July Favourites

July Favourites ft Barry M, Rimmel, Freedom, Kiko

It’s almost the end of the month which means that is favourites time again, I would do the typical blogging monthly favourites kind of thing but in all honesty, I feel too lazy this month so let’s get on with it.

July Favourites ft Rimmel & Barry M

I think my co-workers must think I am developing an obsession with yellow, as since July 1st right through the month I have worn nothing but yellow nail polish as a little nod to my favourite sporting event the Tour De France. I’ve used a combination of Barry M Coconut Infusion Gel Nail Paint in 707 Lemonade and Rimmel London 60s Nail Paint in 432 Chin Up Buttercup, and my go to way round is to have Lemonade as my base colour with the slightly darker/bolder Chin Up Buttercup as my feature nail. Just a subtle nod that only I am aware of.

July Favourites ft Catrice, Freedom & Kiko Milano

Now onto the makeup I have been loving this month, I have been keeping it fairly light mainly concealer, bronzer and eyes keeping a fresh face look for summer. It’s not simply for embracing summer, I just find the fresh face look works for summer as my face is not melting. To add definition but nothing too much I have loved the subtle combination of Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow in 201 Rosy Taupe on the lid, and adding Catrice Eyeshadow in Touch of Rose for some definition. Super subtle, but summery and light. Despite using less makeup I’ve been loving doing my brows with the Freedom Eyebrow Duo in Medium Brown, which I reviewed earlier this month and you can see my full verdict here if you wish to know more.

To finish off the minimal makeup, I have found that I’ve been enjoying the George Tint N Pout Tinted Lip Oil in 01 Barely There, initially I wasn’t sold on this which you can see the review I did a few months back. The non-heavy, non-committal nature of this lip product though meant I could top up through the day as much or as little as I want to, keeping my lips hydrated and my look fresh with not a huge amount of effort or thought. (Sorry not pictured I only realised at the point of scheduling).

So that is what I have been loving this month, what have you been loving throughout July let me know in the comments as I love checking out new goodies.



Review: Freedom Brow Duo in Medium Brown

Freedom Medium Brown Duo Brow Powder

This review has sat waiting to be written for a few weeks now, I’ve been putting it off for no reason other than laziness. I think you may have seen this in one of the last few months’ collective haul, so I have managed to get some use out of it and fully ready to write a full review up. So how have I found the Freedom Duo Brow Powder in Medium Brown?

I will admit now although I love to fill my brows with powder, this is the first time I have actually brought an actual brow powder. The Freedom Duo Brow Powder seemed like a perfect first attempt as the two colours were both cool shades that could be used independently or mixed to make the ideal brow shade to suit my hair colour.

The duo comes in a nifty little compact, that you never would guess was so affordable as it looks sleek as well as been well made and durable. I also love the fact there is a little mirror, I’m not sure it is really practical and I don’t know who tops up their eyebrows on the go but it is so nice to have and makes the whole compact feel more expensive.

Now for the actual product, the freedom brow duo actually comes in a variety of shades, and I found the medium brown not only suited me most but had the largest contrast between the light and dark shades covering a wider range of shades if you mix it. If I am feeling daring I could wear the darker shade on its own but on a day to day basis I mix my brush across both the colours to make my perfect brown shade. I just apply with an angled brush to neaten up my brows and fill them up, I’m by no way a brow professional but it just gives them that little bit more umpf and make me look more put together with minimal effort. The most amazing thing is that, despite only been a powder I have found that my brows stay all day, even when my other makeup starts to fail in the heat.

If you want an affordable brow option, something easy and affordable or just want to try something new, I would definitely recommend checking out the Freedom Duo Brow Powders there is a shade for everyone and even at full price its only £3.00 so you have nothing to lose.



Blog Organisation

blog organisation calender

A new year and a new blogging note book, with a more organised and perfected method of organising my blog and mind set for keeping me on track this year.

size matters

First up I switched from an A4 notebook to a more compact A5 notebook, this was one of the biggest steps in this, having a comprehensive notebook which had everything I ever needed for my blog all in one place. It can now fit in my bag alongside my diary, so I can make notes and plans when I’m out and about or on my lunch break at work. Also when I was planning out the notebook situation I noted the number of pages I required for the notebook so I could pick something that was an appropriate size in terms of the number of pages required with a few extra for additional notes than could be made etc. Also by switching and downsizing and been able to take the notebook to work I was no longer left with pages and pages of notes that amount when creating the blog posts, or wanted to make notes on blog posts while at work or when my notebook wasn’t available to me.

lessons learnt

 So what lessons have a learnt from last year’s blog note book and how am I learning from these with this year’s notebook. First up I now know what I want and need within my notebook for effective blogging and therefore can better organise my thoughts, creating a more seamless and flowing note books for notes and scheduling so that everything has its place. I need more space for thoughts the old note book was huge but there was no logic to it I’d end up losing notes and they weren’t where they need to be in order for me to make the most of them.

blog organisation check list

Therefore this time I am making more of an effort to split up the months, having their own calendar, schedule and checklist, as well as having notes for every single post that is coming out that month either the ideas, key points, photos, categories and tags etc. This makes the space a lot more usable, and practical.

creating flow

Establishing a flow for your notes is important, make sure you know where everything is so you can find the notes you want as and when they are needed. Work out the logic you use to find and do things and use this to create a note book which works for you. For me everything has to have its place and then I can find everything as and when I need them. It’s no longer all over the place and I feel as though the notebook flows better than before.

additional tools

Sometimes you want a few more tools than just a biro and your notebook, in order to add additional notes or the odd ideas as well as to differentiate between notes and headers etc. For this I always ensure I have post it notes and coloured fine liners, which aren’t anything special the fine liners are from Asda and are only £1.00 much cheaper than the branded ones and the post its are also just cute small post-it’s from Asda as well. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on these stuff head to your local supermarket as there are great inexpensive items which can help improve your productivity.

Taking Time

One thing I will say about this is, is that as I did it mainly by hand which clearly takes time, but I feel as though it is absolutely worth it as you do it once and then that’s it everything is clear, concise and ready for the rest of 2016. Some may prefer something more causal but I personally prefer to have everything all in one place ready for me to plan out the rest of the year, this isn’t for everyone so do what works for you.

blog organisation post notes

So that is how I have chosen to organise my blog planning this year, hopefully it’s inspired you, how do you organise planning your blog? Is January your time of year to reorganise your blog or is it back to school time in September?

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Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG

The procrastinating beauty blogger

While searching the random world of beauty blogs I can across this post and it is absolutely perfect as who doesn’t suffer from procrastination from time to time. So if you guys want to do it go ahead its really fun.

1. Name a beauty regimen you rarely do?

Exfoliating, I love how silky smooth my skin is after doing it or my face is so much clearer. All I have to do is commit to doing it once or twice a week but it never happens as I always forget about it and it only seems to happen every so often. I attempt to encourage myself to do it by buying lovely smelling products that I am excited to use, yet this makes very little difference so maybe one day I’ll get better. Along this line I am also awful at remembering to moisturise my body, that and I’m too lazy I just want to get into my pjs or warm clothes but I’ll get there one day.

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I manage to wash my brushes once a week, I know you are meant to clean them every time but I am too lazy and it takes way too long. So once a week I thoroughly clean all of my brushes with warm water and baby shampoo which isn’t bad going as far as I’m concerned.

3.How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Days, although I love having pretty nails I’m too impatient to paint them that often. I’m seriously considering getting gel nails but I know I’ll get bored of the colour too quickly.

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

If its one of my essentials never, I always buy a new one before the old one runs out. I’m such a hoarder but I hate running out of anything I need.

5. What’s your worst beauty habit?

Touching my face, I know it can make your face more oily and grimy but I just can’t help it as I do it without thinking. I’m trying to make a conscious effort not to but old habits die hard and I will get there.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Tidying my wardrobe, this I have done both while at university and at home. It is just so much effort sure it looks nicer when it’s tidy and its easier to get stuff but its an awful lot of work. Especially as depending on jobs I could be moving out soon it doesn’t seem worth it and I can tidy it as I pack up.

7. When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready to the last mintue?

Definitely not, I have to be on time to everything if not early so I always give myself ages to get ready. Although this often results in me waiting around before I have to leave, I rather get ready at a leisurely rate than rush. A perfect smokey eye doesn’t do itself :-p.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

I never have to do a spending ban although with no income I may do it this summer. I tend to pick up what I need and if I don’t need a product I don’t always impulse buy as I research products before I buy looking at reviews etc. Unless of course it’s so cheap it barely matters I’ve picked one or two MUA or p.s. love products on impulse but they don’t really count.

9. How organized are your make-up and nail polish collections?

Not very, there is some sort of logic but now I’m back at home there isn’t the space to organise it all fully. I’ll insert a picture below, like all my palettes are together, my bases are in a makeup bag etc. There’s just a very untidy logic to it but its all there really.

So how good are you at all of these things? I’m not going to TAG anyone but if you are interested in doing the TAG go ahead I cannot wait to see them.

sign off

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Things I’ve Learnt in a Year of Blogging


So I have been blogging with a focus on beauty blogging for a year now and I feel as though my perceptions of the blogging world, what makes a good blog and how I view the world of beauty has changed. So I thought to celebrate reaching the one year mark I will look at how far I have come and what I have learnt.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Before and at the start of blogging I thought picture taking was a thing of just adding a bit extra but really a good picture can really make a review. Poor quality pictures, reflections of the picture taker and a messy background were things I hated in others peoples blogs so why should I have them in mine. So although I admit my picture taking is nowhere near perfect sometimes falling victim to non natural lighting or having to brighten up an image I feel like I am slowly getting there. Some are better than others but I am hoping to slowly improve over time.

Don’t Follow the Hype

Before blogging I always got caught up in the hype a lot easier just assuming the blogging community knew something that I didn’t and this meant what they said was right. It is so easy to get caught up in clever marketing and jump on the band wagon but it is always important to think that products don’t work for everyone the same. For example think of the Benefit Rollar Lash and the buzz around it, I tried it got the sample with elle and it worked very well although the next day I used my primark lash and curl and found it worked almost as well. Yeah the roller lash is good but not amazing or a holy grail like some people think. Read the reviews and think for yourself is it worth it for you don’t feel pressured to follow the hype.

Designer is Not Always Best, But Neither is Drugstore

Before blogging I used to scoff at people who wasted money on designer makeup, that was until I discovered and tried high end make up myself with beautiful lipsticks and the creamy urban decay eye shadows I found some of my favourite products. I still love my drugstore mascaras and everything its just I finally understand the want and love of high end makeup in its irresistible packaging. What I am trying to say is you can have both and I think in a complete collection you may need to have a bit of both and some of us do have tight budgets, so we have to only splurge on what we think is worth it. Sometimes designer is worse than its drugstore counter part just think about what you wish to spend your hard earned cash on.

Mix It Up

This is something I want to do slightly more than I do already, that although I have a primarily beauty blog it is nice to mix things up a little bit. We all have things that make us different and although we all love beauty we all have other things we do too. I love knowing more about the person behind the blog and really we all have so much to offer, sometimes non beauty posts are more interesting. So hopefully I will continue to do this more as time goes on.

Running a Blog Takes Time and Effort

When I started I never really thought how much work a blog could be, I just thought oh snap a quick pictures and write a few words and boom your done. As I mentioned before a good picture is important, good lighting, placement and thinking everything through thoroughly before you can even consider editing and uploading photos. Then you have to plan what you want to write, ensuring you say something important and possibly insightful especially in a review these things don’t just happen in a 20 minute writing session. I’ve found sticking to my schedule that I set in January is useful, two posts a week was and still is something I can fit around work and life and ensures hopefully better quality content. Posting loads can weaken content but barely at all can damage your following and you’re creative streak, I have pages of ideas and just refer to it if I am low on ideas

Even after writing you still have to pay attention to social media, which I have to admit is still and area I have to work on. It is always just something to have an area you know you need to work on so if you have any tips let me know.

So what has blogging taught you? What makes you blog and what do you want to work on with your blog?

Lots of Love,

Gwenllian Branwen


Review: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob

Rimmel lip liner exaggerate east end snob
The other day on impulse I brought a new lip liner, you may of already seen my excitement on twitter the other day, if you didn’t you can follow me (@gwenllianblog). It is the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in East End Snob, if you want British youtubers you may already be aware of this lip liner with Amelia Liana and now Miss Budget Beauty singing its praises both as a liner and a lip colour. So the other day on a whim I thought I’d give it a go.
Rimmel lip liner exaggerate east end snob
Rimmel lip liner exaggerate east end snob

In essence its a muted pink type colour with brown undertones, achieving that much desired Kylie Jenner lip colour. I tend to suit the more brown toned lip colours opposed to the reds and oranges of the make up world so this proved to be a very good match. It’s highly pigmented, with a perfect matt finish the ideal nude type lip it can go from everyday to a night look and everything in between.

Rimmel lip liner exaggerate east end snob
Rimmel lip liner exaggerate east end snob
Rimmel lip liner exaggerate east end snob
It’s a simple plastic packaging which is so simple and you can wind it up, no sharpening in sight which is so simple especially for touch ups on the go. Although it doesn’t need many touch ups, the main touch ups that are needed is after food/drink, mainly drinking unless you use a straw or something but this is obvious with any lip product. It even passes the kiss test okay it passes the peck on the lips type kiss but I’m still impressed with its staying power.
Like all matte lip colours it can be fairly drying so I just make sure I wear lip butter or a real good lip balm before applying and then in the evening after wearing it all day but it isn’t uncomfortable drying. It works really well with a neutral eye or even something more dramatic, I love it the most paired with a beautiful pink eye made from my urban decay naked 3 palette. Although I’m not a huge fan of the over exaggerated lips, so basically its perfect for the Kylie Jenner look as it makes lips look fuller and absolutely gorgeous.
6 7
So is it worth the hype? Yes I absolutely love it, a perfect lip colour for anyone and it would go really well under most other lip colours of glosses as it is a fairly neutral base. I love this colour on its own so much though so I probably don’t do anything more with it than leaving it on its own or put a bit of clear lip gloss to make it pretty. Anyone know any lipsticks close to this colour if I wanted it in lipstick form.
Rimmel’s Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 East End Snob is available at Boots and Superdrug ect for £3.99.
Have you tried east end snob or do you want to try it? What are your favourite lip liners?
Lots of Love,
Gwenllian Branwen

Day 92: Tanya Burr Cosmetics First Impressions


First up I apologize for the poor quality of the photo my camera is playing up and I am having to use my phone camera which is variable, therefore below I am going to use internet imagery, sorry in advance as I always prefer personal swatches.

So I finally brought some of Tanya Burrs cosmetic line I’ve been thinking about it for ages and finally made the plunge when looking on feel unique the other day. I’ve heard great things and due to most having a reduction on the site I couldn’t resist buying a lip gloss and a nail varnish.
Tanya Burr Lip gloss – Just Peachy


So I didn’t know where to start which the lip glosses and decided it was best to start with one before buying the lot. I’ll start with the packaging, first and foremost by buying from Feel Unique it actually had proper packaging opposed to cellophane type wrap that you get from picking one up in superdrug. I think these are really cute with a lovely picture of Tanya and a little cute note on the bag, it is just well thought out pretty packaging. Next up the actual product its just a sleek and simple square shaped tube, thats a handy size and will easily slip in a bag. The little heart on the top of the lid is cute too (I know I’m saying cute a lot too).

This has the standard doe foot applicator, no surprises there and it isn’t really putting lip gloss on without this type of application as i have the squeezy lip gloss one. The nicest surprise is simply the smell, its sweet and just reminds me of tuck shops sweets or strawberry sweets and is essentially good enough to eat. I love having nice smelling stuff on my lips as unlike other make up as it is right under your nose, I know I’m going to enjoy wearing it all the time.

The colour is a beautiful, a pinky neutral that completes a look without been overbearing so ideal for me the non lipstick wearer. It feels slick and smooth on the lips, moisturising and it doesn’t feel overly greasy or sticky so is nice to wear and I think it may become my go to lip gloss.

I’m excited to try out more and would definitely recommend checking them out whether you are a Tanya Burr fan or not.

Available from Superdrug and Feel Unique, Lip Glosses retail at £6.99 each. (However select shades are currently on offer at both).

Tanya Burr Nail Varnish – Penguin Chic


Like I really needed yet more nail varnish after buying another 3 only a week ago but I brought another one however, I will wear this loads of winter it’s a perfect shade for winter or looking sophisticated.

The bottle is simple and cute and the colour is simply beautiful, the colour pay off is fairly good you just need a few coats but what nail varnish doesn’t. It applies beautifully in thin layers and dries fairly quickly. I always struggle with what to say when reviewing nail varnishes other then it does what its meant to and that I am in love with the colour what more is there to say really. I am going to love wearing this and think over winter I will get a lot of wear out it.

Available at Superdrug and Feel Unique, usually retails for £5.99 but is currently available at various offers at both sites.

Verdict on Tanya Burr Cosmetics

So lets start with the love, they really have lived up to the hype with beautiful colours in both ranges as well as been great products. I also love the names that are sweet, highly suiting the product and fairly adorable you can tell time, thought and consideration has gone into picking the names to go along with each shade. This thought comes from the amount of nail varnishes in particular where you look at the name and think what the hell. The packaging is also well thought out and I love it, it isn’t half assed and looks chic as well as looking personal with the hand written logo.

My main issue is the price, at £5.99 a nail varnish and £6.99 for a nail varnish it is fairly pricey and entering the mid to high end of drug store cosmetics. Especially the nail varnish is normally overpriced considering high quality Barry M Gelly nail varnishes are a lot cheaper and are probably a much longer lasting wear (although I’m yet to put them to the test against each other). It just disappoints me, especially as a high amount of girls that watch and are loyal to these youtubers are 13 to 16, at this £7.00 for a lipgloss despite been lovely, is quite a lot when similar products are available in the drug store for  a lot less. Maybe I’m being fussy and some of these do veiw £7.00 to be cheap, this isn’t their fault and expensive is subjective.

I like the cosmetics and would repurchase or make further purchases in both ranges, but I am likely to wait for a sale.

Have you tried any Tanya Burr cosmetics, what did you think?
Gwenllian Branwen