Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers

To me a stocking filler is anything that is a little bit of fun, quirky and really budget friendly. I’ve included inexpensive gifts within the Gift Guide for Him and the Gift Guide for Her which are more serious, nice and inexpensive these are just all jokey fun and all under £10.00.  For further details, check out my MrLista list here. Although I have attempted to be gender neutral with the stocking stuffers, I’m not as good at this stuff for men so check out my ‘Gift Guide for Him’ if you would prefer a mainly male focus for gifts.

fking strong coffee

First up is for the coffee lover with Strong F**King Coffee, I just thought this was a bit fun and I have some friends that cannot live without strong coffee. So if you know a coffee lover and want a fun inexpensive list I think this would totally work, plus it’s a generous sizing although a jar of coffee would be cheaper this is a little bit more quirky. The person you may know may not be a tea or coffee person so there are plenty of Tea and Hot Chocolate gift sets, including ******, a hot drink in the winter months always warms you up and are perfect, plus you can give them something a little bit fancier than they would normally buy but you know they will use.

starbucks gift set

A bonus gift with these if you wish to spend a little bit more (or as a gift on their own) is buy a cute mug to go with them you can never have enough in my opinion and it’s something useful. Similarly you can pick up Twinning’s, Starbucks and Costa Gift Sets most are not on the list as they cost more than £10.00 but it is an all in one set.

I fucking love you mug

Worse comes to worst buy a cute mug, or not so cute mug in this case.

paper chase highlighters

In my ‘Gift Guide for Her’ (LINK) I mentioned buying cute stationary items, so I have added some into this post as well as they just build up a stocking in a cute way and I also think they would be great for kids gifts or stocking stuffers too. The Animal Highlighters from Paperchase are irresistible to me, I have had to resist them so many times as I have no need for highlighters in my day to day life. Things like small pretty notebooks (great for a handbag), stationary sets, and business card holders depending on what their job role involves.

marmite chocolate

CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is always a fool proof gift as everyone loves chocolate, it’s a little impersonal in some cases but it will always be well received. So I’ve collected a wide mix of chocolate gifts from fancy Truffles to Dairy Milk boxes and more Novelty Chocolate gifts. Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, so there is a chocolate filled gift for pretty much everyone.

firebox secret santa

Or if you really don’t know and cannot be bothered to think of a gift sites like Firebox do secret santa boxes wrapped in ‘crap wrap’. You pick box 1, 2 or 3 but god knows if there really are 3 different boxes or not as you nor the person receiving the gift will know what’s in which is all part of the fun really.

So be it Christmas on a budget or you are building a stocking hopefully you’ve liked this slightly different ideas that you can get your hands on. So thank you for looking at my gift guides, what are buying and hoping to receive this Christmas?

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Gift Guide for Him

gift guide for him

It’s the turn of the men today with the gift ideas for the special guys in your life, a good mixture of gifts I feel although I’m not great at thinking of gift for guys. To be honest with the guys in my life I tend to buy them whatever they ask for but hopefully I’ve collected some suitable ideas here with the help of my boyfriend. Once again you can find a more extensive list and further details on my MrLista list which you can find here.

With Star Wars coming out this Christmas it is fairly fitting to get a Star Wars related gifts and I have two creative sort of gifts perfect for a variety of budgets. If they love making and having star wars models there are two good options first up the cheaper of the two the Star Wars Origami book, where you can make all your favourite ships (? I don’t know, Star Wars bores me) and fill your shelves with your childhood. Or slightly less breakable and super nostalgic, buy Star Wars Lego but these are a lot less budget friendly so it depends how much you like this person or how much they love star wars.

Fat Face Rusksack Gift Set

Men, or at least the men in my life, are not overly fussy with grooming they love having the more luxurious items but when it comes to buying things themselves they’ll simply pick up whatever is the cheapest/easiest. So sometimes it is nice to buy them something a little bit nicer for Christmas. Not only do I love Fat Face clothing but they toiletry sets smell amazing and are my go to gift set, plus as they are in the 3 for 2 Boots deal you can get something for you too. I have added some additional sets to the mix too. For this I’ve picked a mix of fragrance, skincare and grooming so check out the list for more ideas.

mr deadpool tee and george asda shirt

Often men are easier than women to buy clothes for, often the sizing is uniform between shops and the standard male uniform of checked shirts and/or t-shirts is much easier to buy. Also if you get a checked shirt for a boyfriend, you end up with something cute to wear yourself, there are loads of great options for a variety of objects in fact in the past we’ve found that George Asda Checked Shirts are really good quality of such a low price. Although there is a wide variety of checked shirts I’ve selected to match style and budget. There’s also great graphic and different t-shirts out there, the theme I’ve gone along is superheroes my boyfriend loves Marvel, although his favourite is Deadpool (bring on February 2016) I have found a variety of Marvel, DC and fun t-shirts. I already brought this for my boyfriend for his birthday but the Deadpool Mr Men T-shirt is adorable and looks great in real life.

hugo bus watch

Another good option is a watch either for the business man or the running late student, a watch can never go a miss and is always a smart option for a man. This is where a budget can really run away from you though with it being simple to always buy better so I have attempted to find a range of watches for a variety of budgets. Saying this I have to say watches are the more pricer choices here simply because there is so much range and scope.

Firebox Ninja Mug

I don’t know if this is the case for all men but my boyfriend especially is a big kid a heart so why not indulge this. For years, although still hasn’t got is a helicopter but this year his decided to go for something else but I have included this on the lift as well. There are tons of other gifts of this nature like a Warp Pipe Mug or a Ninja Mug all stuff that is a little bit fun and gimmicky, I’ve found a bunch which you can check out here.

So there’s a few ideas for the men in your life, hopefully its inspired or helped you. What do you buy for the men in your life? Check out my full list on Mr Lista here, and I will be back with the stocking fillers on Monday evening.

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Gift Guide for Her

gift guide for herTo kick of this gift guide series I am starting for with the gift guide for girls, with the guide for him and stocking fillers coming in the next few days. I am doing more of a gift guide for the girlfriend, sister, friends or mothers when you don’t know what to get them, all of which are relatively budget friendly. I’ve created an extensive list on MrLista, which after doing the colab post I’ve actually found it insanely useful for these types of post in order to have links to all websites, which you create (I’ve explained more in my original post here). There you can find more information, if I’ve entered it correct, and links to the websites.

daisy marc jacobsChristmas is the best time of the year to buy fragrances, extensive perfume sets for all price points and with bonus offerings all for a few quid more (if it costs more at all). So it’s a good time of year to buy a perfume themed gift, or buy one for yourself to, I’ve comprised a variety of offerings from some of the leading brands such as Ted Baker and Marc Jacobs.


I’ve also added to the list a bunch of pamper sets featuring offers from The Body Shop and Lush with a variety of price points and offers. Due to allergies I can’t use a lot of Lush products so I tend to prefer The Body Shop sets, both offer very different things often the Body Shop offering have a wider variety of products all of the same scent, while lush is more like bath time fun but are still great it just depends what you are looking for.

ted baker shine on gift set

Beauty is another key area for that girl in your like and there are some great sets launched around this time of year, they offer great value money offering something that you cannot get any other time of year. Most of these sets offer such variety in terms of types of products and versatility, although I recommend you take note of what sorts of makeup they tend to wear. With sets from Benefit, BareMinerals and Ted Baker. I haven’t personally tried any Ted Baker Makeup which is exclusive to Boots but the sets are beautiful and well packaged I get a body set most Christmas’, I always reuse the packaging for storing bits and pieces. If you know she has more makeup than she can handle but is still beauty made, a Makeup Bag is another great idea and there are some damn cute ones floating about.

toast usb

For the student or officer worker, or even a blogger, who has important files this Toast USB is cute and practical. Holding 8GB it holds a fair amount of data which will fit most people’s needs, they even come in a few colours and if you collect more you can buy a toast USB hub to go with it. I so badly want this but I have 4 USBs already so I definitely don’t need it but if someone wants to buy this for me I’ll be eternally grateful. Along this line you could also buy cute stationary, be it a diary or notebooks and desk stationary, we all love this stuff but often cannot justify parting with the cash for these types of things. With a variety of prices you can buy just one thing or a collection of items to build up a gift. Paperchase or Tiger is one of my favourite places for cute stationary, unfortunately Tiger isn’t online but it is well worth popping into a store as it is all cute and highly affordable.

asos scarf

To me clothing is a tricky area with the possibility of getting sizes wrong or something they might not wear but I always feel as though you cannot go wrong with a scarf, fitting all sorts of budgets and styles as well as being ideal for the winter months.

So here is a few options for gifts for the girls in your life, hopefully these are useful and there is a more definitive and full list of multiple options under each area on the respective Mr Lista List. Which can give you further information about each of the products, prices and direct links to the product so go and explore here.

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Blogmas 2015

Blogmas 2015

December is here and I thought I would do something a little bit different and partake in blogmass, well kinda. Throughout December I aim to post every other day, basically the odd number day. From gift guides to makeup looks, and some non-Christmassy things to get you through this holiday season. I’ve been roughly planning this since September so I can make sure I have something to say and can hopefully keep up with blogmass, I have prepped quite a few posts as some take quite a bit of research but I feel like I have something.

I will be doing it right up until new year’s eve, simply because with what I got for Christmas posts, sales hauls and December favourites it works best to keep it up. I am determined to get done and keep to doing the posts, as I’ve planned them all out I feel as though I will manage it. –fingers crossed-

Hands up for xmas.

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MrLista: Currently Lusting After (and win £1000 of Goodies)

With Christmas on the horizon and Birthdays throughout the year, its often difficult to know what people want and where to find it. This is where MrLista comes in a website where you can collate everything all in one place and share the wishlist publicly or privately with loved ones, send it to your boyfriend so he know exactly what to get you for your big anniversary or Christmas with themes to match which is cute and it really appeals to me.

MrLista was in its beta stage when I first checked it out, yet everything seemed to run smoothly and signing up was nothing more than entering your email and creating your password so as simple as it gets. There’s a tutorial, and you can either add a widget to your browser or simply put in the URL to find it so I had a go at creating my wishlist of everything I want but at present cannot justify purchasing at the moment. I cannot believe how simple it was to add to the site and I usually go in circles with these things it took well over nine months to get to grips with wordpress itself.


I created a Current Wishlist  of items I am currently lusting over as in just trying a site out this is definitely the most fun one to start with as you are getting to grips with things. A touch of online window shopping and lusting over items you want but can’t really have. So I started on the Muji website which I just don’t have the space to put these yet with my current set up and my current storage works really well. I also added a MUJI Acrylic Earring Stand which is really insane as I don’t own that many earrings and I rarely wear earrings in the first place.

I really want a pair of calf length boots, effortlessly stylish and perfect for the winter weather, I’d love a pair to team with leggings and checked shirts to take me from Autumn to winter. The Next Black Socks Mix Long Wedge boots are perfect and stylish and the wedge will help keep them comfortable. However, sometimes you want something less clunky and more cute I found the adorable Holly Punch Work Flats from Boohoo, which would super cute with a skater dress etc. I am not the biggest jellewery person, but I love having a few good quality pieces in which I’ve picked up two more budget friendly Tiffiany and co. pieces. The cute and possibly tacky ‘love’ ring (Paloma Picasso ring)  and the Tiffany & co, double heart tag pendant.

Despite it turning into winter I have been loving floral designs and patterns, which not only can be seen in my choice os super cute Insulated Mug from Paperchase, the cute Paperchase Makeup Bag and Next decorative bowl. It also really draws me to the amazing Ted Baker Gift sets. Floral is always pretty and I think add as colourful touch any time of year. There is tons more on my wish list, so why not check it out or even make your own.

So hopefully you can see how simple it is to create a wish list, and you  can create your own account and countless wish lists on Mr Lista yourself just in time for Christmas. At the moment Mr Lista are running a competition in which you can win your items on your wish list up to the value of £1000! All you have to do is create your wish list, enter it into the competition on the website #DearMrLista. The sign up is free and super quick to do, so you have nothing to loose and you could win big so you can check it out or find out more on the Mr Lista Website here. Its super fun and easy and I am so glad I found out about this, perfect to hint to my boyfriend as to what I want from Christmas.

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Faces of The Week: Part One

I thought it would be fun to do like a week in workwear type thing, but I have no tripod or anyone to photograph the outfits and I’m not much of a fashion blogger. So I thought I would do a faces of the week, showing what type of makeup I ware for work each day. So you can get to see a variety of work suitable makeup looks, I also thought this would inspire me to use more of my products as I try to create 5 slightly varied looks.

As I started writing it up, the length of the post seemed to get ridiculous as I think I might waffle too much but then I also suck at cutting things out. Luckily I am planning to go out on Saturday night so I can put three days here and three days in a follow up post on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy.

Mondays makeup ft ps love, rimmel


I also start with a decent base, I’m back on using my favourite moisturising primer Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer it is definitely more moisturising than priming but it is a good strong base. As my core foundation, Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain, is slightly too light I mix it with Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect CC Cream in 31 Ivory, an Ivory which is by no means Ivory but a great foundation, so I mix them just to gain the right colour. I also use my P.S. Love Egg shaped sponge to apply and blend as I feel as though it offers the smoothest blending. To cover up any dark circles and spots I used my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Concealer in 010 Porcelain, a great heavy duty concealer which takes quite a bit of blending but once you get the hang it, it’s a decent concealer.

I’m currently trying the pretty Maybelline Color Show Blush Em! Which just adds a small touch of flush as it isn’t quite as pigmented as I maybe would have liked but it’s workable and it just needs building up. Then finally to set my makeup I use my bareMinerals Mineral Veil, a beautiful light translucent powder that sets up doesn’t look cakey.

I always prime my eyes, not all of my eyeshadows require it but I do it just in case to simply ensure they last all day. My favourite eye primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion, just a little bit goes such a long way. To create Mondays eye look I used my MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette, I started with Bow all over the lid, building up definition with a touch of Flounce in the crease and finishing it all off with Antique as an inner corner highlight to finish off the look. To finish off the eyes I just use the P.S. Love Lift and Curl Mascara, which add volume and good curl to the lashes. It is also similar to the Benefit Roller Lash just much cheaper so it is worth picking up.

I finished up with a pinky berry type lip, which as a high shine crayon adds more of a wash of colour opposed to something more heavy duty.  I like these types of colour but definitely prefer them that are sheerer, so the No7 High Shine Crayon in Statement is perfect.

As well as the P.S. Love Egg Sponge the other tools I used was my trusty Cosmopolitan Blush Brush, my favourite powder brush which I only use with my mineral makeup which is the bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush. The final brush I used was the best double use brush the bareMinerals Tapered Shadow and Crease brush, which is super useful as you only need one brush.

Tuesdays Makeup ft No 7, bareminerals and urbandecay

Tuesday morning never feels quite as bad as waking up at the same time on a Monday, I mean I only get up at 6:45 it isn’t exactly the worst. I started Tuesday with a new primer to me as my last primer ran out which seems to start of this running theme of brands. I am finding with drugstore primers I am preferring the more moisturising primers and the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer is no exception thick and creamy it creates a smooth base for my face, and I really enjoy the feel of it on my skin. Although I am using a sample version of L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory I have had it before and I’m considering buying a new one as soon as my current foundation runs out. Although I have a love/hate relationship with this depending if my skin is going through a dry patch or not. I also used two concealers this time using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer in 010 Porecelain for spot and blemishes while I used the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer to brighten up and conceal my under eyes. I’m a total sponge convert with applying my base stuff, I am definitely considering trying out the Real Techniques sponge if anyone has tried it let me know what you think of it.

I’ve been obsessed with both of these recently, you’ve already seen the bareMinerals Mineral Veil yesterday and to add to this, I absolutely love my bareMinerals Luminary Blush in Sunwashed Berry. I only used a small pop of it for this days look simply to keep it simple and subtle next to my bright coral dress for the day. For both of these I use the bareMinerals Flawless Face brushes one big one small, the set came with the brushes and I have found that the bareMinerals are definitely the best brushes for mineral makeup.

Since last October when I first tried and then became hooked on the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I have no idea how good eyeshadows perform on their own. Yet all of my eye looks look perfect and last all day, like the neutral eye look I created with my No 7 Mini Eyeshadow Palette using a mixture of colours from the top row and using a darker one from the bottom as eyeliner. To apply the eyeshadow I used a Wilko Eyeshadow brush to apply the colour, a Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender Blush to blend out the crease, and the Body Shop Slanted brush to line the eye. Then as my mascara I used the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara, which really opens the eyes and I absolutely love it.

Due to the bright coral of my dress I also wanted to play down the lips too I simply dabble a bit of my Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm, no harm in keeping my lips hydrated.  I also used a touch of my travel size Elizabeth Arden Pretty which is just a really girly scent.

Wednesday Makeup ft no 7, bareminerals, loreal

On Wednesday I wore the same bases as I did on Tuesday, there are only so many bases a normal person has and these were still on my dresser top as I needed to photograph Tuesday’s makeup still. At 7am I am too lazy to put too much thought into it, if its’ there I will use it. So I feel as though there is no point mentioning the base again. The only switch up was I used the Purminerals Blush in Armour which is a reddy bricky type colour and it was nice to wear for a change as it’s such a simple blush and I rarely get the use out of it so it was nice to switch it up

Once again I started my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I don’t think I will ever go without it apart from with cream eyeshadows. Once again I reached for my No7 palette probably because it was out and made another simple natural eyes. It has become my go to palette for work looks as you cannot go wrong with it really especially using just the top line. This may or may not be appearing in my monthly favourites. I then finished my eyes off with the P.S. Love Lift and Curl and Mascara.

For my lips I used my all-time favourite lip liner, the Rimmel London Exagerate Lipliner in 063 East End Snob a typical and beautiful Kylie Jenner lip colour. I wrote a review for it earlier in the year which you can read here, this is my third one now, it is pretty much a staple in my collection now. Then over the top I used a P.S. Love Gloss Stick, I initially hated this when I brought it super greasy and it is so I would never wear it on its own (see review here). However, when placed over the matte lipliner you don’t feel it or not so badly as the matte lip liner is slightly on the drying side.

Despite being in a zombie like state of not enough sleep, I am super pleased with Wednesdays Look.

So those were my makeup looks for the first half of the week, super simple because no one at 7am can be bothered with too much effort? What are your key daily products for creating a makeup look for work. The post for the second half of this weeks makeup will be up on Tuesday.

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Empties #6


I always seem to collect more and junk until it seems to get excessive, its always as though I think that’s not enough for a post and then suddenly I have a bag full of junk. It always seems weird my obsession reading/watching empties videos as its kinda loads of mini reviews.



Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in Naked: This is my second possibly even third one of these and I love it for brightening up the under eye area. My main issue with these is that you cannot tell when you’ve almost finished, I used it one morning and then next nothing more came out. You pretty much always need to have a back up if you like them which sucks.

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser: Depending on the condition of my skin as and when I use it has really varied my opinion on this but most of the time I have liked it but ever the beauty blogger in me I always have to try new things. You can read a more in depth review of what I thought of the baby skin primer here.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain: I loved this foundation and I think I may need to pick up a new one as it has such a beautiful dewy finish and it is great for spring summer. I am currently enjoying my lasting finish foundation but I think I will come back to the wake me up foundation after its done or I may give in to temptation and buy another one as it is a perfect summer foundation.

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 East End Snob: This has become a major obsession, so obsessed that I still have two more of these in my current make up stash. It is one of those products that is definitely worth the hype so if you are curious about it go and pick it up. I did a full review of it which you can check out here.

skin care


P.S. Love Love Your Skin Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Wipes: So these are one of the many options of Primark own range wipes but I picked these up as they just seemed different, you can see my initial view of them here. I absolutely love them they are really refreshing, although they are not actually any good for removing the bulk of make up it is great for once you’ve removed your make up and you just want the scrubby clean feeling. I will definitely repurchase this.

Tesco Cleansing Facial Wipes for Sensitive Skin: I think I have mentioned these before they are no way near as good as the old Tesco everyday value wipes which you cannot get anymore. They’ll do on lazy days or to correct mistakes/clean your hands while doing makeup.

Botanical Choice Eye Puffiness Minimising Patches in Ginkgo: I featured the sunflower version of these in my last empties and I decided to try the ginkgo ones. I am still not convinced that the actually do anything but they feel so cool and refreshing so even if they don’t do anything it doesn’t matter as it’s less than £2.00 a pack.

Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Eyecream: I’m so lazy with my eye creams so I’m unlikely to ever see results unless I kick myself up the arse and get into gear. Also this felt like such a drying cream so if you know any good eye creams let me know in the comments below.

Superdrug Nourish Nail Polish Remover


Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover: I’m not sure there is much to say about nail polish remover as it is what it is, I have found that the acetone free is not as good at removing nail polish as those with acetone but it is definitely kinder on the skin around the fingers. I am not loyal to any nail polish removers regardless as I just grab what is around when I need a new one.

bath and body

Bath and Shower

Wilkinson’s Fruits Strawberry and Pomegranate Fragrance Explosion Bath Bomb: This smelt amazing and left the water a beautiful baby pink colour, it just made for such a relaxing bath. The bath bomb could be split for two baths but they are so inexpensive there is definitely no need to and if you want a luxury bath without the price of lush you should check them out.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel: I am so in love with this it smells amazing and it sucks it was only a Christmas fragrance so I hope they bring it back, luckily I have a second bottle that I am using now. Its really rich and creamy and is a great shower product for both morning and night as its sweet and subtle and not over powering.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Body Polish: My ongoing vanilla obsession, I received this in a gift set with one of the shower gel and I’ve loved using it. Not as harsh as a body scrub it is a really light exfoliate so you can easily use it every other day, I will definitely grab more if it comes back at Christmas.

Dove Beauty Finish Anti-Perspirant: I love Dove Deoderant defiantly my go to brand as you don’t sweat and there are a lovely range of scents. This isn’t my favorite scent but is definitely a good one and I would pick it up again.

So there are my empties for this month, hope you enjoyed reading it and I’ll talk to you soon.


Gwenllian Branwen


Hello 2015! Looking forwards. . .



Happy New Year to each and everyone of you as you try to recover from last nights festivities, it is finally 2015. I cannot believe its 2015 already although saying that all of last year the fact it was 2014 had never really hit me, time is simply flying.

So starting to look ahead and I’m thinking about what 2015 will bring, here are some of them:

  • Turning 21: This year I will 21 and in every single way I will be an adult which is just weird to think, although this birthday in the UK means nothing extra except the ability to hire a car (woohoo). It means a proper start to adulthood although I’m not going to do anything big for it I’ll probably just have a nice day out with the other half and maybe a few drinks with friends but I’m not a big birthday person really.
  • Finishing University/Graduating: In May I will of finished with education forever and I am left with no particular path in life which is crazy scary as I’ve always known that I was going to go to university and now its almost over its wierd. I’m happy it’ll be over, no more stress and essay but then its also leaving behind amazing friends I’ve made and so many good memories its really sad really. However I won’t graduate until November, well my graduation ceremony isn’t until then but it’ll be nice at that point to see everyone again. I just really hope I don’t trip.
  • Leaving home for good: This is entirely dependant on where I find a job but this is a realistic prospect that both excites me and genuinely excites me, as I don’t know where I’ll end up making a life for myself. Its just all so odd to me right now that for once at the start of the year I have no idea where I’ll be at the end.

So 2015 for me brings a lot of uncertainty and change that I am hoping to face head on and take what life throws at me. What does 2015 mean for you?


Gwenllian Branwen


Happy Christmas


It’s finally here after 24 days of advent calender goodies, manic shopping, braving the crowds, resisting buying yourself stuff and battling wrapping paper it is finally Christmas Day!

So happy Christmas, I hope all of you are enjoying quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Fill up on amazing food, too much drink and enjoying all of the things you can’t normally as well as enjoying your gifts and seeing the faces of what you have got everyone else.

Be safe and have a great day,

Lots of love,

Gwenllian Branwen


NOTD: Elegant Touch Christmas Jumper

IMG_20141224_101627576[1] IMG_20141224_101634674[1] IMG_20141224_101644378[1]

Happy Christmas Eve! Its almost here and to get into the festive spirit I’m wearing Christmas Jumper Nails by Elegant Touch and I think these are a perfect amount of festive.

They come with stick adhesive tabs, with a choice of two shapes which I wore when I went out for work drinks and only lasted a night, as I won’t be needing them again I’ve used nail glue. The only thing I’d say about these is the price I got them on offer  from asda fr £5 but they retail for £8 a little on the pricy side but then its cheaper than getting it done professionally and they are super cute.

Happy Holidays,

Gwenllian Branwen