Review: New Look Pure Devotion Blue

New Look Pure Devotion Eau De PArfum 10ml

I think this is the first time I’ve reviewed a fragrance properly and what better way to do it then justifying an impulse purchase. In the UK rollerball or small perfumes apart from tiny gift sets, small perfumes are rarely seen and the main way to get a handbag friendly perfume is using a travelo. So when making my New Look order I couldn’t resist buying one to test out. New Looks Fragrance Range contains 4 difference scents Blush, Devotion, Touch and Dusk which are all affordable and in various sizes. I picked up New Look Pure Devotion Blue 10ml which retails for £2.99.

The New Look website describes the scent as:

“A fresh, smooth floral fragrance with top notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee. At the heart, mid notes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose provoke femininity. A base of velvety elegance comes to fruition through cedarwood, amber, and honey.”

The packaging is a pretty pastel box with silver foil, and reminds me of when you’re a teen of viewing certain packaging as ‘adult’. Still I think it is cute and simple, I also love the fact the small handbag size bottle is glass which is a nice touch especially at this price point. The bottle is nothing fancy, but it does its job and is nothing over the top and tacky.

I’m not sold on the scent, the lychee in the website description is not on the bottle and it’s definitely a floral fresh scent. I am more of a fruity floral scent but I think it may take a little getting used to. Over the past month or so the scent has really grown on me, different from all my over scents it is lovely to have in rotation and I love the fresh floral notes for the warmer weather. A definate summer scent rather than for the winter. The scent lasts a good 4 to 6 hours, although if you want it to last all day you may need to top it up but it is a very good size to do this as it could fit in any handbag, makeup bag or clutch so you don’t need to worry about the scent fading too much.

As mentioned above New Look Fragrances  have 4 scents, and come in two forms a 150ml Spray Bottle Body Mist or a Perfume which is a spray at 10ml, 50ml and 100ml and a roller ball which is 17ml. The entire range is super affordable with prices between £2.99 and £12.99 so if you like a scent its super affordable and I always feel that if you love the fragrance the brand and price doesn’t matter.

Have you tried any of the New Look Fragrances? If so which one is your favourite? Also let me know in the comments about what scents you like to carry around with you.

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Mini New Look Haul

New Look Haul

Like I mentioned in my May collective haul, I placed a small order with New Look and here it is. I’m not a huge New Look Fan but I was in need of some long black sports leggings and after several failed attempts at H&M in placing the order I went to look at New Look.

New Look Black Sports Leggings

So obviously the first thing is the Black Sports Leggings (£14.99), despite being described as mid-length they most definitely aren’t they have very long legs and crumple at the bottom but that’s how I like my leggings I just feel the mid-length is misleading. They are super comfy, yet feel like they hold you in without any unsightly ripples, I’ve also warn them to pilates and they don’t roll down which is a huge plus.

New Look Grey Stripe Bardot Neck Bodycon Mini Dress

I love this next item Grey Stripe Bardot Neck Bodycon Mini Dress (£8.00), super flattering shape and print but this is one of the reasons why I usually stray away from buying full price new look items. I brought this on sale for £8.00 down from £19.99, this in primark would be £6-8.00 for the same thing. It is definitely a lower quality item and £8.00 is a bit expensive for it and if I saw it in the shop I wouldn’t have picked it up. Still it will look cute with ballet pumps and a leather jacket.

Finally a little impulse purchase the Pure Devotion Blue 10ml Perfume (£2.99), I just thought it would be great to keep in my handbag as it’s hard to find a perfume of this size. I cannot wait to try it out.

So that’s the few bits I’ve picked up from New Look recently, what have you picked up recently? Let me know in the comments.

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Whats in My Bag? Spring 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve done my normal ‘What’s in my Bag’ post but they are such a traditional and nice post to do, it feels like a shame not to do one. If you want to see previous editions including “What’s in My Compact Bag?”  or “What’s in my Festival Bag”  click on each one respectively, or check out all of my past ones here. I don’t think what I keep in my bag tends to change but I always think this is an interesting thing to find out what people lug around, do they carry their whole life in their bag or if they have such a streamlined organised bag and I can do nothing but look on in amazement.

whats in my bag - new look duffle bag

Let’s start with a little bit about the bag itself, I got it as a gift for Christmas and it was greatly received as I wanted a more slouchy type of bag but that was still a practical size and I love this. It is the New Look Pin Stud Duffle Bag, which is a suede type texture and obviously stud detailing it has a super long adjustable strap so you can really make it work for you. It has one internal side pocket and other than that is a good sized space to ram everything in. I’m not someone that has to carry everything but I need some space at least.

the essentialswhats in my bag - essentials

So first up are the usual bag essentials which we might as well get away starting with my phone and keys, my keys are huge so they are easy to find. Another must is my purse, which is a Primark Purse from summer 2014 and it just has everything in it from cards to receipts all in their own special section. I also keep a reusable shopping bag in there at all times, seeing as there is now the bag charge so it’s handy if I pick something up unexpectedly.

keeping organisedwhats in my bag - organisation

With a full time job and a blog I like to make tons on lists and note everything in order to help me stay on top of things. I have my personal planner with my pen attached so I don’t use it, I love this planner to death. (If you want to see an indepth view of my planner click here). As well as my planner I have my blogging note book, to help me make notes on current posts, post ideas and check my blog schedule.


just a little vainwhats in my bag - makeup

I keep thinking about getting a small makeup bag, but as I just carry powder and my current lip product is I just used the inside pocket for now. So I carry my Ruby & Millie Kabuiki Brush, Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory and an assortment of lip stuff. So with no rhyme or reason I have 5 different lip products at the moment including: YSL Volupte Rouge in Lush Coconut, BareMinerals Marvolous Moxie Lipstick in Be a Star, P.S. Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Whisper, The Body Shop Lipstick in (I can never remember), Rimmel London Appocalips Lip Lacquer in Nova. Got a good mix of colours, finishes and budgets for once, and I can change it up during the day.

the bag of useful bits

Finally I have a little (or maybe not so little) Ted Baker Makeup Bag which holds all of my ‘essential’ or useful bits to have in your bag. Most importantly there is medication such as my inhaler, allergy medication and painkillers as well as the basics such as plasters (my friends love me for these) as well as tissues. The usual girly must haves such as hair ties and hair grips, although I tend to go for hair ties as I’m most likely to want to keep my hair out of my way. As well as the not such important but always wanted Peach Delight Hand Gel, Ted Baker Lip Balm, Ted Baker Body Spray and Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Body Lotion which to me are all pretty self-explanatory. As one pair never seems enough I have two pairs of headphones and finally a little random but I find them endlessly useful in the form of the Primark Footlets.

So what do you carry in your bag? Let me know in the comments below or link me you ‘what’s in my bag’ post I adore reading them.

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New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year! Hope you all have enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to a new year. In November I said I wanted to revamp my blog in the new year and here it is as I have had the time over the holidays to set everything up, make the necessary changes and sort everything out so it’s up today. It’s nothing dramatic as my skills are not exactly amazing in the first place but everything has now changed over, although it has been changing over the past week or so as I have no idea if you can schedule these changes.

So I’ve changed a few bits and not others, taking in mind feedback and advice I have received and tried to take them into account when making the change. I just wanted to revamp it all, try to make things look better and just slightly more professional and proper. So hopefully you like it but if there are any more things that you wish for me to do just let me know and I am happy to do it.

After the excitement of blogmas and blogging every other day which was bloody manic and took a lot of planning and scheduling in order to complete posts in time. Commuting and working a full time job as well as fitting in seeing friend, family and my boyfriend over the holiday period was just insane and I credit people that regularly manage all of these and post more regularly than I do. I will now return to blogging twice a week and back to uploading blog posts every Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm GMT time. Twice a week is enough for me I feel its regular posts and provides enough content for my blog yet it isn’t overwhelming and I feel as though I have enough to say and post for twice a week. It’s a case of finding a balance that works for you.

So my next post will Tuesday 5th January with my favourite products of 2015, and on Friday 8th I will upload the January sales haul with stuff I’ve picked up on the sales from Boxing Day and over the start of January. So a bit of old and new which feels right for the start of the New Year really. Anyway enough rambling, the blog and twitter have been updated and everything is consistent including my Instagram and I think I’ve hit a good mix. Right shut up, Gwen, enjoy your new year.

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Mini Sales Haul

As you get older you get less for Christmas in terms of gifts and start to get more from the sales. So as you’ve seen my presents on the 27th which you can check out on my blog, I just love seeing what people get for Christmas. I’m writing this straight after that one as I am currently visiting my boyfriend in Cornwall, so I may have actually picked up a few more bits so a bonus post may be thrown in in the New Year.

New Look

First up is new look, not a shop I tend to go to or buy from as I tend to walk in and straight out. Amazingly I found a few bits in the sales I rather liked and all were a really good price. I live in leggings and when I saw the Black Disco Leggings (£13) on sale I had to have them due to such a good price. Carrying on with leggings I picked up something a bit fancier with these Black Check Jacquard High Wasted Leggings (£10). Although I always feel like the pattern is wintery, I still have a good month to wear them and they may go longer. Also these paired with black looks classy and chic but still effortlessly.

Finally from New Look I picked up the Cameo Rose Black Check Contrast Playsuit (£10), which is a bargain really. A simple complete outfit in one that I already know I will be wearing at New Year’s. It’s so cute and could work for so many situations.


Although I didn’t hit the sales racks in Primark I still picked up some amazing buys, plus with everything being so affordable its like a sale 24/7. First up are some super cute and needed Love to Lounge ‘All You Need Is Coffee’ Cuffed PJ Leggings (£5), I tend to wear oversized or lounge t-shirts to bed but with us being in the midst of the colder month some pj leggings were on my list to get. I just love the cute design as well as the attention to detail with the small coffee ‘branding’ label.

As I’m away over New Year and my old makeup bags are dying I also picked up a new one, Patterned Envelope Makeup Bag (£3). It’s a good size which could hold makeup for a week or a weekend it’s not too big or too small. I think the pattern is slightly on the summery side but it could work for all year round and I cannot wait to use it.


So just a small haul from me today, I’ve ordered a few more bits online and you never know I may end up picking up more. Anyway hope you all enjoy the sales etc. and let me know what you picked up in the comments I love to know what bargains are floating about.

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What I Got For Christmas 2015

what i got for xmas

Ah Christmas is over for another year, we’ve all eaten too much and drink our fair share and we can take a sigh of relief before New Year’s celebrations begin. I hope you all had a lovely day with family or friends. So here is a snapshot of what I got for Christmas, I got a lot of money from people such as grandparents and extended family so I brought some stuff in the sales today. Also I’m going to visit my boyfriend tomorrow so will be getting those presents the so will be posting those presents on Instagram. So here is just a few bits of what I got for xmas.

tomtom start 20

As you get older sometime Christmas becomes more about practicality than excitement and this is where my TomTom Start 20 WE 4.3” SatNav. Since getting my car in July I’ve being using my mums, extremely outdated, never updated satnav and getting my own seemed like a good idea. So my loving parents brought be the TomTom Start 20, easy to use with Western Europe and free updates for life I’m set. Hopefully I’ll never get lost again.

My best friend brought me The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Festive favourites Gift set, I love the green tea set its so fresh. Cannot wait to use this for my morning showers to wake me up before work and the mini body butter will come in handy when travelling. Also from friends I also received the New Look Pin Stud Duffle bag, I’ve needed a new bag for a while and this is a perfect casual bag to suit my needs. I cannot wait to start moving my crap over into it.

New Look Pin Stud Duffle Bag

This year as you know I started my first ever proper job as a graduate, the head of our department got us all a £10 Next Voucher which is so nice as it was out of his own pocket and it definitely came in handy with the sales, Next if great for work wear. Other gift cards I received was £10 for Boots, and £15 for Debenhams.

stocking stuffers ft sally hansen & forrero rocher

Then comes a random array of stocking stuffers featuring a Grand Ferrero Rocher and a Gruffalo Chocolate Lolly which are just a few of the tasty chocolate treats I received, the others are currently on the coffee table to share around. I also got a few nails bits in my stocking this year the really cute and festive Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips in Snow Bunny which I cannot wait to attempt to try out. As well as two nail polishes, Maybelline New York Nail Polishes 649 and Maybelline New York Nail Polish in 447, which is a base coat and a glittery dark polish which will be great for new year. I also got a few bottles for Rose and one bottle of Malibu all in various states of being drunk in the kitchen.

So that’s what I got for Christmas this year, not the most exciting but I tend to buy what I want throughout the year. Also as it turns to money and gift cards which are harder to show. I’ll share what I got from my boyfriend and his family on Instagram and maybe on here if I pick up bonus sales stuff in January. Still Christmas is more about spending time with loved ones. Hopefully you’ve all had a great Christmas however you celebrate and enjoy the last days of 2015.

Valentines Outfit Ideas


Valentines Day is fast approaching and its all a matter of deciding what to wear for what ever you and your significant other are planning to do with the day it is a weekend this year after all. On Friday I will be doing a post dedicated to gift ideas for her followed by gift ideas for him on Sunday night  . .  If Valentines Day isn’t for you or your single my post on the Friday 13th February will be for you.

Outfit One: Dinner Date

♥  Dress: H&M £14.99 ♥ Shoes: BooHoo £22.00 ♥ Blazer: New Look £24.99 ♥

As with all special events going out for dinner is a go to for most people and is a great idea. Although its somewhat cliché red on valentines but this lace detailed red dress is sophisticated and sexy and ideal for a romantic dinner date. Due to the lace detailing on the dress I feel as though it is best to keep the rest of the look simple pair of black court shoes or heels and to top it all of a black jacket or coat. I personally love this open front blazer from new look, simple and it adds a bit of smartness to the look.

Outfit Two: Day Out

♥ Long Line Top: Asda £6.00 ♥ Skirt: H&M £7.99 ♥ Boots: M&S £49.50 ♥ Jacket: New Look £34.99 ♥ Scarf: H&M £6.99 

As Valentines is on weekend this year its a great excuse to go on a special day out, this outfit is fun and flirty while still been practical. This floaty floral skirt is ideal and pairing it with a 3/4 sleeve long line top will keep it warm and stylish, pair with a thick pair of tights or even leggings to keep you even warmer. The boots are a little pricey, but I got them discounted in the black Friday sale last year and I absolutely love them they are so comfy and will be great if you are on your feet all day. Top off with a cute jacket or cosy cute scarf and you’re done.

Outfit Three: Lazy Day


♥ French Kissing PJs: H&M £14.99 ♥ Floral Shorts PJs: BooHoo £8.00 ♥ Hello Kitty Shorts PJs: H&M £12.99 ♥ Checked Nightshirt: New Look £14.99 

You’ve been a couple for ages or you’re running low on money and sometimes the best thing is to have a lazy day at home, watch movies do something  together and even order takeaway. The big question is what to wear? Be comfy and casual, loungewear and pjs are the way forward. So if you look above I’ve found a bunch of cute comfy suggestions, so wake up valentines have a shower, complete your morning skincare routine and the slip into a fresh cosy number.

I hope these inspired you and I hope whatever you do you have an amazing day.

Lots of Love,

Gwenllian Branwen


Successful Shopping Haul

Since my loan coming in I’ve done a spot of shopping so here’s the items I have picked up over the last few weeks.


First shop and first item bought, I got this with a pair of their leggings which is basically buying a second pair of the ones I wore the other week as I loved them so much. This was a bit of a whim to try on and I loved the way it looks and fits. I’m looking forward to pairing it up with thick tights and a blazer/cardigan this winter or on its own in the summer months. It’s such a cute dress that I hope to get loads of wear out of it. Plus it was only £7.00 in the H&M sale.


New Look was also having a sale and I’d been thinking about getting a skater skirt for ages but never actually gotten round to it, then this was £3.00 in the new look sale and I could not resist. It’ll be great for all year and it’ll add something different to my look as all my other black skirts are more fitted.


I love Soap and Glory’s bath/shower stuff as I tend to find their make up a bit hit and miss. Also as I tend to shower in the mornings I love citrus scents as they really wake you up on those days you cannot be bothered.  So I brought Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub and Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Wash, I’m so excited to start using these so I might stop using my body shop shower stuff and switch it up for a bit.


I brought a few basic home bits in wilkinsons and then spied this and couldn’t resist, I’m going through a candle obsession at the moment and I’m loving discovering new scents especially any that smell amazing and are relatively inexpensive. I’ve used this already and its amazing kicking out so much scent its amazing considering it cost £4.00, also it apparently has 50 hours burn time so I highly recommend checking out wilkinsons candles.

Day 69: Summer Date Outfits on a Budget

Werther it’s a summer romance or a day out with a loved one you want to be stylish and comfortable this summer season, so here’s some gorgeous outfits for enjoying the long summer days with someone special. However I’m going to limit, myself meaning all outfits including everything will come in at £40.00 or under, proving that you can look stylish on a budget.

Picnic in the Park


♥ Playsuit: New Look £14.99 ♥ Flats: Asda £8.00 ♥ Cover up: Asda £16.00 ♥

So the key for a picnic is to keep it simple and comfortable. This lovely new look playsuit is perfect adding colour and pattern, with this being the key piece you can build everything else around it. I couldn’t believe it when I found matching shoes and because they are asda they are relatively in expensive. I decided to finish it off with the woven cardigan, perfect for providing coverage from harmful sun rays without making you too warm. If you wanted to you could add extra accessories but I think its best to keep it simple. This outfit comes in at £38.99.

Day at the Beach


♥ Bikini Top: £6.00 Matalan ♥ Bikini Brief: Matalan £4.00 ♥ Sarong: H&M £3.99 ♥ Sunglasses: Boohoo £4.00 ♥ Flip Flops: Asda £6.00 ♥ Headband: Asos £8.00 ♥

Just because you can buy the matching bottoms doesn’t mean you have to, I much prefer a patterned top and plain bottoms. Instead of adding colour with your bikini use a kaftan or sarong to add a burst of colour, much like this beautiful coraly one and it adds a bit of coverage and you can style it how you want to. Asda really are on the ball for inexpensive beautiful shoes this season so check them out, these flip flops also tie in the sarong in too keeping it pretty and summery. This outfit comes in at £31.99.

Playing Tourists


♥ Top: Boohoo £6.00 ♥  Shorts: New Look £14.99 ♥ Shoes: Matalan £8.00 ♥ Bag: Matalan £8.00 ♥ Necklace: H&M £3.99 ♥

Werther you are rediscovering your city with new eyes or going somewhere new playing the tourist is always a fun day out with your other half. Denim shorts are a perfect way to stay cool, stylish and comfortable this summer as the require no adjustments or checking if  everything is in place, the swing cami is so nice to pair with it as its loose and in this colour it brightens up an outfit. The most important bit about this outfit is the shoes as you’ll be doing a lot of walking these pumps will stay on your feet and provide comfort and support all day long, even if you are on your feet all day. The tan bag is a comfortable size to carry your camera, a drink and anything else you might want to take and with the long strap you can sling it over your shoulder and your arms wont get tired. This outfit comes to £38.98.

Lunch Date


♥ Dress: Select £14.00 ♥ Bag: H&M £7.99 ♥ Shoes: Tesco £7.00 ♥ Necklace: Asda £4.00 ♥ Bracelet: Asda £5.00 ♥

First up is the cute floaty dress, that will look amazing and keep you cool or comfortable. I made this outfit a lot of black to keep it simple and you could rewear it all for different occasions and with loads of other items  therefore in order to dress it up I added some really cute accessories that really tie it all together. If I owned this I’d end wearing this dress all the time, I may now have to get myself down to a select. This outfit comes in at £37.99.

So I hope you got a few ideas from this, let me know what you think of them. I really enjoyed making this post and looking all the clothes so let me know what you think of it and if I should do more of these types.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 54: What to Wear?

So carrying on with the music theme here are some outfit ideas for going to gigs. . .

Outfit One: Back to Basics


Shorts:  H&M £14.99 ♥ Vest Top: Asda £4.00 ♥ Converse: Schuh £40.00

This is a great start for every gig and you mix it up with any shirt or jacket that you want. It is so timeless and comfortable too especially with the converse basically I wear a version of this to every gig you can never go wrong with shorts and a vest top, even in winter you can just team it with leggings/thick tights.

Outfit Two: Festival


Wellies: Asos £40.00 ♥ Knee High Socks: BooHoo £4.00 ♥ High Wasted Shorts: Tesco £16.00 ♥ Denim Jacket: New Look £19.99 ♥ Vest Tops: H&M £7.99 (for pack of two) ♥ Sunglasses: BooHoo £3.00

Its best to be sensible over fashion at a festival, always take wellies or trainers you don’t mind getting ruined and opt for basics. Never take your favourite items as they will get damaged to wear old or cheap stuff but it doesn’t mean that you cannot be stylish. Also sunglasses always get something cheap but check it has a suitable UV filter rating.

Outfit Three: Rock Chic


Textured Treggings: Topshop £28.00 ♥ Ring: Drop Dead £5.00 ♥ Vest: Blue Banana £9.99 ♥ Jacket: New Look £39.99 ♥ Watch: BooHoo £15.00


I hate the ‘fake’ rock chick looks so here is my take on the trend from someone on the inside.

Hope you enjoyed these few outfits. What do you like to wear to gigs/festivals?

Gwenllian Branwen