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This blog is for entertainment purposes only, I am by no means an expert in anything. All opinions expressed here are my own and honest opinion, as I feel like honesty is the best policy. Please note that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone should respect that, so a lively debate is allowed but please be respectful and kind to others as I reserve the right to remove comments that I deem inappropriate or offensive.

In regards to product reviews these are once again my own opinion and will not post content that isn’t, or content that does contains a paid for opinion. Also in regards to product reviews especially for make up and skin care, just because a product did/did not work for me does not mean it will/will not work for you as everyone is different, I try to be constructive in my reviews as to saying why I have issues but always welcome further questions if you would like to learn more about a product if you are considering buying it. I know what its like to pay for something not like it and find it to be a waste, having recently being a student and on a shoestring budget myself I am constantly looking for good deals and write reviews to help others, as I myself look for reviews before considering a purchase so I’m not disappointed (well most of the time).

Although I try my hardest to fact check and ensure information is up to date, I am only human after all. If you notice a mistake or something does not seem right do not hesitate to let me know and I will aim to correct it as soon as possible so when I’m actually in for once not battling a wall of coursework/an awkward customer/the urge to binge watch netflix.

PR Samples & Sponsored Posts

All sponsored posts will have (ad) at the end of the title and I will make it clear in the post that the content is sponsored and who by. As for free PR samples these products will have an * next to them and I will once again make it clear this is once again a free sample. In both cases I will still always give my complete and honest opinion and will only created sponsored content that I feel fits with the tone of my blog or is a product I am genuinely interested in.

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