Battle of the Face Palettes : Sleek Vs. Makeup Rovolution

Drugstore Contour PAlettes

Unlike with other products where I state my first impression and then use over time, which I feel is important with lipsticks and foundations which I have reviewed in the past this isn’t exactly a new product to me. It’s a direct dupe for the Sleek Face Form and my initial impression was more ‘hey this looks exactly the same’. For about a week or so I have interchanged the Sleek Face Form and Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt, and I finally feel ready to compare.

Sleek vs makeup revolution contour palettes

Travelling and Practicality

As you may or may not know, I love my Sleek Face Form palette taking it Travelling with me as well as using it for my 6 Product Face. A simple dare I say, Sleek, its compact with a really decent sized mirror perfect for travel, to put in your bag or just to have in your collection. It is also has fairly robust packaging that I doubt will break or crack as its thick tough plastic. It is obvious just from the price point of the Makeup Revolution Ultra Scuplt, the packaging would not be as robust or pretty but it protects in and there is a practicality to seeing the colours through the packaging know as in your collection you know exactly what you are getting. The see through packaging does prevent a practical mirror, there is a small mirror inside the palette but being only a thin strip, I feel as though the mirror is redundant and there might as well not being one. It terms or practicality and packaging, I think the Sleek Face Form Palette is the clear winner but it costs £7.00 more which means it is obvious a greater expense can be spent on packaging. The Makeup Revolution palette is not bad but it’s just not a robust or practical as the Sleek palette.

Drugstore Contour Swatches

Swatches and Colour Comparisons

I have to say side by side the bronze and blush are so damn similar you could get away with either and wouldn’t notice the difference, the only thing different is the highlighter. In both cases the highlight just adds shimmer opposed to lightening everything up, which I know is not to everyone’s taste and I do know people who find it too shimmery it depends what you like. If you prefer more lightening then there are plenty of options on the market.

Use, Appearance and Blendability

I never think about much about applying Sleek Face Form anymore, after having it over a year you simply get used to how much to put on the brush and where your prefer it. It blends so effortlessly that you don’t have to worry about heavy handed adding just the right about of colour or highlight. I love the blush in the Sleek palette but due to the shimmer content it is definitely more of a spring/summer blush or evening blush in the winter months. I don’t always used the blush sometimes simply switching out the blush depending on what I feel like. I love the bendability of this palette and you can blend to make subtle transitions between the colours creating a more seamless look.

The main difference between the two of these is that the Makeup Revolution bronzer is not as bendable, needing a lot more work to blend it out. What I have found works best for the Makeup Revolution bronzer is that you need to build it up tapping off the excess and take time on it, it may seem like more effort but it is so much effort to blend it is a much better route. The blush has less shimmer or glitter in it than the sleek counterpart but it is less pigmented, so it does need building up but I don’t feel like this is a big deal and the reduced pigmentation gives you more options from a slight flush to a pop of colour it is a really diverse blush. Also with the less shimmer it is more wearable in my option for more occasions but I think in either case I am most likely to use the highlight and bronzer, choosing to mix up the blush more.

For colours there is little difference between the two, pick up whichever you want if you like the colour selection. The Sleek Face Form Palette is more blendable while the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt is one where you need a light hand and build it up, so I won’t pick a winner here as this depends on your skill level and preferred method of application.

 Sleek Face Form and Makeup Revolution Contour

Which is Best?

I think if I only had one I would opt for the Sleek Face Form palette as it blends so much easier and it is more practical packaging. Both are great and do the same job, if you are happy to bland and always do your makeup in a proper home set up or if travelling you have a proper area to do makeup there is no reason not to buy the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt. Both are great products and I would recommend both, but I know due to them being so similar you only need one in your collection yet you cannot loose with either of these.

The Sleek Face Form Palette is available from Sleek, Tesco, Superdrug and Boots for £9.99, and comes in 4 shades Fair, Light, Medium and Dark.

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt, is available from Makeup Revolution and Superdrug for £3.50, and comes in Ultra Fair and Light Medium. Makeup Revolution also do a similar Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten Palette which I am curious to try now, highly similar and only £4.00.

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July Favourites

July Faves

I cannot believe how quick this year is going? How is it August already! July has been a really good month starting with a holiday in Cornwall and ending with me starting my first graduate level job it is completely insane. So I am back with my favourites for this month as I found some new loves and rediscovered some others.

july faves ft body shop, bareminerals, sleek and pixi

Beauty Favourites

I’ve been loving face makeup lately and really started putting effort into a full look again, so after taking it travelling and falling in love with using it properly I’m loving my Sleek Face Form Palette in Light. I love Sleek products and this is a great do it all product and I have more effort into contouring it at the moment, the only thing I don’t always use is the blush which leads me into my next favourite. I love my bareMinerals make up and this month I have especially being loving my bareMinerals Blush Luminary Blush in Sunwashed Berry. This is more of a rosy blush than I usually go for as I opt for more of a coral toned pink but I’m loving the change. It’s such a long lasting and light weight blush and I cannot imagine I will stop losing this anytime soon.

I love pink toned neutrals, with my favourite palette being my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but to conserve space when I went away I took the Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Plum Quartz and I haven’t stopped using it since. Filled with pink and plum shades it is right up my street, for a simple low key look I’ll just use the lightest shades but you can easily build up a variety of looks.

Although I love my TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner every so often I get a really dried out scalp (TMI maybe), my sister when she gets it uses medicated shampoo which smells awful. I instead use The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner and it works really well, I’ve written a full review for it here. So my dry scalp is going and I have beautiful banana smelling hair, very summery.

Finally a nice summery scent from Elizabeth Arden in Sunflowers, I got a bunch of travel sizes last summer as I wasn’t as keen on this initially but this spring summer I have really fallen in love with it. A little goes a long way with this one and it lasts all day which is ideal really. So I just put a little dot on my wrists and behind my ears then I am set for the day which is great really.

Non-Beauty Favourites

I rarely do non-beauty favourites as I don’t always have enough to say in this regard but this month there are one or two things that I have really being loving.

 tour de franc july favourite

My TV favourite this month has been the Tour De France, which ran pretty much the entire month from the 4th right through to the 26th and I wanted it live most days for the first two weeks before starting my new job. This year has been amazing with the closest competition for years with the biggest names in cycling, plus an amazing effort made by the British cyclists. With Froomes historic win and amazing performances for all 10 British cyclist with a record 8 finishing it’s been a good year and hopefully we can move away from any negativity.  As the final day rolled round I opened a bottle of wine and ordered a take away thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.


 So I got my car this month and for my first solo drive I grabbed a CD which just happened to be Twin Atlantic The Great Divide. I saw them finally last November and putting this it just brought all the amazingness back, I haven’t bothered to take it out of my car yet I just happily drive along listening to this great album.

So what have your guy being loving this month? I love reading favourites which means I absolutely love this time of the month as it helps you really discover new products as if they are someone’s favourites it’s a great recommendation.

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Day 73: My Everyday Make Up Routine


So today I thought I’d just show you what products I am loving for my current every day make up, I just go for a simple subtle make up look which is suitable for every occasion.


So first up, no matter what I use my Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer in Normal/Combination skin. I just put this on all over and wait a while for it to soak in, it’s no surprise that its still in my every day routine as it’s the primer I always come into and my make up is transformed with this underneath.


Then I just apply my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in shade 010 Light Porcelain with a Wilko Premium Stipler Foundation Brush. The foundation is amazing as most of you know and luckily for us pale girls it comes in a large variety of shades so you will be able to find one to suit you. I’m playing around with cheaper brushes so I’m trying out one Wilko face brush and two eye brushes, its working well and if you want a full review of wilko brushes let me know in the comments below.


As I’ve been travelling and away from home a lot my Sleek Face Form Palette in Light has become a go to product and I just apply it with a Cosmopolitan Blush Brush. I don’t do full on contouring but a do a basic bit, or sometimes I just use it for a bit of blush or bronzer to freshen up my face. It is just a versatile do it all palette and will worth getting. If you want to you can check out my review of this here.


So for a concealer I am currently using the MUA Cover and Conceal in Light, as my collection one ran out and this was the only one that was there close to my colour. I’m hoping to pick one up when I go into Plymouth for a day because this isn’t the best concealer, its just a bit light and watery so not what you really want from a concealer but its buildable and workable when needed.


I have fallen in love with the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, its just such a beautiful neutral palettr that you can create all sorts of looks. For general everyday I just sweep Myan Dust (Top row 3rd from the right) over the lid and then put Bedrock (bottom far right) on in my crease, then blending it in. I use my two Wilko Eyeshadow Brushes to apply the colour and then I blend with my Ruby and Millie Eyeshadow brush.


I then just pick up my go to eye liner Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in 01 Black Magic, and just pit it in my water line. I’ve recently been loving my Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black Brown, my mum brought it for me when tesco had a load gong cheap and it was only £2.50 and I’ve been loving it despite never going for a black brown normally. I love the formula and the brush and they definitely give me fuller natural lashes.

Tip: Melt the tip of your pencil eye liner in a lighter flame for a second or so then allow to cool before putting on, it gives off a more intense colour and helps eye liner last longer.


I always set my make up with a pressed powder and currently I’m loving MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1, and apply it with a Kabuki. I find you can’t really go wrong with pressed powders of any price and I love this one it gives good coverage and luckily the light shade is the right colour for me.


And finally, day to day I don’t always bother with my lips but I will always but on my Barr y M Cor Balmy Lip Balm in Adam and Eve, to keep my lips soft and hydrated. You can read a full review here.

So that’s my current day to day make up, I know you may have seen a lot of these products before but once I find something I love I always go back and others just suit me while I’m doing a lot of staying away from home.

What’s your current make up routine? Do you keep it simple and repetitive like me, or do you regularly mix it up?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 29: Sleek Face Form Review


So I brought this a few weeks back and thought I’d do a review of how I found the Sleek face form kit. I purchased shade 373 light as I thought in the shop it was the same as the contour kit in 3 shades however, the face form kit also has fair so once this is used up I may try that.

When you purchase it, it comes in a little cardboard box which I personally think looks cheap and tacky so I threw it away however I think the little palette/compact looks so nice and sleek. I also love that the mirror is fairly sizeable so it is a handy little kit for travelling or touch ups on the go.



So lets look at the 3 products individually. Initially I thought the bronzer would be to organge but that has never been and issue. I tend to put very little on the brush and build it up to the desired colour of effect. Unlike the other two the highlighter is very chalky, which is a shame really as it makes it harder to get the right distribution of highlighter but it is such a lovely highlighter and shade. Finally the blush, I love the colour however, I have found it is really shimmery I don’t know it is just the top layer as I haven’t liked the shimmer I keep using one of my other blushes so I may try and take a few layers off and see.

I love the principle of this set so much and I don’t know if each one is different, I may have to take a look at the fair one. I am also unlikely to repurchase it as a trio and next time to go for the contour kit as I will not use a shimmery blush.

All in all I am undecided the principle is great and all in all its not bad but I am unsure if it is a definite repurchase or not I think when it runs out I will see what else is available.

Have you tried this product? How did you find it?

The Sleek Face Form kit is available from Sleek, Superdrug and Boots for £9.99.

Gwenllian Branwen