Empties #5


As I seem to go through phrases of empties everything I own seems to be running out out of everything simultaneously at the moment in massive lumps and chunks. I think it seems like more as everything that seems to last forever have run out at a similar time so its a big bunch. Anyway you guys know the drill, you look at my rubbish and I give you guys a mini review of it. So I apologise that it hasn’t been long since my last empties these things happen as I’ve had so many empties lately.


Make Up

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer for Dry & Sensitive Skin: I absolutely love this stuff, it will forever be a part of my make up routine. I am indifferent to the normal vs. sensitive so I just pick up what ever is there or on offer as I have normal to dry skin and they both work amazingly. I had dreadfully dry skin over the start of the year and this was such a life saver just adding a super moisturising base for my make up.

Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool: I’ve had this for ages but kept putting off using for ages as it had cracked but at home its not that messy to use and I have so many opened pressed powders I thought I just need to use it. This used to be my favourite before trying the Collection Pressed Powder, it is still a great powder and is really inexpensive I just much prefer the collection powder and as Superdrug is more convenient to me so its easier to grab collection.

Collection Pressed Powder in 18 Ivory: As I’ve mentioned above this is my all time favourite powder and I’ve already go a replacement, it is nice they go so light with the powder colours but it doesn’t look to chalky or white on the skin. If you are a pale girl I suggest trying it as it is only £2 ish.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair: This is one of those beauty blogging super hyped products that is actually worth it. It has such a high coverage and blends so easily, I’m not keen on this for under the eyes but its perfect for covering up blemishes. The only thing I hate about concealers in this style is the packaging as you can easily tell that there is loads of product left but you cannot possibly reach it.

NYC Cover Stick in Light: This one sucked its so thick, my mum has it and over summer I used it and it was amazing but I couldn’t seem to get it to work. Maybe I got a dud one but it doesn’t bother me too much as it was so inexpensive its not like I wasted a ton of money but I’ll stick to other concealers from now on.

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist: I got this for event work last summer to try and help my make up last all day when rushing around. I have less of a need for it so I’ve been using it for my long ass day at university and work or for special nights out. For £5.00 this was great as it really helped my make up last and I think I may repurchase although as I do not currently have a need I haven’t bothered yet.


Bath and Body:

The Face Shop Sparkling Wine Face Mask: This was another little Canadian treat from Danielle and I just this a relaxing bath treat before my birthday. I love using face masks and I think I’ve been converted to small packeted and paper/cloth ones. This also smelt like fanta grape which is a huge plus in my head.

Sweet Snuggles Vanilla Bath Fizzles: I picked these up cheaply from Superdrug as I’m not allergic to them and I love vanilla. However they were a bit of a dud they added nothing to the bath no smell, change to water or anything which kinda sucks but it was worth trying maybe I’ll find something better elsewhere or I’ll stick too loads of bubble bath.

Ted Baker London Body Souffle: This was another little thing I got in my gift set for chirstmas from my sister and I love the scent its so pretty, in case you were wondering its rose and sandlewood. I’ve just been using it after my shower most mornings and it simply soaks into the skin leaving it silky smooth and smells awesome. I might buy a full size on its own at a later date once I’ve used up all of my body shop body butters up.

Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena: I love this deodorant and I think I’ve had this in an empties before its simply my go to I love Dove products and deodorants and this by far is my favourite one. To be fair there isn’t much more to say.

Sanex Zero 24 Hour Deodorant: I have no idea if this is TMI or not but when I used to shave my under arms they used to get really irritated and I know you aren’t technically meant to use deodorant after shaving so I use this every few days when I shave under my arms so I’m protected and I’m no longer irritated.



TRESemme Heat Defence Spray: These bottles always seem to take forever to use up even though I use it every single time I put heat on my hair from using my hair dryer to straightening my hair. This stuff works so well and I always make sure I have a back up, I even have a travel sized one for holidays as its just that good and the travel sized ones are adorable.

Have you tried any of these products if so what do you think and what have you be loving at the moment?


Gwenllian Branwen


Primark Beauty Products: Review and Swatches

primark make up review and swatches

So as you may of seen last week in my primark haul, I purchased a load of there beauty range called P.s. Love although I couldn’t try as much as I wanted as the range was limited at the store I visited so I may do a part two some time soon.

Also I cannot seem to find the names of these of them although they all have a code on the product starting with a PS so I will try my best to describe the colour and write this code at the end. 

P.S Love single eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Single: £1.00

I only picked up one single as it was simply a choice between this colour I got and a white so I thought I’d get most used out of this. Its a warm champagne taupe kinda colour, very natural, the swatch is similar to how it works on the lid and it adds a shimmery wash of colour. The high amount of shimmer I am more likely to use this for an evening look but its a good basic colour to have in the collection.

It is slightly chalky though and you need to ensure you tap the brush on you’ll end up with it all over your face and you do have to build it up to get the colour the same as it is in the pan. I think the singles at this price point like MUA and Make Up Gallery can be variable, some are amazing and some are awful. This is sort of middle of the road, you won’t loose out by purchasing it but there are definitely better options out there.

The packaging is simple and actually feels robust as it has the satisfying click and it does not just open on a whim. The pan is a great size and you  get a good amount of of product which I’m happy about, no one could ever be disappointed with how much you get. Finally there is a small mirror in the lid, not a practical size for application but its a nice touch and I appreciate the thought to include it. The single I tried is PS2994.

P.S Love Lift and Curl Mascara

Lift & Curl Mascara: £2.00

I really wanted to try a Mascara but had no idea where to start so I picked the lift and curl mascara simply because purple is my favourite colour, logic I know. The brush of one long side and one short side similar is becoming more and more popular these days which is great as I am thoroughly enjoying. This brush type really does create the curl and I absolutely love it, this didn’t quite match up to Benefits Roller Lash mascara but I’m loving the curl it creates and for only £2.00 it is worth checking out.

P.S. Love eyeliner duo

Eyeliner and Pencil Sharpener (2pack): £1.00

There were several different colour options but I went for the practical of a nude and white for neutral eyes and pretending I’m not tired. These swatched beautifully and I couldn’t wait to use them only problem was when I actually did. On the water line or the lid for that matter it resulted in not product transfer and no change in appearance which is a shame. Inexpensive but not worth picking up, pay a little bit more for something that is better quality.

P.S. Love lip crayon

Lip Gloss Crayon: £1.50

There were a number of colours but as sometimes lip crayons can be hit a miss, so if in doubt I’ll opt for a lighter neutral colour. I find lip crayons useful to slip in my bag for easy touch ups as they can’t really go wrong so I thought it would be a great idea to try one. As it can be seen from the swatch there is no colour pay off but I simply put that down to the colour I selected, it simply has a slight pink tint if you look hard enough and a load of glitter. I’m not keen on glitter lips especially for everyday so would only use it for a night time look, adding an additional layer of glitter between lectures can only look tacky and for a lip gloss stick it seems to only add glitter rather than a glossy finish. Unfortunately this is a no go as it feels so greesey on the lips, I even kissed my boyfriend when I had it on to see what he thought for the kissability test. He found it so greesey he was pulling faces and made me fetch him a make up wipe, it is not worth it. I don’t know whether to try the other colours or not as it is so hit and miss, have you tried any other of the lip gloss crayons if so what do you think? The lip gloss crayon I tried is light pink and has the code PS2652-01.

P.S. Love Blush Sticks

Blush Sticks (Coral & Pink): £1.50

I’d never used blush sticks before buying these two so it took a while to get the trick of applying these as its different to everything else. I picked up a beautiful bright pink and a coral type pink, which are beautiful and blend out effortlessly. They also stay on all day which is more a trait of cream blush rather than just these sticks themselves so its well worth having them in your collection. I think I do still prefer my powder blush but its well worth having a few cream products in your collection in your long days or nights when you want your make up to stay. If you want to try out to cream products but not sure what to make of them its not a bad to start off with the P.S Love range as they are pigmented, blendable and if you don’t like them its only £1.50 so you have nothing to loose really. Just one last think I suggest warming up before you use it so I simply pop it in my bra before I start doing my make up and then it applies perfectly. The blush sticks I tried was a bright pink (PS2996-01) and a coral pink (PS2996-00).

P.S. Love nails

Nail Polish: £1.00 £0.80

All of the nail varnishes are meant to retail for £1.00 but since December they’ve been priced at £0.80 which you cannot possibly go wrong with. Unfortunately I haven’t taken a snap of the nail varnish but this one is simply amazing, its a really good quality glitter polish in which great with two coats giving an amazing pay of and it looks great. It removes easily but it doesn’t peel off like the barry M glitter polishes, so swap inexpensive for even more inexpensive especially as glitter nails aren’t for everyday. I’ve tried a few other colours and am presently surprised with the quality of what I have tried so if you fancy one don’t hesitate to pick one up.

False Nails: £1.00

 I picked up these false nails for 50p and couldn’t resist I’m planning to wear them this weekend when we go London Zoo for my Birthday. However I’ve brought countless set of nails in the pasts and I love them, they last a few days even more if you buy better glue and look amazing. Primark’s false nails are especially great for special nights out as they are so inexpensive and look absolutely amazing.

What have you tried from the P.S. Love range, what is worth trying and what isn’t? I’m impressed with some and not so with others but with the range been so inexpensive I don’t feel as though I’m wasted money.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Make Up Collection and Storage Part One

Okay I don’t really have proper storage and this isn’t really my full collection it is just everything that has come to university with me so I just thought I’d do a lovely little post of everything I own/use regularly enough to justify bringing.


As you can see everything has its places and are relatively easy to get to and with my current set up this is the idea make up set up as its next to the window so I can do my make up effortlessly in natural light. So now I’ll show you the majority of my collection as I missed the odd bits out (because I’m useless) and then a mini opinion on each of them or what I use it for.


L’oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing and Perfecting Milk: I haven’t used that much of this much as I’ve been swapping which products I’ve been using and so far I do like this.

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter: I love Body Shop body deeply hydrating and they smell delicious, I always by them on offer as they are a lot but I don’t think they are overpriced as a little can go a long way. So find your perfect scent and buy one.

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer Sensitive: The perfect base for everyday and I love this however, I feel like I’ve mentioned this loads. I have sensitive opposed to normal as I’ve been having more breakouts recently so I felt like this was best.

Superdrug Deep Action Anti Blemish Gel: This is a fairly recent purchase which I haven’t used that much yet but I am going to review once I feel like I’ve used this long enough to give and informed review.

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream Normal and Combination Skin: On bucking up my skin care routine I’ve kept meaning to buy a night cream, this was half price in Superdrug and I love Nivea so it was a no brainer cannot wait to get used to incorporating it into my daily routine.

Superdrug Cleansing Face Wipes in Sensitive: Brought these and they were a complete dud, I couldn’t be bothered when I got in to do the full take off so decided to use a wipe then remove the rest fully later. Well it barely removed anything and my eye shadow was fully intact despite saying it even removes waterproof makeup. When I have enough (i have 3 already) I may do a disappointing products post.

The Body Shop Love Ect Body Lotion: When my hands are dry this typically comes in my bag with me I really need to move this into one of them, unfortunately love ect has been discontinued.

Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Eye Makeup Remover: This is so thick and creamy and feels amazing on the skin I’m really enjoying it and will definitely repurchase it.

Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes: Honestly the best make up wipes I have ever used, it even removes tough waterproof makeup. I tend to only use wipes when I get in late or I’m feel really lazy but they are always handy to have around.

Superdrug Deep Action Pore-Cleansing Nose Strips: These were a buy one get one free item and they are alright and I will use them but they aren’t great.


Sanex Zero Roll on: This is great for working out and is a really heavy duty deodorant.

Compressed Dove Antiperspirant in Beauty Finish and Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena: The pomegranate one is my favourite deodorant and my boyfriend loves it too so I have two as he tends to steal them.

Superdrug Nail Varnish Remover: This is almost done and is pretty much a bog standard and really good nail varnish remover, no point spending money where it isn’t needed.

Superdrug Moisturising Nail Varnish Remover: This I bought this as a replacement for the other one but this leaves an oily residue on the skin that I am really not keen on and it doesn’t feel likes it works as well but I will use it up.

Sainsburys and Superdrug Cotton Pads: I tend to buy the baby ones as they are much bigger and more useful for take makeup off although the small ones are good for nail varnish. However, I am currently stuck with all small as this is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to pick some up for you.


Mark Hill De Frizz Control and Shine Spray: This was a pound shop gem and it was absolutely amazing I’m going to be sad when it’s used up as it was discontinued. Basically the most amazing light hold shine spray ever.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Shine Leave in Conditioner: I reviewed this the other day so check that out here.

Superdrug Extra Firm Hold Hair Spray: I used this occasionally and it holds so well, only problem with it is that it goes so stiff and crunchy so I’m on the look out for something new but will still have a high level of hold.

TRESemme Heat Defence Spray: Basically the ultimate heat defence spray which I cannot do without, something that everyone should own.


Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo: Brought this for travel over the summer and its lasted me ages as I don’t use it that often but it is simply amazing although I’m not overly keen on the scent of the blush one.

The Body Shop Hair Chalk: I bought this last easter and haven’t used it overly much as I haven’t really had the occasion too, it is a stunningly beautiful colour and works really well even with dark brown hair.

Makeup Academy Pro-base Fixing Spray: I used this loads over the summer especially during long days of working events and its so good or I use it when I have like a 12 hour day out of the house due to lectures and work.

Foot Pack: This is absolutely amazing as I have such bad cracked feet and I constantly rebuy it.


Urban Decay Naked 3: This was a gift from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it, i use it most days it is the most beautiful and pigmented shadows. I’d highly recommend it if you are considering a naked palette.

Makeup Academy Heaven and Earth Palette: The most perfect budget neutral palette and I’m getting close to hitting pan on one or two luckily I’m so obsessed with my naked palette this has been saved.

Make Up Academy Pretty Edgy Palette: The main reason I wanted this was that I really loved the packaging it is just absolutely beautiful and the colours are amazing too anyway, its definitely more of an evening look palette though.

Barry M Super Chic Palette (Superdrug Limited Edition): One of those saw it, wanted it and bought it as its beautiful despite being out of your comfort zone.


So these are all my Elizabeth Arden Miniatures that I absolutely love in order there is: Green Tea; Mediterranean; Sunflower; Red Door and Pretty.

As this is a long post and it’s taken me a while to write I am splitting it in two and the second half will be up in a few days. I love finding out about different peoples make up storage options and their main collection how they lay out their everyday products. How do you store your makeup? Whats in your everyday make up collection?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 94: Top Lip Products Under £10

So I’m starting off this top drugstore make up week by starting off with my favourite drugstore Lip Products. Essentially all the lip sticks, lip glosses and lip balms I love from the drug store. (Products will be ordered in price order from cheapest to most expensive

 MUA Lipstick in Bare


I own loads of the MUA lipsticks now, but this is by far my favourite. Its a  simple nude tone that is perfect for any occasion or make up look, its a fairly matt finish and just ties up a simple look. The only thing is that it isn’t that moisturising therefore balm will need to be worn underneath. The best thing is the price at only £1.00 a lipstick you can experiment and build your collection easily. Available from Superdrug and the MUA store for £1.00.

Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm in Pomegranate

 18I’m a big lover of lip balms and the body shop, so this one is obvious. A highly moisturising, beautiful smelling lip balm with a slight tint to it, ideal for any make up kit or bag. It smell so delicious you could eat it and they have no shortage of yummy favourites will definitely make sure my supply is stocked up. Available from the Body Shop for £3.00.

MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in Tranquility


These had a odd texture to get used to but have amazing colours and are extremely long lasting. Check out my few review of the MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer here. Available in Superdrug stores and from the MUA Store for £3.00.

Barry M Cor Balmy in Adam and Eve


This I have used pretty much everyday since I bought it and I have regularly mentioned it in current make up routine posts and make up kit posts. Read the full review here. Available at Superdrug for £3.49.

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter


For when your lips need some serious TLC, opt for the Body Shop Lip Butters unfortunately I am currently all out and will definitely be buying some before the winter weather well and truly sets in. I’m in love with all of the pink grapefruit range as it isn’t too sickly sweet and is really fresh smelly. There is no chapped lipped situation I have had that hasn’t been repaired but this. Available from the Body Shop for £4.00.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Nova


This was my statement lip colour of the summer, a beautiful bright girly pink. The apocalips colours come in a stunning range of colours and it has a beautiful moisturising formula for a full review look here. Available at Boots for £6.49 and Superdrug for £5.99.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Just Peachy


And finally Tanya Burrs lipgloss, this is relatively new to my collection and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it. A beautiful neutral colour thats smooth and moisturising, plus another bonus it isn’t that sticky although I doubt nothing will ever stop my boyfriend moaning about lip gloss. All the youtubers love it and it isn’t a bias towards a friend it is an amazing product. Available from Superdrug for £6.99 £4.66.

What are your favourite budget beauty lip buys?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 91: August Favourites


So August really did fly by and I am making a start of setting up doing monthly favourites. I was gong to start monthly favourites last month but as I was barely home and wasn’t using much beauty or anything.

MUA’s Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette


This was one of the two palettes I took to Cornwall with me but it is the only one I used when I was always and since it is such a lovely subtle and diverse palette. From a simple was of colour to smoky eyes. I live for neutral eyes and I am so glad to have this as part of my make up collection.

Halo Eye Make Up Remover Pads


I brought these for weekends away and got loads of use out of them. This month I have been really loving them for doing make up or make up touch ups on the go to wipe brushes or my hands ect. They effortlessly remove eye make up and are soft and gentle on the rest of your face, I just love them and I think I might keep buying them to keep in my bag.

Foot Pack Intensive Rejuvenation


I love these moisturising booties. After coming back from France my feet were so dry and cracked after a few weeks of wearing sandals and flip flops. These were my life saves and my feet are slowly getting back to normal and lovely again. Well worth picking up and they are so cheap.

Rimmel London Apocalips in Nova


I finally embraced the bold lips and wore this most of this month, its such a beautiful summery shade and I cannot get enough of it. Another bonus is that it stays put, for a bit more about this lip gloss with swatches and my verdict check out my review here.

So this is a brief look at why I have been loving this month, what have you been loving recently?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 90: Make Up Starter Kit (under £20)

So school starts again this week so I thought I’d do a make up starter kit, for if you want to start but don’t know where to or you want to stock up your basics. To make it more of a challenge for myself by trying to create the entire set for under £20.00 for everything therefore making it appropriate for those starting out to affordably buy.



You don’t need to start off with a full foundation routine, begin with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser which will even out you’re skin tone but isn’t to heavy. For this I recommend Natural Collections Tinted Moisturiser, there are loads that are affordable but I didn’t want to suggest one I hadn’t tried myself. This I used loads when I started out using make up and its only £1.99 at boots.

For a powder I live at the budget end, I’ve tried loads and the one I always come back to is Collection Pressed Powder. For a start this one actually comes in a shade that matches my skin tone. It mattifys, reduces oily appearance and lasts all day, basically all that you want in a powder that you don’t need to spend any more. This is available at Superdrug for £1.99.

Concealer is a must for any make up collection, a recently new discovery for me but my mums used it for ages is the NYC Cover Stick, effortlessly blendable as well as providing a high level of coverage to hide pesky redness and spots. Available from Superdrug for £1.79.

To finish it off I’m adding a blush, to add a touch of colour to your face. My new favourite blushers are the MUA Blushers. With a large range of colours corals, pinks, lilacs edging on to bronze, they are well pigmented and workable. For such a low price it is perfect for starting off your make up collection and even experimenting with colours of blush without breaking the bank. Available direct from MUA or Superdrug for £1.00.



Most important for eyes is mascara, defining and adding to the look of the the face. Here I am choosing my tried and tested endlessly repurchased Collection Supersize Fat Lash MascaraI love this which adds lots of volume without clumps or looking unnatural it is now a permanent part of my make up collection. This is a great mascara for the price, I also love the Max Factor False Lash Effect but costing an aditional £8.00 its not for starter, I have also never paid full price for it so I understand not wanting to spend £11 on a mascara when cheaper ones like this work just as well. Available at Boots for £2.99.

For Eye Shadows I picked two palettes allowing you to complete all looks that you’d want to. First up I picked the NYC HD Quattro Eyeshadow in Gothic Harlem, this is perfect for night looks with everything you need for a night look, highlighter and all. Perfect for smokey eyes and dramatic night time looks, also at only £2.99 at Superdrug it is a perfect staple for your make up bag. In addition to this I picked my go to, madly in love with palette MUAs Heaven and Earth Palette. It is great for so many looks from simple to dramatic including beautiful brown smoky eyes, I just can’t get over how pigmented the eye shadows are it is just the perfect neutral budget palette. Available from Superdrug for £4.00.



I’m counting these as simple 1 item at only £1.00, as I think lip colour and picking between lipstick and lip gloss is definitely a personal preferences. I especially love the lipsticks such good pigmentation and log lasting I think everyone should check them out.

Final Total: £17.75

So here are a few ideas for a complete make up kit if you are just starting out especially at coming in at under £20, everyone priorities are different I am a much more eye person some people prefer lips so will spend more there and less on eyes.

What is in your make up starter kit?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 57: MUA Brand Focus


So today I thought I would do another brand focus and this time I will focus on the amazing budget brand MUA which is an amazing budget make up brand which I have mentioned plenty of times before.



I cannot seem to get on with their foundations which is a shame as who doesn’t want an amazing cheap foundation. The biggest issue is there lack of shades with most only having 3 shades, the BB having the most but there is still not a light shade and the lightest shade is still too dark and turns me orange so pale skinned girls you have to miss out.

Most disappointing of which was the Undress Your Skin Foundation in Porcelain which was way too dark even when I acquired a tan so I have no idea what shade they think porcelain to be. I found it to be an odd texture and it would flake of on the skin even after primer/moisturiser and wouldn’t mix in properly with a moisturiser if you tried to use it like that. I just couldn’t get on with it and definitely wasn’t worth the £5.00 it cost.


P1030191So first up I have the Pressed Powder, this comes in only 3 shades so it will not necessarily suit every one. I’ve also only been using this for a week for so as I still have loads left of my other pressed powders but so far I really think it. It provides good mattifying coverage and seals my make up perfectly, well worth buying especially for travel so your perfect expensive one doesn’t smash. Retailing at only £1.00 you cannot go wrong.

Next up I have two of the £1.00 blushes in Lolly and Bonbon, I brought Lolly first and fell in love with the colour then I brought Bonbon home and realised they are near enough the same colour. So I’m slightly annoyed at myself for buying the same thing again however, at least I know I will get the use out of it. They are such beautiful colours with a good pigment yet very build-able and I’d recommend check them out. I do desperately want to check out the cream blushes so if you’ve tried them let me know.

Final thing for the face, the Pro Base Fixing Mist, this has been a life saver this summer. For the best results I place on between layers of make up but it works keeping everything in place all day through work and music festivals which is great for a £5.00 fixing mist.



So for some wierd reason I don’t have a picture of the actual products on the left is the Lipstick in Shade 14 Bare Nude and on the left the Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility. Sorry guys I completely dropped the ball here.

I have never been so surprised and delighted by a lipstick in my entire life as I have been with the MUA £1.00 Lipsticks. I’ve tried others but only have the nude shade in my currently collection as I’m not that much of a bold lip person although I wish I was I tend to focus on eyes anyway. The pigmentation is amazing and although you need to touch it up every so often, who cares when you’ve spent so little on them, they aren’t too drying but a balm is always a good idea. I just think they are great all of them are so pigmented and I love the little bit at the bottom of the packet so you know exactly what colour you are getting and there’s always a bit to tried you over once you’ve run out. With a colour for every one definitely check out the lipsticks.

Up until the end of June I’d never even consider touching the luxe velvet lip lacquer as I didn’t have the confidence to pull of such bold shades however much I wanted too. Then they released the nudes and pinks, I just couldn’t resist and they are so work it. Such true colours and staying power, I just couldn’t get over it although the feeling is a little odd at first and take some getting used too.



Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to buy any singles for this post but I have two palette so it’s a start, as when I went to buy singles there were literally just purple left. I should have done an online order for this in reality.

So first up the basic heaven and earth palette which has been around forever but I have only recently got my hands on it. It is such a perfect everyday neutral palette that you can guarantee you will get the use out of it and probably use every shade so it is such a perfect palette for every girl to have as it’s a do it all day to day palette. While my second palette is from the Luxe range and is the Luxe palette which is beautiful especially perfect for night looks or smokey eyes but it’s too beautiful to ruin so I will have to make the plunge someday.

I’m highly impressed with the eye shadows they are such beautiful colours and highly pigmented and blendable, all you really need from an eye shadow really. Sometimes you get the odd one with a low pigmentation or it is slightly chalky but its workable and for such a low price you can’t complain especially as there is pretty much a £4.00 palette so suit every occasion and need.

Also don’t forget the undressed MUA palette are good dupes for the naked palettes.

I’ve only tried the one Mascara too, which is alright for the price but it doesn’t especially add volume to your lashes so it is disappointing in that sense but if you just want a cheap mascara this works fine and is really workable.


I only have the one nail varnish as I have so many I need to restrain myself which is hard when they are only £1.00 a bottle and the beautiful shades are calling your name but I’ve managed some restraint. I’m just once again amazed as even in a pastel shade it isn’t watery and glides on so even and smooth, the colour pay off is amazing as you only need two coats so once again another great MUA product.

I love MUA although I am aware of the whole hit and miss nature of it but it can be expected at this price range and I guess I am just lucky with the products I choose. It’s different for everyone, so what is your MUA experience? Love it or Hate it? What is your favourite MUA product?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 46: MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette Review

DSCF4060 DSCF4057 DSCF4058

( Antique, Bow, Toile, Ruffle, Flounce, Lace

Sinful, Gothic, Wrath, Envy)

I wasn’t going to review this product but I’ve fallen so in love with it and had nothing else to write about so I thought why the hell not.

So I initially brought this because I love the packaging (as well as the colours obviously), its more substantial that other MUA palettes and includes a huge mirror which is great for application especially when travelling.

The palette includes 6 shimmery/pearlestant shades and 4 matt shades, so is highly versatile and perfect for smokey eyes and evening looks. The first shade in the palette Antique has a poor colour pay off but as it is more of a highlighting shade it doesn’t really matter, all of the others have a lovely pigmentation and blend so easily on the lid. I love using the pinky/browns to create a subtle everyday look but it can be taken to a night look so easily.

I’m definitely going to get a lot of use out of the palette and definitely for the £8.00 I paid for it, although it is twice the price of a normal MUA palette, the packaging is  much better quality and the huge mirror is a massive bonus. Also you get much larger quantities of all the eye shadows too so even if you only light a few colours it will last a lot longer.

Overall this is a really great palette and once I’ve its done or I start to hit pan I will definately repurchase it. Have you tried this and what do you think? What is your favourite palette?

Available at Superdrug and the MUA Store for £8.00.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 41: Travel Beauty (Long Weekend)


So once again I’m away for the weekend, and because I’m not taking much make up to France next week and we’ll be taking a mismash of hotel toiletries so this will be the last post for a few weeks where I am going to do travel make up and beauty. So every thing make up and toiletry stuff fits into these 3 small bags, I have amazing packing skills.


First up the small Ellen Tracy which has a matching larger bag, which I will use for my longer travels which you will see later on. It was initially just meant to have my toothbrush and toothpaste but now holds my primer in there too. The tooth brush is just a cheap bog standard £1.00 one as you don’t need anything special for travel really, then I have a travel sized tube of Colgate Sensitive Prorelief a perfect sized small tube that I couldn’t live without. My primer I have talked about loads before I am just so in love with it, its Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer and of course where ever I go it goes.


Next up my bag of toiletries all of which are pretty explanatory but include:

  • A highly important products Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner travel sized, I could probably last a weekend without washing my hair but we are going swimming so these are a must.
  • Mark Hill De-Frizz Shine Protect and Control Spray, I have really fallen in love with this product I brought in a pound shop and didn’t think much of it but it’s an amazing hair spray long lasting but doesn’t leave your hair crisp and easily brushes out. Also it smells amazing and is an ideal travel product especially with the plastic packaging that you don’t need to worry about.
  • Another essential is my travel sized Nivea Invisible Antiperspirant I really do not like the smell of this but its such a convenient size for a weekend away helping keeping everything nice and compact.
  • I then have two body washes first of all I have Ted Baker London Bodywear Body Wash there is only about one wash left in this so I had to bring a back up. The other is a simple cheap fill your own travel bottle filled with Sanex Sensitive from one of the big bottles and it is my favourite shower gel of all time.
  • Finally in this bag is Halo Make Up Remover Pads, I wanted to keep packing light and these will take my make up just fine for the next few days although I’m not sure if my skin will be happy with it.


And then here is my compact make up bag, I know its not that compact but I need day time looks and we’re going out to dinner for our anniversary so I’m taking a versatile palette and lip colours to change for day to night.

  • First up as for brushes I am taking: a kabuki brush; eyeshadow brush (Ruby & Millie); Slanted brush (body shop); blush brush (cosmopoliton) & eyeshadow brush.
  • Face: NYC all day long foundation in shade 737 Classic Ivory; MUA Pressed Powder in shade 1; Sleek Face Form palette in light; MUA Single Blusher in Lolly; Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer in Naked.
  • Eyes: MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette; MUA Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in Stay; Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in shade 01 Black Magic and Maxfactor False Lash Effect in Black Brown.
  • Lips: MUA Lipstick in shade 14 Bare; MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility; Rimmel London Apocalips in shade 102 Nova.

Some of these are old basics and some are new stuff that are new and I can’t wait to play with or am really loving like my heaven and earth palette and false lash effect mascara.


Finally I just have 3 loose bits that will just go in my Handbag. First up is my travel sized Elizabeth Adren Pretty Perfume its such a perfect summery scent I’m loving it at the moment. Then I have an essential for everyone travelling antibacterial hand gel, this Cuticura Hand Gel in Passion Flower and Mango smells amazing so hand gel doesn’t have to smell sterile. And finally my favourite, yet sadly discontinued, Body Shop scent in a lovely hand lotion is my Body Shop Love Ect Body Lotion in travel sized so is perfect to take anywhere.

What are your essentials when going away for a weekend? Do you like minitures like me or do you take the big ones?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 38: Another Day another Haul

So I went shopping and went a little bit mad with so many mutlibuy offers on at the moment so I’ll link to them all when relevant. So on with the haul.


So first up I went into Superdrug and there were so many mutibuy offers onI just couldnt stop myself really so I ended up spending £25.00 in the store but with savings of £8.26 who can blame me.

First up there was an offer of any 2 for £10.00 on select Rimmel Products, check out the offer here.

First up I brought Rimmels Wake Me Up Foundation, in shade 010 Light Porcelain. I’ve been considering it for a while and thought I’d finally make the plunge especially as my current foundation is too dark and Rimmel goes so much lighter plus the spf 15 will be great for the summer I am so looking forward to trying this out. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is available at Boots and Superdrug for £8.99.

Then to complete the deal as it would mean the second item would only be £1.01, I was going to buy concealer but there wasn’t my shade so I thought I’d pick up the Apocalips Lip Lacquer, in the shade 102 Nova as I’ve heard so much about them so I thought why not. Nova is a beautiful summery pink and I hope to get a lot of wear out of it this summer. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers are available from Boots and Superdrug for £5.99.

So next up I popped to look at the tea tree stuff as I currently have a tea tree obsession and thought there was no harm. All of the Superdrug own Tea Tree products are 2 for £4.00 and well worth checking out here.

So first of these I picked up Superdrugs Tea Tree Skin Care BB Cream, in the shade light. Currently it is a little bit too dark but I am very pale. I’m hoping this will be great for when I’m in france when I have a tan and just want a light coverage in order to even out my skin tone. Also the spf 15 will be great for the hot sunny days as I have the feeling of actual sun cream on my face. Also it comes in a small squeeze tube of 50ml so it will last ages but is an ideal size for travelling. Superdrug’s Tea Tree BB cream is available at Supderdrug for £3.99.

In addition to the BB cream I also picked up, Superdrug’s Tea Tree Skin Care Exfoliating Cream Wash. This is all part of my aim to take better care of my skin and these seemed like a good idea. I cannot wait to start using it and if it works wonders then its amazing especially due to the price. Available at Superdrug for £3.29.

Finally I went to the MUA counter but as I am doing a MUA brand focus post in a few weeks I’ll just list what I brought:

  • MUA Blusher in BonBon for £1.00;
  • MUA Heaven and Earth Palette for £4.00;
  • MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette for £6.00 (£2.00 off).


Next up I went to Primark as I was desperate for a new purse and I fell in love with this. It has so many compartments and slots and its a good size that if I wanted to for for a night out I could use this a small clutch and easily place my phone and keys inside. It’s just perfect for me. Available at Primark for £5.00.


Finally I popped into bodycare, as they do things cheap, I also brought a toothbrush which there is no point in showing you its bog standard really.

So I picked up a travel sized Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo its an essential for this summer but I didn’t want to lug a full sized bottle around and taking up space in my suitcase. This was the only fragrence they had which I’m not a fan of it as to me it smells like dry shampoo and lingers all day but I didn’t want to try something I’d never heard of and at least I know that Batiste works.

Then later in the summer I’m going away for a few weeks, too long for a travel deodorant but I don’t want to take a big one as it takes up so much space, I am so grateful for the new compressed bottles it will last ages but the smaller bottle are more convenient to pack and will last ages after. So as I always go for dove I brought Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Scent.

So yeah thats what I brought, what have you brought recently?

Gwenllian Williams