Kiko Milano Single Eyeshadows: Review and Swatches

Kiko Milano Single Eyeshdow Reviews and Swatches.jpg

I’ve decided to start doing these for any makeup hauls I do, I think it’s good to see how people found products but I don’t not necessarily think there is enough to review each thing individually. I did a wear test back in April for the nail varnishes so this is purely about the eye shadow. You can read the original haul here, or check out the Nail Lacquer wear test here.

I’ll start with the lightest shade the Eye Shadow in 130 Satin Beige Cream, which as you can tell I’ve used a lot. It’s a perfect all over the lid shade, very similar to my natural skin tone. It’s great for having something which you can blend eyeshadow out into, such a smooth blending transitional shade I highly recommend checking it out.

The other normal eyeshadow I have is in 118 Pearly Beige Silk, a beautiful light brown. It wasn’t quite as dark as I hoped but its a great base or all over the lid shade. It’s so natural and like the other one it blends so easily, I will definitely get some use out of this shade.

I also had a infinity eyeshadow in 290, its a charcoal grey and I love it. If you use it went or pack it on you can get a beautiful dark smoky colour, perfect for an evening eye. Alternatively apply it lightly with a blending brush and it adds a lovely level of definition in the crease. The grey is slightly out of my comfort zone and my brown warm tones, but I’m so glad I tried it. Highly recommend checking out the infinity range.

The final eyeshadow is from Kiko’s wet/dry eyeshadow range and its in a fairly neutral base colour 201 Rosy Taupe. It’s beautiful, use it dry and you get a nice wash of the shimmery colour. Then by simply using a damp brush it can foil or really pack a punch, looking stunning on the lid. My favourite way to wear this is to apply wet all over the lid, and then pair with liquid eyeliner and you have a simple look for every occasion. The wet dry shadow, although much more expensive, if definitely my pick of the bunch and I’m definitely going to buy some more soon.

Have you tried any Kiko Milano products, if so let me know what you thought of them in the comments? I cannot wait for my next trip to Kiko to see what I can find.

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Primark Beauty Products: Review and Swatches

primark make up review and swatches

So as you may of seen last week in my primark haul, I purchased a load of there beauty range called P.s. Love although I couldn’t try as much as I wanted as the range was limited at the store I visited so I may do a part two some time soon.

Also I cannot seem to find the names of these of them although they all have a code on the product starting with a PS so I will try my best to describe the colour and write this code at the end. 

P.S Love single eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Single: £1.00

I only picked up one single as it was simply a choice between this colour I got and a white so I thought I’d get most used out of this. Its a warm champagne taupe kinda colour, very natural, the swatch is similar to how it works on the lid and it adds a shimmery wash of colour. The high amount of shimmer I am more likely to use this for an evening look but its a good basic colour to have in the collection.

It is slightly chalky though and you need to ensure you tap the brush on you’ll end up with it all over your face and you do have to build it up to get the colour the same as it is in the pan. I think the singles at this price point like MUA and Make Up Gallery can be variable, some are amazing and some are awful. This is sort of middle of the road, you won’t loose out by purchasing it but there are definitely better options out there.

The packaging is simple and actually feels robust as it has the satisfying click and it does not just open on a whim. The pan is a great size and you  get a good amount of of product which I’m happy about, no one could ever be disappointed with how much you get. Finally there is a small mirror in the lid, not a practical size for application but its a nice touch and I appreciate the thought to include it. The single I tried is PS2994.

P.S Love Lift and Curl Mascara

Lift & Curl Mascara: £2.00

I really wanted to try a Mascara but had no idea where to start so I picked the lift and curl mascara simply because purple is my favourite colour, logic I know. The brush of one long side and one short side similar is becoming more and more popular these days which is great as I am thoroughly enjoying. This brush type really does create the curl and I absolutely love it, this didn’t quite match up to Benefits Roller Lash mascara but I’m loving the curl it creates and for only £2.00 it is worth checking out.

P.S. Love eyeliner duo

Eyeliner and Pencil Sharpener (2pack): £1.00

There were several different colour options but I went for the practical of a nude and white for neutral eyes and pretending I’m not tired. These swatched beautifully and I couldn’t wait to use them only problem was when I actually did. On the water line or the lid for that matter it resulted in not product transfer and no change in appearance which is a shame. Inexpensive but not worth picking up, pay a little bit more for something that is better quality.

P.S. Love lip crayon

Lip Gloss Crayon: £1.50

There were a number of colours but as sometimes lip crayons can be hit a miss, so if in doubt I’ll opt for a lighter neutral colour. I find lip crayons useful to slip in my bag for easy touch ups as they can’t really go wrong so I thought it would be a great idea to try one. As it can be seen from the swatch there is no colour pay off but I simply put that down to the colour I selected, it simply has a slight pink tint if you look hard enough and a load of glitter. I’m not keen on glitter lips especially for everyday so would only use it for a night time look, adding an additional layer of glitter between lectures can only look tacky and for a lip gloss stick it seems to only add glitter rather than a glossy finish. Unfortunately this is a no go as it feels so greesey on the lips, I even kissed my boyfriend when I had it on to see what he thought for the kissability test. He found it so greesey he was pulling faces and made me fetch him a make up wipe, it is not worth it. I don’t know whether to try the other colours or not as it is so hit and miss, have you tried any other of the lip gloss crayons if so what do you think? The lip gloss crayon I tried is light pink and has the code PS2652-01.

P.S. Love Blush Sticks

Blush Sticks (Coral & Pink): £1.50

I’d never used blush sticks before buying these two so it took a while to get the trick of applying these as its different to everything else. I picked up a beautiful bright pink and a coral type pink, which are beautiful and blend out effortlessly. They also stay on all day which is more a trait of cream blush rather than just these sticks themselves so its well worth having them in your collection. I think I do still prefer my powder blush but its well worth having a few cream products in your collection in your long days or nights when you want your make up to stay. If you want to try out to cream products but not sure what to make of them its not a bad to start off with the P.S Love range as they are pigmented, blendable and if you don’t like them its only £1.50 so you have nothing to loose really. Just one last think I suggest warming up before you use it so I simply pop it in my bra before I start doing my make up and then it applies perfectly. The blush sticks I tried was a bright pink (PS2996-01) and a coral pink (PS2996-00).

P.S. Love nails

Nail Polish: £1.00 £0.80

All of the nail varnishes are meant to retail for £1.00 but since December they’ve been priced at £0.80 which you cannot possibly go wrong with. Unfortunately I haven’t taken a snap of the nail varnish but this one is simply amazing, its a really good quality glitter polish in which great with two coats giving an amazing pay of and it looks great. It removes easily but it doesn’t peel off like the barry M glitter polishes, so swap inexpensive for even more inexpensive especially as glitter nails aren’t for everyday. I’ve tried a few other colours and am presently surprised with the quality of what I have tried so if you fancy one don’t hesitate to pick one up.

False Nails: £1.00

 I picked up these false nails for 50p and couldn’t resist I’m planning to wear them this weekend when we go London Zoo for my Birthday. However I’ve brought countless set of nails in the pasts and I love them, they last a few days even more if you buy better glue and look amazing. Primark’s false nails are especially great for special nights out as they are so inexpensive and look absolutely amazing.

What have you tried from the P.S. Love range, what is worth trying and what isn’t? I’m impressed with some and not so with others but with the range been so inexpensive I don’t feel as though I’m wasted money.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Day 57: MUA Brand Focus


So today I thought I would do another brand focus and this time I will focus on the amazing budget brand MUA which is an amazing budget make up brand which I have mentioned plenty of times before.



I cannot seem to get on with their foundations which is a shame as who doesn’t want an amazing cheap foundation. The biggest issue is there lack of shades with most only having 3 shades, the BB having the most but there is still not a light shade and the lightest shade is still too dark and turns me orange so pale skinned girls you have to miss out.

Most disappointing of which was the Undress Your Skin Foundation in Porcelain which was way too dark even when I acquired a tan so I have no idea what shade they think porcelain to be. I found it to be an odd texture and it would flake of on the skin even after primer/moisturiser and wouldn’t mix in properly with a moisturiser if you tried to use it like that. I just couldn’t get on with it and definitely wasn’t worth the £5.00 it cost.


P1030191So first up I have the Pressed Powder, this comes in only 3 shades so it will not necessarily suit every one. I’ve also only been using this for a week for so as I still have loads left of my other pressed powders but so far I really think it. It provides good mattifying coverage and seals my make up perfectly, well worth buying especially for travel so your perfect expensive one doesn’t smash. Retailing at only £1.00 you cannot go wrong.

Next up I have two of the £1.00 blushes in Lolly and Bonbon, I brought Lolly first and fell in love with the colour then I brought Bonbon home and realised they are near enough the same colour. So I’m slightly annoyed at myself for buying the same thing again however, at least I know I will get the use out of it. They are such beautiful colours with a good pigment yet very build-able and I’d recommend check them out. I do desperately want to check out the cream blushes so if you’ve tried them let me know.

Final thing for the face, the Pro Base Fixing Mist, this has been a life saver this summer. For the best results I place on between layers of make up but it works keeping everything in place all day through work and music festivals which is great for a £5.00 fixing mist.



So for some wierd reason I don’t have a picture of the actual products on the left is the Lipstick in Shade 14 Bare Nude and on the left the Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility. Sorry guys I completely dropped the ball here.

I have never been so surprised and delighted by a lipstick in my entire life as I have been with the MUA £1.00 Lipsticks. I’ve tried others but only have the nude shade in my currently collection as I’m not that much of a bold lip person although I wish I was I tend to focus on eyes anyway. The pigmentation is amazing and although you need to touch it up every so often, who cares when you’ve spent so little on them, they aren’t too drying but a balm is always a good idea. I just think they are great all of them are so pigmented and I love the little bit at the bottom of the packet so you know exactly what colour you are getting and there’s always a bit to tried you over once you’ve run out. With a colour for every one definitely check out the lipsticks.

Up until the end of June I’d never even consider touching the luxe velvet lip lacquer as I didn’t have the confidence to pull of such bold shades however much I wanted too. Then they released the nudes and pinks, I just couldn’t resist and they are so work it. Such true colours and staying power, I just couldn’t get over it although the feeling is a little odd at first and take some getting used too.



Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to buy any singles for this post but I have two palette so it’s a start, as when I went to buy singles there were literally just purple left. I should have done an online order for this in reality.

So first up the basic heaven and earth palette which has been around forever but I have only recently got my hands on it. It is such a perfect everyday neutral palette that you can guarantee you will get the use out of it and probably use every shade so it is such a perfect palette for every girl to have as it’s a do it all day to day palette. While my second palette is from the Luxe range and is the Luxe palette which is beautiful especially perfect for night looks or smokey eyes but it’s too beautiful to ruin so I will have to make the plunge someday.

I’m highly impressed with the eye shadows they are such beautiful colours and highly pigmented and blendable, all you really need from an eye shadow really. Sometimes you get the odd one with a low pigmentation or it is slightly chalky but its workable and for such a low price you can’t complain especially as there is pretty much a £4.00 palette so suit every occasion and need.

Also don’t forget the undressed MUA palette are good dupes for the naked palettes.

I’ve only tried the one Mascara too, which is alright for the price but it doesn’t especially add volume to your lashes so it is disappointing in that sense but if you just want a cheap mascara this works fine and is really workable.


I only have the one nail varnish as I have so many I need to restrain myself which is hard when they are only £1.00 a bottle and the beautiful shades are calling your name but I’ve managed some restraint. I’m just once again amazed as even in a pastel shade it isn’t watery and glides on so even and smooth, the colour pay off is amazing as you only need two coats so once again another great MUA product.

I love MUA although I am aware of the whole hit and miss nature of it but it can be expected at this price range and I guess I am just lucky with the products I choose. It’s different for everyone, so what is your MUA experience? Love it or Hate it? What is your favourite MUA product?

Gwenllian Branwen