PR friendly

Gwenllian Branwen loves nothing more than working with up and coming as well as established brands, so if you have a product or a business you’d like to be reviewed please get in touch via, or via the contact page.

I am currently working on a Gwenllian Branwen media pack, so will be available upon request.

All propositions for reviews are welcome as long as they complement my current blog content, which includes but not limited too:





Fashion – High Street Clothing


All products that are to be reviewed must be new, unopened and unused.

Please allow upto 28 days for the feature to be scheduled, although posting date will be agreed before hand and both parties will have input with the scheduled post date for it to work for both parties. If a post is urgent to come into line with a product launch or offer it is important to state these facts in the initial stages of correspondence, so a suitable date can be establish and the post can be priotitised. I currently post every Tuesday and Friday at 5pm GMT, although if this does not fit with your needs I will be happy to arrange content which works for both parties.

I currently live and work in the UK, so I am only willing to work with companies that are from or work within the UK. Any companies which do not ship to or are within the UK will not be considered as I as a consumer, or my readers would not be able to use the company and reviews cannot be honest.

Gwenllian Branwen will not be held liable for any shipping charges or responsible for any items that are lost or damaged during postage. Therefore it is highly recommended that any items are sent via recorded delivery.

Review items will not be considered as returnable unless agreed beforehand.

All products will be given a fair and comprehensive review, all review posts in which I myself have not brought the product myself a ‘*’ will appear within the features heading and a note may be placed at the end of the post.

I myself will promote the review on various media platforms such as twitter and instagram with the accounts that are connected to Gwenllian Branwen. Support for the review on such social media platforms will be greatly appreciated.

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