He Thinks I’m Prettier in Makeup . . .

elizabther taylor

He thinks I look prettier in makeup, flawless skin and big eyes all the things you can do with makeup he loves and prefers to my messy bun and slobbing around in his pjs and hugest shirts. Yes my boyfriend thinks I am more beautiful when wearing makeup and that’s the way I like it . . .

Before you moan oh his sexist or something about being made to feel like that, it is my choice to wear makeup and when near the start of  blogging I did a post all about it which you can check out here. It’s not even like his hates my bare and natural face, we’ve been together for 3 years and his seen it from way before we became an official item, and he knew what he was getting into. As he puts it, he will always find me beautiful but with makeup it just emphasises it, I love my blue eyes so I will always try to emphasis them and he has a point. If makeup made you look worse no one would bother wearing it or investing in nice products. It’s nice to know at the end of the day that someone is appreciating the effort, rather than a friend complementing your lipstick only so she can go out and buy it for herself.


With the world of beauty and beauty youtubers/bloggers being talked about in the media more these past 12 months. The topic of makeup and beauty has become a bigger discussion topic between me and my boyfriend, and it’s nice to know his opinions on it, his also started to see it more than just something his girlfriend wears and loves to buy. As I’ve never been the girl that has to wear makeup but I am the girl that loves to, it makes me feel confident and I love the routine of it.

I hate those people who claim to prefer girls with no makeup, I accept some men do, and those that thing makeup makes girls ugly. Or even worse those when they see someone without makeup call them hideous etc. even if they are a complete stranger. Why is there so much hate? Some assume girls who wear makeup are hiding something, or do so to please others. I also hate the assumption that girls wear makeup for men, yes my boyfriend does think I’m prettier in makeup but his indifferent, I wear makeup for me. It is close minded in this day and age to assume someone wears makeup for anyone but themselves.

imperfection is

It sounds weird to think I love the fact my boyfriend prefers me in makeup, but he appreciated the effort and often finds something different to complement ‘ooo I like your eye stuff today’, as he try to indicate my eyeshadow with hand gestures. He no longer moans when we look at makeup, I take into account what he likes (which is basically using lip gloss sparingly as he hates it) and he’ll notice when I try a new technique. I appreciate the fact his honest to and his opinion is that if I didn’t look better in makeup why would you put in the effort and not sleep in.

Makeup shouldn’t be so hotly debated, wear it for you and that’s the only reason. I love the fact my boyfriend likes my makeup is a bonus but I wear makeup for me. Wear what makes you feel good, if a bold red lip makes you confident go for it, if you love a smoky eye then own it. Makeup is fun, creative and something that is great. The news and critics need to leave it be, there are worse things in the world then women wanting to wear makeup. Similarly I don’t think a fuss should be made about going makeup free, when there is a shock that a celeb goes to the shop without makeup, well neither do I what is the big deal? Makeup needs to be treated as something to comment and bring down people for wearing it/not wearing it.

I don’t believe that there is a pressure to wear makeup, or to buy high end and expensive products, I cannot speak for teenagers now when I went to secondary school (high school) there was no pressure to be wear makeup. At school people started at different ages and some people barely bothered, none of it mattered. Now at 21 I don’t feel the pressure either, I don’t feel I have to look a certain way or do certain things with my look and my mother is 49 and doesn’t feel the need to wear it she never has and she looks great.

What are your opinions on wearing makeup and the media and attention it’s been given over the past 12 months or so? Should we feel ashamed when we choose to always wear makeup or should it not really matter? Let me know in the comments, I think this would be a great discussion.

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Cross Country Travel

travel cross country

So I’ve been travelling a bit recently and I thought I’d share my train adventures with you guys, I have to say it’s been eventful.

2nd July: Northampton to Plymouth

So I was travelling to Plymouth to visit my boyfriend in Cornwall and have a nice kind of semi holiday, In order to get from where I live near Northampton to Plymouth I go via Birmingham as it takes a similar length of time as going through London but it is way less hassle as in Birmingham you simply swap platforms. Anyway I get on the train in Northampton and next thing I know there is an announcement saying everyone will have to exit the train in Rugby and get on the alternative arrangements due to an incident further up the line (just my luck).

Body on the track, no trains are going direct to Birmingham New Street! Everyone is obviously panicked we all have places to be and connections to make but thankfully I managed to get on a different train fairly quickly that was heading to Birmingham New Street via Stanford and Wolverhampton yeah quite a detour. Luckily the weather was warm but not dreadful like previously. Anyway everyone squished onto this train and hoped to make it to wherever they were heading. We eventually got into Birmingham an hour and a half later than expected and I’d just missed my original train.

birmingham to plymouth

So I had 50 minutes to wait until the next train, so decided to treat myself to a Starbucks in which I got a vanilla latte which hardly and vanilla in it (first world problems). Next thing I know my train to Plymouth was getting more and more delayed, just my luck really, maybe I was never meant to go to Plymouth. I have never being so relieved to get on a train in my life and luckily it was quiet so I was able to get on with some blog writing, with the accompaniment of my itunes.

The train from Birmingham to Plymouth is often a beautiful line taking you through beautiful country side, by areas such as the Malverns and part of the cost. Rolling hills and picturesque villages (that probably aren’t so picturesque due to the train going by them). Unfortunately the weather was poor but I will try and insert some pictures if it does improve. This is sometimes the best thing about the train, you get to see countryside you wouldn’t see if you went by car.


Luckily by the time I’d reached Devon the weather was looking up and I got to enjoy my favourite stretch of cost, between Exeter and Dawlish, a beautiful stretch of railway. Just enjoying the sea and the coastline, I love the seaside and it was a lovely site after so long on the train. There was only one downside, the train was getting later and later with all the problems throughout the day I arrived in Plymouth almost 2 hours later than I initially was meant too. I was just so relieved to see my boyfriend and catch the bus back to his to start a nice relaxing week.


9th July: Bude Day Trip

Neither of us have a car, so travel is limited to public transport luckily from his home town we can get a direct bus to Bude. I haven’t been since I was little about 10/11 when my family went there on holiday and he hadn’t been in a long number of years and with the weather forecast saying it was meant to be warm and sunny we had nothing to lose.

Due to poor organisation we hadn’t realised the buses were so infrequent meaning we didn’t catch the bus over until 1pm, but when you get on the bus you forget about all of it sitting up stair and enjoy all of the beautiful views. I love the Cornish country side and when you finally catch that glimpse of the sea again you can barely contain yourself.

plymouth & bude

We enjoyed a lovely relaxed and touristy day in Bude. Eating pasties, paddling in the sea, walking on the headlands, admiring the view and eating delicious ice cream. It was such a lovely day and it’s nice to do things like this as a couple, something out of the ordinary. It made us think about the future and holidaying together in years to come, its odd how a trip to the seaside really makes you think about the future. All in all it was a perfect day.

The only downside was the bus back, this time a small single decker where a group of teens brought 3 big dogs on. Which although they seemed like nice dogs they climbed all over the seats and the owners had complete disregard for the other passengers. Also I am highly allergic to dogs to by the time we got off I was wheezy and could barely breathe. I think for comfort of all passengers and for the dogs too, dogs shouldn’t be on buses.

After a long day it was nice to be back, eating Chinese and watching the Tour de France highlights. A perfect end to a perfect day.

11th July: Plymouth to Northampton

I had a really early start to the day, catching a bus into Plymouth at 7:25am where you get on the bus and know it’s going to be a long day with the amount of travel I still had to go. I also hate saying goodbye to my boyfriend, with the long distance due to both being home it’s going to be a good month before we see each other again, so we are working hard on finding a job in the same place so we can begin our lives together.

the south coast

Luckily I managed to get a seat, due to 3 days of train strikes no one had managed to get anywhere for 3 days everyone is trying to travel on the same days as well as those who are making day trips. It is simply a nightmare travelling on trains when there’s been disruptions and I highly recommend avoiding it. I’m just glad that once again I managed to grab a window seat and got to enjoy all of the lovely views.

The journey home was fairly uneventful really, a simple change over at Birmingham and back to Northampton. I’m so relieved the train home was uneventful, it was such a long day and all I wanted was to get home and have a nap. Unfortunately I had some bits to do that afternoon and my bed was not coming to be anytime soon.

For now I am back home and with no travelling in sight unfortunately, hopefully I can be back with my boyfriend soon or be back on the road again soon. Any of you travelling somewhere exciting soon.

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What do you love outside of beauty?

beauty collage

I love the beauty blogging community, everyone is lovely and it is so easy to share a joint passion for beautiful palettes and irresistible lipsticks but we all have more to us. We all have a huge part of our lives and interests that we all share, from pampering to never leaving boots or superdrug without an overfilled basket or even taking our time to get ready for a night out due to all that blending but we all have the other things we love that make us unique. So today I thought I’d share my other interests, and maybe you could share yours, to see a completely different side to so many of us that love the beauty world what else makes us up.

Youtube Channels


Since we never had a TV license at university I got so used to not watching TV that I tended to opt for youtube which has loads of amazing content to suit your moods and tastes. I watch such a variety of channels from gaming/entertainment channels which my boyfriend got me into such as Achievement Hunter to the usual beauty channels like Fleur De Force I can never get bored. Oh as well as the ever fascinating and talented Rob Dyke, who does content such as serial killer files, I have an odd obsession with that sort of stuff as I don’t understand how and individual can do such a thing. We all love Youtube with its amazing content, never change youtube.

Tour De France and Tour Series


I don’t actual cycle myself but I love watching the road races, my parents have been into it for about 10 years while I’ve got into it in the last 3 years or so. Last year I went to go see stage 19 & 20 of the Tour De France last year in France (I did a post on it here), I couldn’t go to it in Yorkshire as I was working as event staff at the British Grand Prix its just so exciting to go to the event. I went to the cycling tour series as well in Peterborough at the start of June which even if you don’t follow cycling is a unique spectical. Also if you go to events as you just stand at the side of the road its all free and you get to see world class athletes. Right now the Tour De France has started again so that’s what I get to spend my days/evenings watching, a glass of wine and some cycling and I’m all set.

Travelling Places


I love seeing new places and soaking up the culture and scenery. I’m not one of those that wants to travel the world on my own but there is loads that I want to see and do, like visit America and New Zealand. Yet I love just going to France emerging myself in the culture or even visiting places in the UK, I’ve seen so much of the UK and its a beautiful country why go somewhere else when there is so much to see and do here. I loved visiting the beautiful Dordonge region in France last year and Glasgow will always have a special place in my heart.

Live Shows


I’ve talked about my love of live music before and just the other month I went to Slam Dunk, since I first saw Green Day in 2005 I haven’t stopped going to stuff since. I’ve made such amazing friends from travelling and seeing gigs all over the country and made some great memories, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Also because my boyfriend and I like the same stuff it makes a super fun and an amazing date night, as long as your out together its kinda a date anyway. A great night out no matter how big or small the venue is.

So what I want to know what do you love outside of the world of beauty? Let me know in the comments because I think it would be interesting to know what other people who share such a passion for make up may also have in common.

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What I got for my birthday . . .

Hi guys, if you didn’t know I turned 21 over the weekend exciting I know. For the day me, my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend went to London Zoo as I’m a big kid inside. As I’m currently at university I don’t get all the family gifts and as I don’t know what I want my parents put my birthday money to one side for when I decide what I want. So if I want something more expensive and nice in a few months they’ll get it for me rather than wasting it now. Saying that I was still spoilt by my boyfriend and besties ect. so here we go.

ZSL London Zoo

LOTR inspired art

My first gift from my boyfriend was the ZSL London Zoo tickets, because his amazing and it was a great day out. He also brought me a beautiful piece of LOTR Inspired artwork which I had spied on etsy a while back. The piece is based on the final chapter of Lord of the Rings: Return on the King as the elves leave middle earth. I love Tolkens world, both the books and the films and I think this is such a beautiful piece with it actually made from the pages of the book, mine are the pages from the battle of the shire.purminerals, ciate & rimmel

Next up is what my best friend at uni got me and I honestly wasn’t expecting anything we were just going to do something together as its both of our 21sts at the weekend. Anyway she brought me Purminerals Holiday Elements set, which is a really cute little set with three looks, and a little travel thing so great for touch ups or going away. I’m excited to try it out as I’ve never tried any purminerals make up before. Then she got me two Ciate Paint Pots in Members Only and Doll Face which are incredibly pretty and great nude go to colours. And finally as she knows I’ve developed an obsession with east end snob by rimmel she picked me up a back up one.swarvoski tennis bracelet

My sister spoilt me this year buying my a Swarovski Tennis Bracelet, its a beautiful piece and I’m so glad to finally have this as an addition to my collection as I’m all for just a few well made piece.

LOTR mug & Chocolate controller

white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes

My best friend from back home brought me a Tolken Inspired Mug, which just adds to my expanding Tolken collection and you can never really have enough mugs. She also brought me a chocolate controller as I said me and my boyfriend need a second controller for his Xbox One, this one is so much better and finally she made some beautiful raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes nomnomnom! Oh and I got malibu.

21st themed gifts

My boyfriends family brought me some lovely 21st themed pieces, starting with a lovely 21st frame which I am filling with a picture from the day. I also got the lovely wooden 21 which I am slowly getting people to sign which is an adorable ideal to remember the occasion.

Hello Kitty Food and Drink

My parents tend to give me money so I am yet to spend that however, my mum every year get me a bunch of jokey presents. She always gets me Hello Kitty stuff without fail, for Christmas I got got Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers. For my birthday I received a Hello Kitty Pomegranate Iced Tea which I don’t want to drink and have to throw  the can away, as well as an adorable Hello Kitty Cupcake Set. finally She brought me a cute little bear with a 21 badge of course.

So that what I got for my birthday and I am truly thankful for everything I have received and I even have more money to spend which I probably will go on a shopping spree over easter.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen