What I Got For Christmas 2015

what i got for xmas

Ah Christmas is over for another year, we’ve all eaten too much and drink our fair share and we can take a sigh of relief before New Year’s celebrations begin. I hope you all had a lovely day with family or friends. So here is a snapshot of what I got for Christmas, I got a lot of money from people such as grandparents and extended family so I brought some stuff in the sales today. Also I’m going to visit my boyfriend tomorrow so will be getting those presents the so will be posting those presents on Instagram. So here is just a few bits of what I got for xmas.

tomtom start 20

As you get older sometime Christmas becomes more about practicality than excitement and this is where my TomTom Start 20 WE 4.3” SatNav. Since getting my car in July I’ve being using my mums, extremely outdated, never updated satnav and getting my own seemed like a good idea. So my loving parents brought be the TomTom Start 20, easy to use with Western Europe and free updates for life I’m set. Hopefully I’ll never get lost again.

My best friend brought me The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Festive favourites Gift set, I love the green tea set its so fresh. Cannot wait to use this for my morning showers to wake me up before work and the mini body butter will come in handy when travelling. Also from friends I also received the New Look Pin Stud Duffle bag, I’ve needed a new bag for a while and this is a perfect casual bag to suit my needs. I cannot wait to start moving my crap over into it.

New Look Pin Stud Duffle Bag

This year as you know I started my first ever proper job as a graduate, the head of our department got us all a £10 Next Voucher which is so nice as it was out of his own pocket and it definitely came in handy with the sales, Next if great for work wear. Other gift cards I received was £10 for Boots, and £15 for Debenhams.

stocking stuffers ft sally hansen & forrero rocher

Then comes a random array of stocking stuffers featuring a Grand Ferrero Rocher and a Gruffalo Chocolate Lolly which are just a few of the tasty chocolate treats I received, the others are currently on the coffee table to share around. I also got a few nails bits in my stocking this year the really cute and festive Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips in Snow Bunny which I cannot wait to attempt to try out. As well as two nail polishes, Maybelline New York Nail Polishes 649 and Maybelline New York Nail Polish in 447, which is a base coat and a glittery dark polish which will be great for new year. I also got a few bottles for Rose and one bottle of Malibu all in various states of being drunk in the kitchen.

So that’s what I got for Christmas this year, not the most exciting but I tend to buy what I want throughout the year. Also as it turns to money and gift cards which are harder to show. I’ll share what I got from my boyfriend and his family on Instagram and maybe on here if I pick up bonus sales stuff in January. Still Christmas is more about spending time with loved ones. Hopefully you’ve all had a great Christmas however you celebrate and enjoy the last days of 2015.

Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers

To me a stocking filler is anything that is a little bit of fun, quirky and really budget friendly. I’ve included inexpensive gifts within the Gift Guide for Him and the Gift Guide for Her which are more serious, nice and inexpensive these are just all jokey fun and all under £10.00.  For further details, check out my MrLista list here. Although I have attempted to be gender neutral with the stocking stuffers, I’m not as good at this stuff for men so check out my ‘Gift Guide for Him’ if you would prefer a mainly male focus for gifts.

fking strong coffee

First up is for the coffee lover with Strong F**King Coffee, I just thought this was a bit fun and I have some friends that cannot live without strong coffee. So if you know a coffee lover and want a fun inexpensive list I think this would totally work, plus it’s a generous sizing although a jar of coffee would be cheaper this is a little bit more quirky. The person you may know may not be a tea or coffee person so there are plenty of Tea and Hot Chocolate gift sets, including ******, a hot drink in the winter months always warms you up and are perfect, plus you can give them something a little bit fancier than they would normally buy but you know they will use.

starbucks gift set

A bonus gift with these if you wish to spend a little bit more (or as a gift on their own) is buy a cute mug to go with them you can never have enough in my opinion and it’s something useful. Similarly you can pick up Twinning’s, Starbucks and Costa Gift Sets most are not on the list as they cost more than £10.00 but it is an all in one set.

I fucking love you mug

Worse comes to worst buy a cute mug, or not so cute mug in this case.

paper chase highlighters

In my ‘Gift Guide for Her’ (LINK) I mentioned buying cute stationary items, so I have added some into this post as well as they just build up a stocking in a cute way and I also think they would be great for kids gifts or stocking stuffers too. The Animal Highlighters from Paperchase are irresistible to me, I have had to resist them so many times as I have no need for highlighters in my day to day life. Things like small pretty notebooks (great for a handbag), stationary sets, and business card holders depending on what their job role involves.

marmite chocolate

CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is always a fool proof gift as everyone loves chocolate, it’s a little impersonal in some cases but it will always be well received. So I’ve collected a wide mix of chocolate gifts from fancy Truffles to Dairy Milk boxes and more Novelty Chocolate gifts. Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, so there is a chocolate filled gift for pretty much everyone.

firebox secret santa

Or if you really don’t know and cannot be bothered to think of a gift sites like Firebox do secret santa boxes wrapped in ‘crap wrap’. You pick box 1, 2 or 3 but god knows if there really are 3 different boxes or not as you nor the person receiving the gift will know what’s in which is all part of the fun really.

So be it Christmas on a budget or you are building a stocking hopefully you’ve liked this slightly different ideas that you can get your hands on. So thank you for looking at my gift guides, what are buying and hoping to receive this Christmas?

sign off

What I got for my birthday . . .

Hi guys, if you didn’t know I turned 21 over the weekend exciting I know. For the day me, my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend went to London Zoo as I’m a big kid inside. As I’m currently at university I don’t get all the family gifts and as I don’t know what I want my parents put my birthday money to one side for when I decide what I want. So if I want something more expensive and nice in a few months they’ll get it for me rather than wasting it now. Saying that I was still spoilt by my boyfriend and besties ect. so here we go.

ZSL London Zoo

LOTR inspired art

My first gift from my boyfriend was the ZSL London Zoo tickets, because his amazing and it was a great day out. He also brought me a beautiful piece of LOTR Inspired artwork which I had spied on etsy a while back. The piece is based on the final chapter of Lord of the Rings: Return on the King as the elves leave middle earth. I love Tolkens world, both the books and the films and I think this is such a beautiful piece with it actually made from the pages of the book, mine are the pages from the battle of the shire.purminerals, ciate & rimmel

Next up is what my best friend at uni got me and I honestly wasn’t expecting anything we were just going to do something together as its both of our 21sts at the weekend. Anyway she brought me Purminerals Holiday Elements set, which is a really cute little set with three looks, and a little travel thing so great for touch ups or going away. I’m excited to try it out as I’ve never tried any purminerals make up before. Then she got me two Ciate Paint Pots in Members Only and Doll Face which are incredibly pretty and great nude go to colours. And finally as she knows I’ve developed an obsession with east end snob by rimmel she picked me up a back up one.swarvoski tennis bracelet

My sister spoilt me this year buying my a Swarovski Tennis Bracelet, its a beautiful piece and I’m so glad to finally have this as an addition to my collection as I’m all for just a few well made piece.

LOTR mug & Chocolate controller

white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes

My best friend from back home brought me a Tolken Inspired Mug, which just adds to my expanding Tolken collection and you can never really have enough mugs. She also brought me a chocolate controller as I said me and my boyfriend need a second controller for his Xbox One, this one is so much better and finally she made some beautiful raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes nomnomnom! Oh and I got malibu.

21st themed gifts

My boyfriends family brought me some lovely 21st themed pieces, starting with a lovely 21st frame which I am filling with a picture from the day. I also got the lovely wooden 21 which I am slowly getting people to sign which is an adorable ideal to remember the occasion.

Hello Kitty Food and Drink

My parents tend to give me money so I am yet to spend that however, my mum every year get me a bunch of jokey presents. She always gets me Hello Kitty stuff without fail, for Christmas I got got Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers. For my birthday I received a Hello Kitty Pomegranate Iced Tea which I don’t want to drink and have to throw  the can away, as well as an adorable Hello Kitty Cupcake Set. finally She brought me a cute little bear with a 21 badge of course.

So that what I got for my birthday and I am truly thankful for everything I have received and I even have more money to spend which I probably will go on a shopping spree over easter.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Valentines Gift Ideas for Him


A few days ago I did a post on Valentines Gifts for Her, and now its the guys turn. I often find guys harder to buy gifts for as they are so many less obvious gifts, I always resort to buying my other half a video game so unimaginative so her are some more ideas. I had help from my boyfriend with this post only problem is that his a loveable geek so it may not be to everyone’s taste I’ve tried to may it semi diverse but its hard.

Pie Love You Dearly . . .


Something a little different for the food lover in your life. I spotted these on Not on the High Street and thought they were amazing and with an approving nod from my boyfriend I decided to include them. Its just different and tasty (dependant on his appetite for pork pies). They can be eaten hot or cold and will delivered on Friday 13th February just it time for Valentines and they last up to 5 days its just something completely unique if only I hadn’t purchased a present already. Only problem is they are a little bit on the pricey side cost £27.50 with a delivery cost of £7.95 on top however, I kinda think its worth it. Available from Not on the Hight Street for £27.50.

Batman Bliss . . .


For the comic book nerd or maybe just batman lover in your life this Batman lamp will be a welcome addition in any home. Its just a fun lamp especially for a student house or a new place just to make it a bit fun and different. The lamp uses AAA batteries or you can use a micro usb port although you have to supply that yourself. Available from Red5 for £19.95.

The Magic is in the Mystery . . .


What do you buy the guy that has everything? Leave it up to fate with firebox mystery boxes for him (or her) and let them do the picking for you. The website is great so you can probably gage what could possibly be in the box by looking online if there is a lot he might be interested but your not sure what to get this may be a great idea. Also you’ll both be surprised on Valentines day when you find out what’s inside. Available from Firebox for £29.99.

 Smelling Sweet . . . 


I always find guys, always seem to grab the first hair/body product they find  then moan that yours always smells better, so buy them something of their own so you can save all your good stuff. So I decided to search high and low for a nice looking set and finally found this nice one from Crabtree and & Evelyn its the Indian Sandlewood Travellers set, ideal for some time away in fact perfect for the Valentines Weekend. Available from Feel Unique for £24.00.

So here are just a few idea as men are so hard to buy for unless they are a gamer and then its obvious. If you have any further ideas please let me know in the comments below. Hope you all have a great Valentines (just 6 days to go).

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Happy Christmas


It’s finally here after 24 days of advent calender goodies, manic shopping, braving the crowds, resisting buying yourself stuff and battling wrapping paper it is finally Christmas Day!

So happy Christmas, I hope all of you are enjoying quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Fill up on amazing food, too much drink and enjoying all of the things you can’t normally as well as enjoying your gifts and seeing the faces of what you have got everyone else.

Be safe and have a great day,

Lots of love,

Gwenllian Branwen


Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers (all £10 and under)


So here’s some stocking fillers, great for building up a stocking full of gifts or for those on a budget that was to get amazing gifts on a budget.

For the Baking Enthusiast . . .


For the baker in your life why not add this cute kitchen timer to their stocking. As well as cute and decorative its practical too so won’t go a miss. It will look great on the side or on a kitchen shelf, it would also be great for a student so nothing gets burnt ever again. Available from Matalan for £4.00.

The Always on the Go Girl . . .


These are adorable they are little jars of hand cream in the little dolls, ideal to put in your bag ad have on the go. I always have a hand lotion in my bag as I wash my hands or use anti bacterial gel so much my hands get dried out especially in the winter months. These are great to put in your bag and use on the go. Available from Matalan for £3.50.

For The Joker . . .


You’ll never trust this individual when they offer to make you a drink ever again after you’ve brought them this mug, as the joke never gets old with this mug. An actual practical joke present, as half the time you buy a joke present you laugh for a few days at most and then it never gets looked at again so at least this has some sort practical application as a mug is always needed or can be used in any household. Available from MenKind for £4.99.

The Chocolate Lover . . .


For the chocolate lover or anyone for that matter as who doesn’t love chocolate this is a great stocking filler. Christmas is the best time of year for chocolate gift boxes/sets at great prices and its a time of year where people are happy to binge. I just love the Lindt Chocolate Loves Gift set as its nicely package and has a healthy mix of everything. Available at Tesco for £8.00.

 Seasonable Shower . . .


Make a bath or shower more seasonable over the festive season by adding this little fella to their stocking. A small but practical gift it will cheer up any bathroom it is also available as a polarbear been seasonal they are not just for christmas and you can enjoy their cuteness all year long. Available from The Body Shop for £5.00.

So here are just a few of the great selection of budget gifts/stocking fillers that are on the market this year, there are many more but I need to resist buying before I buy any more stuff I don’t need. Have you found any good stocking fillers this year, just let me know in the comments below.


Gwenllian Branwen


Christmas Gift Guide Series


So with Christmas just a month away if you haven’t started shopping yet you really should, so here’s your fairy god mother in disguise with a serious of gifts guides with gift ideas for him, her and fun little stocking fillers. So hopefully it will give you some ideas for those difficult to buy for people or those that you don’t have a clue what to get for. So stay tuned . . . .

Gwenllian Branwen