DIY Pamper Jar Inspiration

So today I thought I would do a quick post about a small gift I did for I did for one of my best friends from university. I’ve seen these jars all over the place and thought I would do it myself, this isn’t a DIY per say but this is what I filled it with and how I wrapped it all up.

DIY Pamper Jar - Kilner Jar

I was so long to find this pink Kilner jar on offer, and I built it all up around this jar. It’s a really great size and I knew she’d find a use for it in the future whether within her passion for baking or for general storage.

The next thing was to fill it up, wrapping each thing in cute stared tissue paper so everything that is in there will be a surprise. I started off with two Soap and Glory travel sized items, a body scrub and the old favorite righteous butter. A perfect pairing for travel or just to try. I then went for a load of little treats from a Foot Pack, Aussie hair mask and a selection of face masks. Finally to finish off the jar, I packed in 3 nail polishes two beautiful shades of purple and a glitter top coat. All small items that I knew she’d love and appreciate and I think that’s the joy of the pamper or treat jars that you can do whatever you want with them.

I found the cute star tissue paper in the card factory and this pink and white bag in the pound shop. I just feel like they really finish the whole gift off, it looked so cute and she loved the gift.

So have you ever made up one of these jars, what would you put in it and would you make this for a friend?

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Declutter and Donate: Hints and Tips

donate and declutter

It’s insane when you cannot properly close your draws or your wardrobe is close to bursting and as it is the end of the year I feel as though it feels like the best sort of time to properly declutter then donate what I don’t need to charity, provided it’s in a fit state. Although those bits of clothes that are falling apart can be donating to a charity where they take old and damaged clothes are receive a cash donation so research and see where your old clothes can do some good. So I thought as I was decluttering myself I would do some hints and tips to make the process easier for you guys too.

The majority of these hints and tips are related to clothing items, but I have included some bits related to general donating advice and where you can donate non-clothing items such as bric-a-brac which are often harder to donate, so skip to the end if you just want to know these things.

Tackle One Thing at a Time

Don’t do everything at once, it will become overwhelming and will just feel like a drain totally demotivating you. So take it one step at a time doing each draw, shelf or rail individually then you can take it much easier and you get that little sense of achievement as and when each thing is completed. It also allows you to stop at any time once each area is completed, instead of doing it in one day you could take your time doing it over a few days if that works better. Just ensure you do it but split it over a week aiming for particular things each day.

Take Everything Out

Once you reach something take absolutely everything out, so then you can see what you have and asses the space accordingly. It also ensures that you don’t overlook something and everything will get looked at, you never know what you will discover.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rearrange

Take the opportunity to rearrange if it is needed, look at what needs to go where and see if there is a better arrangement. Perhaps have a place that is further down for summer clothes and winter clothes, I know not everyone does this as I don’t due to layering more in the winter rather than having a separate wardrobe necessarily. Or separate the go to/everyday basics and those that are a little more special and different. Make your storage work for you, which will make everything much simpler when getting ready in the morning.

Try on Clothes

If you haven’t worn something in a while then make sure you try it on, see if it not only still fits but if it is still flattering or something you would still wear. Also if it doesn’t fit get rid of it, its wasting space if you think oh I’ll lose the weight to wear it because you might not. Get rid of what doesn’t fit.

If You Haven’t Wore It

Special Occasion clothes do not come into this rule, I have some dresses which fit perfectly and are ideal for weddings but obviously they do not necessarily come around that often especially at my age a lot of my friends aren’t at that stage in their life. If it is everyday wear and you haven’t worn it for 12/18 months you probably won’t wear it going forward, there can be hidden gems some items you may want to try and reintegrate into your wardrobe

Don’t Think Twice

If you have already decided to get rid of an item, do not then re add it back into your wardrobe, this is because you won’t touch it again. Especially if it doesn’t go with anything or doesn’t match your style you won’t suddenly start wearing it again. Stick to your guns and don’t think about it.

Sentimental Items

Sometimes clothing and items have a sentimental reasons for wanting to keep them but sometimes you are never going to wear them again. If you are never going to wear it again due to not wanting to ruin it or it no longer fits, then remove it from your wardrobe. I have a memory type box which is stored away so get a large plastic box and put those special somethings safely away and taking up space in your draw.

Research Your Charity

If you are going to donate to charity do your research and see what you prefer, look at what causes they work for and if you agree with them. Also depending what charity you use there are a number of things your clutter can go from charity shops to, some only take certain things. Also there is a huge amount of variety in terms of the amount of money that is donated per £1.00 earnt etc. like how much goes to the cause, which you should always look at when not only donating to charity both money and items as well when buying charity affiliated items. Just make sure you do thorough research.

Also with clothing items some take donations to sell (some which you can get small amount of money for your items), some it’s to give them to people in need and others they just get money from the donations when these items are recycled, therefore they may take damaged items. Do your research and you may want to give to multiple charities depending on what they take or you want to give to multiple causes.

Wash the Items You Wish to Donate

I know before going away items were washed and most people wash charity buys before wearing, items that have been stored away can smell musky and it’s just more pleasant. It is minimal effort to wash items and if it’s only a few just wait until you are doing a normal wash. For non-clothing items try and clean them or wipe them down just so it’s a lot more pleasant

Bric-a-Brac/Large Items/Beauty/Bras

Although the focus here is on clothes when decluttering you may end up with other things which you wish to donate so I thought I’d add a brief bit of information on non-clothing items here which may be of interested to you.

So often Bric-a- Brac is one of the hardest things to donate but you don’t always want to throw away. Bric-a-Brac is definitely more of a charity shop item but it varies from shop to shop. Just research it fully online or talk to your local charity shop volunteers to see what they take or what they like. Most shops take general decorative items, toys and games, DVD, non pierced jewellery etc.

Large items such as furniture etc. are hard to get rid of and are often dumped or scrapped but these can be donated too. You may have seen charity furniture shops for YMCA or the British Heart Foundation, these can easily be donated to but make sure you check the information online before donating as they will only take certain things. For example many charities will take donated beds but will not always take mattresses (although the British Heart Foundation does take mattresses), although the appropriate labelling will still need to be attached. You also do not need to necessarily need to be able to transport the items yourself, I have donated items to the British Heart Foundation in the past and they will pick things up at an arranged item slot (warning these are huge time slots and you may need to take the day off work). Also there is no guarantee items will be taken due to damage or incorrect labelling which may restrict them selling the item on, so do your research and talk to the charity themselves.

Most charities do not take underwear donations (unless new and packaged), yet you can donate warn bras to a number of charities and often shops like Bravisimo have a bra donation bin for old bras. Also quite a few breast cancer take bra donations, including the broken and dead ones as they will receive money for them. Usually Bravissimo/Debenhams are best through as the donation bins are in store super simple.

Finally beauty items, it is often harder to donate beauty items even if they are sealed and are often best to regift, I suppose it is possible to sell these on ebay but I wouldn’t recommend buying or selling beauty items on ebay even if it is sealed. Yet some charities will take beauty items to know more as it is mainly if sealed and it can depend on local areas in the UK look at Womens aid if you want to know what is and isn’t acceptable and if it is an option for you.

Alternatives to Charity

Obviously there are other options for decluttering or giving new like to products other than giving them to charity, do whatever works best for you and there is no reason to donate to charity if you don’t want to. If you are skilled or know someone who is why not try altering clothes or even doing some DIY projects, this breathes new life into products. If you still love something but it’s too big there is no reason why you cannot take it in, some products are easier than others and you may want to visit a tailor for more expensive of difficult items to ensure long lasting and quality finishes for the items.

If you want to make a bit of cash why not put the items on Ebay, this is the best route for bare worn items or even completely unworn items as they will sell better. Remember postage costs so put appropriate post and packaging pricing on it as well as delivery times, any money made, not from the p&p fee will have a 10% (I think) taken off as a sellers fee. Some items will not make a lot on ebay, and without a solid ebay rating it can be hard to make money although it’s not always a bad bet just make sure you try to maximise your chance of a sales and a good price but there are plenty of advice articles for selling on ebay.

With like new or unworn clothes and beauty items sometimes giving them to friends or even swapping with friends isn’t a bad way to go, you de clutter and they might get something they love. This is especially good for hair care products you have tried and don’t love or unused makeup or skincare you just brought and never used, as someone else can make the most of them and they don’t just sit around doing nothing.

Hopefully these are useful to you, I just feel so much better after doing a huge clear out, you’ll have more space and you’ll use more of your wardrobe or stuff as more of it is visible. You’ll also feel great by donating no matter what you do with it, as you’ll earn a bit or give it to a worthy cause. Just do your research into your charity, as we all have different causes we rather give to so just read the small print to ensure a appropriate level of money is donated to the cause due to your donation.

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DIY Pamper Box

So its my best friends birthday today and I thought I’d show you all the cute little DIY pamper box I made for her. These as DIY Pamper Jars as gifts have been floating all over youtube and the blogosphere. So I thought I’d show you my own take on the box.

You Will Need:


A box; tissue paper; ribbon and embellishments;

and all the pamper bits you want to use.

Step One:Place a Layer of tissue paper in the bottom of the box and loosely up the side how neat you wish to do this depends on what effect you want.


Step Two: Wrap up all of your goodies, add extra embellishments or make them all different colours I just chose to keep the whole thing simple with just purple tissue paper.


Step Three: Arrange your box, depending how much you’ve got and the size of the box can really cause a difference in the time this can take. Mine only all just fitted in so it took some doing, if you have extra space just pad it out with additional tissue paper.


Step Four: Close your box, and begin to decorate. I used a 2m length of ribbon and wrapped it round before sticking on a pretty decorative box. And there you go simple but a great personal gift.


Hope you liked the simple but adorable DIY  gift idea if I do any more I’m sure to let you know. However I thought I’d go into a bit more of what I got and how you can get ideas as to what to put into your box. If you’re not interested please press like if you liked the DIY and I’ll be back in a few days.

The Box and Decorations:


I brought all of these bits from Card Factory so they are all fairly inexpensive, usually they have loads of pretty boxes but at this time of year its hard to find a huge variety so I went for silver glittery box while the purple ribbons and tissue paper is because those are my best friends favourite colour. You can stay simple like this or go for all sorts of fancy embellishments just to doll it up and make it something special.

Gift Ideas One: Gift Sets 


These bits I picked up in boots half price gift bits in the sale, things like these mean you can get great gifts for a fraction of the price so your money can go further. The Champneys Moisturiser was only £2.00 and the Candle set was £6.00 basically great value for money and were great additions to my pamper set. Sometimes you can split up gift sets for multiple gifts or you can simply take them out and repackage them so they look so much nicer. These two I kept in their respective packaging as it was cute and worked for what I wanted.

Gift Ideas Two: Travel Sized Items


Travel items are great for these sorts of things, any minis or sample sizes as you can pick a variety especially if you aren’t sure what they like or want to give them a taste of something you’ve loved but don’t now if they will. Therefore they are such a good idea and you can find them everywhere for a variety of prices and are well worth looking into especially as you can get more and it looks like more despite been less.

Gift Idea Three: Make Up/Nail Varnishes


A bit of beauty is a great thing to slip into any pamper kit and if you aren’t sure exactly what they like nail varnish are a good way to go as you can just pick some pretty colours. I find people are more likely to experiment with pretty colours on their nails than they are to go out of their comfort zone with make up. So stick to fairly safe but pretty neutral tones, or go for pretty nails stuff.

Gift Idea Four: Sachets Yes or No?


Do you include sachets in these types of things and I think it depends what it is? Hair masks, face masks, and foot packs sure one off items that are a bit special and I think you can. I also think it makes a difference as to what the size of the potted/bottled version against the sachet as if they potted version is too big then there is no point buying the full one. Basically weigh it up in your own head as to whether you think it is worth it.

Hope these gave you a few ideas and if you try this out let me know I’d love to see what your DIY Pamper Boxes look like.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 116: DIY Candles

Feeling a bit inspired by Jim Chapman’s Candle making video and thought I’d give it a go, for better instructions follow his video.

I had some little candles that although I love the smell I much prefer the more practical shape and use of candles in jars as you light and go, so I thought I’d slip the wick out melt them down and make ones I wanted, I also melted down the end bit of a few matching little glass candles.








However if you are curious here are the basic steps?

1) Boil water in a pan fill the pan to half way with water, cut up candles or wax and place into a glass bowl or jug place in the water it should start to melt down. A glass jug is better for this as its easier to pour out at the end.

2) Once your wax has melted pour a small amount in your pot just a light covering once this starts to cool place in the wick and allow to set.

3) Add wax a bit at a time allowing each layer to set.

Thats all there is too it really, if you have any questions just ask or check out Jim Chapman’s Video which is linked above.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 8: Decorating

So my sister moved out a few months back and it has finally been decided to turn her room into a guest room, due to my parents busy work schedule I’ll be doing most of the work so far today I have only gone round where the roller wont reach with the first layer but it is going to look beautiful when we are done. So I’ll post the before shot today and then again when the project is finished.



 (Its a glamours life really)



Gwenllian Branwen