How to Pack Efficiently: for Train Travel

packing efficiently

Over the years I have done a lot of train travel for leisure as although I have been able to drive there has been little point having a car while at university. So armed with my trusty rail card I have taken to the rails (occasionally by coach), and there is definitely a knack to travelling by train so I thought I’d share my packing tips if you are using the train for leisure purposes.

  1. Write a list

As with any time when you have to pack think about what you are doing and write a list or what you know you need. Pack appropriate clothing for the location, time of year and activities you may be doing while you are away and also can you do laundry while you are away as this can help you cut down items. Of course with rail there are no bag limits but whatever size bag you pick you will have to drag/carry it, so keep this in mind.

  1. Pack only what’s on the list

Most importantly once you’ve made your list stick to it, if you keep saying just one more item it will go crazy. Stick to the list no matter what so if you’ve decided 3 tops take only 3 tops just pick items that you can mix and match or is practical.

  1. Keep it compact, you have to drag it

I am definitely one of those who is definitely guilty of packing a huge bag, I have now managed to get 9 days’ work of items within a suitcase which is suitable to use as a carryon bag with planes. That and a decent sized hand bag and I’m all set. It is definitely now more manageable to drag around stations and carry up and down stairs. A carryon bag size is definitely the most suitable if you are in London and may need to tube between stations enough to carry everything but not too heavy to carry or fit on a packed tube.

  1. Think case with wheels

I will always use a case with wheels it makes the whole thing much simpler, I highly recommend one as carry one can just be painful. I have a standard two wheel drag one but the ones which four wheels may be much better as they are more manuverable.

  1. Know you’re route – stair case practical

This is a something I have mentioned before but would just like to reiterate, know your route, and try to gain a rough idea of the stations of where you start and end as well as any connecting stations, can you cope with your bag in these stations? If no look at downsizing your bag or picking a different type of bag. In London you can be up and down vast numbers of stairs if you cannot carry your bag in these situation you may need a different one.

  1. Pack what you need to hand in your carryon bag

As well as your suitcase consider a back pack or handbag and have everything you need within easy reach especially your tickets. In my hand bag I will also keep things like my phone charger and an activity, maybe a book, laptop ect. I also take my makeup in this bag, if you are going to use it on the train than keep it in there.

  1. Keep tickets/rail card on hand

Always keep your tickets and rail card on hand, you will need them at barriers as well as to be checked on the train. I have my compact bag, which I put my little card holder with tickets, rail card and debit card, my phone and then hand sanitiser and keep this at the top of my bag so all my essentials are within easy reach you don’t want to lose anything. This makes you less likely to panic as you know where everything is and its on hand for when you need it.

I hope these tips are helpful if you do travel by train, let me know your tips for travelling by train in the comments below.

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Travel Toiletries

travel toiletries

Summers started and we’re all dreaming of going away, due to interviews and the job hunt I am not going on holiday this summer and am more hoping to go away for a small break in October for mine and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary. However, I am off to Cornwall for a week this year as my boyfriend is from Cornwall so its basically a mini holiday at his house so these are the toiletries item I am taking with me. A small side note due to the fact that I will not need to take shampoo and conditioner as my boyfriends mum always picks up tresemme for me so that saves me room for packing other bits as well as shower gel, anyway here is what is in my toiletries bag.

travel skin care


I know usually you’d think just to take makeup wipes as its a holiday after all but I like to keep up a proper skincare routine if I can as it makes all of the difference. So to keep a little bit of normality I am using The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and The Body Shop Hydrating Toner, I absolutely love this stuff it smell amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. After these two I obviously need some moisturiser so I’m taking the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser just something gentle but deeply hydrating which is all I need really. Just in case I cannot get all of my makeup off or I need to tidy it up I am taking the Simple Kind to Skin and Brightening Eye Makeup Remover Pads, I am yet to try them but I’m hoping they will be good. Then to finish off my skincare just in case I need it I have the Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish gel, which really works at simply reducing the size of my spots and seeing as its so small its good to just throw into my toiletries bag.

Then I have just some single use items in case I need some additional TLC, first up is the Superdrug Deep Action Pore-Cleansing Nose Strips because I get loads of blackheads on my nose and although these don’t always work they are great when they do.  Also my new favourite items more because they feel amazing rather than if they do anything, the Botanical Choice Eye Puffiness Minimising Patches Ginkgo so if I get tired I can just feel like I’m doing something about it. Although I rarely end up using it I often like to take a face mask and to keep it mess free I am taking the Superdrug Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask, seeing as though it is so compact there is no harm in taking it with me.

travel hair products


As well as my trusty Tangle Teezer, which I have popped in half to store hair ties and bobby pins I only have three hair products. First up is my trust TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray, I will be taking my straighteners with me so this is vital and is absolutely amazing. Then  to keep my hair silky smooth and hopefully damage free I am using the Dove Anti-Frizz Serum. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling great. The final item is Batiste Orginal Dry Shampoo, just in case my hair needs a quick refresher or I want to create a voluminous style it is basically a great all rounder.

bits and bobs


I hate lugging about a clunky deodorant bottle so I’m choosing this year to splurge on the travel sized items and I brought my favourite deodorant, the Dove Go Fresh Deodorant in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena. Smelling fresh and amazing, my boyfriend loves this scent and always steals it when I have it. Just in case this runs out I am taking a mini Women Sure Antiperspirant in the Bright Fragrance, this is purely as I couldn’t find another Dove one but Sure is a reliable brand. I don’t want to lug around a huge fragrence so I am going to take my miniature Elizabeth Arden Sunflower Perfume, a perfect travel size and a beautiful summer scent I will definitely get my use out of it.

So that is what I am taking with me on my trip to Cornwall, I think it covers everything I need without being excessive. What are your travelling toiletry essentials? Do you opt for minis, decanting or take the full size?

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What’s in My Bag: Compact Edition

What's in my bag

I’m am definitely guilty of carrying around with a huge bag filled with junk, although I’m at university 3/4 days a week and often go straight from class to work so a huge bag is needed to carry notes, laptop, work clothes ect. you name it, its probably in there. Sometimes though a huge bag gets in the way and you just want something small when you don’t need a lot so here’s wants in my travelling light bag, a very refreshing change.



So the bag is a beautiful little thing I picked up in the sale section for £4.00 you can see it in my random haul here. It is just a perfect compact size just enough to fit in your essentials and it really stops you from packing too much. I also love the fact you can detach the straps so you can use it as a clutch if so desired or you can change up the strap up a bit so it can be a versatile bag. I’m very glad I picked it up and cannot wait to trade in my over sized  bag to something a bit more manageable.


Lipbalm: Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm in 010 Clear (Keep Calm and Shop): A lip balm is always important to keep in your bag although it is something I always change up. At the moment I have this fun rimmel one, it comes in other colours which are tinted but I tend to prefer a clear one to keep in my bag for general use. I also love how easy this one is to find as it is so vibrant.

Tissues: Superdrug Ultra Balm (10 pack): Tissues are always a must whether you need to clean up spills or the usual purpose you need tissues. Plus they barely take up any room and are actually a useful piece of clutter.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel: Cussons Carex Complete Fun Edition Strawberry Laces: Another must for someone on the go hand sanitizer for whenever you need it, whether you out and about and just need a refresher, also a must for public transport or grabbing food on the day. At the moment I have this delicious smelling strawberry laces one which is absolutely amazing, I tend to opt for flavors as I prefer a bit of a scent as opposed to the sterile scent.

Phone: An obvious inclusion in every bag, a phone. All I have added to it is this cute simple purple phone case which I picked up for £0.99 off ebay as all I wanted was something simple to protect it.

Keys: Once again another little obvious addition to any bag, they do take a little bit of room simply due to the size of my key ring however, in a bigger bag I find this essential also I absolutely love it as I think its so cute.

Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy (in 01 Lush Coconut): As I don’t have the luxury of having endless lip products in my bag to not only mix up my look but because I’m too lazy to keep taking my lip products our apart from when I need them. As I needed to slim it down I’m mainly going to keep this in my bag adding a subtle nude colour and a nice shine its perfect as a gloss/lipstick combination and due to its natural colour it goes with everything. Also the YSL lipstick are so light and comfortable I cannot wait to expand my collection.

Card Holder/Small Purse: I would usually choose to keep my card ect in one of these but unfortunately I don’t have either as the card holder I brought on ebay got lost in the post and I don’t really have a small purse to put in it as most of my purses are bigger than the bag. I will hopefully get one by the time I really need one.

Have you thought about downsizing your bag and if so what would you keep and what would you eliminate? It is so nice not to be weighed down with junk.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen