I just don’t get it? Products, brands and thinks I’ll never under stand the hype for . . .

PicMonkey CollageThere are some things I will never understand the hype for and being part of the blogging world it is harder and harder not to get caught up in the hype. Over the years I’ve got caught up in the hyper for certain products, brands or like doing certain things and here are things that others seemed to love that I simply don’t understand.


This is half I don’t get the hype and half the fact I’m allergic to half to products. Just a little note I’m allergic to lavender oil, and a few other essential oils which most of the products contain so I’d swell up, have the hives and if the lavender oil is evaporated into the air it starts to restrict my breathing (sad times). On the other hand, I think a lot of the products are overpriced. In addition to that the shop stinks it is just too much overpowering fragrance and I just find the whole experience patronising.

I’ve also run into issues with when I explain to staff at stores my allergy problem they get exasperated when I ask what is in products when it’s not clear. I waited until they were doing nothing and asked them, I’ve worked it retail I know when to ask for help. If I don’t know what is in it I’m not going to buy it allergies are hell I don’t want a swollen face ect. so I am just not going to give them the time at the moment.

 Soap and Glory

I have nothing against soap and glory and I love the bath and shower stuff I just can’t seem to get on with the make up line, none of it seems to work for me. Especially the concealer or eye-shadow primer they are simply awful. My thing here it that they are over hyped or they simply don’t work for me but I guess they work for some people. I love the body stuff though so its no biggie.

 Red Lips

You may already know a I’m not a like person instead favouring eyes but red lip stick does not suit me and I’ve seen it on a lot of people that it does not suit although they may not of found there correct colour like me. There is just a expectation that girls should wear a red lip sometimes or own a red lipstick which is stupid. Wear it if you want to, leave it if you don’t and don’t get forced into it. Also please make sure if you want to wear a bright lip just make sure it suits.

Benefits Packaging

Is it just me or is most of the Benefit packaging cheap and tacky for the price? With a similar price point to that of YSL, Dior ect but with cardboard packaging and gimmicky ideas it just doesn’t seem worth the money. I have liked several things I have tried but I don’t find that it is worth the money and I rather spend it or urban decay or YSL. This is a personal preference, and some of the products are good, some excellent but the packaging just doesn’t do it for me it simply makes it look cheap and tacky and I have no desire to give it pride of place on my dresser. For me if I choose to splurge Benefit it will sit in my stash but the tacky packaging will remain hidden.

The Crazy world of BB, CC and DD creams

With all of Blemish Balms, Colour Correcting and Daily Defence creams its hard to know exactly what everything it meant to do and if they really do anything different at all. I cannot simply keep up give me a tinted moisturiser with a mixture of foundation levels of coverage and concelears and I’m happy. Maybe one day I’ll find one I’ll like but I haven’t yet and my biggest problem is shade selection, I’m so pale that these things will never be in my shade so prehaps that is my issue with them I’ll never know.

Lash Primer

 Maybe this is one of those don’t knock it until you try it kinda things but I’m not sure this is actually worth it. Just layer up your current mascara or something as surely that is exactly the same thing. Surely putting on two layers of your current mascara is better as you have no white showing if you miss a bit ect. I don’t see much point but maybe this is something I should try first . . .

So there is a much of things I feel are over rated or just don’t get, what do you think is over hyped? Let me know in the comments below.


Gwenllian Branwen