Live: Day in the Life

Start as we mean to go on? Nah I had such aspirations, but it is now 1 am on Tuesday morning and I’ve written nothing as I’ve got so distracted by watching old full set shows of my favourite bands on YouTube, that we seem to be in this position.

So I came up with a fun idea to make up for the lack of proper post. Tomorrow (Wednesday 12th), I will be posting a live Day in the Life on my instagram all day, join me as I go to work, get ready and hit the gym for my weekly pilates session. Just be sure to check out my instagram account throughout the day from 7am, find my account here.


Hope to see you there!





What’s in My Bag: Kate Spade Leighann Laurel Way Bag

Kate Spade Whats in My Bag

Woohoo it’s time to show off my favourite Birthday present my Kate Spade Leighann Laurel Way bag. I’ve wanted a nice bag and especially a Kate Spade bag for years but it took me 3-4 years to make a commitment. Just before my birthday me and my mum went to Bicester Outlet Village and I fell in love with the Kate Spade Laurel Way bag. Its smart, great for everyday and business, robust leather that won’t mark and has plenty of compartments and space basically everything I wanted in a bag.

I’m not great at describing bags, but hey why not just enjoy the pretty pictures.

So enough of my bag what did I decide to stuff it with? As well as internal pockets, the bag has two big zipped pockets at the front and back of the bag, these are great for keeping items secure and dry. I fit my Personal Planner with a pen in my front pocket, so I can make lists, keep on top of plans and just generally feeling organised I take my planner absolutely everywhere. In the mirror pocket of this at the bag of my bag, I store a large reusable tote which is now essential with having to pay for any plastic bag in the UK plus it can hold loads so it’s ideal if I need to pick up a few things after work or a few things unexpectedly.

What's In My Bag - Personal Planner

What's in My Bag - Lipsticks

Continuing with pockets, there are 3 internal pocks two which are just open very large phone pocks and one zip pocket for those items that you need to be more secure. In my open pockets I stock easy to grab essentials usually my phone, a packet of tissues and the rather none essential items are my 3 lip products. At the moment I am love a slightly more natural toned lip colour so I am switching between the PS Pro Rich Colour Lipstick in 03 Boudoir Pink, the NXY Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes and George Tint N Pout Lip Oil in 01. At present the zip up pocket only has headphones in it maybe one day I will have something important to carry around.

Finally at present there isn’t too much in the main compartment of my bag, I’m trying not to fill it with junk really. I suppose 6 months down the line it will be filled with trash but I always carry my little bag of essentials which I have covered in previous What’s in My Bag posts ( , and it doesn’t really change so I always have everything on hand and easy to grab. Finally I have the essentials such as my keys, purse and of course a bar of Dairy Milk Hazelnut which I picked up that day as a much needed chocolate fix.

Let me know in the comments what’s your in bag essentials in the comments.



My Food Journey: Discovering Intolerances


Sometimes I like to take a break from beauty and share a bit of real life on my blog, in the past I’ve talked about mental health and real life but today I am talking about my journey with intolerance.

Ever since I was little I’ve suffered a lot with intolerances, wishing to make a clear distinction between with intolerances and allergies which people often don’t understand is a clear distinction in severity. Like most people I suffer with hay fever although I tend to start in February as I suffer from it with tree pollen. Cats and dogs always proved to be an issue, and finally I have severe reaction to many bug bites but for years I was always thankful I never had an issue with food items.

That was until last year when I was finally diagnosed with an intolerance to egg, a lesser talked about food allergy yet it’s one of the most common with a must larger percentage of the population suffering from an egg allergy that those who suffer with wheat and/or gluten. Looking back for years I have suffered when eating egg products but tended to treat the symptoms as an off day than to do with anything I had eaten. Since cutting eggs out back in October I feel so much better in myself, and I’m slowly starting to enjoy food again.

The main thing that surprised me was the complete re-education with what I was eating, and I am now hoping continue into the year to eat healthier. Initially I found myself stuck in a little bit of a food rut, as there was so much I couldn’t eat and I didn’t look for alternatives that it was so difficult but I am finally getting there.

The main problem I found with egg was its in so much that you do not realised it in, processed food use egg products as a preservative. Breads, cheeses, yoghurts all surprising can contain egg, so look carefully and forget about deserts, ice cream and cake are obviously off the menu but once again those deserts that shouldn’t often do due to egg wash. It’s just a lot of thought, shopping takes a lot longer, label checking at home and finding vegan alternatives in some cases.

I’ve found myself having preferences for supermarkets, in terms of products they offer mainly Asda and Tesco with Morrison’s been the worse for labelling items. I have become endlessly frustrated with the “free from” sections, but hey you learn to like and look for standard alternatives, although the other day I discovered vegan pesto woohoo! I’m exploring food and alternatives though and the worse than can happen is I don’t like it.

I’ve also been exploring vegan baking, there obviously are normal recipes without egg which have proved to be great staples as my baking has had some interesting results. As my dad has put it I am a great baker, usually, but there has been some questionable recipes to say the least. If you don’t try you’ll never learn but there have been a few baked goods covered in Nutella or custard to make it more palatable.

The one final thing on this journey that I am trying to adapt to is eating out, I’ve felt awkward asking for allergy menu or stick to stuff I’m sure I can eat. Cross contamination is an issue and with egg in sauces and bread, you cannot just guess. It’s definitely more me than the restaurant many have been very accommodating and one place locally had a delicious vegan menu including a chocolate tart so there has been some silver liners. This has really been a huge thing of confidence building and just thinking about what I am eating, no more impulse buying or eating on the go food requires thought and effort. On the odd occasion I have made a mistake, I’ve felt genuinely ill which I was warned about that for a while you can either be more sensitive or you feel the effects more so I’m getting there.

So that’s my food journey the past few months and I know it’s going to be a long term journey but I’m getting there. If you have any good vegan recipes let me know, I’m definitely not vegan but it sure makes it easier to ensure I can eat something.



Getting Organised: Life


September is back to school/study season and although I am now working it always feels as though it is the perfect time to get organised. As work ramps up to peak, the need to organise social occasions and just generally fitting everything in. So this is my month of getting generally organised, this post will cover how I am getting organised with life and work in general with the help of my trusty notebook and my still in use Personal Planner (First Impressions and Full Review).

Daily Planning: As you’ve seen a few times before I am currently using the Personal Planner, and I have to say the layout and setting works for me, as a list maker I can put in either my day in order or make to do lists and notes. I’m such a daily planner, I sit down at the end of every day and sort everything I need to do for the following day. Using post-it notes for the weeks key ideas, or future events in case plans change etc.  Daily planning is a great wind down idea and really helps me organise my thoughts of the day.

Daily and Weekly To Do Lists: Who doesn’t love a good list? I have to say as I’ve got older I’ve grown to appreciate the list more and more, there is more that has to be fit in and cannot be forgotten so here comes in not only my planner list but my to do notebook. The first side covers work, with daily tasks and individual tasks for those days which can adapt as the week develops and the following day is filled out one day at a time so nothing is missed. While the right hand side of the page each week, covers blog, cleaning and general other tasks. I use this not for specific days tasks (that’s reserved for my planner) but for tasks which need to be done that week but that don’t have a specific day it has to be completed.


Monthly Overview: Although my planner is for forward and daily organisation, I like to use my monthly overview to reflect it tends to offer no use for me when looking ahead but it’s great to reflect I can note key events or just general things which happened over the course of the month and it’s a nice way to look back without been dragged down my all of my lists, notes and plans.

Nothing Electronic?: Nope, nothing electronic here. I use a variety of online/computer based calendars and to dos at work and still find nothing works better than a scribbled on desk pads. The simple act of writing it down or having something sat in front of you, I never pay attention to digital organisation. I will cover next time how I use excel in the organisation of my blog, as this is simple calendar use and is more of a reference document than anything else.

So that’s how I keep my hetic life organised and how I keep on top of things, how do you keep your life organised. Are you a planner junkie or do you manager to magically keep on top of things, let me know in the comments?

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Night Time Routine

I am not sure if I have ever done a night time routine, I did cover my skincare routine through all stages of the day back in February which you can see here. Most of the products are the same or very similar as they are what works for me.

Night Time Routine Clippers Green Tea

So I thought I would start with the routine with me winding down, as my evenings vary and a whole evening routine covering what the 6ish hours between me getting home and going to bed seems a little much. So after doing whatever I’ve been doing I make myself a nice mug of Clippers Mango Green Tea, and change into my pjs, these cute coffee bottoms from Primark are some of my favourite. Then I sit and watch some YouTube videos, look through social media and text people just generally relaxing.

I take the time to tie my hair up and but on the rather fetching headband to keep all of my hair out of my face before starting my skincare routine. By this point I have usually already removed my makeup, I generally do it after getting in from work so my evening one is more to make sure my skin is cleansed and moisturised before bed.

In order to have some time away from the screen before bed, I get out my planner and write down what I need to do the next day, and appointments or plans. I also like to use the weather tracker so just make note. I’ll sometimes add to the monthly view, as I don’t use stickers but I like to draw little pictures to add some colour. Depending on my mood I sometimes to a bit of colouring while listening to some music, I need to invest in some big colouring books but for now I am using the back pages in the planner. I just do a bit at a time and build up but it’s just a way for me to cut down looking at a screen all day.

Night Time Routine Planner Time

Sometimes I flick the tv on before bed, but now I am trying to just get into bed shut off the lights and get off to sleep. It’s made such a different to my sleep and I’m glad I’ve skipped watching tv late into the night.

So what is your night time routine like, busy and hectic or relaxing and chilled?

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Reliving My Youth

In my teenage years I used to love travelling and seeing bands with my best friend, I still do but with full time work, living away due to university it happened less and less frequently for a bit. Although my teenage years aren’t far behind me and these passions and loves I still peruse one night in January I got to truly relive my childhood. Throughout my teenage years and even now Aiden have always been one of my favourite bands, the first band I saw without parental supervision and they did their last ever UK tour. The band hasn’t done anything for many years and it fell apart, the front man brought it back for one last tour and all I knew was that I has to go.

Will Francis - Aiden - Birmingham

So on one cold January night me and my best friend climbed in her car to a small venue in Birmingham to see Aiden for one final time, 2656 days after it all began. The even better fact was that loads of people we met and made friends with along the way were all going, one big happy reunion and you could see how each of us made our own paths in life. Kind of a family reunion but with less drama.

The supports were a mix from okay to fun, enough to keep you entertained. The excitement of seeing our favourite tech guy was insane, you couldn’t even predict it there was just that mental moment of it setting in that this was it, and the moment was finally here to see them one last time.

Will Francis - London

The air was electric when they descend the stage, it may only have being Will that was the only original member but he truly embodies Aiden. As a front man he draws you in, he means every word he says and is truly passionate about his craft. At the end of the first song and the music and cheers died down, he looks at the crowd making a comment about how the scene is all grown up, and it’s true it’s been 5 years since Aiden last toured the UK and we’ve all grown up. The clothes and the hair is less ‘out there’ than it once was but we are the same kids that were there 10 years before in love with being part of this family. I could go on and on about the night, but it was just a perfect end to the era in some ways we were all saying good bye to our teens.


At the end of the night we felt amazing and sad at the same time, it was a perfect set full of favourites but when it was all over it was semi hard to accept that after all these years it was all over. Through all these years I regularly picked up my Aiden albums again and again, from first hearing them my first year in secondary school. Through GCSE’s. A-levels and University. Through friendships, relationships and the travels, through it all Aiden were a sound track and now its officially over but they’ll always be a part of me.

In the word of Aiden:

I know that memories never die

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100 Questions No One Ever Asks TAG

This was going around back in October last year but often I copy these and then do them when I have a mental block for blog posts, with so many ideas for everything else I want to do coming up I ended up with a gap schedule here for no reason. I went back into my ideas folder and found this, so I thought I would pull it out and for today.

  1. DO YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR CLOSET DOORS OPEN OR CLOSED? Closed, they absolutely have to be closed simply because I am a nut job.
  2. DO YOU TAKE THE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONER BOTTLES FROM HOTELS? I don’t stay in hotels often, my dad does with work and they are often luxury brands and samples which are fun to try. I use them when I go swimming occasionally or if I’m going away for a long weekend just in case.
  3. DO YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR SHEETS TUCKED IN OR OUT? I don’t sleep with sheets on the bed, just a duvet and a fitted sheet on the mattress I need to be free when I sleep.
  5. DO YOU LIKE TO USE POST-IT NOTES? At work, with planning or reminders, I use post-its all the time absolutely mad for them.
  6. DO YOU CUT OUT COUPONS BUT THEN NEVER USE THEM? Coupons aren’t big in the UK but I do keep vouchers in my purse in case I want to use them, usually boots vouchers anyway. I don’t always use, but I try to keep tabs of the ones I plan to use.
  7. WOULD YOU RATHER BE ATTACKED BY A BIG BEAR OR A SWARM OF BEES? This is hard as I’m allergic to bees so neither would end well.
  8. DO YOU HAVE FRECKLES? No not really.
  9. DO YOU ALWAYS SMILE FOR PICTURES? No as it depends on the picture.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PET PEEVE? Cracking knuckles.
  11. DO YOU EVER COUNT YOUR STEPS WHEN YOU WALK? No, I did when I was a kid.
  14. DO YOU EVER DANCE EVEN IF THERES NO MUSIC PLAYING? When I’m cooking or blow drying my hair yes.
  15. DO YOU CHEW YOUR PENS AND PENCILS? Sometimes especially when I’m frustrated with what I’m done.
  17. WHAT SIZE IS YOUR BED? Single, I still live with my parents and the room is tiny.
  18. WHAT IS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? Crash Land by Twin Atlantic, a song which I always come back to time and time again. So good.
  19. IS IT OK FOR GUYS TO WEAR PINK? Yes, if it suits them there’s no reason they shouldn’t.
  20. DO YOU STILL WATCH CARTOONS? I still love the Simpsons.
  21. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE MOVIE? Oh god I don’t know, unpopular opinion but star wars I cannot stand.
  22. WHERE WOULD YOU BURY HIDDEN TREASURE IF YOU HAD SOME? I struggle to find stuff I’ve put in my wardrobe, so in there I so would.
  23. WHAT DO YOU DRINK WITH DINNER? Water, as I don’t want to interfere with the taste of my food.
  24. WHAT DO YOU DIP A CHICKEN NUGGET IN? Ketchup usually, I am not keen on chicken nuggets though.
  26. WHAT MOVIES COULD YOU WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND STILL LOVE? Sleepless in Seattle and Knights Tale. Heath Ledger as a night, swoon.
  28. WERE YOU EVER A BOY/GIRL SCOUT? We have scouts in the UK but not girl/boy scouts. I was a ‘Rainbow’ and a ‘Brownie’ though.
  29. WOULD YOU EVER STRIP OR POSE NUDE IN A MAGAZINE? I always love the tasteful nude shoots, I kinda like the idea of doing it.
  31. CAN YOU CHANGE THE OIL ON A CAR? Not a bloody clue, I know how to check the oil level but I’d just pay to get it changed.
  32. EVER GOTTEN A SPEEDING TICKET? Nope, never even been speeding. I have a telematics or ‘black box’ in my car so I can speed especially due to the additional costs to my insurance that might get added on. Just over a year of a license and less than a year of driving it wasn’t worth it/
  33. EVER RAN OUT OF GAS? Nope.
  34. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE KIND OF SANDWICH? Tuna and sweetcorn.
  35. BEST THING TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST? Fruit and yoghurt.
  36. WHAT IS YOUR USUAL BEDTIME? Whenever I fall asleep usually between 11pm and midnight.
  37. ARE YOU LAZY? No.
  40. HOW MANY LANGUAGES CAN YOU SPEAK? English and very basic French and Welsh.
  42. WHICH ARE BETTER: LEGOS OR LINCOLN LOGS? What are Lincoln logs? I absolutely love Lego still even at 21, I have a Lego hobbit hole.
  43. ARE YOU STUBBORN? I can be.
  44. WHO IS BETTER: LENO OR LETTERMAN? Never watched either.
  46. ARE YOU AFRAID OF HEIGHTS? Yes, especially ‘natural’ heights like cliffs.
  47. DO YOU SING IN THE CAR? Always.
  49. DO YOU DANCE IN THE CAR? Kinda, when I sing I sometimes kinda dance.
  50. EVER USED A GUN? No.
  51. LAST TIME YOU GOT A PORTRAIT TAKEN BY A PHOTOGRAPHER? September, they have the professional photographers at graduation.
  52. DO YOU THINK MUSICALS ARE CHEESY? Yes, but it isn’t a bad thing.
  53. IS CHRISTMAS STRESSFUL? Sometimes but we always have a very chilled xmas.
  54. EVER EAT A PIEROGI? A what?
  56. OCCUPATIONS YOU WANTED TO BE WHEN YOU WERE A KID? I never knew or had a clue what I wanted to be.
  58. EVER HAVE A DEJA-VU FEELING? Not really.
  59. DO YOU TAKE A VITAMIN DAILY? I take cod liver oil daily.
  60. DO YOU WEAR SLIPPERS? In the winter yes, I like the bootie slippers to keep my feet nice and toasty.
  61. DO YOU WEAR A BATH ROBE? Yes on work mornings I like to shower when I wake up but like to finish my makeup before I get dressed so I don’t spill anything. So I wear a dressing gown to make coffee and get ready.
  62. WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO BED? Usually nothing *wink* although I wear pj’s if it’s cold.
  63. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CONCERT? Green Day with New Found Glory as support, NIA Birmingham 2005.
  64. WALMART, TARGET, OR KMART? We have none of these in the UK, but I’ll pick Walmart as they own Asda so it’s kinda the same.
  65. NIKE OR ADIDAS? Urm not a sports person, but Nike do some cute but highly overpriced stuff.
  66. CHEETOS OR FRITOS? We don’t have either in the UK.
  69. EVER TAKE DANCE LESSONS? Dance was part of my school timetable years 7-9.
  72. EVER WON A SPELLING BEE? We don’t have them in the UK, and my spelling is awful.
  73. HAVE YOU EVER CRIED BECAUSE YOU WERE SO HAPPY? Yes, although most the time its relief especially when I got into my first choice university.
  74. OWN ANY RECORD ALBUMS? I own a Man Overboard vinyl.
  75. OWN A RECORD PLAYER? My parents do.
  76. DO YOU REGULARLY BURN INCENSE? No I find it too much.
  78. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN CONCERT? I’ve seen a lot of bands that I have wanted to see live so there’s no one I want to see that I haven’t already.
  79. WHAT WAS THE LAST CONCERT YOU SAW? I have seen a lot of local shows recently, I think the last actual concert I saw was Man Overboard.
  80. HOT TEA OR COLD TEA? Hot tea most the time, but I love an iced tea.
  81. TEA OR COFFEE? Coffee.
  83. CAN YOU SWIM WELL? Fairly well.
  85. ARE YOU PATIENT? Usually although it can depends on what I am being patient for but in general yes I can.
  87. EVER WON A CONTEST? I’ve won several but they’ve always been fairly small items.
  94. WHO WAS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH? I used to have the hots for guys in the years above who I never really knew.
  96. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Nope.
  97. DO YOU WANT KIDS? Yes.
  99. DO YOU MISS ANYONE RIGHT NOW? Yes, my boyfriend we are long distance at the moment.

Phew what a lot of questions, but they are a bit different so hopefully you can learn something more about me from this TAG. Also I tag anyone who wants to do this then go ahead.

Whats in My Swim Bag?

Slight variation on the “What’s in my Bag?” thing, this time with a focus on keeping fit and exercise. Early every Sunday morning, I go swimming at the local pool and just swim lengths non-stop for at least an hour, it’s a highly enjoyable form of exercise and I find it so refreshing. So I thought I’d show you what I take in my bag to the gym, I always find gym kit type stuff interesting because it allows you to see if there is something you’re missing or you can better packing ideas. I cannot use a lot of gym equipment due to a malformed muscles, requiring a personal trainer ideally if I wish to use such equipment which is not in my budget at present so I enjoy jogging and swimming.


Anyway onto my swimming bag, I use this large Drop Dead Tote which has a cute Egyptian theme to it and I received it as an 18th Birthday present using it daily for sixth form and university. Heavy books and too much stuff is usually loaded up and doesn’t look to bad, I still occasionally use it for shopping due to the size but my day to day bag is slightly more business professional appropriate. It has several pockets and its large size is ideal for swimming as it can hold so everything I need.

First up I have the Large Bath Sheet, this is a really old large towel as I rather have something which doesn’t matter as much for swimming due to chlorine. Also it is large enough to keep you covered, and dry your body and hair without becoming saturated. Although I take a plastic bag to put my wet towel and tankini in afterwards, just so the bag doesn’t get wet although it doesn’t usually get past the towel let alone into the bag. I usually wear my Tankini Freya under my normal clothes when I go, and pack underwear for afterwards but I’m not going to show that in this post. I’m aware Tanikis might not be the best option but they work for not I need and this have proper underwired built in bras which provides the support and hold I need as being busty although next time Bravissimo etc. have a sale I may invest in a costume.

Obviously after a swim you need to shower and get off all of the chlorine etc. Sometimes I refill my travel sized TRESemme shampoo and conditioner bottles which I am using at the time but I thought I’d try something different picking up some bigger bottles to keep in the bag (promoting my laziness). So I have Vo5 Revive Me Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, which although aren’t as good as my usual TRESemme so won’t switch these strip the hair but unfortunately don’t add the moisture back ideal for stripping the chlorine but you have to ensure you use a leave in conditioner or hair oil too. There a good size bottle though and a good price as I brought them at pound land. I often find what body wash I use irrelevant as long as they clean so I have Nivea Crème Coconut Shower Cream at present, it’s rich and creamy and smells just sweet and sublte. Two more hair bits in the bag, one is hair bobbles to keep my hair mostly up while swimming and to help my tie it up and brush it out afterwards I have my trusty Tangle Teazer. For afterwards I have 3 pretty self-explanatory items first and foremost my Sanex Sensitive Deodorant, got to keep B.O. at bay after all. Then to re-add moisturise into my face I always have a trusty The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter although this always switches as well as the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser (Travel Sized).

Finally I just have a Primark Purse from Summer 2014 which has held up amazingly well still looking pretty much brand new, jammed packed with slots and places to put everything it’s so damn handy although the back section only holds receipts. There’s also my mass of keys and keyrings which despite seeing somewhat ridiculous they are so simple to find in a bag.

Yeah so that is what is in my swim bag, what is in your swim bag/gym kit let me know in the comments below? Also let me know if you know any good products for dealing with chlorine.

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Reflection on 2015


Although 2015 isn’t quite over yet, it is the time of year when you really start to look back on the year that’s gone and I cannot believe how quick this year has gone. With Christmas just days away it seems like the best time to reflect

Turning 21

In 2015 I turned 21, a recognised adult in every way. I didn’t bother with a huge blow out instead going out for cocktails with a group of friends and going out with my other half for a nice meal. I’m not a birthday person, but turning 21 always seems to come up unexpectedly and you start to realise how old and how many responsibilities you actually have everything if your life from this point onwards is down to you.

University is Over

Education is over for me, which is so weird I’ve spent 17 years in education and it just is so odd that is actually over. I finished university in May but attended graduation in September. I loved my three years at university and I wouldn’t change it for the world, I learnt so much and become so much of a better person because of it.  I now have to enter the big wide world of work and enter the ‘real world’ and start a life for myself. So it has been a big world of change and it’s kind of exciting, I don’t want to go back to university that part of my life is over, I love studying but a masters doesn’t fit in with being worth it for my career path so for now formal education is over.

Starting Work

I’ve worked since I was 16, in retail working for Argos and my Student Union Shop, 4 ½ long years in retail which for the most part I enjoyed as I worked with the best people ever. I worked completely random hours and weekends so it is nice to have evenings and weekends free now although working a 9-5 job and commuting did take a little bit of getting used to. From July to October I worked within a temporary role as a Business Analysts which I have to say I really enjoyed the project and it was a great way to start work.

Three Years In

This year me and my boyfriend reach the three year milestone, which is the longest relationship for both of us and we are still going strong. I met him my first week of university and never looked back I am so lucky to have someone so supportive. It’s been a tough year with graduating and having to make things work long distance, 300 miles, long distance but we are working things out and trying to manage relocating and finding jobs close to one another. We’ll make it though, it’s just working out the kinks and moving forward at this stage.

A Growing Blog

Sure my blog has not grown as quick as other, which barely means anything I am proud of this little corner of the internet I can call my own. I’m amazed at my commitment with me blogging regularly for 18months and being able to keep to my twice a week schedule almost all the time. It’s taken a lot of planning, dedication and organisation but it is slowly getting there. I’m glad I’ve kept it up and it’s a nice creative outlet for me.

So those are the main things that happened to me in 2015, have you started looking back yet? If so what were your big life changing events that happened in 2015?

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50 Facts About Me

50 facts tag

  1. I am 21 Years old.
  2. It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test – I just kept getting so nervous.
  3. I love spreadsheets/Excel everything from schedules, finance planning, blogging etc. Everything has its own spreadsheet.
  4. My favourite colour is purple (bonus fact- so is my boyfriends).
  5. I cannot be late to anything, early or on time at a push.
  6. I regret my choices of Alevels, they were good as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but they were so hard. I took Chemistry, Maths & Psychology, I did Physics until AS.
  7. Among other things I am allergic to Lavender Oil, this makes LUSH and skincare shopping difficult.
  8. I am the younger sibling, I have one older sister.
  9. I am 5” 7 which is an alright height, not too tall or too short.
  10. I sing to myself while driving.
  11. I always want to try and inject into my wardrobe and then always pick the black versions of stuff – and there are so many shades of black.
  12. I’ve never worn proper fake tan, pale and proud.
  13. I find organising and taking notes therapeutic.
  14. I did music grading’s when I was younger in got to Grade 5 in Bass Guitar.
  15. The first band I saw live was Green Day with New Found Glory as support in January 2005, I was 10.
  16. I’ve never been on a plane.
  17. I don’t believe in everyone have a ‘perfect red’ lipstick, I’ve tried so many colours and it always looks stupid.
  18. From food to beauty, vanilla is my favourite taste/scent.
  19. I don’t like bacon, sorry.
  20. For my first proper part time job I worked in Argos.
  21. I am in a very early Don Broco video, we got to spend a beautiful Sunday in July dancing in a field.
  22. My favourite pizza, and pretty much only type of pizza I eat, is chicken, sweetcorn, mushroom and double cheese.
  23. Me and my mum have the same car, different colours.
  24. My coffee order is always a vanilla latte.
  25. I hate eating the same things all the time, I love trying new recipes and I can’t even eat the same lunch two days in a row.
  26. I have racked up 4 ½ years of retail experience.
  27. I love playing sims, I even enjoy sims 4.
  28. My blog name is my first and middle name, yes they are welsh. No I am not welsh.
  29. Gwenllian is pronounces Gwen-th-ee-an.
  30. I’m terrified of snakes, I cannot even watch them on TV.
  31. My star sign is Pisces.
  32. I’ve never broken a bone.
  33. With Peanut M&Ms, I eat off the chocolate and save the peanuts for later.
  34. I am not a cat or a dog person, I’m allergic to both.
  35. I love statistics.
  36. My favourite film is Sleepless in Seattle.
  37. I have size 6 1/2 feet which is super annoying as half sizes are difficult to find, so I usually end up in 7s.
  38. I think red roses are tacky and overrated, saying that I love white lilies.
  39. Sometimes I crave cheesy mashed potato.
  40. I was born in Halifax, Yorkshire.
  41. I’m not a big birthday person, to me it’s just like every other day.
  42. I cannot work in silence there always has to be noise be it TV, YouTube or music in the background. Even if I’m not paying attention to it there needs to be noise.
  43. I used to have braces.
  44. I’ve never seen the final 2 Harry Potter films, I did read the books when I was little though.
  45. When my toenails and finger nails match I feel as though I have my life together.
  46. Colour coding is just everything in my diary, it just helps simplify everything but adds a pop of colour to your planning without just going made with stickers and making it super busy.
  47. I have to achieve something every day, no matter how mundane that task is I have to achieve something.
  48. Jeans are not comfortable, leggings, skirts and dresses all the way.
  49. To me London is overrated, great to visit but I’d never live there it is not worth the cost of living and barely having enough money to live.
  50. Chinese is my favourite sort of take-away.

sign off