Gift Guide for Him

gift guide for him

It’s the turn of the men today with the gift ideas for the special guys in your life, a good mixture of gifts I feel although I’m not great at thinking of gift for guys. To be honest with the guys in my life I tend to buy them whatever they ask for but hopefully I’ve collected some suitable ideas here with the help of my boyfriend. Once again you can find a more extensive list and further details on my MrLista list which you can find here.

With Star Wars coming out this Christmas it is fairly fitting to get a Star Wars related gifts and I have two creative sort of gifts perfect for a variety of budgets. If they love making and having star wars models there are two good options first up the cheaper of the two the Star Wars Origami book, where you can make all your favourite ships (? I don’t know, Star Wars bores me) and fill your shelves with your childhood. Or slightly less breakable and super nostalgic, buy Star Wars Lego but these are a lot less budget friendly so it depends how much you like this person or how much they love star wars.

Fat Face Rusksack Gift Set

Men, or at least the men in my life, are not overly fussy with grooming they love having the more luxurious items but when it comes to buying things themselves they’ll simply pick up whatever is the cheapest/easiest. So sometimes it is nice to buy them something a little bit nicer for Christmas. Not only do I love Fat Face clothing but they toiletry sets smell amazing and are my go to gift set, plus as they are in the 3 for 2 Boots deal you can get something for you too. I have added some additional sets to the mix too. For this I’ve picked a mix of fragrance, skincare and grooming so check out the list for more ideas.

mr deadpool tee and george asda shirt

Often men are easier than women to buy clothes for, often the sizing is uniform between shops and the standard male uniform of checked shirts and/or t-shirts is much easier to buy. Also if you get a checked shirt for a boyfriend, you end up with something cute to wear yourself, there are loads of great options for a variety of objects in fact in the past we’ve found that George Asda Checked Shirts are really good quality of such a low price. Although there is a wide variety of checked shirts I’ve selected to match style and budget. There’s also great graphic and different t-shirts out there, the theme I’ve gone along is superheroes my boyfriend loves Marvel, although his favourite is Deadpool (bring on February 2016) I have found a variety of Marvel, DC and fun t-shirts. I already brought this for my boyfriend for his birthday but the Deadpool Mr Men T-shirt is adorable and looks great in real life.

hugo bus watch

Another good option is a watch either for the business man or the running late student, a watch can never go a miss and is always a smart option for a man. This is where a budget can really run away from you though with it being simple to always buy better so I have attempted to find a range of watches for a variety of budgets. Saying this I have to say watches are the more pricer choices here simply because there is so much range and scope.

Firebox Ninja Mug

I don’t know if this is the case for all men but my boyfriend especially is a big kid a heart so why not indulge this. For years, although still hasn’t got is a helicopter but this year his decided to go for something else but I have included this on the lift as well. There are tons of other gifts of this nature like a Warp Pipe Mug or a Ninja Mug all stuff that is a little bit fun and gimmicky, I’ve found a bunch which you can check out here.

So there’s a few ideas for the men in your life, hopefully its inspired or helped you. What do you buy for the men in your life? Check out my full list on Mr Lista here, and I will be back with the stocking fillers on Monday evening.

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Whats in My Bag?: Festival Edition / Festival Essentials

festival essentials

So this weekend I went to Slam Dunk South Festival to have an amazing day seeing bands and celebrate the end of the year/graduating. So I thought I would do a little bit of what is in my festival bag and festival essentials, although this is slightly different as it is a one day festival the essentials are different. I’m also writing this after because I usually carry crap I don’t need so I’ll show you exactly what I took taking into account what I used and what I didn’t.

First and foremost lets consider the essentials that are needed. The most important thing is Sunblock, I picked up Lacura Suncare Extra Sensitive Sun Spray SPF 50+ form aldi which is a 50+ sunblock, I know ideally you should reapply throughout the day but I knew I would not end up doing so and I don’t have the space in my tiny bag. The 50+ should last more of the day, remember be safe and choose a high factor sunblock. Also check it has UVA, UVB and that it is water resistant if you want more information about checking the best sunblock check out some advice here. However it was clouded over and drizzled a lot of the day, regardless any exposed areas such as my arms and neck just in case.

Another essential is light layers to help you stayed covered and protected and the sun, but keep you cool or a bonus layer if its chilly. My personal favorites for this is either a checked shirt or a kimono dependent on what outfit I’m wearing to which works best. It is basically something that keeps you covered, I opted for a checked shirt as it added warmth and with a festival like slam dunk near enough everyone is wearing a checked shirt. Dress accordingly.

Also make sure you are wearing sensible shoes, I opt for things like converse but there were girls the festival wearing flip flops and heels. You need something that will be comfy all day and in crowded areas that you wont loose or roll your foot and injure or even sprain something. Stick with pumps, trainers basically something that is sturdy and comfortable really just think about it. Fashion is not what a festival is all about, yes look nice but think about practicality.

The bag I used you can see in my ‘What’s in My Bag: Compact Edition‘ and it fitted in everything with a little bit of room left over.

whats in my bag

So now onto what I took with me in my little bag, I always like to keep it practical and compact in an attempt not to over pack. The most important items are your tickets and a site map/schedule, you won’t get in without your ticket for a start and the schedule/map is important so you know where to go at what time. As its held at my university I know all of the short cuts and its fairly simple to get around after spending three years there.

Don’t forget to take purse essentials but not your whole purse just in case you loose it. Take enough cash, food stalls, merch and bars mainly only accept cash and the cash machines either have huge queues or run out of money half way through the day so take enough so you aren’t disappointed. Decide how much money to take based on food, drink and travel for taxis ect and maybe take more in case. If you run out of money don’t forget you can get free tap water behind any bar so you can stay hydrated. The purse essentials to me are debit card, ID and cash.

My next few items concern hygiene in several different ways. First up is the fair obvious anti-bacterial hand gel, I am currently using the Fun Edition Cussons Carex Complete in Strawberry Laces, this one smells completely amazing. It’s great for a large number reasons either to freshen up, clean your hands before or after you eat or for after you’ve been to the loo (especially port-a-loos). Along the same lines I have the Halo Hand Wipes, I found these were best for after eating the greasy festival food but we also used them for when my boyfriend cut his leg to clean himself up. I suppose you can take either or but they don’t take up that much room and its good to make sure you keep clean. The final thing in this area is Superdrug Soft Tissues a highly practical thing not only for hayfever suffering, cleaning up spills they are useful for when the loo has run out of paper it is always useful to have tissues.

Other major essentials include keys, camera and phone. A camera is not necessarily essential but the picture quality is better but it can depend on your phone a bit. Then it is just a few random other bits and pieces such as chewing gum for fresh breath, pain killers in case you have a headache ect and plasters (I have cute hello kitty ones) which I mainly use in case your shows rub ect. Oh and the other probably non essential but I always carry around is a clear lip balm in which mine is Rimmel Keep Calm and Shop Lip Balm which it’s bright colours make it easier to find.

The only thing that I had in my bag that I didn’t use was my Yves Rocher Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Face Mist, this was mainly due to the weather been fairy meh this wasn’t needed but if it was hot or really sweaty in a room it would of been ideal to cool us down. However only using one item is pretty dam good in my opinion.

So what are your festival essentials, let me know in the comments below.


Gwenllian Branwen


Mid-Monthly Favourites

At the end of December I’m considering doing a yearly favourites or my top products of the year and seeing as I haven’t done a November favourites and I’ve finally had to spend a day writing a shit ton of blog posts to see me over this busy period. So enjoy . . .


First up in my favourites are my new fairy lights which have helped create this beautifully relaxing and calming space I can come to after a hard day working/at lectures/at the library. Plus they were only £2.00 from Asda so I couldn’t really loose. In addition to that I’m loving burning a candle at the moment just making the room smell amazing the one I have as my go to is a vanilla one I got from Wilkinsons for £2.00, vanilla is just a great scent for any occasion.


Just two beauty favourites this month as most of what I’ve been using is the same old stuff the I always go two and are more likely to feature in my best of the year post coming up at the end of this month.

First up is something my friend introduced me to when we went to town its the Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer, this is amazing for covering up dark circles and tired eyes I don’t know how I lived without it. Now I never look drained ever again. Then I have the L’oreal Paris Color Riche in Doutzen’s Nude (also known as hint of pink), its such a moisturising hint of shine lipstick and perfect for a low maintenance look.


I rarely talk about fashion and it’s so damn hard to get a picture but here are some fashion favourites. My first fashion favourite is oversized checked shirts however, I own none my boyfriend owns a crazy amount so I wear his we have the same tastes and they are so comfy. It is so much easier to find the perfect oversized fit with mens clothing then in the womens department. A checked shirt paired with wet look leggings has started to become a staple look after picking up some in the black friday/weekend offer with boohoo, they are such a good quality pair considering how cheap they were and are actually fairly warm.

I also love this fluffy reindeer snood that I brought from work for the whole sale price as my manager is just that lovely. It is essentially so warm and comfy and perfect for this season. There were loads of other colours but I opted for the grey scale one as it just essentially goes with absolutely everything.


And finally my favourite person is my amazing boyfriend, who has put up with so many mood swings and a very stressed me while coping with final year deadlines and balancing everything. He has just taken everything in his stride, helping me calm down and take a step back.

What are your current favourites?


Gwenllian Branwen