest of your life and it is possible to have fun and do well. I wish you all the best.

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So on Thursday 10th September I finally had my graduation ceremony, although you may already of seen this on twitter and instagram and if you aren’t already following me why not? I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an Upper Second Class Honours in Economics. I’m so proud of my achievements and what I managed over 3 years at university, all the hard work finally paid off.  I’ve known my results since June, and the transcript arrived at the end of July as well as working in a graduate position since the middle of July it was somewhat a long time coming but with the time between finishing in May and the Graduation in September it is so nice to see everyone again. With some going on to masters in a variety of subjects while other have been travelling, everyone is doing something different and it’s nice to all be together one last time.

I loved the 3 years at university having some great times with friends, I met my amazing boyfriend there and just had such a great experience. I also loved my course, I find economics fascinating and I’m so glad I got to study it in such depth, it is also useful for getting a career and is such a great all round subject.

Long days studying, drinking cocktails, working one of the best jobs I think ever existed I definitely made the most of it. Obviously it’s not all positive with annoying housemates and a lot of coursework sometimes, but you just have work through these things and they are just a part of the university experience. All the hard work and stress finally paid off and the graduation ceremony was just a great way to end it all.

The graduation ceremony was held at St Albans Cathedral an absolutely beautiful setting, and I had an evening ceremony. Which meant I got the day off from work to get ready and I was exhausted at work the following day but it was so worth it. On Friday once I’ve collated all of the graduation photos and sorted out all of the pieces about my outfit and my makeup, I will also feature some of the other photos as it is such a nice setting for graduation.

Anyway talk to you again soon.

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Life Update: University is Over

Hi everyone,

So here is a mini life update as on Monday I complete my final exam of my final year of university and it hasn’t really sunk in yet. It is pretty much being stuck in a weird limbo as I’ve finished but I have no grade and I am still looking for a job it just all feels a little bit odd. Yet for now I am going to celebrate finishing and seeing everyone one last time before we start our lives out in the big wide world.



So to kick off the celebrations after my exam me and my course mates went out to Prezzo to have a meal. Amazing food, great company and a cheeky glass of wine was a perfect way to kick off celebrating the end of an era. Also prezzo is delicious I just barely go but it was certainly a lovely treat.

IMG_20150519_130141606_HDR[1] IMG_20150519_154143235[1]

Then on Tuesday I had a mini bbq with my closest friend from university, my house mate a boyfriend all of us are graduating this year and it was nice to do something a little more intimate rather than lets get pissed. Although the weather was variable with lunch being cooked an umbrella but it brightened up later and turned really nice for dinner and luckily the boys were doing the cooking anyway so we remained completely dry. So we loads of good food watching a few films, some Simpsons it was a really lovely chill day and I’m glad I got to celebrate graduating.

As for the rest of the celebrations, tonight I will be going to an ‘awards’ night for work as working for my SU it means that some 20 of us are leaving this year so its a end of year celebration and sort of a send off for us that won’t be coming back. Then on Saturday we are going to Harvester for a cute little work meal so that will be fun, basically a huge arse send off seeing as most of my work is leaving.

Then on Sunday I am going to Slam Dunk South a music festival I really love and considering that I am literally a 5 minute walk away as it is held at my university. I cannot wait especially to see Taking Back Sunday as I haven’t see them since 2006 so it should be a great day/night. While next week will be more chill as I spend time with my boyfriend before we are apart for ages.

Do you have any big changes to your life? Any one else finishing University this year?

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


The Bedtime TAG

So the other week I watched Fleur De Force and Talk Becky Talk do this TAG and thought it seemed like such a fun idea and that I would do it myself. So here we go . . .

primark fox pjs

1. What are you favourite pajamas?

I tend to swap around what PJs I love and during the day on lazy days I tend to chill in my boyfriend PJs with a vest top. For sleeping I tend to favour shorts PJs and my current favourite ones are Primark ones with cure little foxes on which you may of seen in my primark haul previously.


2. Current bedtime reading?

I have just started reading Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland it is one of those behavioural economics/smart thinking books which I find absolutely fascinating but as I’ve only just started it, here’s the blurb if you are curious.

Why do doctors, army generals, high-ranking government officials and other people in positions of power make bad decisions that cause harm to others? Why do prizes serve no useful function? Why are punishments so ineffective? Why is interviewing such an unsatisfactory method of selection?

Irrationality is a challenging and thought-provoking book that draws on statistical concepts, probability theory and a mass of intriguing research to expose the failings of human reasoning, judgement and intuition. The author explores the inconsistencies of human behaviour, and discovers why even the experts find it so hard to make rational and unbiased decisions.

PicMonkey Collage

3. What is on your bedside table?

Most importantly is my IKEA lamp so I don’t have to stumble across my room after turning off the light. All I want mainly with my bedside is the cross between practical and nice to look at, practical = box of tissues and pretty =photograph of me and my boyfriend. I always have some sort of candles on my bedside and I currently have two from primark, one pineapple and ginger the other sweet berry and patchouu which I am really enjoying. Another pointless but something I like is the empty boxes for a body shop candle and a Laura Ashley body butter I just think they look nice. Finally is my lotr mason jar with gandalf standing in it.

4. Favourite sleepy scent?

I love to burn a candle in the evening, although I don’t currently have a candle of this scent my favourite scent is vanilla as it is such a lovely warming scent. I seriously need to get some more vanilla candles but I’m trying to use up the ones I have at the moment.

5. What is your usual bedtime & wakeup time?

I usually aim to be in bed between 11 and 12, although when it is does vary but I no longer do the super late nights that I used to do. Wake up time on the other hand is variable although due to lectures and work ect. I tend to have earlyish start so even on days off I’m awake but 8:30 ish.


6. Top 3 bedtime products?

I usually do most of my skincare and everything else way earlier in the evening because if I didn’t do it after I got in I would never get it done. So before I go to bed I moisturise my face with Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream which is super moisturising although is sometimes a little too heavy. Next up is my Body Shop Lip Butter in Mango and it is amazing especially as its prevented my lips from drying it all really and it always stays next to my bag. And finally Assuie Leave in Conditioner, I don’t always use this like I said I do most of my stuff earlier in the day but sometimes I feel as though my hair needs a little TLC so I rub the leave in conditioner into my ends and then tie my hair up and in the morning my hair feels great.

7. Your most common sleeping position?

I tend to lie on my side semi curled up but I don’t particularly have a set side though just depends on the night and how tired I am. If it takes a while to go to sleep I will always lie on me left side so I can leave my boyfriend to sleep in peace, this results in him thinking I take up most of the bed which commonly isn’t the case. He just likes to think I use most the bed, poor baby.

8. Any strange bed time routines?

I don’t think I have any strange bed time routine but the fact I have to have the wardrobe door closed apparently is according to my boyfriend, which isn’t a big deal. Well its not a big deal until he has to get out of bed and close it because his closer.
9. Are you big spoon or little spoon?

It depends really me and my boyfriend switch it up and it depends on our moods however, if I get cold in the night I will always roll over and spoon him to warm myself up.

So I hoped you enjoyed this tag and if you did I TAG all of you to do it too and I look forward to reading them.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Student Room Tour

PicMonkey Collage

I’d been meaning to do this post for a while but its taken a lot of time to get it in a semi presentable state in order to photograph. This is my second student house and this time I actually have a decent sized room which I share with my boyfriend.

Its pretty damn basic but I’ve made it cosy with candles and fairy lights. Cute plushies on the bed are always a nice addition, we have Frodo and Gandalf as we are both Tolken obsessed.






As for the desk area as you can see I have most beauty items on the shelf underneath while my brushes and everyday sit on top with my blogging note book, diary and laptop. I’m not really sure what to say about it so if you want to know more about student living or anything just ask in the comments below.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 114: University Lecture Outfit Ideas

So its that time of year again where term starts again and the stress of picking what to were to university, college or sixth form. So I thought I’d post some outfit ideas on what you can wear.

Outfit One: Prepy Chic


‌♥ Pink Shirt: Apricot £24.00 ♥ Leggings: H&M £12.99 ♥ Shoes: Asos £22.00 ♥ Tweed Backpack: Paperchase £30.00 ♥

This is just an stylishly preppy smart casual outfit that is simple and straight forward. The leggings are amazing and are the first pair of leggings that I’be brought in a long time that aren’t see through in the slightest, I’m so pleased with them and they are so comfy so if you want inexpensive good quality leggings check out H&M’s high waisted leggings. I love these types of shirts, they are all over this season so silky and soft so comfortable to wear yet they look so chic and smart I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Last but not least I’ve paired it with a simple pair of black pumps which will go with any outfit and a tweed backpack. Tweed screams preppy and back to school and I just thought this backpack was so cute plus it will easily fit in your laptop, books and all over essentials.

Outfit Two: Hang Over Glam


♥ Collared Jumper: Asda £12.00 ♥ Leggings: H&M £12.99 ♥ Boots: Bear Paws $79.99 ♥ Tan Day Bag: BooHoo £20.00 ♥ Insulated Mug: Paperchase £7.00 ♥

It’s inevitable that at some point during the university year that you will end up going to class hung over, this is where low effort and comfort is key for this outfit. Leggings are pretty much every students basic as they are so versatile and comfortable, here by pairing them with this cute collared jumped helps you look put together even thought you want to crawl back into bed and due to it been knitwear it’ll be so comfy. Feel like you’ve barely left the flat wear ugg style boots comfy and warm, the ones shown are bear paws which are the real thing and absolutely amazing but often loads of shops do cheaper versions of uggs or check out TK Maxx.

The bag ties it all together and screams ‘I’m a put together person;’ even though you feel like death warmed up, worst comes to work fill it with pain killers and sugary treats to help pull yourself together. In addition to this I’ve added the most adorable insulated

Outfit 3: Rock Chick


♥ T shirt: H&M £7.99 ♥ Jeans: Topshop £38.00 ♥ Leather Jacket: River Island £60.00 ♥ Ankle Boots: New Look £24.99  ♥ Scarf: New Look £6.99 

I always rolls my eyes when this and the grunge trends come in, coming from a grunge back ground myself however, I do feel like these type of clothes are a staple for campus life.

Yes my eagle eyed reader this is the t shirt I hauled last week (check it out here), and I’m obsessed with this and will definitely be a staple for be this semester this term teamed like here with my leather jacket and leggings for my full days in uni. Since first seeing these jeans in Essie Button’s videos (who doesn’t love Estee), they are just completely awesome and well worth the money there is something I love about ripped jeans I don’t know what it is. An instant biker but practical way to keep warm is a leather jacket, they are so versatile and great to add to any outfit and especially great for transitioning from Autumn to Winter.

Then add to the accessories, ankle boots are great practical shoes giving an outfit a bit of an edge but waterproof and great for any time of year. To finish off end an on tred leopard print scalf and you put together no matter how much your lacking sleep due to a mix of deadlines and nights out.

What do you like to wear to class? How are you keeping effortlessly stylish this year?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 106: Making Your University Room Your Own

So I’m back at University for my third and final year, in just under two weeks and I may do a follow up post when I’m there to show you how I’ve done it this year but I thought I’d show you how to do something with what you’ve got and make it a home away from home for th 6-8 months you live there.

No matter if its halls or a student house, the rooms you get are drab, plain and boring, no longer the comfy perfect space that was your bedroom back home. So here I’m going to share some tips on how to make it comfy cosy and feel a little bit more like your own personal space. I honestly long doing these posts, any excuse to look at home stuff and all the pretty bits I want.

1) Brightly Coloured Bedding


Tesco: King size only :/ £18.00 ♥ Dunelm Mill: From £9.59 ♥

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be bright coloured but definitely patterned just something that really adds to your room, as its plain, simple its best to add to your room with bedding which will be the main thing in your room. My first two years I had a bright pink and purple one and a plain one and my room definitely had a brighter happier vibe to my room so give it a go.

2) Take A Rug


♥ Iowa Homestead Rug, Dunelm Mill £14.99 ♥ Red Shaggy Rug, George Asda Home £30.00 ♥ Chantilly Rug, Dunelm Mill from £24.99 ♥ Oriental Rug, Tesco £12.91 ♥

A rug will tie in your room and cover the horrible carpets you generally get in the rooms. You don’t have to go expensive something that covers the floor and thats colourful or brings it all together. As I had a smaller room second year and I was unsure about the size of my room first year, I had a bath mat which is a smaller size and come in a large range of colours plus they are in huge range of colours to suit what you want.

3) Poster and Picture Walls


This is obvious and is seen in practically all rooms in halls, whether you use the pin board in your room or stick it to your wall with white tac its an ideal. Print out photos from great times with friends, family or holidays or select some posters and be as creative as you want with sticking them up.

4) Cute Decorative Items


♥ Silver Phone Ornament, Asda £7.00 ♥ Blomster Vase, Ikea £7.00 ♥ Teal Crackle Vase, Dunelm Mill £1.99 ♥ Plum Pudding Bird, Dunelm Mill £1.99 ♥ Hanging Birdcage Tea Light Holder, Matalan £8.00 ♥ Ruby Collection Wicker Hear, Dunelm Mill £1.99 ♥ Butterfly Clock, Wilkinsons £5.00 ♥ Orchid Glove, Next Home £10.00 ♥ Vintage Green Floral Collection Wooden Dream, Dunelm Mill £1.49 ♥ LED Love, Matalan £10.00 ♥

These just make your room your own get as few as many as you want there are loads of cute things on the market. Although not pictured you could also buy a diffuser as very few student residences allow you to have candles, basically add any little touches to make it pretty or find pretty items that also have uses.

5) Blankets and Cushions

 z9♥ Owl Knit Cushion, Matalan £10.00 ♥ Love Dogtooth Cushion, Wilkinsons £6.50 ♥ Faux Mongolia Cushion, Wilkinsons £6.00 ♥ Applique Heat Cushion, Dunelm Mill £9.99 ♥ Snuggle Throw Pink, Wilkinsons £8.00 ♥ Blackcurrant Winter Blanket, Dunelm Mill £9.99 ♥

Just make the room cosy with the pillows and blankets, as well as make it pretty and comfy up a chair in your room. Worst come to worse, you can cover it with the blanket tie it in nicely and make it more comfortable that it was before. Essentially add anything that makes the room cosy and a blanket is great addition especially in winter when it can get chilly.

Unfortunately you can’t paint the walls, change the floors or curtains you have to deal with what you’ve got, so just add these few bits and make it a little bit more homely. Here is what my first year halls looked like after I moved in not much and I’ve learnt what works best over the last two years and I will update you what this years looks like.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

See what I mean about the bright bedding it really brightens up the room and brings it together.

What are your tips for making student accommodation homely and your style?

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Day 88: Getting Ready in a Rush Tips.

So we’ve all done it overslept and having to leave the house as soon as possible, so I have a few tips on making that last minute panic a little less stressful.

  • Leave hair messy or simple. If you are in a rush just leave your hair as it is the least important either leave it down and pop a bit of dry shampoo in or opt for a messy up do. Lucky these are in at the moment so grab a bobble through your hair up and leave it.
  • Keep clothes simple and fuss free. When you have to throw stuff on in a rush keep it simple like jeans, a plain tee and a jacket, fuss free and always a winner. Clothes that go with anything like jeans are a must, the less it goes with the more time you’ll waste searching for something that matches.
  • Skip the foundation. Foundation takes ages to blend and isn’t suitable for when you’re in a rush, instead opt for a good concealer to cover up problem areas.
  • Focus make up on one area. Pick one area to focus on with your face, bit it your lips or eyes ect. you might not have time to do a full face so decide what is important to you to have done.

What are your tips for getting ready in a rush?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 86: Bag Essentials

Continuing with my back to school idea I thought I’d do a mini post on bag essentials, those go to items or essentials that should be in your bag for every occasion/situation. This will be more of a school/collage/university orientated post.


♥ Bird Bottle: Paperchase £6.00 ♥ Hand Gel (Grapefruit): The Body Shop £2.50 ♥ Baby Lips Lip Balm: Superdrug £2.99 ♥ Nurofen: £2.09 from all pharmacies and supermarkets ♥ Bobby Pins: Amazon £2.29 for 250 ♥ Cath Kidson Compact: John Lewis £8.00 ♥ Hello Kitty Tissues: Tesco £1.30 ♥ Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Summer Bloom: The Perfume Shop £9.99 ♥ JVC Gummy Headphones: Argos £7.99 ♥ Wrigley Extra Gum: Everywhere ♥

Refillable Bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated and by taking your own bottle you save on forking out for expensive bottled drinks, just refill it in the morning with whatever you want and enjoy for the rest of the day. In the winter months why not take a flask with coffee in.

Hand Gel: For those times when you want clean hands but aren’t near the bathroom so whenever you want to eat or you’ve touched something you rather not hand gel is ideal to have in your bag. They are everywhere these days in a variety of scents I just think the body shop ones smell amazing and work really well. I especially love these when I’m travelling or have popped into London for the day.

Lip Balm: There are loads of great lip balms on the market at the moment from Barry M’s Cor Balmy to Maybelline Baby lips, so you can pick a scent, colour and texture you prefer. Keep your lips perfect, especially in the colder months when your lips are more likely to get chapped.

Painkillers: You’ll always need them when you don’t have them. Headache, tooth ache, women problems no matter what they’ll be in your bag when you need them.

Bobby Pins: Fix a bad hair day or numerous problems with a simple bobby pin, essentially a girls best friend . . . if only we knew where they all went?

Compact Mirror: Check your looking okay on the go and say goodbye to been paranoid. If you take your make up with you this may not be essential if one of your make up compacts already includes one.

Perfume: Keep yourself smelling fresh after PE (if your at school), or in general throughout the day and pop a perfume in your bag either a body spray, roll on perfume or decanter some of your favourite perfume out.

Headphones: Escape the world for some much needing down time, always pack your headphones.

Gum/Mints: With loads of yummy foods that make you have bad breath having gum in your bag is always a must. I prefer the tubs as they last longer and are way easier to find in your bag.

What are your hand bag essentials?


Gwenllian Branwen


This is a scheduled post, all information and links were correct at the time of composing.

Day 85: Back To School Essentials

So it’s not long until term begins again and I thought I’d do a mini back to school post with all the essentials and some things you may or may not of thought of. I’m aware in most cases schools provide exercise books however, colleges and sixth forms provide nothing so I suppose this post is more aimed at alevel/college students or even those starting or going back to university this September. I am excited myself for picking out my folders for my final year at University.


♥ Bag: New Look £24.99 ♥ Diary: Paperchase £12.00 ♥ Heart Post it Notes: Amazon £5.44 ♥ Black Ring Binder: Tesco £1.00 ♥  Pink Swallow Ring Binder: Paperchase: £3.00 ♥ Owl Lever Arch File: W H Smiths £2.99 ♥ Pink and Orange Pencil Case: W H Smiths £3.49 ♥ 

Bags: Make sure when picking a bag that it is strong and sturdy, preferably with large straps so when its fully loaded with books and everything it will support the weight and be comfortable to carry. Another highly important thing to think about is size, yes it might look good but if you end up needing a second bag or you end up carrying things in your arms its no good, I always used to prefer to carry my ring binders but for things life your note books and texts books you’ll need your bag to at least be an A4 size and big enough to carry everything you need.

Diary: Some schools/collages/universities provide there own versions which I have never particularly liked but my school had compulsory planners, nowadays I will always have a diary with every deadline in as well as every lecture/tutorial/shift at work written in every week so I can plan my time effectively. I’m such an organisation freak that this is all on my phone and laptop calenders too however, the most effective way is writing it down. Weekly views are best with plenty of space for writing something for each day but not too big I tend to buy 18 month/academic diaries as they suit the time I tend to use them most.

Post It Notes: Perfect for quickly jotting bits down, keeping track of pages and helping you keep organised. I don’t know what I’d do without them, plus they now come in a huge range of colours and shapes so you can buy ones that suit your personal taste/need.

Folders/Ring Binders: Which you get tends to depend on how much work you need to stuff in and they vary from cheap and plain to pretty and pricey, so you can easily find one that suits your need and budget.

Notebooks: Some people prefer to have pretty note books per subject but since university I have found these hard to organise with sometimes going straight from a lecture to a tutorial about a previous weeks lectures. This depends on individuals however, I much prefer to buy a cheap asda refill pad and then rip it out and organise it this way.

Pens: You don’t need to spend a fortune on pens I brought a box in tesco a few years ago and I’m still working my way though, select a good range of pens, pencils ect in a variety of colours depending on what is appropriate for what you are studying.

So I hope this has been helpful in regards to advice and finding items that make you excited about studying? Tomorrow I will be doing a post on School bag essential or things I think should be in your school bag or that are in my bag for term time at University so come back tomorrow for that.

Gwenllian Branwen

This is a scheduled post all links and prices are correct as of the time of composing.