Collective September Haul ft Lush, Primark & Boots

So on Saturday I popped into town just for a potter around as see whats in shows now that the seasons have changed. I didn’t pick up anything major but I thought I would share the bits and pieces that I did pick up.


So lets start with my every so often shop of Lush, where I am so restricted due to allergies and once again met with staff who cannot advise me on what products I can use. So I went for my old favourite and go to Butterball Bath Ballistic (£2.75), sure it’s not exciting but my skin feels great afterwards. In addition to the butterball I also picked up the Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£3.75), it looks super cute and once again is meant to be great for the skin.


Then I decided to Boots in order to spend some of my advatange card points and in trying to not by more makeup I went to skincare and there was a deal on for garnier micellar waters and moisturisers which had money off as well as getting a water infuser bottle. The water infusion bottles I have always wondered about but were never sure they were worth it. Anyway I picked up the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water (£5.99 £3.99), which I think will be interesting to try and I will keep you posted on how I get on possibly a review. Also as its turning into Autumn/Winter my face gets so dry so it felt right to switch out what I am usually using for the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Super-Hydrating Antioxident Moisturiser (£7.99 £5.33), I will keep you posted on how I found it.


The final stop on Saturday was Primark, and I felt fairly uninspired with the clothes at least at the moment but maybe as they weather fully gets into Autumn I may do. As it gets cooler I love chilling in the evening with a hot chocolate, some TV and light a candle so I picked up two, No. 15 Plum and Vanilla Candle (£1.00) and Pink Grapefruit Candle (£1.00). I am one of those people who like to change scents all the time, so as well as being cute these little ones are great if you like to change things up all the time. I was running out so I have to pick up the P.S Love This Round Cosmetic Pads (£0.50 each), if you haven’t got them you should, I picked up two packs. Finally I’m getting ready for Christmas early, as these P.S Christmas Snowflake Nails (£1.50) are so cute and they are slightly more winter than Christmas I cannot wait to wear them.

Have you checked out the high street for the latest season’s clothes, what trends are you loving at the moment? Also have you picked up anything good recently?

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December Favourites

December Faves

Wow so it’s the last day of December and the last day of 2015, so it seems best to end the year on the happy note that is a monthly favourites. I’m also assembling my 2015 favourites at the moment so I will be thinking of my all time of the favourites of the year which I have tried to keep varied from this. So this one is kinda on the short side highlighting 4 products I’ve loved this month.

december faves ft dolly mixture, loreal

My first favourite you may have seen if you looked at either of my makeup or look bits recently, it’s the MUA Blush in Cupcake. Similar in tone to the likes of Nars Sin being more dusty pink than anything else, sitting in that middle ground between blush and bronzer. I feel as though it is ideal for this time of year adding a hint of colour and some definition but it’s not too pink. I think this is just a super flattering and versatile blush.

With party season it was the season of big thick lashes, and the L’Oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara as I am absolutely awful at lashes. Also with a more dramatic party look this is perfect for this time of year. I did a review of it back in the day which you can check out here (LINK). It’s on its last legs but I’m glad I got the most out of it over December before placing it in my next empties post.

december faves ft mua, loreal & the body shop

After picking it up on whim The Body Shop Colourglide Lipstick in Rose Quartz, has fast become a day to day lipstick especially for work at the start of the month. The red tone makes it feel festive but the slight berry red and the somewhat sheer quality makes it fit right into my comfort zone.

For ages I looked at the Dolly’s Mixture Shower gel but never bothered to pick it up, until one day I thought why not and picked up the Dolly’s Mixtures Shower Gel in Rhubarb and Custard. The only downside is that it makes me crave rhubarb and custard sweets which I love but you get to indulge without the calories. I’m just going to be sad when it’s finished.

primark ps love snow flake nails.jpg

Finally a bonus December favorites were my nails over Christmas which were from P.S. Love which you may of seen on instagram. I love them as they are festive but not in your face christmas nails as well as being super affordable.

So what have you loved over December or if not December, 2015 as a whole? Let me know in the comments. Also Happy New Year and have a great evening whatever you’re doing.

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What I Got For Christmas 2015

what i got for xmas

Ah Christmas is over for another year, we’ve all eaten too much and drink our fair share and we can take a sigh of relief before New Year’s celebrations begin. I hope you all had a lovely day with family or friends. So here is a snapshot of what I got for Christmas, I got a lot of money from people such as grandparents and extended family so I brought some stuff in the sales today. Also I’m going to visit my boyfriend tomorrow so will be getting those presents the so will be posting those presents on Instagram. So here is just a few bits of what I got for xmas.

tomtom start 20

As you get older sometime Christmas becomes more about practicality than excitement and this is where my TomTom Start 20 WE 4.3” SatNav. Since getting my car in July I’ve being using my mums, extremely outdated, never updated satnav and getting my own seemed like a good idea. So my loving parents brought be the TomTom Start 20, easy to use with Western Europe and free updates for life I’m set. Hopefully I’ll never get lost again.

My best friend brought me The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Festive favourites Gift set, I love the green tea set its so fresh. Cannot wait to use this for my morning showers to wake me up before work and the mini body butter will come in handy when travelling. Also from friends I also received the New Look Pin Stud Duffle bag, I’ve needed a new bag for a while and this is a perfect casual bag to suit my needs. I cannot wait to start moving my crap over into it.

New Look Pin Stud Duffle Bag

This year as you know I started my first ever proper job as a graduate, the head of our department got us all a £10 Next Voucher which is so nice as it was out of his own pocket and it definitely came in handy with the sales, Next if great for work wear. Other gift cards I received was £10 for Boots, and £15 for Debenhams.

stocking stuffers ft sally hansen & forrero rocher

Then comes a random array of stocking stuffers featuring a Grand Ferrero Rocher and a Gruffalo Chocolate Lolly which are just a few of the tasty chocolate treats I received, the others are currently on the coffee table to share around. I also got a few nails bits in my stocking this year the really cute and festive Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips in Snow Bunny which I cannot wait to attempt to try out. As well as two nail polishes, Maybelline New York Nail Polishes 649 and Maybelline New York Nail Polish in 447, which is a base coat and a glittery dark polish which will be great for new year. I also got a few bottles for Rose and one bottle of Malibu all in various states of being drunk in the kitchen.

So that’s what I got for Christmas this year, not the most exciting but I tend to buy what I want throughout the year. Also as it turns to money and gift cards which are harder to show. I’ll share what I got from my boyfriend and his family on Instagram and maybe on here if I pick up bonus sales stuff in January. Still Christmas is more about spending time with loved ones. Hopefully you’ve all had a great Christmas however you celebrate and enjoy the last days of 2015.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas Guys, I’m oddly actually writing this on the day once everyone has opened their gifts and we are waiting for the decident meal that awaits.
So I hope all of you are having an amazing Christmas day, whether you celebrate it or not, just have an amazing day. Whether it is a low key and chilled affair like I do, or a huge family affair it is a day to relax and enjoy yourself and just make the most of the holidays and reflect on the year we’ve just head.

Reflection on 2015


Although 2015 isn’t quite over yet, it is the time of year when you really start to look back on the year that’s gone and I cannot believe how quick this year has gone. With Christmas just days away it seems like the best time to reflect

Turning 21

In 2015 I turned 21, a recognised adult in every way. I didn’t bother with a huge blow out instead going out for cocktails with a group of friends and going out with my other half for a nice meal. I’m not a birthday person, but turning 21 always seems to come up unexpectedly and you start to realise how old and how many responsibilities you actually have everything if your life from this point onwards is down to you.

University is Over

Education is over for me, which is so weird I’ve spent 17 years in education and it just is so odd that is actually over. I finished university in May but attended graduation in September. I loved my three years at university and I wouldn’t change it for the world, I learnt so much and become so much of a better person because of it.  I now have to enter the big wide world of work and enter the ‘real world’ and start a life for myself. So it has been a big world of change and it’s kind of exciting, I don’t want to go back to university that part of my life is over, I love studying but a masters doesn’t fit in with being worth it for my career path so for now formal education is over.

Starting Work

I’ve worked since I was 16, in retail working for Argos and my Student Union Shop, 4 ½ long years in retail which for the most part I enjoyed as I worked with the best people ever. I worked completely random hours and weekends so it is nice to have evenings and weekends free now although working a 9-5 job and commuting did take a little bit of getting used to. From July to October I worked within a temporary role as a Business Analysts which I have to say I really enjoyed the project and it was a great way to start work.

Three Years In

This year me and my boyfriend reach the three year milestone, which is the longest relationship for both of us and we are still going strong. I met him my first week of university and never looked back I am so lucky to have someone so supportive. It’s been a tough year with graduating and having to make things work long distance, 300 miles, long distance but we are working things out and trying to manage relocating and finding jobs close to one another. We’ll make it though, it’s just working out the kinks and moving forward at this stage.

A Growing Blog

Sure my blog has not grown as quick as other, which barely means anything I am proud of this little corner of the internet I can call my own. I’m amazed at my commitment with me blogging regularly for 18months and being able to keep to my twice a week schedule almost all the time. It’s taken a lot of planning, dedication and organisation but it is slowly getting there. I’m glad I’ve kept it up and it’s a nice creative outlet for me.

So those are the main things that happened to me in 2015, have you started looking back yet? If so what were your big life changing events that happened in 2015?

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The Christmas TAG

Christmas TAG

Wow blogmas is still doing, I couldn’t imagine doing actual blogmas or vlogmas in which you blog every day that is just way too much especially around this time of year you want to see friends and family, managing Christmas shopping and work. It is definitely a thing more for full time blogger or if you balance it with a job and family I simply admire you beyond belief. So today I thought I would do something a little more fun and do ‘The Christmas Tag’, which first circulated a few years back and if you want to do this one yourself then go ahead it’s so much fun.

What is your favourite Christmas film? I’m honestly not much of a film watcher really, and sometimes I find Christmas rom-coms tacky. Personally I find that I love watching family films around Christmas, as the baby of the family at 21 it is still fun to all sit down and watch Toy Story or Ice Age as a family.

Have you ever had a ‘White Christmas’? Kinda, when I was younger it had snowed in the week leading up to Christmas so there was still snow around although it was more of solid icy snow rather than nice fresh snow. There has never been an official white Christmas while I have been alive although as in the UK for if to be a white Christmas snow has to fall on a certain building in London.

Where do you usually spend your holiday? At my parents’ house, we live a distance from the rest of our family so we usually spend it as the 4 of us in a low key Christmas thing.

What is your favourite Christmas Song? Oh god I’m so not a Christmas person, and I really don’t enjoy Christmas song person. Maybe it’s the 4 years I worked in retail when from November you’d spend all day listening to Christmas songs.

christmas tree

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? No we don’t, although I’ve always thought the getting new PJs thing was super cute.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Vixen, Dancer, Prancer, Dixen and Rudolph, so no my mum is great at this.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year? We don’t have many traditions, every Christmas day is the same but there isn’t really a huge amount of tradition. Although I always enjoy our customary post-Christmas Dinner walk, after eating too much it’s nice to be out in the quiet fresh air and we often walk around a nature reserve near us and made dad won’t drink until later so he can drive.

Is your Christmas Tree real or fake? Fake.

Christmas Dinner

What is your all-time favourite holiday food/sweet treat? Mince Pies, hot or cold they are delicious. Especially hot out of the oven with a touch of cream absolutely delicious.

Be honest: do you like giving or receiving gifts better? Giving them, as you get older gifts are more practical and like this year I’m getting a Satnav, it’s hard to get excited about a sat nav.

What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? The first Christmas I was with my boyfriend he managed to get Warped Tour UK tickets, the event had sold out months previous and I was desperate to go. Less than a month together he surprised me with tickets which they had managed to get spares due to a friend’s press connections, it was amazing day and an amazing gift.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? I don’t ski and probably won’t ever try it buy I would love to spend it in the French Alps. A cute little chalet surrounded by snow, the Alps are pretty in the summer they’ll be stunning in the Winter.

Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably? Probably half way in between, I always attempt and usually manage super cute wrapping little bows and ribbon etc.

Most memorable Holiday moment? Oh god I don’t really know, although I don’t remember a strong Christmas memory on the millennium when visiting family in Yorkshire I remember driving up onto heath land and seeing the fireworks over the town in the valley.

What made you realise the truth about Santa? I’m not sure I think I was 5/6 and I just knew, it was never a big deal Santa in our house as we never got Santa gifts ever and we still get a few goofy gifts every year.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you stick to them? I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions as I know I won’t keep to them, I just strive to eat better and get healthier in general as I don’t want the pressure.

What makes the holidays special for you? I just enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, eating nice food and just relaxing.

So I tag any of you guys that want to do this tag, and I cannot wait to read them.

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Getting Older at Christmas

aging christmas

As you get older Christmas, much like Birthdays, becomes much more like any other day then something special or exciting. Maybe it is just me that always feels meh around Christmas and often find the day to really be rather boring, all it is the opening a few gifts if any as often it’s just money as you get older and then a huge ass meal which on no other day would you comprehend eating so much.

When you are younger it is such exciting day with the hint of mystery and the excitement of getting gifts you’ve longed for. Presents magically appearing, magical sparkling lights and glitter decorations all of the stuff you love as a child. Even as you stop believing in Santa and you know more about Christmas, you get presents which are things you’ve wanted for ages so it’s exciting to finally open them and seeing what stuff you’ve got out of your list. I wasn’t a spoilt child, I got a lot of what I wanted but we always had a ‘budget’ for Christmas we got told we had up to a certain amount to spend on gifts with the combined money from my parents and grandparents and we could get whatever we wanted within that budget or we could choose to save the money. This allowed us to think about what we really wanted and Christmas day was always great.

Despite living within a non-religious household and the rest of our family always living up in Yorkshire 2/3 hours’ drive away from us Christmas day has always been about spending time as the four of us which is nice as Christmas has always been low key, as youngsters it was a day of playing with toys. It’s also as we’ve got older it’s been nice to touch base and have a day as the four of us but now it’s just meh. Maybe it’s the age I am or maybe I am just one of those bah humbug people, I think it’s great that people love it and want to celebrate it in their own way but it isn’t for me its lost its magic. I still love buying people gifts they want, stuff they might not buy for themselves but want, but there’s not much else in it for me.

So do you still love Christmas or are you like me and just find it all a bit meh. Also what is your Christmas day like something quite or a whole family affair, let me know in the comments?

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Christmas Day Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration

So Christmas is fast approaching but the biggest question is what to wear, well I thought I’d peace together a few inspiration boards of what to wear on the day.

Comfy and Cosy

First up is a day where you aren’t going out or doing it, it’s just a small intimate day with you and say your other half or a few close people. It isn’t a big deal, Christmas is a day for spending time together, exchanging gifts and eating good food super chilled and relaxed. Think festive pjs or jumper to put fresh on, on Christmas day. Cosy jumpers and leggings or fluffy slippers, basically think cosy and comfortable. It’s your day to celebrate and do whatever you want. It’s not a side of Christmas you usually see of think about what to wear but there is no reason why you can wear something new, cute and cosy.

Smart Casual

You may end up with something a little less low key or even if it is a family day at home you might wish to make it slightly dressier per say. Also it looks much nicer on your customary Christmas Day Instagram selfie than PJs although we all secretly want to always be in our PJs. Here Jeans and Leggings are still a great basics here, comfy yet can be smarter depending what you pair them with something nicer or smarter.  Pair jeans, leggings or even a cute skater skirt with a cute shirt, blouse possibly with a touch of lace just something a little bit dressy. You could even try a smart soft jumper which could look really on point within these looks. Really just go for neutral or cranberry and other berry tones to add to the feel of the season.


The final inspiration is more all out and possibly over the top, great for a work or family party and feels the Christmas spirit, with not a Christmas jumper in site. When I think dressy I think dresses, lace and sparkle which I hope I have managed to some up, skater skirts can look flattering and suit a wide range of body types as well as being in a large selection of finishes and materials. If a dress isn’t for you try and look for delicate lace or chiffon material as they really class up and outfit and they look super cute with heels. One thing I really love for Christmas is tartan, it just feels festive and you can go super festive with red and green while still looking smart and fancy.

Hopefully these will inspire you with your Christmas day outfits, creating something different possibly. What do you like to wear on Christmas day are you more relaxed or do you like to dress for the occasion.

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Christmas Day Makeup

Christmas Day Makeup

Christmas is fast approaching so I thought I would do a quick post of what makeup I will probably be wearing on Christmas Day, this year it is just the three of us just me and my parents so it is a quiet low key kind of day. Due to this I will just do a light and fresh makeup look really with a small dash of sparkle, so it’s not really an inspiration for your looks but it’s a very different Christmas Day look to most others and I thought it would be nice to include it.

xmas makeup ft bareminerals and nivea

First up as always I will moisturise and prep my skin with the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer, one of my favourite products and I rarely start my makeup routine without it. Then to extend the life of my makeup I apply the bareMinerals Prime Time Primer in the areas where it seems to disappear first. I adore this primer although it is on its last legs as I use it sparingly, best primer ever although it’s on the pricer side. I decided in order to keep the look fresh that I would opt for my bareminerals foundation and concealer therefore the concealer goes first. Using a combination of concealers with Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory to brighten my under eyes and the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Concealer in Porcelain to hide any blemishes etc. Finishing off with my bareMinerals Original Foundation in Light applying it with my bareMinerals Flawless Face Brush which just creates a light and airbrushed look to your face while feeling like you are wearing nothing at all. I finished up with the beautiful MUA Blush in Cupcake, which is more of a dusty pink and a definite dupe for the likes of NARS Sin and it is perfect for this time of year, applying this with The Body Shop Blush Brush.

xmas makeup ft bareminerals and rimmel

As always whenever I do anything with my eyes I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion, you need this in your life for crease free long lasting eye makeup. I created a subtle and natural eye look using the Avon Eyeshadow Duo in Warm Cashmere using the lighter colour all over the lid and adding definition with the darker shade. I then added a very thin delicate addition of the P.S. Love Liquid Eyeliner in black just finish it off. I wanted big but non-false lashes so I brought back the L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga Punky Mascara in Black, which I reviewed earlier in the year. When you get it right into the lash line and combine that with the formula and brush you get full thick and slightly clumped lashes.

xmas make ft avon, loreal, ps love & urban decay

I am going super simple on the lips with my favourite lip combination not only of the moment but of the year using Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob and the PurMinerals Lipgloss. Which creates a beautiful lip look which I cannot get enough of really.

xmas makeup ft rimmel and purminerals

So it’s not exactly an exciting makeup look but this is what I will be wearing on Christmas Day, comfortable and simple and sort of reflects the kind of day I will be having. In fact after doing this look for the blog post I went to work as it is a really diverse look (and I needed to multitask to complete the post). What type of makeup look do you tend to do for Christmas Day?

xmas makeup

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GRWM: Christmas Work Do

Work PArty MAkeup

So I had my work do last week, although it wasn’t much more than an evening meal fairly tame but pleasant all the same and I thought I would do a little bit of a GRWM for it.

grwm ft no7, nivea, superdrug & botanical choice

First up I cleanse my face with the Nivea Daily Essentials Cleansing Cream Wash, just in order to make sure my face was fully clean and hopefully clear. Then for a little bit of TLC while I straightened and sort my hair out, using the Botanical Choice Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches in Sunflower which just are super refreshing and then to bring down my current spots and breakouts I have been using the Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel. I couldn’t be bothered to do much with my hair fancy wise and simply straightened it which my straighteners and the TRESemme Heat Defence Spray. So once that’s all done I whip out the No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water (review coming January 2016) just to make sure my skin was ready for makeup, I just like this step before makeup application so I know my skin is ready.

grwm ft remmington & tresemme

On this day I decided to use my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer to create my base and then creating my base with the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain. Keeping in with my complete Rimmel London base I use a combination of concealers using the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory for my under eyes and the Rimmel London London Lasting Finish Concealer in Porcelain on my blemishes. I set my makeup with the bareMinerals Mineral Veil just a beautifully light translucent powder, before adding a few finishing touches to my face.

grwm makeup ft urban decay and maybelling

Very unlike me I decided not to use a blush, instead opting for the bareMinerals Warmth as a blush/bronzer I really do not give this product enough love or attention as it’s a great product to create dimension and life to your face. To add a highlight I used the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights, this is so pretty in the packaging but as the first time I used it I found myself disappointed and it took a lot of work to get something from it.

Slightly different eye base this time opting for the Maybelline New York Colour Tattoo 24 HR in Pink Gold, which was a perfect base and I just applied and blended it out with my finger. Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly how I created the look but I used my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette to create a pretty pink eye look, with sparkle and depth. To define and separate my bottom lashes I used the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara with such a thin, narrow brush it is perfect for lower lashes and allows you to get in there, yet I used the L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga Punk Mascara to my top lashes which gave big lashes. Finishing off with a touch of Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 08, my all time favourite lipstick.

Like I said we went for a meal out so I wore Primark Chiffon Shirt tucked into a New Look Skater Skirt, I always love this look as it is super cute and works for a variety of functions. It is comfy to wear, yet cute and stylish as well as fitting for the occasion. I opted for the slightly more causal some buttons undone and rolled up sleeves although it would have been super easy to dress it up if I felt as though it would be more appropriate to dress up more. As I drove I opted for flats opposed to changing shoes when I got there, so I wore the Asda Black Ballet Pumps super comfy and practical, finishing the look off with H&M Faux Leather Jacket from last winter and a New Look Snake Skin Detailed Clutch from way back in 2012. The clutch is a great size able to hold my phone, purse, keys and lip products basically holding everything I need for going out for the evening.

get ready with me

So that’s what I wore for my works Christmas do, what are you doing for your works Christmas thing?