Day 73: My Everyday Make Up Routine


So today I thought I’d just show you what products I am loving for my current every day make up, I just go for a simple subtle make up look which is suitable for every occasion.


So first up, no matter what I use my Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer in Normal/Combination skin. I just put this on all over and wait a while for it to soak in, it’s no surprise that its still in my every day routine as it’s the primer I always come into and my make up is transformed with this underneath.


Then I just apply my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in shade 010 Light Porcelain with a Wilko Premium Stipler Foundation Brush. The foundation is amazing as most of you know and luckily for us pale girls it comes in a large variety of shades so you will be able to find one to suit you. I’m playing around with cheaper brushes so I’m trying out one Wilko face brush and two eye brushes, its working well and if you want a full review of wilko brushes let me know in the comments below.


As I’ve been travelling and away from home a lot my Sleek Face Form Palette in Light has become a go to product and I just apply it with a Cosmopolitan Blush Brush. I don’t do full on contouring but a do a basic bit, or sometimes I just use it for a bit of blush or bronzer to freshen up my face. It is just a versatile do it all palette and will worth getting. If you want to you can check out my review of this here.


So for a concealer I am currently using the MUA Cover and Conceal in Light, as my collection one ran out and this was the only one that was there close to my colour. I’m hoping to pick one up when I go into Plymouth for a day because this isn’t the best concealer, its just a bit light and watery so not what you really want from a concealer but its buildable and workable when needed.


I have fallen in love with the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, its just such a beautiful neutral palettr that you can create all sorts of looks. For general everyday I just sweep Myan Dust (Top row 3rd from the right) over the lid and then put Bedrock (bottom far right) on in my crease, then blending it in. I use my two Wilko Eyeshadow Brushes to apply the colour and then I blend with my Ruby and Millie Eyeshadow brush.


I then just pick up my go to eye liner Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in 01 Black Magic, and just pit it in my water line. I’ve recently been loving my Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black Brown, my mum brought it for me when tesco had a load gong cheap and it was only £2.50 and I’ve been loving it despite never going for a black brown normally. I love the formula and the brush and they definitely give me fuller natural lashes.

Tip: Melt the tip of your pencil eye liner in a lighter flame for a second or so then allow to cool before putting on, it gives off a more intense colour and helps eye liner last longer.


I always set my make up with a pressed powder and currently I’m loving MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1, and apply it with a Kabuki. I find you can’t really go wrong with pressed powders of any price and I love this one it gives good coverage and luckily the light shade is the right colour for me.


And finally, day to day I don’t always bother with my lips but I will always but on my Barr y M Cor Balmy Lip Balm in Adam and Eve, to keep my lips soft and hydrated. You can read a full review here.

So that’s my current day to day make up, I know you may have seen a lot of these products before but once I find something I love I always go back and others just suit me while I’m doing a lot of staying away from home.

What’s your current make up routine? Do you keep it simple and repetitive like me, or do you regularly mix it up?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 25: Make Up of the Day

So I thought I’d do a quick MUOTD with just what I wore today, I am working an event so I’ve been told what to wear and how to do my hair and make up.


So it is always important to start with a good base. Like always I used my Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer in normal/combination skin, I do not honestly know how I would cope without this my make up is nothing without this. So I would always suggest to start with a primer not necessarily this one any that suit yours skin type . Available at Boots and Superdrug for £4.99.

Next up foundation, my fail safe NYC All Day Long Foundation in shade 737 Classic Ivory and although it goes on nice and the colour suit me I’m not happy with the coverage as it offers a light/medium but not especially buildable, so this may not be my go to foundation in the foreseeable future. However, this has been my go to foundation for years as its always suited me and is great when on a budget. Available at Superdrug for £3.99.

It was not my day today I am currently suffering from a major break out and massive dark circles and my concealer wasn’t doing the job. So I used my mums NYC Cover Stick in shade light, its in those typical lipstick packaging and lipstick style but it goes on so nice, offers high coverage and blends so smoothly. I am highly considering buying my own next time I’m in town. Available at Superdrug for £1.79.

I just use my hands to apply and blend my foundation and concealer, but am looking into investing into some brushes.


I was told to only have lightly flushed cheeks so I went for my lovely MUA Blusher in lolly, I wear this most days and it adds such a nice flush. I love it I’m definitely going to buy some more of these. Available from MUA and Superdrug for £1.00.

The brush is a cosmopolitan brush which I love, my sister got a tin of them as a gift years ago and she never really used  them so I stole the blush one its so smooth and thick. It washes really well and bristles have never fallen out, however I can no longer find them anywhere.


On my eyes I used my Avon True Colour Duo in Warm Cashmere, I brought it brand new on ebay for a couple of quid and its such a subtle matt duo that is good for every day and it is so compact so will be great for travel. I placed the lighter colour all over my lid and the darker in my crease and just under my eye, I love it for subtle every day. Available from Avon for £6.00.

For my brushes I have an eye shadow brush/blending brush and a slanted brush. My eyeshadow brush is a very old Ruby and Millie Eyeshadow Brush, I own two of them and they lasted so well I’d love to get more of their brushes but unfortunately they pulled out of boots a few years ago and I cannot find them online anywhere so if anyone knows where to find them let me know.

Then I have my Body Shop Slanted Brush, I love it its perfect I use it for eyeliner on the lid and under the eye and sometimes for my crease, it could also be used for eyebrows. Its just such a lovely high quality brush, I brought it with a 40% off code that the body shop regularly do but I’d happily pay full price. This is my first body shop brush and I’d happily buy more I am considering getting a set to save the money. Available at the Body Shop for £9.00.


As I was working an event I wanted my make up to stay put all day so I used the MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist, I don’t use this all the time and usually I put it on after all my make up but I wanted nothing to budge so I put some on after each layer. Then my powder over the top to finish it off. Available at MUA and Superdrug for £5.00.


And finally I fix my make up with my Collection Pressed Power in Ivory and I just dust it on my face mainly focusing on my t zone. I use a kabuki brush for my powder which I got as a christmas present years ago but I have no idea what brand it is as it has since rubbed off the handle. Collection Pressed Powder is available from Boots for £1.99.

Also I didn’t take a picture but I used two more products. For mascara I used MUA Extreme Volume Mascara, which adds volume nicely and doesn’t cause clumping. It doesn’t do anything amazing, just adds a nice amount volume so your lashes look full and natural. Available from MUA or Superdrug for £2.00.

I had to have nude/natural lips, so instead of lipstick I opted for my Barry M Cor Balmy lip balms in shade CB1 Adam and Eve, its meant to be tinted but it is such a light pink you don’t really notice. Its working wonders on my lips leaving them smooth and hydrated and it smells amazing. I have previously done a review on this so if you want to read that click here. Available at Boots and Superdrug for £3.49.

So that’s what’s plastered on my face today, hope you enjoyed been nosey.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 9: My go to Make Up Products

So today I was getting ready to run some errands and thought I’d write about what my go to products are when doing my everyday simple make up?

Image( Girlz Only Hair Care Dry Shampoo)

So the first thing I did was fix my hair, I tend to wash my hair every 2/3 days as washing daily is bad for it but as I have a fringe sometimes I need a touch of dry shampoo to keep me going in between washes. Today I used Girlz Only Haircare Dry Shampoo Party Nights, this was just a cheapy when my last one ran out it does the job but it has that typical clingy dry shampoo smell so I won’t be repurchasing. My previous house mate used most of this but I think guys tend to be less fussy. Available at Tesco currently on offer at £1.00, usually £1.50.


(Nivea Express Hydration Primer)

A good base is essential before starting putting on make up, I always start with Nivea’s Express Hydration Primer from there Daily Essentials range I use Normal & Combination but it is also available in Dry & Sensitive. I love this it builds such a good base for my make up and even on days when I don’t wear make up I use it as it does wonders for my skin, I even got my mum into using it and she is stubborn for sticking to the products she knows. Available at Superdrug (Currently on offer for £3.32) and Boots (currently on offer for £3.99), so it’s a good time to grab it if you want to try ordinary retail price £4.99 but can often be found on offer in one of the to drug stores.


(NYC All Day Long Foundation)

NYC All Day Long Foundation in shade 737 Classic Ivory, has been my go to foundation for the past 3 year and gives a medium but buildable coverage. There are 6 shades which should be suitable for most, I always struggle to find a colour that matches my skin tone and this one does but I am on the search to mix it up and have a change. It claims to last up to 14 hours, I am not convinced it lasts quite that long but it lasts all day when your out so I recommend you give it a try. Available at Superdrug for £3.99.


(MUA Blush)

MUA Blush in Lolly: I have a feeling this will be my go to blusher this summer it is such a beautiful peachy pink, I’ve already mentioned it in one of my previous blog. Definitely something I will repurchase again and again. Available at the MUA store and Superdrug for only £1.00.


(From L to R: Collection Super Size Mascara, MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner and Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil)

Collection Super Size Fat Lash Mascara: This is my favourite mascara I first brought it because I had a gift voucher and I loved the pink and black packaging, same reason I first brought the collection kohl pencil as well both of which are repurchases. It does wonders for my lashes adding thickness and length its absolutely perfect, I suggest you check it out plus it is totally affordable. Available at Superdrug and Boots for £2.99.

MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner: Usually opt for a natural eye shadow look but today I thought I’d go for a winged eye liner look, as of yet I’m a beginner and it takes me forever to get it right, I went off liquid type eye liner before and decided to opt for this MUA one to ease me base in the colour is great no wishy wash grey it comes out properly black so win win. Available at Superdrug and MUA store for £2.00.

Collection Colour Kohl Eyeliner in Black Magic: This is such an inexpensive kohl eyeliner that is great for creating the smokey eye or placing on the water line, for an even deeper colour and longer staying power I put the end in the flame of a lighter for just a few seconds and then leave to cool for a further 15/30 seconds. In addition it comes in a range of colours, I have tried the brown which is great too and if you’re feeling a little more adventurous there are pinks and greens. Available at Boots and Superdrug for £1.99.


(Blueberry Jelly Belly Lip Balm)

Jelly Belly Lip Balm in Blueberry: I brought this the other day in body care for the pure nostalgia factor, me and my friends used to love this during secondary school and I saw it and had to have it. It smell like beautiful sweet artificial blueberry but I love it so much, it is a little greasy in texture but it is such a moisturising lip balm and its more a bit of fun. Also don’t worry although its blue it isn’t pigmented at all and leaved no colour on the lips. You can buy it online from Jelly Belly directly for £1.50.


(Collection Pressed Powder)

Collection Pressed Powder in Cool: I think this range is so overlooked and under rated, although sometimes some of the colour choices for lips and nails can feel a little bit ’14 year old’ their basics are great. If you just want a cheap powder that works look no further or look at the other similarly priced alternatives such as collection and MUA, it seals my make up perfectly. Available at Boots for £1.99.

I also used a touch of highlighter from my sleek pallet on my brow bone.

Hope you enjoyed the small insight into my usual make up routine and products. What are your go to products?


Gwenllian Branwen