Top 5 Lip Products Under £5.00

Top 5 lip products

I thought I would start to do a bunch of top 5s, sharing the top 5 makeup products within a certain category although the schedule and frequency of the posts yet. Here we look at my favourite lip products that are all under £5, as who doesn’t like to look good on a budget. I feel like all of these have been mentioned before, but here is me declaring my love for them

P.s. Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Whisper

First up is one that initially I had a love hate relationship with loving the colour but often finding it drying. That is the P.S. Love Matte Long Last Lipstick in Whisper, which you can see my full review here it is a muted purple pink and is a great neutral colour with a little bit of a oomph. It works well with a range of makeup looks and as long as you moisturise before and after you will be fine. Available from Primark for £1.00.

mua lipstick in14 bare

Staying in line with neutral we now have the ultimate everyday nude, the Makeup Academy Lipstick in 14 Bare. Rich, creamy and opaque this lipstick is a dream to apply and wear, with only minor touch ups every couple of hours if you wish but due to the nature of the colour and the fact it fades evenly meaning you don’t have to touch up. I also love MUA lipsticks as they have a great formula and a really affordable price point they are great for trying new things out. Available from Superdrug and online for £1.00.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob

I’m going to brief with the third one in the list, the Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in 63 East End Snob. I know there’s been a lot of hype and love for this item, and it’s often sold out in stores but it’s such a perfect muted pink colour. It goes with a lot of other lip colours but looks amazing on its own and as a lip liner it lasts all day, you can find my full review for it here. Available from Boots and Superdrug etc. for £3.99.

Rimmel London Lipstick in 08

This next Rimmel one is a total cheat as I am so in love with it I’ve slipped it in as it’s over budget. The Rimmel London Kate Moss Long Lasting Lipstick in 08, is a creamy pink colour which I really struggle to explain. It is my go to colour, no matter what makeup stand I’m at I pick up this kind of shade but this is by far my favourite lipstick I own of this shade type as it’s so smooth and comfortable on the lips. Available from Boots and Superdrug etc. for £5.49.

I am finishing off with The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter, the best tip balm/treatment I have ever used and it is so affordable. I use this twice a day and it keeps dry and cracked lips at bay, also it smells amazing, so if you have dry lips look no further than the body shop. Available from The Body Shop for £4.00.

So those are my top 5 lip products for near enough £5.00, all amazing products which are really affordable. And if you need any more excuses to be enabled and to go shopping, buying and trying everything on this list would cost you £15.48! You’re welcome.

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Faces of The Week: Part One

I thought it would be fun to do like a week in workwear type thing, but I have no tripod or anyone to photograph the outfits and I’m not much of a fashion blogger. So I thought I would do a faces of the week, showing what type of makeup I ware for work each day. So you can get to see a variety of work suitable makeup looks, I also thought this would inspire me to use more of my products as I try to create 5 slightly varied looks.

As I started writing it up, the length of the post seemed to get ridiculous as I think I might waffle too much but then I also suck at cutting things out. Luckily I am planning to go out on Saturday night so I can put three days here and three days in a follow up post on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy.

Mondays makeup ft ps love, rimmel


I also start with a decent base, I’m back on using my favourite moisturising primer Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer it is definitely more moisturising than priming but it is a good strong base. As my core foundation, Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain, is slightly too light I mix it with Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect CC Cream in 31 Ivory, an Ivory which is by no means Ivory but a great foundation, so I mix them just to gain the right colour. I also use my P.S. Love Egg shaped sponge to apply and blend as I feel as though it offers the smoothest blending. To cover up any dark circles and spots I used my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Concealer in 010 Porcelain, a great heavy duty concealer which takes quite a bit of blending but once you get the hang it, it’s a decent concealer.

I’m currently trying the pretty Maybelline Color Show Blush Em! Which just adds a small touch of flush as it isn’t quite as pigmented as I maybe would have liked but it’s workable and it just needs building up. Then finally to set my makeup I use my bareMinerals Mineral Veil, a beautiful light translucent powder that sets up doesn’t look cakey.

I always prime my eyes, not all of my eyeshadows require it but I do it just in case to simply ensure they last all day. My favourite eye primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion, just a little bit goes such a long way. To create Mondays eye look I used my MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette, I started with Bow all over the lid, building up definition with a touch of Flounce in the crease and finishing it all off with Antique as an inner corner highlight to finish off the look. To finish off the eyes I just use the P.S. Love Lift and Curl Mascara, which add volume and good curl to the lashes. It is also similar to the Benefit Roller Lash just much cheaper so it is worth picking up.

I finished up with a pinky berry type lip, which as a high shine crayon adds more of a wash of colour opposed to something more heavy duty.  I like these types of colour but definitely prefer them that are sheerer, so the No7 High Shine Crayon in Statement is perfect.

As well as the P.S. Love Egg Sponge the other tools I used was my trusty Cosmopolitan Blush Brush, my favourite powder brush which I only use with my mineral makeup which is the bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush. The final brush I used was the best double use brush the bareMinerals Tapered Shadow and Crease brush, which is super useful as you only need one brush.

Tuesdays Makeup ft No 7, bareminerals and urbandecay

Tuesday morning never feels quite as bad as waking up at the same time on a Monday, I mean I only get up at 6:45 it isn’t exactly the worst. I started Tuesday with a new primer to me as my last primer ran out which seems to start of this running theme of brands. I am finding with drugstore primers I am preferring the more moisturising primers and the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer is no exception thick and creamy it creates a smooth base for my face, and I really enjoy the feel of it on my skin. Although I am using a sample version of L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory I have had it before and I’m considering buying a new one as soon as my current foundation runs out. Although I have a love/hate relationship with this depending if my skin is going through a dry patch or not. I also used two concealers this time using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer in 010 Porecelain for spot and blemishes while I used the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer to brighten up and conceal my under eyes. I’m a total sponge convert with applying my base stuff, I am definitely considering trying out the Real Techniques sponge if anyone has tried it let me know what you think of it.

I’ve been obsessed with both of these recently, you’ve already seen the bareMinerals Mineral Veil yesterday and to add to this, I absolutely love my bareMinerals Luminary Blush in Sunwashed Berry. I only used a small pop of it for this days look simply to keep it simple and subtle next to my bright coral dress for the day. For both of these I use the bareMinerals Flawless Face brushes one big one small, the set came with the brushes and I have found that the bareMinerals are definitely the best brushes for mineral makeup.

Since last October when I first tried and then became hooked on the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I have no idea how good eyeshadows perform on their own. Yet all of my eye looks look perfect and last all day, like the neutral eye look I created with my No 7 Mini Eyeshadow Palette using a mixture of colours from the top row and using a darker one from the bottom as eyeliner. To apply the eyeshadow I used a Wilko Eyeshadow brush to apply the colour, a Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender Blush to blend out the crease, and the Body Shop Slanted brush to line the eye. Then as my mascara I used the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara, which really opens the eyes and I absolutely love it.

Due to the bright coral of my dress I also wanted to play down the lips too I simply dabble a bit of my Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm, no harm in keeping my lips hydrated.  I also used a touch of my travel size Elizabeth Arden Pretty which is just a really girly scent.

Wednesday Makeup ft no 7, bareminerals, loreal

On Wednesday I wore the same bases as I did on Tuesday, there are only so many bases a normal person has and these were still on my dresser top as I needed to photograph Tuesday’s makeup still. At 7am I am too lazy to put too much thought into it, if its’ there I will use it. So I feel as though there is no point mentioning the base again. The only switch up was I used the Purminerals Blush in Armour which is a reddy bricky type colour and it was nice to wear for a change as it’s such a simple blush and I rarely get the use out of it so it was nice to switch it up

Once again I started my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I don’t think I will ever go without it apart from with cream eyeshadows. Once again I reached for my No7 palette probably because it was out and made another simple natural eyes. It has become my go to palette for work looks as you cannot go wrong with it really especially using just the top line. This may or may not be appearing in my monthly favourites. I then finished my eyes off with the P.S. Love Lift and Curl and Mascara.

For my lips I used my all-time favourite lip liner, the Rimmel London Exagerate Lipliner in 063 East End Snob a typical and beautiful Kylie Jenner lip colour. I wrote a review for it earlier in the year which you can read here, this is my third one now, it is pretty much a staple in my collection now. Then over the top I used a P.S. Love Gloss Stick, I initially hated this when I brought it super greasy and it is so I would never wear it on its own (see review here). However, when placed over the matte lipliner you don’t feel it or not so badly as the matte lip liner is slightly on the drying side.

Despite being in a zombie like state of not enough sleep, I am super pleased with Wednesdays Look.

So those were my makeup looks for the first half of the week, super simple because no one at 7am can be bothered with too much effort? What are your key daily products for creating a makeup look for work. The post for the second half of this weeks makeup will be up on Tuesday.

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Primark Haul

haul 2

So just over week ago it I made a little trip to Primark with one of my friends, so were back to blogging 101 with a Primark Haul because we are all nosey and love Primark.

primark beauty

First up is a big bunch of make up to try out which I will be doing a blog post soon with reviews and swatches coming soon once I’ve worked out if any of these have names but I doubt it.  Under this category I purchased: egg shaped blending sponge, exfoliating facial cleansing wipes, eyeliner, blush sticks, nail varnish, eye shadow and a lip crayon so keep your eyes peeled.

primark fox pjs

I’ve eyed up these adorable Fox PJ’s a few times and I think these are simply adorable with the cutest fox faces on them. They are also great for any time of year and uber comfy, the only thing I wish is that the legs were looser; it’s really weird tight legs and baggy elsewhere.

haul 4

I’m forever looking to expand my smart casual wardrobe and this lovely dusty/muted pink creamy coloured Sheer Shirt, I love these and they are fairly cheap so how can I say no. Due to the sheer nature of the shirt I made sure I picked an appropriate cami to go underneath at at £1.80 you can’t really go wrong with it.

haul 1

Finally to go with the shirt I picked out the perfectly matching necklace for a bargain £4.00, I’m not one for statement necklaces but with Primarks prices there isn’t a bad time to experiment really. Then I just picked up a few candles at £0.80 each I can just see if I like the scents.

What bargains have you picked up recently? What are your current Primark faves?

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Day 95: Top Eye Products under £10

So here are my top drugstore eye products including eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners; basically all the things I absolutely love considering I almost always focus on my eyes. Once again all ordered in price order from low to high.

Collection Colour Kohl Eyeliner in Black Magic


I have repurchased this eyeliner so many times, its a really intense black which can be used for all of your usual eyeliner need. It stays on the waterline for hours and can be easily smudged out. Although I am always trying new eyeliners I doubt I will ever stop using this one. Available at Superdrug for £1.99.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette


The most amazing, go to easy to reach for palette I have ever owned, I pretty much use this every day and you can use it for a wide variety looks its going to make me so upset for when I start to hit pan on this product yet at being so inexpensive you can easily buy a new one. In addition, there isn’t a single colour I haven’t used loads so it is definitely worth it. Available from MUA and in Superdrug stores for £4.

Avon True Colour Eye Duo in Warm Cashmere


A small handbag sized duo now, an entire subtle day time look all that can easily fit in any handbag or make up day. Its ideal for touch ups however, with such long livity with these eyeshadows you won’t need to but I carry it in my bag anyway. With both been matt its ideal for day time  as half the time now I find it difficult to find matt neutral shades. Available from Avon for £6.00.

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eye Palette


So finally I have this stunning palette, I initially bought it for the packaging and have since fallen in love with it especially for more dramtic night time looks. With the pinks though you can also create a cute day time look if you wanted to and the 4 big shades are matte. Available from MUA for £8.00.

There are other drug store products I love like the Max Factor False Lash Effect as well as some Body Shop however, despite often been on offer often the retail prices are over £10 so did not include them.

What are your favourite eye products?


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Day 92: Tanya Burr Cosmetics First Impressions


First up I apologize for the poor quality of the photo my camera is playing up and I am having to use my phone camera which is variable, therefore below I am going to use internet imagery, sorry in advance as I always prefer personal swatches.

So I finally brought some of Tanya Burrs cosmetic line I’ve been thinking about it for ages and finally made the plunge when looking on feel unique the other day. I’ve heard great things and due to most having a reduction on the site I couldn’t resist buying a lip gloss and a nail varnish.
Tanya Burr Lip gloss – Just Peachy


So I didn’t know where to start which the lip glosses and decided it was best to start with one before buying the lot. I’ll start with the packaging, first and foremost by buying from Feel Unique it actually had proper packaging opposed to cellophane type wrap that you get from picking one up in superdrug. I think these are really cute with a lovely picture of Tanya and a little cute note on the bag, it is just well thought out pretty packaging. Next up the actual product its just a sleek and simple square shaped tube, thats a handy size and will easily slip in a bag. The little heart on the top of the lid is cute too (I know I’m saying cute a lot too).

This has the standard doe foot applicator, no surprises there and it isn’t really putting lip gloss on without this type of application as i have the squeezy lip gloss one. The nicest surprise is simply the smell, its sweet and just reminds me of tuck shops sweets or strawberry sweets and is essentially good enough to eat. I love having nice smelling stuff on my lips as unlike other make up as it is right under your nose, I know I’m going to enjoy wearing it all the time.

The colour is a beautiful, a pinky neutral that completes a look without been overbearing so ideal for me the non lipstick wearer. It feels slick and smooth on the lips, moisturising and it doesn’t feel overly greasy or sticky so is nice to wear and I think it may become my go to lip gloss.

I’m excited to try out more and would definitely recommend checking them out whether you are a Tanya Burr fan or not.

Available from Superdrug and Feel Unique, Lip Glosses retail at £6.99 each. (However select shades are currently on offer at both).

Tanya Burr Nail Varnish – Penguin Chic


Like I really needed yet more nail varnish after buying another 3 only a week ago but I brought another one however, I will wear this loads of winter it’s a perfect shade for winter or looking sophisticated.

The bottle is simple and cute and the colour is simply beautiful, the colour pay off is fairly good you just need a few coats but what nail varnish doesn’t. It applies beautifully in thin layers and dries fairly quickly. I always struggle with what to say when reviewing nail varnishes other then it does what its meant to and that I am in love with the colour what more is there to say really. I am going to love wearing this and think over winter I will get a lot of wear out it.

Available at Superdrug and Feel Unique, usually retails for £5.99 but is currently available at various offers at both sites.

Verdict on Tanya Burr Cosmetics

So lets start with the love, they really have lived up to the hype with beautiful colours in both ranges as well as been great products. I also love the names that are sweet, highly suiting the product and fairly adorable you can tell time, thought and consideration has gone into picking the names to go along with each shade. This thought comes from the amount of nail varnishes in particular where you look at the name and think what the hell. The packaging is also well thought out and I love it, it isn’t half assed and looks chic as well as looking personal with the hand written logo.

My main issue is the price, at £5.99 a nail varnish and £6.99 for a nail varnish it is fairly pricey and entering the mid to high end of drug store cosmetics. Especially the nail varnish is normally overpriced considering high quality Barry M Gelly nail varnishes are a lot cheaper and are probably a much longer lasting wear (although I’m yet to put them to the test against each other). It just disappoints me, especially as a high amount of girls that watch and are loyal to these youtubers are 13 to 16, at this £7.00 for a lipgloss despite been lovely, is quite a lot when similar products are available in the drug store for  a lot less. Maybe I’m being fussy and some of these do veiw £7.00 to be cheap, this isn’t their fault and expensive is subjective.

I like the cosmetics and would repurchase or make further purchases in both ranges, but I am likely to wait for a sale.

Have you tried any Tanya Burr cosmetics, what did you think?
Gwenllian Branwen