My Personal Planner 2017-18


Who else is slightly obsessed with planners and stationary? I cannot get enough I usually have two planners as well as a to-do list note book for work, is it a little overkill? Maybe but i like to be organised.

Somehow I ended up doing my personal planners March to March but it’s a weird thing that works for me at this time, I mean it doesn’t really matter as long as you find it useful. Last year was my first Personal Planner, you can see an in depth look in my First Impressions or Follow Up Review  post. I thought I would show my new one to show what I chose this time and why.

This time the mood took me for a bit of gold, to add a little bit of sparkle and glam into my life. I really love how this turned out, I’m yet to try and create my own cover but there are such great options on the website I have never truly felt a need to. In terms of inside I went slightly different form last year not going quite as mad with all of the different options available. Compared to my last one which was pink and colourful I definitely went for a much more muted pallet internally opting for blacks and greys, I just often found the colours clashed and now the odd pop of colour can add emphasis opposed to a distraction. Hopefully in future I won’t find it too dull but right now I am loving this more neutral feel for 2017/18. I do wish though a gold/white inside could have been chosen though just having a simple bright white planned may have been super cute as well.


In terms of module choices I kept some of my choices with whether and dinners remaining put and swapping out a tick list for a straight forward to-do list my weekly pages look similar to last year. The biggest changes was with my additional pages, I still kept my month view I loved using it mainly for a look back on the month it’s a nice summary page and good for forward planning. While at the back I kept it simple removing the year overview as I never used it and option for lined paper, soduku and blank pages. Last time I went for a bit of everything and didn’t necessarily use it so I kept it straight forward this time. Actually the main reason for the blank pages is that I didn’t having a lined back page last time, and I’m so glad it’s perfect and unmarked now.


I’m so happy with how it turned out this time and although slightly pricier than some planners, last year I used my Personal Planner consistently as I got to pick options that worked for me. Other planner in the past I didn’t use as I couldn’t get them to work for me no matter how pretty it was. So if you want a good quality and reasonably priced custom planner I’d really recommend checking out Personal Planner on their website here. Now please excuse me while I fill it up and admire it for a little while.



Cosmetic Clearourt 2017


You know sometimes you start something, finish it and you end up with a bag of junk sat somewhere, the effort to write up a blog post seemed beyond me. Realistically this is just a short post after clearing out my makeup, one night I sat down pulled out all of my nail polishes and makeup and just got rid of anything that’s done, I don’t like or that I’ve finished.


I found this has not only cleared up space in my draw but everything I have I now want to have and use. There is somethings I want to push myself to use more, if I don’t use them in the next six months I will review them and then hopefully toss them out or give them to a better home. So I urge you to take a look at what you have and just make space, get rid of those stuff you know you’ll never use that you are keeping ‘just in case and get rid of those dried out unusable products make sure everything you have you use and really want.



Free Calender Desktop Wallpapers

So the other day I was creating some calender desktop wallpapers for my personal and work laptops and thought they were cute so I would share them with all of you lovely people. They are by no means perfect, I am no creative person by a lot of means by career is as a Data Analyst but I thought they were too cute not to share.

Any way here is something a little different with my desktop backgrounds featuring a calendar for each month, all are free to download and just do as you please with them I just thought I’d share as I often find it difficult to find these sorts of things especially ahead of time.


Let me know what you think and if you would like these sorts of things in future as I kind of enjoyed making these, maybe something slightly more beauty or blogging related. I also have tried playing with some organisation type ones in the past so let me know if you are curious for more desktop backgrounds which are made to be cute and practical.

Fingers crossed you should just be able to click on the image and it will download, if not just do the usual right click trick or let me know. Anyway enjoy.

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Personal Planner First Impressions

Personal Planner 'You Are Capable of Amazing Things' Cover

I have kept considering getting the personal planner the past year or so and back in January I finally decided to order one, my current diary goes write up to Febuary 2017 but I am going to keep that solely as a blogging planner and this one as my personal planner. So to try it out the first time I decided to go March 2016 to March 2017, that’s one of the best things about personal planner you can pick any 12month period you want.

There are a hue range of front covers available, block colours, patterns and even your personal pictures if you desire, I went for the ‘designs’ which have new ones for 2016. It really is a case of creating your own planner and making something you’ll use and like. The cover you pick semi influences the colour scheme inside, like top bars etc. But this can easily be adjusted if you prefer something else, I adore these cute little touches.

They are a number of different layout available and I chose for the slightly more unconventional vertical columns this is because I am a list maker so this layout works best for me. You can also have custom things in the columns which include workout, work and weather. I added in the weather as I linked that small touch but didn’t want anything bulky and thought it might be nice to test the additional options. You can also customise the bottom of the weekly spread there’s a huge range of choice and in the end I went for the weekly dinner list (only downside is its Monday to Friday) but I am a meal planning person so it’s perfect. I then went for a check list, there was a to do list but I preferred the checklist lay out, then I can put down weekly tasks that I need to do and tick them off once they are done. For the last area I went for lines and I’ll just use it as and when although I am tempted to put lyrics there or quotes just to fill the space.

There is also 3 sections in the back which you can chose from a list of options. To start with I went for a 2016 and 2017 overview where I can note important events over the year and dates for the following year, there was also an option for 2017-2017 which seemed a little redundant for me. My second option was colouring pages (random I know) this bit gave some more choices around activities etc. from the world map to Sudoku, or the same old lined paper, I never use lined paper in diaries and I thought the colouring pages were a super fun idea, as I keep thinking about buying an adult colouring book. My final part I chose a month by month view which also includes ruled paper. I love the idea of having a month spread at the start of the month so you can see big events, or for bloggers etc. you can plan your months posts, either way super useful and it is a new option for this year.

Personal Planner Packaging

I ordered my planner on January 6th wanting one to start in March but allowing for plenty of time for delivery, as they tend to estimate two weeks. On the 14th January I received an email saying my planner had been dispatched and it should be expected in the next 2-6 days, which is a huge window but it fits in with the expected delivery for the planner. When it arrived I was super happy with my choices and customisability of this planner yet still not being too expensive compared to others being £22.90 total including delivery. You can also choose to add bonus items although it comes with a plastic wallet and ruler etc. although you can add more if you want to such as pens and extra wallets in a range of colours. I also love the quality of the planner, it looks beautiful the paper is of a high quality and its thick comprehensive planner so if you love organisation, list making and note jotting its ideal. I’m super happy with the lay out and cannot wait to use it.

A few things I’m not so keen on but I can definitely learn to live with them, they are definitely sitting on the nit picking side. The main issue I have is that the back cover is hard card, with lines printed on it. This is not practical to write on, and in my opinion looks untidy, I would prefer to have a plain white blank page to end the diary. I also feel as though there is not a logical place to put in the plastic wallet and mine has gone in the front, due to the lines on the back page it looks weird there and every section has starts with two pages facing each other so although it is tidier I can’t work out where to put it. These are my two biggest gripes at the moment and in reality they aren’t a big deal, simply personal preference.

So that’s my first impression, I am super excited to try it out properly and see if it is practical when I want to use it day to day. Let me know in the comments if you would like a follow up review. Also are you a stationary/organisation junkie?

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Makeup Declutter

So the other day I mentioned my new method to help me keep on top of my makeup and ensure that I’m on top of my collection in terms of making sure I know as and when products expire. As I had to log all of my products it meant that.DSCF5099

Before: There is some sort of organisation to my makeup, I have a limited amount of space in my bedroom so the draw is my only option, luckily it stops me going excessive with my makeup. But even now I never make the most of all of my makeup, so I will never understand how people have more than I do.


After: So here’s the after, it is not dramatically different but I feel as though everything is slightly more together than before and as I slim down without owning 5 mascaras and slim down to 1 or 2 this will become easier and easier to manage hopefully


Things I’m Parting Ways With

So there are a number of reasons why am getting rid of products and I’ve listed them the variety of reasons below as to why they are going but it’s nice to clear some space

Out of Date: Collection 2000 True Gloss Lipstick in 4, Avon Lipstick, YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Sample, Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara,

No Longer Use/Never Wear: Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coral Crush, MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation in Porcelain, Rimmel London Colour Rush in 020 Tempted, Star Gazer Eye Dust in 18

Wrong Colour: Superdrug Tea Tree Skin Care BB Cream in Light (super dark), Wet N Wild Natural Wear Pressed Powder (too dark/organge/cakey), Mua Pressed Powder in Shade 1 (oxidises)

Other:Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Just Peachy – I never realised lip glosses only had a 3month life on them, so this is out of date as well, and the colour slightly to pale for me.

So overall I think I’ve done a semi-decent job at throwing stuff out and which my new method of checking as and when product expire which you can read here. I think this is something that will just keep track of itself. I’ve done a lot of decluttering and tidying lately and I think it’s done an awful lot of good. I’ve cleared space, everything has its place and I’ve got rid of 13 items. So not loads but enough for now. So I encourage you to look at your makeup collection and get rid of what you don’t use, some of these will go to friends, some in the bin give unloved makeup a new lease of life or get rid of things that you can.

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Declutter and Donate: Hints and Tips

donate and declutter

It’s insane when you cannot properly close your draws or your wardrobe is close to bursting and as it is the end of the year I feel as though it feels like the best sort of time to properly declutter then donate what I don’t need to charity, provided it’s in a fit state. Although those bits of clothes that are falling apart can be donating to a charity where they take old and damaged clothes are receive a cash donation so research and see where your old clothes can do some good. So I thought as I was decluttering myself I would do some hints and tips to make the process easier for you guys too.

The majority of these hints and tips are related to clothing items, but I have included some bits related to general donating advice and where you can donate non-clothing items such as bric-a-brac which are often harder to donate, so skip to the end if you just want to know these things.

Tackle One Thing at a Time

Don’t do everything at once, it will become overwhelming and will just feel like a drain totally demotivating you. So take it one step at a time doing each draw, shelf or rail individually then you can take it much easier and you get that little sense of achievement as and when each thing is completed. It also allows you to stop at any time once each area is completed, instead of doing it in one day you could take your time doing it over a few days if that works better. Just ensure you do it but split it over a week aiming for particular things each day.

Take Everything Out

Once you reach something take absolutely everything out, so then you can see what you have and asses the space accordingly. It also ensures that you don’t overlook something and everything will get looked at, you never know what you will discover.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rearrange

Take the opportunity to rearrange if it is needed, look at what needs to go where and see if there is a better arrangement. Perhaps have a place that is further down for summer clothes and winter clothes, I know not everyone does this as I don’t due to layering more in the winter rather than having a separate wardrobe necessarily. Or separate the go to/everyday basics and those that are a little more special and different. Make your storage work for you, which will make everything much simpler when getting ready in the morning.

Try on Clothes

If you haven’t worn something in a while then make sure you try it on, see if it not only still fits but if it is still flattering or something you would still wear. Also if it doesn’t fit get rid of it, its wasting space if you think oh I’ll lose the weight to wear it because you might not. Get rid of what doesn’t fit.

If You Haven’t Wore It

Special Occasion clothes do not come into this rule, I have some dresses which fit perfectly and are ideal for weddings but obviously they do not necessarily come around that often especially at my age a lot of my friends aren’t at that stage in their life. If it is everyday wear and you haven’t worn it for 12/18 months you probably won’t wear it going forward, there can be hidden gems some items you may want to try and reintegrate into your wardrobe

Don’t Think Twice

If you have already decided to get rid of an item, do not then re add it back into your wardrobe, this is because you won’t touch it again. Especially if it doesn’t go with anything or doesn’t match your style you won’t suddenly start wearing it again. Stick to your guns and don’t think about it.

Sentimental Items

Sometimes clothing and items have a sentimental reasons for wanting to keep them but sometimes you are never going to wear them again. If you are never going to wear it again due to not wanting to ruin it or it no longer fits, then remove it from your wardrobe. I have a memory type box which is stored away so get a large plastic box and put those special somethings safely away and taking up space in your draw.

Research Your Charity

If you are going to donate to charity do your research and see what you prefer, look at what causes they work for and if you agree with them. Also depending what charity you use there are a number of things your clutter can go from charity shops to, some only take certain things. Also there is a huge amount of variety in terms of the amount of money that is donated per £1.00 earnt etc. like how much goes to the cause, which you should always look at when not only donating to charity both money and items as well when buying charity affiliated items. Just make sure you do thorough research.

Also with clothing items some take donations to sell (some which you can get small amount of money for your items), some it’s to give them to people in need and others they just get money from the donations when these items are recycled, therefore they may take damaged items. Do your research and you may want to give to multiple charities depending on what they take or you want to give to multiple causes.

Wash the Items You Wish to Donate

I know before going away items were washed and most people wash charity buys before wearing, items that have been stored away can smell musky and it’s just more pleasant. It is minimal effort to wash items and if it’s only a few just wait until you are doing a normal wash. For non-clothing items try and clean them or wipe them down just so it’s a lot more pleasant

Bric-a-Brac/Large Items/Beauty/Bras

Although the focus here is on clothes when decluttering you may end up with other things which you wish to donate so I thought I’d add a brief bit of information on non-clothing items here which may be of interested to you.

So often Bric-a- Brac is one of the hardest things to donate but you don’t always want to throw away. Bric-a-Brac is definitely more of a charity shop item but it varies from shop to shop. Just research it fully online or talk to your local charity shop volunteers to see what they take or what they like. Most shops take general decorative items, toys and games, DVD, non pierced jewellery etc.

Large items such as furniture etc. are hard to get rid of and are often dumped or scrapped but these can be donated too. You may have seen charity furniture shops for YMCA or the British Heart Foundation, these can easily be donated to but make sure you check the information online before donating as they will only take certain things. For example many charities will take donated beds but will not always take mattresses (although the British Heart Foundation does take mattresses), although the appropriate labelling will still need to be attached. You also do not need to necessarily need to be able to transport the items yourself, I have donated items to the British Heart Foundation in the past and they will pick things up at an arranged item slot (warning these are huge time slots and you may need to take the day off work). Also there is no guarantee items will be taken due to damage or incorrect labelling which may restrict them selling the item on, so do your research and talk to the charity themselves.

Most charities do not take underwear donations (unless new and packaged), yet you can donate warn bras to a number of charities and often shops like Bravisimo have a bra donation bin for old bras. Also quite a few breast cancer take bra donations, including the broken and dead ones as they will receive money for them. Usually Bravissimo/Debenhams are best through as the donation bins are in store super simple.

Finally beauty items, it is often harder to donate beauty items even if they are sealed and are often best to regift, I suppose it is possible to sell these on ebay but I wouldn’t recommend buying or selling beauty items on ebay even if it is sealed. Yet some charities will take beauty items to know more as it is mainly if sealed and it can depend on local areas in the UK look at Womens aid if you want to know what is and isn’t acceptable and if it is an option for you.

Alternatives to Charity

Obviously there are other options for decluttering or giving new like to products other than giving them to charity, do whatever works best for you and there is no reason to donate to charity if you don’t want to. If you are skilled or know someone who is why not try altering clothes or even doing some DIY projects, this breathes new life into products. If you still love something but it’s too big there is no reason why you cannot take it in, some products are easier than others and you may want to visit a tailor for more expensive of difficult items to ensure long lasting and quality finishes for the items.

If you want to make a bit of cash why not put the items on Ebay, this is the best route for bare worn items or even completely unworn items as they will sell better. Remember postage costs so put appropriate post and packaging pricing on it as well as delivery times, any money made, not from the p&p fee will have a 10% (I think) taken off as a sellers fee. Some items will not make a lot on ebay, and without a solid ebay rating it can be hard to make money although it’s not always a bad bet just make sure you try to maximise your chance of a sales and a good price but there are plenty of advice articles for selling on ebay.

With like new or unworn clothes and beauty items sometimes giving them to friends or even swapping with friends isn’t a bad way to go, you de clutter and they might get something they love. This is especially good for hair care products you have tried and don’t love or unused makeup or skincare you just brought and never used, as someone else can make the most of them and they don’t just sit around doing nothing.

Hopefully these are useful to you, I just feel so much better after doing a huge clear out, you’ll have more space and you’ll use more of your wardrobe or stuff as more of it is visible. You’ll also feel great by donating no matter what you do with it, as you’ll earn a bit or give it to a worthy cause. Just do your research into your charity, as we all have different causes we rather give to so just read the small print to ensure a appropriate level of money is donated to the cause due to your donation.

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How to Write a Blog Post?

How I Write Blog Posts

So we have all had those moments where we have an amazing idea but have no idea how to put pen to paper so to speak, over the past year I have developed a tried and tested method for writing a fool proof blog post. Earlier in the year I should you how I got my blog organised, which you can check out here, this starts with that and takes it that step further. So here is how I go about writing my blog post, this was all written and illustrated around when I was writing my morning routine post which you can check out on my page.


First comes first I start with the idea and look about planning it out, what content do I want and what do I need to do to achieve this such as research. This can vary depending on the type of blog post I am creating a haul post takes very little thought just a little bit of organising the items into sections to take pictures and structure the blog post e.g. organising by shop or type of product. When looking at reviews it takes a little bit more work, I look to take notes while using the product and looking at how it wears throughout the day over the course of a week. Taking notes and orgainsing points and paragraphs for a post has made writing so much easier considering I used to do this all the time for essays but never thought to do this with the blog post. For example with the morning routine post I started by jotting down everything I do in a morning in order elaborating on each point if needs be to remind myself what needs to be mentioned.

Then I will build up the post, I aim to just sit down and write solidly but I always like to have something on in the background. This varys sometimes if I need to work a lot of the pictures or do a lot of photo editing I will opt for spotify, where I listen to Man Overboard radio so I get a nice mix of music. Other times I will but all my subscriptions to the watch later playlist and watch my wierd mix of channels from Achievement Hunter to Fluer de Force, or sometimes I watch a bit of The Simpsons always a classic.

Appropriate TAG’s for your post is highly important for new people finding your posts and blog, so I note down important possible TAG’s as I go along such as brands and related key words. I find this way better than trying to think of all of the keywords at the end. Its basically doing anything that can make the whole thing simpler and much more efficient.


Once the post is finished I move onto the pictures, sometimes the pictures are taken first but the editing is always left until after. If I am taking photos after the post has been written I sometimes make notes of what I need to take photos off for example with the morning routine I listed everything i needed to group within each picture. I use picmoney as it is free (you can pay for additional tools) but its great for basic editing and collages which is all I need really. So then I organise the pictures, upload them to wordpress and name them all accordingly so they come up within a google search result. Once the pictures have been added to the post I check through everything and make sure I’m happy with everything.

As I go along I tick everything off on my tick chart and schedule the post according to my plan, trying to ensure variety with the content of the posts while still ensuring regular quality content. After scheduling the post to wordpress I will hop over to HootSuite where I schedule a few tweets to go out around it to alert people of the new post and make the most of hash tags ect. to make everything more searchable. Then I can sit back and relax and wait for it to post, and see the reaction.

So how do you guys write posts? Do you have a general structure or do you just go for it?

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Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG

The procrastinating beauty blogger

While searching the random world of beauty blogs I can across this post and it is absolutely perfect as who doesn’t suffer from procrastination from time to time. So if you guys want to do it go ahead its really fun.

1. Name a beauty regimen you rarely do?

Exfoliating, I love how silky smooth my skin is after doing it or my face is so much clearer. All I have to do is commit to doing it once or twice a week but it never happens as I always forget about it and it only seems to happen every so often. I attempt to encourage myself to do it by buying lovely smelling products that I am excited to use, yet this makes very little difference so maybe one day I’ll get better. Along this line I am also awful at remembering to moisturise my body, that and I’m too lazy I just want to get into my pjs or warm clothes but I’ll get there one day.

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I manage to wash my brushes once a week, I know you are meant to clean them every time but I am too lazy and it takes way too long. So once a week I thoroughly clean all of my brushes with warm water and baby shampoo which isn’t bad going as far as I’m concerned.

3.How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Days, although I love having pretty nails I’m too impatient to paint them that often. I’m seriously considering getting gel nails but I know I’ll get bored of the colour too quickly.

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

If its one of my essentials never, I always buy a new one before the old one runs out. I’m such a hoarder but I hate running out of anything I need.

5. What’s your worst beauty habit?

Touching my face, I know it can make your face more oily and grimy but I just can’t help it as I do it without thinking. I’m trying to make a conscious effort not to but old habits die hard and I will get there.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Tidying my wardrobe, this I have done both while at university and at home. It is just so much effort sure it looks nicer when it’s tidy and its easier to get stuff but its an awful lot of work. Especially as depending on jobs I could be moving out soon it doesn’t seem worth it and I can tidy it as I pack up.

7. When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready to the last mintue?

Definitely not, I have to be on time to everything if not early so I always give myself ages to get ready. Although this often results in me waiting around before I have to leave, I rather get ready at a leisurely rate than rush. A perfect smokey eye doesn’t do itself :-p.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

I never have to do a spending ban although with no income I may do it this summer. I tend to pick up what I need and if I don’t need a product I don’t always impulse buy as I research products before I buy looking at reviews etc. Unless of course it’s so cheap it barely matters I’ve picked one or two MUA or p.s. love products on impulse but they don’t really count.

9. How organized are your make-up and nail polish collections?

Not very, there is some sort of logic but now I’m back at home there isn’t the space to organise it all fully. I’ll insert a picture below, like all my palettes are together, my bases are in a makeup bag etc. There’s just a very untidy logic to it but its all there really.

So how good are you at all of these things? I’m not going to TAG anyone but if you are interested in doing the TAG go ahead I cannot wait to see them.

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Day 68: Tips for Rail Travel

This summer and in general I catch the train a lot as I’m learning to drive and when I do pass, I won’t be getting a car simply due to the cost. So I thought I’d give you my tips and hints for rail travel.

1) Buy a rail card: if there is one applicable to you buy one as most cards give you a third off your ticket prices and well worth it, even if you just make small occasional journey or even one big one you will make that money back in no time. You can also shop around for the best deal I got a 5 year rail card free when I switched to a student account so its well worth looking around to see what deals you can get.

2) Book in advance: Rail travel is at its cheapest 12 weeks before you are due to travel so as soon as you know you are travelling book especially if its a long journey, the more last minute the more expensive it is.

3) Avoid rush hour where possible: avoid peak train times if you can as well as being more expensive its cramped, loud and uncomfortable. If you can avoid it to have a more pleasant stress free journey.

4) Use a app: Not only are they great to find great deals but you can keep yourself updated, checking platforms for connections or seeing if there are delays plus most of them are free like national rail and the train line.

5) Look around for the best deal: sometimes a straight booking and returns may seem like a good deal but shop around, sometimes it can be cheaper to split ticket or buying to singles. National rail will tell you the difference between a return and buying two singles, so some of the leg work will be cut out but its well worth doing.

6) Types of ticket, Anytime Vs. Advance: Think about what you need and what suits your needs, Advance tickets are cheaper though you are restricted to set trains while Anytime allow you to be more flexible. Think about your plans and which suits your needs better, also if you miss a connection due to a late train you get a refund for faults due to train and on some delayed trains you can get some if not all of your money back.

7) Upgrade at the station: First class tickets cost so much more but sometimes you can upgrade from standard to first class at the station and it is often cheaper to do this then buy first class in the first place. Also first class isn’t necessarily worth the extra cost except maybe on longer journeys but bare in mind that it is possible to upgrade.

8) Have your stuff organised: Keep your tickets in an easy to reach location so you don’t have to fuss about to find them when you want to get through the barrier or your tickets get inspected.

9) Keep your valuables and luggage in sight: I love the idea of the luggage racks but I sit near them, so make sure your luggage is safe and secure.

10) Take your own food/drink: Food on the train and at the stations are so expensive so take your own, take a few snacks and a bottle of water for shorter journeys. Think about how long you’ll be travelling for and if you are travelling over a usual meal time take it into account and pack accordingly.

So those are my best tips for travelling by rail. Just enjoy it take in the views and relax or take some time out to do something fully enjoy the experience. What are your top tips for travelling by train?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 28: Essentials Don’t have to be Boring


Through University my medication and first aid bits have always just been shoved in a Tupperware box or just laid about everywhere, it looks ugly and you always forget about it and it came to me why does it have to be boring and hidden. So I found a pretty box in TK Maxx, that I think was meant to be a hat box but I thought it would be perfect to put all my bits in.


See everything I need fits nicely inside the box with plenty of extra room just in case I need it and want to stock up on more pain killers, allergy medication or just anything really. So I recommend buying one maybe for medication/first aid like me, make up storage, hair products its just great for storage but instead of just putting it in any old plastic box put it in something pretty.

So I’ve done some searching and found some more great boxes if you want to do this too.



French script is always a classic, in beige it is classy and fits well with most decor. Also this set means its idea for multiple products and if you’ve just moved somewhere new, or just wish update the look of a room these boxes will look great in a variety of locations. These can be hidden in a wardrobe, placed under a desk or dresser, or even on display on a dresser or sideboard, so will fit to all rooms. Available at Dunelm Mill at £9.99 for the set of 3.

26Don’t have much space but still need organisation why not try these adorable book styled storage boxes. I think these would look so cute on a night stand or shelf. I don’t think the fact it says ‘recipes’ on the sides doesn’t mean it can’t go in a bedroom but it could be used to store those typically ‘man draw’ things like batteries ect, or recipe cards of clippings in the kitchen they’s still look just as cute. They also don’t especially have to be kept as a set as they are so cute and versatile. Available at Dunelm Mill for £6.99.


Or maybe you’d prefer something that is sleek and simple, this muti compartment one from Not On The Highstreet is perfect, its ideal for beauty/jellwery storage and the site has loads of unique products to transform your home or be ideal gifts. So check it out, available at Not On The Highstreet for £34.00.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration on the making sure that storage doesn’t have to be dull and boring, so what are your genius and unique storage ideas?

Gwenllian Branwen