Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I’ve been pushing myself to wear lipstick and push myself to wear stuff outside my makeup comfort zone, you can check out my journey so far in my Lipstick diaries (find the first part “A Love Hate Relationship”, and the follow up “Pushing the Boundaries”), and thank you for all the support on this journey. At some point, I decided to push myself in at the deep end and buy the NXY Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, so how did I find it.

I’ve heard mixed review about the lip cremes more for a hit and miss formula, but the colour was so beautiful I couldn’t resist. With NXY been a recent launch in the UK I ordered this from Feel Unique  (check out my haul here), but had never actually swatched it as the NXY counters in Boots are only just starting to stretch across the country. So, I went in a bit blind but was so happy to give it a go.


I must say I love the packaging, although its simple and there is nothing special I love the velvety matte sort of finish of the lid its nothing much but it makes the product feels like a little touch of luxury even though it isn’t really. I’m also so glad this is a doe foot applicator; it is easy to use and apply an even coat all over the lips, As soon as I got it I had to swatch and play, it’s such a deep rich colour that you could wear a thin layer and make it more red or apply a slightly thicker coat and get a darker more vampy shade. Which I found to be a pleasant surprise, I never expected diversity with a product like this although how thick you apply it obviously makes a difference to the drying time. A thin coat with dry in about a minute, drying matte and dry while a thick coat with take two/three minutes to dry and leaves a slight tacky feeling that you won’t generally feel just mainly when you press you lips together.

So, the first day I wore it I went in at the deep end and wore it to work, if I didn’t I might never have done it and it was the best way to get some honest opinions. I work with a lovey group of girls, but they are also honest and will just bluntly let you know if something looks good or not. I was so please to get loads of complements on it. Wearing it to work also provided a good wear test, as you drink coffee, chat and eat lunch as well as the length of time you can wear as well as reapplication it is the perfect wear test as you must commit to the full work day.


I must say it wears well, there is minimal transfer onto a mug when it dries and is definitely long lasting. The main place it wears off first is in the middle, this is mainly due to eating and drinking which is not unexpected if I used a straw and didn’t eat it could last hours. It also doesn’t crack so you’ve got no patchiness of unpleasant wear on the lips. I will say as the day wears long it starts to feel drying, I definitely couldn’t commit to matte everyday.

Overall this is a beautiful long lasting lipstick which I have fallen head over heels in love with, so much so that I now regret not going bold longer ago. Are there any other colours in the range you think I should try? Also let me know your favourite lip cremes or liquid lipsticks in the comments below.

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Lipstick Diaries: Pushing the Boundaries

lipstick-diariesAt the start of September I set myself a challenge to push myself to wear lipstick and embrace something I’ve always wanted to enjoy but have often lacked the confidence to wear it. So I thought it was time to update on how I have been getting on, how have I been pushing my personal boundaries. You can check out the first part of my lipstick diaries here.

I started somewhat simple and not too adventurous, just committing to wearing a lipstick or lip colour everyday is a huge ask. So I started off with a nice nude lipstick essentially a your lips but better shade, this helped me get used to the idea without having to do anything or constantly check to see if it’s still there. Throughout October I started to step up a little with slightly more obvious colours, still in the nude spectrum. It’s all about building up the confidence to rock whatever you want. I’m gaining make-up freedom unlocking new looks and styles to try and I’m loving it. I’m going to just go for it and start going bold, just one day wake-up and decide today’s the day.

I know these are all small things by it’s a great way to boost my confidence. Also rather stupidly it’s a great life lesson, of just go in for it and learning to boost yourself. So what is your make-up insecurity? And would you face it head on let me know in the comments.

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Lipstick Diaries: A Love Hate Relationship

lipstick illustration

If you’ve followed my blog or even my Instagram for any period of time you may have noticed I’m not the most adventurous with lipstick, I love swatching an looking at all the beautiful colours but I lack confidence.

So no matter how much I swatch and try I feel completely ridiculous and paranoid wearing lipstick especially if it is out of my neutral comfort zone. There are numerous days I won’t even bother with lipstick just because I find it easier so I have made the decision to work on my feelings towards lipstick. I don’t want to change simply so I can buy and wear more makeup, it’s simply because I want to feel more confident in my own skin. I love makeup and I love playing with it so why does lipstick worry me so much? So even if after all of this even if I still don’t love lipstick as much as other products and I don’t always reach for it I just want to be confident and happy.

So starting this week I am ramping up my makeup and embracing or at least trying to embrace it so wish me luck. I will update this regularly and maybe the end of this year or 2017 for that matter can be the year of the lipstick for me.

Let me know in the comments your tips for feeling confident in makeup and what are your tricks and tips for rocking a bold lip.

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Lipstick Diaries: I Can Do This

“You can do anything if you put your mind to it.” Maybe not a quote you’d associate with simply wearing lipstick but it’s something to meet. This wasn’t a journey of simply lets wearing lipstick, it was about moving out of my comfort zone and gaining confidence. Sure lipstick was a small thing but realistically it was more about how I view things in my head opposed to the actual act of the journey.


Over the past few months I built myself up slowly, to a point when I start to feel much better about products I wouldn’t dream of in the past. There are still those odd moments of paranoia or uncertainty when wearing a bold lip but this will go in time. I went from rarely wearing lip colour to wearing a nude tone daily to building up to adding up the bolder colours into my makeup rotation. It’s all a case of persistence, sticking with what you set your mind to and you can do anything.

When I look back I think why was I scared to wear these colours before, what was I afraid of? So if I can do this what else have I not done that I can do? This was definitely more of a mental challenge than anything else that I have ever done before and simply by wearing a bold lip, I can think of all the other things I might be able to do. Sure its not this straight forward with other areas but I think for now I am onto the next thing.

So will you push yourself out of your comfort zone? What do you want to try that you have never had the confidence to do so? Let me know in the comments below, and if you haven’t read them you can check out my previous Lipstick Diaries here and here. I just also want to thank you all for the input and support in the journey, these posts have had more reception than I ever expected and I appreciate it all. Hopefully this mini series helped some if you guys too.