Personal Planner Follow Up Review

personal planner 2016

All the way back in February I did a first impressions review of my Personal Planner when I first received it before I started to use it. It’s fairly in depth with all of my options, why I chose things and what I thought I would use etc. so check it out here as this might be less in depth than that one and will be more of a follow up.

I had such big plans to start using cute stickers, checklists and deco sheets which I had seen with the Erin Condrid etc. online, but as I started to list out my daily tasks, reminders and plans I had no hope of making it look cute. It has also backed up not needing to splurge on Erin Condrid etc. and re-enforced my initial love and happiness with the personal planner. It has loads of room for list making and noting down everything I need for the day.

I love the prettiness on each page yet it is still consistent throughout and I don’t need to worry too much about colour scenes ect. I have plenty of room in the vertical lay out to note down work, to do, to watch, blog related to dos and any other key things for that day. With the weekends off it also works for me that the columns are half size and I have less to note down. As you can see from my various spreads, most days and weeks are fairly packed with notes as they are general weeks, when I’ve done stuff for the day I’ve kept it fairly clear to focus on the special thing I’ve done. This layout really works for me.

I am also really happy with my bottom options, I feel like I may benefit from two tick lists opposed to one tick list and then the notes as I use the space to note my weekly blog activity in terms of social media and blog posts which are routine. If I had two tick sheets it would be easier to organise and keep tray, this is something I will keep in mind for next year. I love the dinner option and although it is a shame it doesn’t cover the weekend for me it is most important to plan my week night dinners due to prep and planning ahead with work.

I’m also glad I picked the monthly view and note book paper combination, although I have only occasionally used the lined paper. The monthly view is great either as a general overview of all the things I have on that month, which I used cute pencil drawings to keep it interesting yet not too much. It is also great to look back and see what I’ve done. The colouring pages on the other hand are great for a little distraction, but I don’t use them that often as I need to be at home and dig out my pencils but it is something I am going to push myself to do more of.

The main downside before and it is still a downside, is that I don’t like that the back lined page is shiny hard card, I would prefer it to use be blank as I don’t think it is that practical. I’m using it to stick on small stacks of post it notes, but all in all I wish it wasn’t lined. I also find it hard to pin down a good place for the plastic wallet and for me it sits straight inside the front cover, although I like it there, it feels as though it doesn’t serve much of a purpose. These niggles are definitely down to my personal preference as I really do love this planner.

So all in all I love it and I am so glad I purchased it, once again you can see the original review here. Let me know how you like to plan in the comments and what your favourite planner is.

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Personal Planner First Impressions

Personal Planner 'You Are Capable of Amazing Things' Cover

I have kept considering getting the personal planner the past year or so and back in January I finally decided to order one, my current diary goes write up to Febuary 2017 but I am going to keep that solely as a blogging planner and this one as my personal planner. So to try it out the first time I decided to go March 2016 to March 2017, that’s one of the best things about personal planner you can pick any 12month period you want.

There are a hue range of front covers available, block colours, patterns and even your personal pictures if you desire, I went for the ‘designs’ which have new ones for 2016. It really is a case of creating your own planner and making something you’ll use and like. The cover you pick semi influences the colour scheme inside, like top bars etc. But this can easily be adjusted if you prefer something else, I adore these cute little touches.

They are a number of different layout available and I chose for the slightly more unconventional vertical columns this is because I am a list maker so this layout works best for me. You can also have custom things in the columns which include workout, work and weather. I added in the weather as I linked that small touch but didn’t want anything bulky and thought it might be nice to test the additional options. You can also customise the bottom of the weekly spread there’s a huge range of choice and in the end I went for the weekly dinner list (only downside is its Monday to Friday) but I am a meal planning person so it’s perfect. I then went for a check list, there was a to do list but I preferred the checklist lay out, then I can put down weekly tasks that I need to do and tick them off once they are done. For the last area I went for lines and I’ll just use it as and when although I am tempted to put lyrics there or quotes just to fill the space.

There is also 3 sections in the back which you can chose from a list of options. To start with I went for a 2016 and 2017 overview where I can note important events over the year and dates for the following year, there was also an option for 2017-2017 which seemed a little redundant for me. My second option was colouring pages (random I know) this bit gave some more choices around activities etc. from the world map to Sudoku, or the same old lined paper, I never use lined paper in diaries and I thought the colouring pages were a super fun idea, as I keep thinking about buying an adult colouring book. My final part I chose a month by month view which also includes ruled paper. I love the idea of having a month spread at the start of the month so you can see big events, or for bloggers etc. you can plan your months posts, either way super useful and it is a new option for this year.

Personal Planner Packaging

I ordered my planner on January 6th wanting one to start in March but allowing for plenty of time for delivery, as they tend to estimate two weeks. On the 14th January I received an email saying my planner had been dispatched and it should be expected in the next 2-6 days, which is a huge window but it fits in with the expected delivery for the planner. When it arrived I was super happy with my choices and customisability of this planner yet still not being too expensive compared to others being £22.90 total including delivery. You can also choose to add bonus items although it comes with a plastic wallet and ruler etc. although you can add more if you want to such as pens and extra wallets in a range of colours. I also love the quality of the planner, it looks beautiful the paper is of a high quality and its thick comprehensive planner so if you love organisation, list making and note jotting its ideal. I’m super happy with the lay out and cannot wait to use it.

A few things I’m not so keen on but I can definitely learn to live with them, they are definitely sitting on the nit picking side. The main issue I have is that the back cover is hard card, with lines printed on it. This is not practical to write on, and in my opinion looks untidy, I would prefer to have a plain white blank page to end the diary. I also feel as though there is not a logical place to put in the plastic wallet and mine has gone in the front, due to the lines on the back page it looks weird there and every section has starts with two pages facing each other so although it is tidier I can’t work out where to put it. These are my two biggest gripes at the moment and in reality they aren’t a big deal, simply personal preference.

So that’s my first impression, I am super excited to try it out properly and see if it is practical when I want to use it day to day. Let me know in the comments if you would like a follow up review. Also are you a stationary/organisation junkie?

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