Day Two: Organisation.

It’s end of second year and all of my stuff got carted home which only means one thing, mass organisation in trying to refit everything back into my room. A mission on it’s own.

I actually managed to fit it all in but there is more work and tidying to but at least there’s room to sort and throw away all the junk and prep for buying loads of new good stuff.

Now my room and things are some what organised its time to get my life organised and kick start a new fitness/weight loss regime. Wish me luck, I’m going to bloody need it.


Day One: Moving Home, Summer Starts Here.

So it’s come round so quickly once again and the university year is over for another year, the stress and hard work of second year has been and gone, bringing with it the start of my last ever long summer so despite knowing I won’t I will attempt to make the most of it.

However, in order for summer to start I have to move out and leave the student house I have called home for the past 8 1/2 months and my tiny room. Its not the best ever but its done the job but I’m so relieved next years bigger room. It somehow looks smaller then it did when it was full. Odd right?



Yeah see small right?! I’m amazed at the amount of stuff that came out of it too. Want to see the amount of stuff I brought with me to university this year?

ImageImageYeah a lot right! Not even sure how it is going to fit into the car but it came down in it so it has to manage to fit in to go back.

It’ll just be hard saying goodbye to the house and my house mates but it’s going to just be nice to be home for a while.

Gwenllian Branwen


About Me? Why This Blogging?

Hi, my names Gwen and I am a second year Economics student at the University of Hertfordshire, well I’m in that awkward limbo between second and third year. I adore shopping, hair, beauty, fashion, travelling and seeing bands.


(Sorry for the grainy web cam picture guys)

I feel as seeing as it is so hard to find a summer placement and work that I’d need something to do this summer so this is my plan, try to blog everyday and fill my time. Not only will it give me something to pass the time but it will give me the drive to do something pretty much every day in order to have something to blog about.

So wish me luck on blogging and lets see how long this lasts.

Whats in my Bag: Univesity Edition


So I’ve been back almost a month and just thought as I’m now in week 3 of lectures I’d do a little what’s in my bag of what I take into university for lectures/tutorials.

The bag this huge tote style bag as it comfortably fits everything in including my laptop its great, sometimes if I’m going in for a major study session and want to take loads to the LRC (learning resource centre eg. library) I will take my laptop bag. My main bag is by DropDead which I got as an 18th Birthday present from my best friend.


I don’t write notes on my laptop during lectures as I know I will get distracted so I mainly use it for studying session in between or working on group projects.

Note Book:

I take tons on notes in lectures and tutorials and then always rewrite them up when I get home for two reasons. One, it helps me learn and two if I didn’t write them up ย when it comes to needing them again I’d have no idea what I wrote. So this year instead of a bog standard refill pad I thought I’d go for a pretty one which I picked up for a couple of quid in the works.

Lecture Notes/Tutorial Tasks:

So I just have a small folder with the days lecture notes that needed printing out, sheets given to us or work to hand in. Basically a boring but that is practical and really needed to be packed safe in my bag.

Pens & Calculator:

One day I will get organised enough and sort out a pencil case full of all the things I need especially as I have a whole draw jam packed with stationary. So basically I have a bunch of pens floating around my bag. The calculator is also a big must as of course I’m an economics student and as well as theory we do an awful lot of maths and statistics.

Keys, Phone and Purse:

All of these are pretty self explanatory all must haves and essentials. A quick tip for those with massive bags so you never find your keys put a big kerring on it, I have the cute teddy attached to mine and it makes finding my keys so much quicker and easier. Also if your curious my purse I bought from Primark a few months so it may or not still be there.


I always used to carry around chewing gum but the taste goes and you never have anywhere to stick the old gum, since then I’ve switched to mints freshen your breath without any of the fuss. I especially love the wrigley’s extra ones as they come in a tin so don’t get lost or damaged in your bag.

Hand Sanitiser:

I never go any where without hand sanitiser and now have one that stays in both of my main bags so I’m never without it ever again. I use it several times daily especially when I’m working as I work in retail and you never know where the moneys been or before eating something when I’m out and about. They are literally everywhere now and so inexpensive.


It’s that time of year so tissues are a must, the only ones I buy the ones with balm in as they are so much nicer/kinder on your nose. So here I have two packets of kleenex balsam tissues and they really are great. Also as well as for coughs and colds they are great for fixing make up messes and spills ect. So always a must.

Ellen Tracy Small Make Up Bag with Make Up:

So most days although not every day I take a selection of my make up the bits that need touching up throughout the day, although sometimes they do sit there. The most important things that stay in here is that there are always a few hair slides, hair bands/hair elastics, a must to adjust your hair.

So in the bag from today it has in it: Wilko Stippler Brush (that I use as a face brush); Cosmopolitan Blush Brush; Maybelline New York Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry; Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Concealer in Light; Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Sample in Eden; Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory and Sleek Face Form Palette in Light.

So thats whats in my unversity bag? What do you take to university/collage/school with you?

Gwenllian Branwen